I clearly remember my moving day which started my Lunenburg life. I was really nervous. BUT It was actually too much worrying.

Alden picked me up to Halifax and his smile made me relax. I enjoyed talking with Alden and the view from the window. My worries were gone and it changed to hope.

Lunenburg is the best place for studying English and enjoying beautiful nature. I wanted to enjoy both. New Voice Language Academy helped me to make those two of my wishes true.
The main purpose of staying in Canada was improving my English, of course. New Voice has flexible English courses. Nicola and Paula know exciting English program. The most memorable lesson were Nicola’s pronunciation lesson and Paula’s useful English phrases.

I had strong accent. Nicola knows great ways to improve pronunciation. I could see my improvement when I go to another countries for traveling. They could catch what I said only once!! It was wonderful thing for me.

Paula’s useful phrases lesson was my request. I hesitated to talk to people who speaks in English because I was quite shy. I didn’t know how to keep conversations so her lessons really helped me. I learned many useful phrases and practiced many times. I saw the improvement when I visited to Vancouver to see my friend. My friend said “Your English had improved really.” I was very glad !!

The next amazing thing was enjoying nature. I went to the whale watching, Wolfville, Kayaking, Sailing, and (forget the name of huge park. I went there for hiking with Nicola and Ylva.)There are many activities!! I’d like to write whole things but it already getting long so I’ll choose most excited one. It was whale watching. The whale watching was absolutely amazing activity. They are cool huge animals!! I didn’t expect to see many whales. How wonderful experience it was.

During my life in Lunenburg, the nicest receptionist Erin supported me. She always stays at reception with cute smile. I’ve never seen her angry face and empty reception room. There is nothing worrying about.

Lunenburg is very beautiful town. There are colorful restaurants, cute churches and kind peoples. I love the atmosphere. There is perfect environment to study English and enjoy your life.
I’d love to visit again with my family.

Chie Kogiso – Japan – Summer 2014