There once was a student who was scared of his class,
He loved every subject, but this one was math.
“Math is so scary!” the boy would declare,
“The problems make me pull out all of my hair!”

Then one day he saw a fun poster at school.
That read ‘Tutoring help.’  “Well that might be cool!”
So he asked for his parents to give New Voice a call,
The process was easy! It wasn’t hard at all!

The boy started his sessions and couldn’t believe
How these one-on-one lessons really gave him relief!
His confidence rose as he solved problems so fast
“My math issues are gone! They’re all in my past!”

The teachers at New Voice were so proud of the boy,
His grades were improving, it brought them such joy!
The boy went on to ace all of his tests,
“Hey New Voice!” he said, “You all are the best!”

 Erin Murley