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Joseph Joestar is the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II: Battle Tendency. He returns as a supporting protagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part III: Stardust Crusaders, albeit much older.

Joseph is the biological grandson of Jonathan Joestar, as well as the biological father of Josuke Higashikata and the biological grandfather of Jotaro Kujo. In Battle Tendency, he is an 18-year old young adult living in New York with his grandmother Erina. Joseph is a big jerk and loud mouth, who loves playing tricks on others. He possessed a innate ability of using Hamon energy, though very weak. He is forced to face the powerful Pillar Men, the creators of the Stone Mask, who have awakened from their slumber and now seek the Red Stone of Aja, with which they seek use in combination with the Stone Mask to conquer their weakness against the sun.

In M.U.G.E.N, Joseph Joestar has been made by various creators.

Nimame's version

YoungJoseph Idle.gif

Nimame's version of Young Joseph has a few similarities to his older counterpart, but lacks a Stand mechanic; instead, he uses a variety of attacks based on the tricks and techniques he used in Battle Tendency, including the double crossbows, the larger of which having a ricochet effect on the background, and his signature Clacker Volley, which can be used in devastating melee attacks as well as thrown to deal damage at a distance. He is a bit fragile, and a few of his moves are a bit specialized in nature, but he is capable of some truly swift and powerful assaults.

His A.I. will regularly utilize his Clacker Volley attack, as well as perform deadly combos on a regular basis.


See Also

  • Joseph Joestar (Old), the older version of Joseph Joestar that appears in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

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Developer/Publisher : Capcom
Released : 1998
Fighter Conversion Ratio : %

     Game Info :

     Game Video Preview :

     Fighter Conversions :

       Game Fighters :

    •  Alessi : H"
    •  Avdol/Muhammad Abdul : Camrat, Izumo, Nimame
    •  Black Polnareff : Ice, Warusaki3
    •  Chaka : TommyGun, Papparapa, Nimame
    •  Devo/D'Bo : ANMC, Nimame
    •  Dio Brando : Montana, Warusaki3, ANMC, 41
    •  Final Dio : Warusaki3
    •  Hol Horse/Hol & Boingo : MBS, y.y
    •  Iced/Vanilla Ice : Erika, Warusaki3, Nimame
    •  Iggy : Ran, Hakugin, Gal129, Hekira
    •  Jean Pierre Polnareff : Bad Darkness, Izumo, Nimame
    •  Joseph Joestar : y.y, Nimame, Yukami
    •  Jotaro Kujo : y.y, Warusaki3, ANMC
    •  Khan : Bad Darkness
    •  Mariah/Mahrahia : Mictlantecuhtli + "C"C, Aoao & Ayustat, Ex-Inferis + Aoao & Ayustat, Rei
    •  Midler : Sureiman, Montana, Mugen Institute
    •  New Noriaki Kakyoin : 1 + Izumo, Nimame
    •  Noriaki Kakyoin : Izumo, Orochi Herman
    •  Petshop : Kemco SpaceHunterVigor, Rei
    •  Rubber Soul : Bad Darkness
    •  Shadow Dio : Orochi Herman, Warusaki3, Kikurage, 41
    •  Young Joseph Joestar : Yapoos, Tamago, Men"s Club, Nimame

       Other Timeline Recreated Versions :

    •  Black Sabbath : Torimochi
    •  Bruno Bucciarati : Yoroko
    •  Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli : JJJ, Ty0402ar
    •  Diavolo : Amarimono, IF
    •  Emporio Alnino : Sarami
    •  Ghiaccio : Amarimono
    •  Giorno Giovanna : Amarimono
    •  Guido Mista : Amarimono, Amarimono
    •  Gray Fly : Haruwo
    •  High Dio : Shio
    •  Hirose Koiti : Amarimono
    •  Joella Blackmore : Chiyuri
    •  Jonathan : Amarimono
    •  Josuke Higashikata : Sarami, Gou 280, Gou 280(ASB)
    •  Jotaro Boy : Papparapa
    •  Jotaro Kujo Part 4 : Hiraemon + y.y
    •  Kars : JJJ, Yuusiiraisaikyounohenntai
    •  Leone Abbacchio : Amarimono
    •  Midler Girl : Papparapa
    •  Nukesaku : NGI
    •  Pannacotta Fugo : Amarimono
    •  Phantom Blood Dio : Sarami
    •  Polnareff Boy : Papparapa
    •  Prosciutto : Amarimono
    •  Ringo Roadagain : Yuto
    •  Rizotto : Metallica
    •  Rohan Kishibe : Amarimono
    •  Rolling Stone : Metallica
    •  Steely Dan : Kozeni, 0011
    •  Trish Una : Amarimono
    •  Yoshikage Killa : Torimochi, Kemco SpaceHunterVigor, Amarimono, Yuto + Kemco SpaceHunterVigor
    •  Wang Chang : Papparapa
    •  William Antonio Zeppeli : Amarimono

       Special Versions :

    •  American Idiot : Tommy-Gun
    •  Shadow 2 : MajicCD

     Stages, Screenpacks & Addons :

     Game Resource Rips :

  1. Houzz software
  2. Pedicure knife set
  3. Infiniti g 75
  4. 12v splitter car
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Joseph Joestar is a supporting protagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. He was originally the main protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency, albeit much younger.

Joseph is the biological grandson of Jonathan Joestar, as well as the biological father of Josuke Higashikata and the biological grandfather of Jotaro Kujo. Four years prior to the events of Stardust Crusaders, Joseph, like most members of the Joestar family at the time, acquires a Stand as a side effect of DIO acquiring his own Stand; this same series of events puts the life of his daughter, Holly Kujo, in jeopardy, as she does not possess a fighting spirit strong enough to control her own Stand. Tracing the source of these events back to DIO and learning of the fate of his grandfather Jonathan, Joseph recognizes that the only way to save his daughter is to defeat DIO once and for all; to assist in this endeavor, he enlists the help of both Mohammed Avdol and Holly's son, Jotaro, the latter of whom he acts as a mentor figure toward.

Although Joseph is still quite skilled in Hamon from his original adventures over 50 years ago, he now possesses the Stand known as Hermit Purple, which is capable of various forms of divination, including psychic photography. Unlike other Stands, Hermit Purple does not manifest itself as a separate humanoid entity, but is physically bound to Joseph, who is able to use Hermit Purple like a weapon or rope, which he can control at will. Joseph is also capable of using Hermit Purple's vines to amplify and transmit his own Hamon attacks.

In M.U.G.E.N, Joseph Joestar has been made by various creators.

Nimame's version

OldJoseph Idle.gif

Nimame's version of Old Joseph is a slow, but strong character with a few unique abilities, such as using his Stand, Hermit Purple, to grab his opponent from a distance and either pull them towards him or deal damage by sending Hamon energy through his stand, which is performed by mashing attack buttons while the opponent is grabbed. He also has a counter move in which he charges himself with energy. With a good amount of versatility to his techniques and methods to approach their opponent, he is a solid choice of character to play.

His A.I. is slightly above normal, and will use his Hypers effectively.


See Also

  • Joseph Joestar (Young), the younger version of Joseph Joestar that appears in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.
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