Homestay Program (Minors)

At Eurocentres Atlantic Canada, we believe our students benefit greatly from enrolling in the Homestay Program. Sharing daily life with a Canadian family is one of the best ways to improve your English, learn about our culture, and adapt to life in Canada.

Our Accommodation Coordinator carefully selects host families to ensure that the highest standards of safety, compatibility, and services are met. All of our host families live in or around the picturesque town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada and are within a twenty-minute drive to the school.

By participating in our HomeStay program you will have your own clean, private room. Some of our host families may provide private bathrooms, but it is not uncommon to share a bathroom with your Canadian family. You will have three complete meals per day, although you may be asked to prepare your own breakfast and pack your lunch to be eaten later at the Academy.

Television, computer, and telephone use are subject to the house rules. These rules will be explained to you upon your arrival at the household. A detailed description of your host family and their home will be sent to you once you have been matched.

Homestay students can expect to be treated fairly and honestly. Emphasis is placed upon mutual respect, kindness, and willingness to participate in household activities.

Interested in becoming a Homestay Family/Parent?

Homestay families are families from all backgrounds who welcome international students into their home for the duration of their time studying at Eurocentres Atlantic Canada. We are always looking for host families to host our international students and consider our homestay families to be one of our greatest assets in helping these students achieve success while in their home-away-from-home.

If you are interested in becoming a homestay family/parent, download the application form here! 

There are many benefits to becoming a homestay family for Eurocentres Atlantic Canada.  Here is some useful information to consider before filling out an application:

  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a homestay family for Eurocentres Atlantic Canada.  Hosting International students gives families a wonderful opportunity to share their home and daily life with an individual from another part of the world.  Host families get to show of Nova Scotia’s famous hospitality and make life-long friendships. Through hosting, families learn about the world and its peoples while gaining a new perspective of their own culture as they see our province through the eyes of their student.  Not only does a host family receive a generous allowance to offset expenses but, they also ensure their local economy benefits from the booming international education industry.  We want all of our students to have an authentic Canadian experience during their time in Nova Scotia.  The following information is here to answer some basic questions you may have before signing up to become a homestay family.
  • It is always the intention of Eurocentres Atlantic Canada to match your family to a student with similar preferences to your own. Eurocentres receives a student profile prior to a student’s arrival which gives us, and you as the homestay family, an overview of the students interests, likes, and personality.  Conversely, we collect information about your family’s interests, likes, and household.  This information is used to help match students with host families.  Please keep in mind, that it is never an exact match, and we ask host families to be open-minded and flexible regarding the students they receive.  If there is an overt difference between the student’s and host family’s preferences, all parties will be consulted before a student is placed in your household.
  • It is your responsibility as a host family, to clearly communicate household rules, duties, and expectations to your student.  We give every family a Homestay Contract which is an agreement signed between you and your student.  There are prompts in this document you can use as a guideline to start the conversation about how your student is expected to behave while living in your house.  Remember, it is your household and your family.  You are the one who sets the tone for what behaviors are expected in your home.  Addressing house rules as soon as the student arrives ensures a smooth transition for both the host family and the student upon the student’s arrival.
  • Most of the students we receive at Eurocentres Atlantic Canada are above the age of majority in this country.  Older students tend to be more independent, require less supervision, and are able to look after themselves.  But please keep in mind, they are in a new country (often for the first time) and English is not their first language.  Therefore, extra care should be taken to include them in your family’s activities when possible.Minor students are below the age of majority in Canada.  While these students might require more supervision, they are usually enthusiastic and full of energy.  They are eager to learn and they do learn quickly.  There are some special considerations for students under the age of majority that are detailed in the Home Stay Code of Conduct, which you will receive as part of the homestay application process.
  • The duration of a student’s stay depends solely on how long they have registered to take classes at Eurocentres Atlantic Canada.  This can range from 2 weeks to 2 months, to a full year.  Having students for shorter stays means meeting a new person every few weeks and can increase the cultural diversity within your household.  Hosting students for longer stays really allows the host family and student to develop a close bond and friendship.  Both long and short stays have their merits, and it is ultimately up to you as the host family to decide if you want a faster turnaround or a long-term, stable commitment.
  • Host families are compensated for a student’s room and board at a rate of $200.00 per week.  This fee also includes transportation of the student to and from the school and events by the host family, if the host family is outside of the 2 km. walking distance to the school.  If a host family is unable or unwilling to transport the student, a Eurocentres Atlantic Canada staff member can provide transportation.  However, this will reduce the weekly fee from $200.00 per week to $175.00.


Student Residence (Age 18+)

Our student residence is located only a 2 minute walk from the school and is a clean, bright, and modern building close to all amenities. Upon your arrival, you will be required to sign a residence contract, acknowledging that you understand the rules set forth by the residence building management.

The Student Residence is a great way to make friends from around the world. Living among other students is a wonderful learning opportunity while offering a unique experience of sharing your culture with people from all over the world. Sharing living space with students from all over the world is an exciting adventure, and you will be expected to respect the cultures of students from other countries, just as you would expect students from other countries to respect yours. As always, kindness is appreciated.

When possible, students are matched with a roommate of a different first language, meaning communication in English is essential.

The minimum stay in student in residence is 4 weeks.



Meal Plan

Our meal plan provides students with half board, meaning students are fed 14 healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals/week (Breakfast/Dinner Sunday-Saturday). Students are responsible for their own lunches. Mini fridges are provided in the student residence rooms for food storage, or students can take advantage of the many restaurants and cafes around Lunenburg.

We highly recommend choosing our meal plan if you are living in residence as there are no cooking facilities available to students at the moment. The student residence kitchen is currently under renovation, meaning students who choose to opt out of the meal plan will be responsible for purchasing and preparing all of their own meals without the use of standard cooking equipment (oven, stove, microwave, etc…)

If you have any questions about our student meal plan, please feel free to e-mail our accommodation coordinator at [email protected]