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5 reasons why Gaia Mother Sofia is doing everything for fame

Sofia Hayat, who has recently turned into a nun, is doing anything and everything to grab as many eyeballs as possible. The actress made headlines with her wild card entry in Colors Bigg Boss. Her transformation from a hot babe to a nun has shocked everyone across the globe. She calls herself Gaia Mother Sofia now. Here are five reasons which proves that her transformation is not more than a publicity stunt.

Gaia Mother Sofia - I have given birth to Lord Shiva: In a recently shared video of her religious trip to Kailash temple in Aurangabad on her Instagram account, the former Bigg Boss contestant wrote that she had given birth to Lord Shiva. The ex-model-turned-actress said, "Today I know I gave birth to Shiva. Today he came back to me and is inside me". The former actress took a few cameramen along with her inside the temple.

Nun came on TV too: Gaia Sofia Hayatrecently made her small screen comeback with Colors Comedy Nights Bachao. The actress shared the dais with none other than Rakhi Sawant on the show. The legends of laughter mocked her. Surely, the lady still enjoys being onscreen.

Mother Sofia is fond of Snapchat: The former actress has turned into a nun now but the woman is still fond of Snapchat. She keeps on trying different kinds of filters. Also, the actress freely posts them on social media to get as much attention as possible. Check them out.

Sofia Hayat shocks with her beet root selfie: Call it an attempt to get inner peace or desperate measures to make headlines, Sofia Hayat continues to shock us. The actress recently shared a picture on Instagram after having beet root and captioned it, "I just ate some beet root and it made my tongue red! Looks like a bottom lip now!" She has gained a lot of recognition due to this picture.

Super active on social media: Sofia Hayat has left no stone unturned to grab as many eyeballs as possible. She captures anything and everything from her blood pressure report to her food menu.

WATCH: Former Bigg Boss Contestant Sofia Hayat Turns A Nun

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  • Sofia Hayat flaunts her body after becoming a NUN; gets trolled on social media
    Sofia Hayat flaunts her body after becoming a NUN; gets trolled on social media
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    Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat reacts to Bigg Boss 7 contestant Vivek Mishra’s letter; calls it childish!
Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat

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Today I know I gave birth to Shiva: Gaia Mother Sofia aka Sofia Hayat

In the quest to find ‘inner peace’ and 'spiritual enlightenment', former Bigg Boss contestant turned nun, Gaia Mother Sofia aka Sofia Hayat, has traveled to the Kailash temple in Aurangabad. The former model has set out on the pilgrimage to find peace and also to learn more about the gods.

Sofia uploaded several photos and videos of her various spiritual encounters on her Instagram account. Going by her long notes, it sure looks like the former actress has had an enlightening experience there.


However, one statement in her long notes had made a few followers raise an eyebrow. Writing about her experience while meditating in front of a Shivling, Sofia says, “Today I know I gave birth to Shiva. Today he came back to me and is inside me.”

Kailash temple in Aurangabad is so so powerful. I couldn't breathe. I felt a massive magnetic energy draw my head to the Shiv Lingh. I was shaking for 1hr. I could not lift my head from the Shiv Lingh it was stuck like a magnetic. Something so powerful is happening. Om namah shivaya. My body is changing. Today I know I gave birth to Shiva. Today he came back to me and is inside me. I felt scared for such a big powerful change in my body. I am changing back to who I am. The Gods are coming back. The power in me is so great. Shiva is here inside me. It is so powerful I am shaking in my very soul. The time is here. Sacred children it is here. - Gaia Mother Sofia


She also encouraged several devotees to visit the temple and seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. Sofia had also visited the holy city of Varanaci, where she traveled around the city and befriended a cow, a street vendor and sought blessings from a sadhu.



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Sofia Hayat Goes Bold \u0026 Bare as She Turns Gaia Mother Sofia Part 3

After her whole 'nun' drama, Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat is now happily ENGAGED!

They say, don't believe everything you see. Few months back, ex Bigg Boss contestant grabbed eyeballs when she decided to turn a nun. She changed herself to Gaia Mother Sofia Hayat.

While nuns usually live a celibate life, Sofia's new harkat has gone everyone thinking. She just announced on her social media that she's engaged. Yes, can you believe it?

Just a few months after she turned a nun, Sofia has gone ahead and done something which other nuns wouldn't do. Get engaged and hopefully, even get married soon because that's the natural progression. 

She posted a picture on Instagram and captioned it - "When you meet someone who makes you feel the most beautiful you could ever feel... I had to say yes. I am now officially engaged. Ecstatically,happy and grateful. Sometimes you just know. After 1 week of dating...yet knowing each other so deep...we knew. Love is infinite...and so great. When you feel this amount of unconditional love in such little know. Always be true to your heart...for it only knows the truth. This is the marriage the heavens have been waiting for. The cosmic mother has finally been reunited with the cosmic father...and in our abundant Unconditional LOVE...the world will come to know it to. The alchemy of sacred sex brings about changes to the world in a way you never thought possible. The SUN The now here."

Some people do so many things for publicity. Sad! 


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Gaia Mother Sofia has a spiritual message for everyone, ahead of India trip

She’s taken social media by storm and has been trending ever since pictures of her converting to a nun surfaced online.

While there is a lot to be unfold about the 31-year-old British model’s transition, Gaia Mother Sofia – as she calls herself – now has a special message for everyone. But that will only be revealed when she comes back to India on Friday (May 21), at a press conference.

‘Mother Sofia’ posted a video on Instagram to let everyone know about her visit, adding that she will be here to reveal the truth.

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She posted:
“We are all one. When our bodies go, our soul spirit continues without any identity of what we were in our bodies. When one can lose identification with the physical, you realise that we are love. Part of one vibrating energy of the Mother, born of love that is pure, and so infinite that when one feels a microscopic bit of is humbled by such divine power, which exists in us all. Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia.”

The glamorous Sofia, who was till now known for her sensual avatar, has turned her life around and taken to more spiritual pursuits, and these posts seem indicative of more such messages in the future.

Ex-Big Boss Contestant And Model Sofia Hayat Is Now A Nun, See Latest pics

The British national made headlines in 2012 for posting a nude photo of herself when her former boyfriend Rohit Sharma scored 264 runs in a match.

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A message from Gaia Mother Sofia April 2016

And so I once tried a few years ago with an acquaintance. - You are meeting with her. - No, she is married, and that incident happened because we ended up in the same boarding house. - Andrey, how do you feel about lesbians - I am positive, but why this question. - You see, when I parted with my husband, emptiness came in my fate.

Now discussing:

And there was also a story about a young man, and maybe even a girl, who (who?) Was whipped so that she (!) Was immediately cured of her fantasies. And so, warmed up by the duration of my self-vice, I asked my bride to "cure" me, finally, of my bad habit and give me, not much, not.

A little, 800 strokes. Fortunately, she said that it was too much and we bargained for 300.

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