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Exchanges After Dark

Exchanges After Dark (EAD) is "an 18+, NSFW-friendly discussion space focused on fanwork exchanges, fests, bangs, and the like"[2]Discord server run by shadowsapiens. It was created following FFA discussion of Rosencranz's moderation of the Yuletide Discord Server in the lead up to Smut Swap 2018[5] but ultimately came together more out of a desire to have an exchange discussion server that was separate from Yuletide:

EAD mod here, and I certainly talk about smut in both places :D EAD's niche is as much "less official, less Yuletide-centric" as it is "pornier." Crantz's initial hesitance to create a smut swap channel was one factor in starting it, but not the biggest since he ended up creating one anyway.[6]

EAD features general channels for discussion as well as channels for individual exchanges, which are created on request.[7] EAD is considered a good resource for people who want to learn to run an AO3-based exchange, especially since it got a channel to talk about exchange modding.[8]

EAD's annual exchange celebrating its own founding, EAD Birthday Bash, can be considered the first flash exchange, although the format didn't take off until Morne ran the first round of We Die Like Fen out of EAD. Several exchanges have started on EAD, including Canon Ball, We Die Like Fen, Iron Triangle, Writing Rainbow, and Untitled Goose Exchange.


In January 2020, Shadow provided these numbers in a Dreamwidth post:

January 2019: over 300
June 2019: 400
August 2019: 500
November 2019: 600
January 2020: 698

I regularly prune duplicate accounts, so the above numbers are a decent estimate of actual server population.

There was a big spike in (northern hemisphere) Summer 2019, due to the number of flash exchanges starting on the server. The first of the batch, We Die Like Fen, was a community event run primarily on the server, so a lot of people joined in order to take part. I saw similar spikes for Iron Triangle and other following exchanges. Most of them were less EAD-centric than WDLF, but anyone who wanted to claim pinch hits needed to be on the server.

There was an especially big spike the weekend Mpreg Flashand Writing Rainbow: Bluestarted - the mods for both of those exchanges included EAD invite links in their fandomcalendarads.[3]


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Sours: https://fanlore.org/wiki/Exchanges_After_Dark

How to turn on dark mode in Discord and give the app a sleek new look

Discord app logo android phone
  • You can turn on dark mode on Discord by going to the app's "Appearance" menu.
  • Discord's dark mode gives the app a completely new aesthetic, and can save battery life.
  • The Discord Android app also offers an experimental AMOLED mode, which makes dark mode even darker.
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

If you're a Discord user, you're probably spending a decent amount of time looking at screens. And if that's the case, the constant bright light of your computer or phone screen might start bothering you.

Luckily, Discord is one of many apps that offer a dark mode option. When you turn it on, instead of seeing dark text on a white background, you'll see white text on a dark background.

While there isn't any evidence that dark mode can relieve eye strain, running dark mode can look cooler aesthetically, and it can also help your device save battery, depending on what type of screen you have.

Switching to dark mode on Discord is easy, and so is switching back. You can activate dark mode in both the desktop and mobile versions of Discord.

How to turn on dark mode in the Discord desktop app

Dark mode is a great option on your computer monitor if you're playing games or chatting late into the night.

  1. Open your Discord desktop app.
  2. Click the gear icon next to your username to open your settings. 
    How to turn on dark mode on Discord 1
    Vivian McCall/Insider
  3. Select "Appearance."
  4. Under the "Theme" heading, fill in the bubble next to "Dark."

    How to turn on dark mode on Discord 3
    Vivian McCall/Insider

How to turn on dark mode in the Discord mobile app

  1. Open the Discord app. 
  2. Tap your profile picture at the bottom of your screen.

    How to turn on dark mode on Discord 4.PNG
    Vivian McCall/Insider
  3. Scroll down to "App settings" and tap "Appearance."
  4. Tap "Dark."

    How to turn on dark mode on Discord 5.PNG
    Vivian McCall/Insider

Quick tip: Android users also have access to "AMOLED optimized mode," which turns on an even darker dark mode. To activate it, tap "Dark" 10 times.

How to turn on dark mode on Discord 6
Jacob May/Insider
More:Tech How ToDiscordDark Modechat apps

For you

Sours: https://www.businessinsider.com/dark-mode-discord
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  2. Velvet quilt full
  3. Ecotank 15000

Swords and Sandals, a 5e Dark Sun Discord Server

S&S Basic Logo v1
Swords and Sandals Server

Please come join us in the Swords and Sandals server!!:crossed_swords::desert:

We are a small but rapidly growing community of avid D&D players and DMs. The server is 18+ preferred and does its best to model a welcoming environment for people of all races, creeds, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions, those with mental health issues and/or physical disabilities, et cetera.

Currently the primary focus of the server is the Dark Sun Campaign Setting which is being actively converted for D&D 5e.
Testimonials here:Login | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop

Swords and Sandals currently features at least weekly one-shots in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting and is looking to expand into a full on West Marches style campaign in Dark Sun as well as one or more concurrent weekly campaigns.

We have multiple DMs(always looking for more :+1:) and the server population is literally global with varied game times to suit different time zones.The platform for the games is a combination of Roll20 (free to sign up and use as a player) and Discord (voice is required).

If you wish to join, here is our permanent link:Discord
Can’t wait to roll some dice and share some stories with you! :game_die::bow_and_arrow::partying_face::tada:

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Sours: https://arena.athas.org/t/swords-and-sandals-a-5e-dark-sun-discord-server/2432
The Dark Side of Discord

A lot of FAQ info and links for reference.

One place for many questions. Still wip.

Discord Server Invite. A lot of the info here is pinned in general chats. This is the best way to contact staff.


Join the Dark Gaming Discord Server!

Check out the Dark Gaming community on Discord - hang out with 4,276 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Dark Gaming – 10 Apr 14

Dark Gaming - Terraria Server Rules

The following is the complete list of Rules. This topic intends to be comprehensive. If you have no intention of offending other players, harming the server, or gaining certain unfair advantages, then you will already be following most of these...

Reading time: 10 mins 🕑Likes: 262 ❤

Most questions are answered here.

Dark Gaming


Dark Gaming’s Terraria Server

How to register and login on this forum Step 1 Click “Sign Up” at the top [image] Step 2 Enter your: Email Username Name (a nickname most likely) Password and click “Create New Account”. Step 3 An email will be sent to you with a link. Check for your registration confirmation email in all inboxes. This obviously includes social, etc, or even the search feature. All inboxes means ALL INBOXES.When you use that link, it will activate your account…
This thread is for a list of common questions about the Trading System. You can use CTRL+F to search this thread for keywords. What is DP? DP stands for DarkPoints. DP is a server-sided currency. It has a wide range of uses. Each item in the Trading System has a ‘Base Value’, of which all NPC shops will base their prices off of. It is not possible to know this value and knowing it might be useless, as the general price of items will rise with the amount of active players and DP. DP can be use…
This post is a wiki, anyone can edit it. Please correct any mistakes or missing content. Information Abilities will have either or both of a passive and active part. A Passive part of an ability is something that happens automatically without manual input, whilst an active part of an ability is one that requires manual input to trigger. Almost all abilities give a 25% price increase for buying items in maps (ammo, weapons, armor, etc…), and the sentry ability has a price increase of 75% instead…

You quickly press your movement keys in the order provided in quick succession. Such as double-tapping the down key within one second.

Gives a good idea of how abilities perform and wish ability info.

[b]Some useful unlisted lobby commands
There are more listed here, but not all of them may be functional or useable. Abilities and arena info listed generally will not work.

This is a general guide to gamemodes, not for a specific gametype. For zombies see: Zombies AbilitiesZombies Maps Overview For duels see: Duels as a Gamemode Lobbies Lobby Types There are four lobby types: Public - Anyone can join Private - Only people who are invited can join, not available as of now Custom - A private lobby which can be customized Map Builder - A custom lobby that only map builders can access You can set what kind you want when you join a lobby: Public /join zombie…

/lobby chat
Toggles chat between lobby-only and public.
/lobby upall
Toggles. When enabled, a single purchase from a mana or hp chest will spend all points at once to the maximum number of purchases possible (when points run out or the cap for that stat is met)
/lobby ts
Transfers score from your player to another. Syntax: /lobby ts Ex: /lobby ts Rofle 200 /lobby ts “Lord Avery” 1240. Name is case-sensistive and if it has spaces, use quotations.
/j z existing OR /join zombies existing
Joins an existing zombies lobby that is at round 3 or below and not private. Equivalent of jumping into the water pool
/j z new OR /join zombies new
Creates a new standard zombies lobby that is public.
/lobby protect
When you are the only player in the lobby (you can create a new lobby via /j z new) this sets the lobby to invite only (/invite playername) (Removed, now use /j z -p or /join zombies private)
/lobby list
Lists all lobbies and zombies arenas that exist. Not all of them can be voted for nor selected.
/lobby version
Does as says.
/lobby menu
Shows the lobby menu again. Possibly redundant as the menu updates quite frequently.

A list of all maps with their classes, items, item prices, and item stats.


Zombies: Class Equipment

DG Zombies Class Equipment ~Maps and Classes~ Beach House Robert /01 Ben /02 Catacombs Mage /03 Summoner /04 Cosmic Collapse Trooper /05 Raider /06 Mutant /07 Crystal Caverns Ice Breaker /08 Dark Shadows Ventured-Miner /09 Wraith /10...

Requirements You must have: A registered account on the server (done by doing “/register”) Step 1 - Registering to the Trading System Firstly, open the DTP in a new tab. The whole process starts from there. Now it’s important that you know your “/register” password that you used when registering. You will need to type both your character name and your registered password to authenticate yourself. When you are at the DTP you must click login: [image] Then enter the information into the fo…

More verbose directions for crew.
Crew is a free set of perks for those who OWN THE GAME on steam.
If you indeed have not pirated the game, crew is available at Dark Gaming | Trading System
Then you login with your ingame account on the server, then authenticate your copy of terraria via steam
Be certain to have your Account Info-> Privacy Settings → My Profile > Public → Game Details > Public
You can later revert your privacy settings once you have confirmed crew works.
If you have the badge on t.dark-gaming.com BUT do not have the perks, go to Dark Gaming | Trading System

If you are pirating, have steam account issues, playing exclusively on Mobile, or own the game on GOG instead you can get crew by exchanging 50,000 dp (currently impossible with the current state of the server economy or for 2 credits. Credits are obtained via donating or voting. Credits have high value due to what they can be used for elsewhere in the trading system, including gambling some for one of any kind of item. 0.05 credits per vote or 40 votes to get 2 credits, or 1 cred = $1USD donation.

Make sure you put the ip address (t.dark-gaming.com) in the section where it says “Enter Server IP Address:” and should appear like this

Then put the port (7777) in the section where it says “Enter Server Port:” which should look like this:

Then press enter or accept to join the server.
*Be sure you are on the current version of pc terraria ( as of now) or the latest update of mobile (1.3 update) before joining. Modified clients or older versions of terraria like TModloader are incompatible.

Why can’t I join?

Be sure you have joined correctly following the directions above ^.

Stuck on

If other servers work fine then you might be peer-blocked or the server might be offline. Contact staff on the server discord or make a new topic in #help-support to resolve this.

Stuck on

The specific dimension you are joining might be down. Try using a different port such as 7776 or 7779 instead, and switch to your desired server/dimension with the dimension’s command name listed in /dimensions (such as /items to go to free items).

How do I login?

You should attempt to register (if you haven’t already) with a unique name that would be unlikely to be taken by another player.
Do (the password being one you choose and keep private) in and read the feedback message it gives.

Note: Syntax should not include <> or your username.
Example: my player name is and I want my password to be . I would join on a character named and do the command then .
I would not do or .

You do not have permission to use this command

Then you are already logged in. You can see you are a member when you chat: you have blue text and a title of [Member]

You already have an account called “PlayerName”, use the that to login

Then use to rename yourself to that name or login with a character that has the exact same name

Your name “NameOfYourCharacter” has already been used by someone [else] to register

You can change your name or login if you were the one to register it.
To change your name type

Once you do that and register, you can login to it in the future by using /login “your new name” “your password” " then do as the message says

Then do (the same password used to register)

Accounts cannot be deleted or renamed. If you forget your password, contact an administrator on the server discord

Staff positions include Helpers, Staff-Assistants, Dimension Managers, Moderators, Developers, and Administrators.

Get started by becoming a helper #helper-applications

What is the main role of a helper? Helpers are there to help both members and staff. Helpers are not granted any additional permissions than the ones they already have. They are here to answer questions anyone has on the server. If you stop helping people, or you do not wish to continue helping people, or you take on an enforcer role, your helper title will be replaced with [Former Helper]. A Helper must treat others seeking Help like they would a friend’s first time on the server and/or the ga…
To make a submission you must follow these guidelines. Requirements You must have Crew The complete map must exist on build The complete set of armor/weapons etc must already be defined The map must confirm to the chest color standards Please Note Chests are overridden as normal chests at this time You can change your map and its classes/items after it is moved You will have to add all the classes and items yourself Sign contents don’t carry over, you’ll need to re-edit them You’ll need to b…

Keep in mind you must have crew.

Post in #suggestions or #bug-reports

You can find what we are working on at https://github.com/popstarfreas/DG-TS in the issues tracker.

Keep in mind this is very likely to be changed relatively soon by a new set of conditions. Old rewards: Donator Rewards

Official announcement: Mobile Support
Known issues. These are on the server’s github issues tracker to be fixed.

  • Mobile users cannot deal damage in pvp.
  • Mobile users in survival having issue with item drops.

Unable to join this server. Please make sure you connect to a compatible Terraria server intended for the latest mobile version.

The mobile version currently does not like our kick messages. If you get this message check that:

  • You are not banned
  • Your name contains only ascii characters
  • Your name does not have too many capital letters in it

Trading system command items NEVER run out of or consume item durability. It’s a visual bug.

Item dropping is disabled in survival for normal members. Only players with crew can drop items. This is to prevent cheaters from giving out items.


Sours: https://forum.dark-gaming.com/t/a-lot-of-faq-info-and-links-for-reference/2967

Server dark discord

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