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Prolific author Phillips (A Dangerous Love, LJ 4/1/97) turns away from historical sagas with this new novel. Archaeologist Adam Livingstone makes the discovery of a lifetime when he finds evidence of the existence of Noah's Ark. Though ambivalent about religion, Adam soon is encouraged to start rethinking his attitudes toward God, especially after he meets his housekeeper's niece Juliet Halsay. Juliet is living with her aunt and slowly recovering from the aftereffects of a terrorist bombing that killed her father and brother. To Juliet's horror, it soon appears that a terrorist group is now targeting Adam. Together, the two investigate the group, which appears to want Adam to stop finding more proof of the Bible's truth. Although some of the characters tend toward the stereotypical, this exciting thriller should still appeal to most readers. Recommended.
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Magitek (The Rift Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition

Magitek (The Rift Chronicles Book 1) Kindle Edition

BR Kingsolver

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Thread: Is this really how Chronicles works?

QuoteOriginally Posted by GloeaView Post

Actually, as a Mage I can confirm that they were still ridiculously easy. I ran elementalist if I was having trouble, as it could solo just about anything with that crazy heal channel. Once I got used to the chronicles, a pyro/lock raid spec actually turned out to be faster/easier because of the heal and cc options that spec had. That spec doesn't work anymore because the main heal got removed in 1.11, but it was godly back then.

I have a thread below this one in which I came to much the same conclusion as the OP. Chronicles are much too easy, tuned for a gear level much too easy to get, and not really rewarding enough to do more than a couple times. Both level 60 chronicles are light years ahead of the level 50 ones, and IMO a lot of fun, but without at least an expert mode, and preferably expert and master modes, they're not enough to hold someone's attention on their own. I don't think they're supposed to be, mind you, but that's a design choice Rift could benefit from having changed in my opinion. <3

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Ancient Rift Chronicles: Fighting a wolf
The Chronicles of Telaraare dungeons tailored for one or two players upon reaching level 50. The number of players is denoted in the description of the dungeon. You can optionally complete the quest Preparing for Attunementfor an introduction to these zones. This quest beings with either Asha Catarior Cyril Kalmardepending upon your faction. Once complete, click on the Chronicles button on the game menu or use the Jhotkey. This will bring you to a selection window. To enter a Chronicle, click the Enter button next to its name. Two-player Chronicles can be entered solo, although you're warned first that it's a two-player zone.

These instances can be completed only once per day and resets at the same time as daily quests on your server. When locked to an instance, it will have an orange border around it and the description will tell you what time it resets.

This is a marvelous chance for those that are not in top raid guilds to see and experience more of the story of Telara.

Meridian Ceremony
Meridian Ceremony
These one-man zones are Trion's introduction to Chronicles and a way to celebrate all players achieving Level 50. Upon achieving level 50 characters will receive an in-game letter from their faction leaders sending them on a quest and introducing them to Planar Attunement. Unlike other Chronicles, this is intended to be soloable and will lead to your first Planar Attunementpoints.

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Magitek (The Rift Chronicles Book 1)

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Rift - LvL 50 Gameplay 1.5 Chronicles

Chronicles are instanced areas designed for 1 or 2 players to complete. With a reasonable level of gear, most players will be able to complete a chronicle on their own.

Complete a random Chronicle to get bonus rewards. Can be done solo or with a friend. Click Enter to join solo. Click Group Enter to join with a friend.

Random Chronicles: Up to 7 charges with Patron or 1 charge daily.

  • 200 Abyssal Crusader Marks
  • 40 Fragments of Nightmare
  • 25 Fragments of Darkness

List of Chronicles (Work in Progress for 3.0)

Nightmare Tide Chronicles

  • Intrepid: Greenscale's Blight
  • Intrepid: River of Souls
  • Intrepid: Hammerknell
  • Shadow From the Beyond (Solo)
  • The Rhen of Fate (With Hard Mode)

Storm Legion Chronicles

  • A Hero Rises (Solo)
  • Hive Kaaz'Gfuu: Queen's Gambit
  • Infernal Dawn: Laethys
  • Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath

Vanilla Chronicles

Related Quests

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