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LoL: Cloud9 vs Rogue - Worlds 2021 Group Stage Recap

For the teams involved, this is their Worlds Final. The most important game of the day. Defeat for Cloud9 would all but send them home, while Rogue would be left with a massive task.

Cloud9 vs Rogue

A screenshot from the 2021 World Championship Main Event Group Stage broadcast, showing the champion drafts between Cloud9 and Rogue with a shot of Rogue ADC Hans Sama above.

At level one, RGE tried to invade the C9 jungle and it went as badly as possible for the EU side. C9 fought back, picked up the red buff and two kills to go alongside it. While not a kill for RGE, Blaber attempted to dive the RGE top-side, but he ended up being executed to the tower, allowing Inspired to get slightly back into the game. A skirmish kicked off in the mid lane next, which resulted in a one-for-one kill trade after Perkz was caught out. Next up was RGE picking up two massive kills in the bot side of the map, with Larssen Teleporting in to pick up a Double Kill.

At just seven minutes, we’re in for another two kills on the bot side. Firstly, RGE loses one in the jungle before a 4v1 in the bot lane secures a second kill. RGE did manage to turn that into a 3v1 kill for themselves on the top side, though C9 remained 1k ahead. Shortly after that, C9 picked up two more kills on the map, yet again on the bot side, plus a kill top side. C9 chased on the top side, catching out multiple members of RGE and claiming two more kills. They dove the tower, and C9 picked up two more kills as C9 moved 4k ahead by 12:30. Things quieted down slightly as we got closer to Baron spawning. C9 had moved to 6k ahead, snowballing off their level one lead as they prepared for Baron and the late game.

NA hopium

The first real 5v5 of the game, and while RGE found a massive entry kill, C9 were able to flip the fight. They took down three members of RGE before securing the Baron. With Baron, C9 was able to sweep aside the RGE base, knocking down their Inhibitors and taking down the Nexus. It was a massive win for C9 as they looked to keep their Worlds adventure alive. For RGE, it’s the nightmare start, as they now need to beat both FPX and DK to stay in Worlds.

Quick Stats:

  • Teams: C9 - RGE
  • Time: 25:16
  • Kills: 17-8
  • Turrets: 9-1
  • Gold: 54.1k - 41.9k
  • Dragons: 2-0
  • Barons: 1-0
Sours: https://estnn.com/lol-cloud9-vs-rogue-worlds-2021-group-stage-recap/

Wheel & Tire Package

Anthem Off-Road Rogue Bronze 17x9 -12 $1020

Anthem Off-Road Rogue Bronze 17x9 -12mm

Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 P215/65R17 $573

Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 P215/65R17(28x8.5R17)
Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 P215/65R17(28x8.5R17)
Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 P215/65R17(28x8.5R17)

Wheel Specs

Brand: Anthem Off-Road
Model: Rogue

Part Number: A817179050045D

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Wheel Finish: Bronze
Backspacing: 4.5
Bolt Pattern: 5x150
Offset: -12mm
Wheel Diameter: 17
Wheel Width: 9
Hub Bore: 110
Load Rating: 2500
Wheel Exposed Lugs: No
Wheel Material: Alloy
Wheel Structure: One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number: 8

Tire Specs

Brand: Maxxis
Model: Escapade MA-T1
Size: P215/65R17

Inventory Number: TP42409000

Looking for the lowest price?

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Enter your email to confirm fitment and receive the best pricing in the industry!

Aspect Ratio: 65
Inflated Diameter: 28
Inflated Width: 8.46
Load Index: 99
Max Load Pressure: [email protected]
Section Width: 215
Service Description: 99T
Sidewall: BSW
Speed Index: T
Temperature: A
Tire Rim Diameter: 17
Tire Type: All Season
Tire Type2: Performance
Traction: A
Tread Depth: 12
Tread Wear: 720
Weight: 25.68 lbs
Warranty: 100K mileage warranty

About The Anthem Off-Road Rogue

Anthem Off-Road Wheels was founded in 2013 when a group of enthusiasts got sick of seeing an industry that wasn't geared toward fellow truck enthusiasts. They wanted to put together unique designs that are durable enough to be dependable on and off-road, in the dirt, towing, and survive the abuse many owners put their vehicles through getting to a campsite, hunting spot, or favorite fishing hole. The Anthem Off-Road Rogue is a one piece alloy wheel that brings an aggressive style to this off-road wheel.

What Makes the Anthem Off-Road Rogue So Good?

The Anthem Rogue is a eight spoke wheel design with cutouts in each spoke and a debossed Anthem Off-Road logo on the face of the 8th spoke. It features a recessed face for added depth giving this wheel a nice lip. This model includes an Anthem center cap featuring a bolted design with a removable logo for maximum customization.

What Makes the Anthem Off-Road Rogue Special?

The Rogue takes its design and elevates it into functionality with its outer face. There are decorative bolts around the outer edge of the wheel that are interchangeable. These can be removed and painted locally for tailored customization but they also protect the wheel.

Looking reminiscent of simulated beadlocks, the bolts protrude from the wheel face slightly so they are damaged if a curb is hit rather than damaging the wheels. These bolts can then be easily replaced avoiding wheel repair.

What Sizes Does the Anthem Off-Road Rogue Come In?

This model is available in various sizes between 17 and 20 inches in diameter with widths ranging from 8.5 to 12 inches wide.

The Rogue comes in a variety of finishes including Gloss Black, Satin Black, and Bronze wheels.

Anthem Off-Road Rogue Key Features

  • Eight spoke wheel design featuring beveled window cutouts
  • Removable Bolts on outer face similar to simulated beadlock that act as a protective measure from curbs
  • Anthem Center Cap with removable logo for customizing or painting
  • Debossed Anthem Off-Road logo on the face of the 8th spoke

Put together a wheel and tire package today to put the Rogue to the test both on and off the road.

About The Maxxis Escapade MA-T1

Drive with confidence with these Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 All Season tires. This specific set of tires comes in a P215/65R17 configuration with a T speed index and a load rating of 99. Tires are the only thing that connect your vehicle to the ground and keep you safe while you're on the road. Make sure your next set is one you can trust. The Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 are built to ensure you get where you need to go; safely. Hosting a 100K warranty, these Maxxis Escapade MA-T1 tires are built to handle your lifestyle.

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3. If the damage is discovered after signing the documents, please make sure we are notified within 5 business days of receiving the order.

All wheels and tires carry a full manufacturer's warranty, please ask for additional information. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and a restocking fee (at the manufacturer's discretion) if returning without a warranty claim or a defect/quality issue.
Any returns or cancellations outside of 24 hours of placing an order will carry up to a 30% restocking fee from the respective manufacturer (this includes wheels or tires shipped in from the manufacturer to our warehouse to prepare your order). Wheel or tire change requests made while the order is in progress, outside of 24hrs, may also carry a restocking fee based on where the order is in processing. Wheels cannot be returned to the manufacturer after tires have been mounted; nor tires returned after they have been driven on. If you have any concerns about fitment, returns, warranty claims, etc, simply share those concerns with our team of experts and we will work to find the best solution with you! SDWC is directly responsible and manages wheel and tire sales.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Black Carbon Extracts, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to p65warnings.ca.gov.

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Sours: https://www.customwheeloffset.com/buy-wheel-offset2/A817179050045D/TP42409000/anthem-off-road-rogue-17x9-12-maxxis-escapade-ma-t1-p215-65r17?wheel=A817179050045D
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Caedrel Reacts To C9 Final Voice Comms Against Rogue

Bounty Briefing

Aug.20.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

Team Zakon and Black Market merchants are recruiting mercenaries to fight, furthering their own interests by enlisting anyone who musters enough courage to answer their war cry. Battle on the front lines where your show of strength earns ample awards in the form of in-base resource production buffs.

Available 3 times per day, every single day, for 30 minutes each, new Bounty events give up to 800% production buffs to your harvesters. Get more opportunities for resources through gameplay. New Bounty events are available the week of August 23rd when 5.7 clients are invalidated. 

Each of the three Bounty events focuses on a different type of combat and a different resource buff:

World Map PvP Bounty: Thorium

Quickmatch PvP Bounty: Oil

Stronghold & Outpost Bounty: Metal

Claim a resource production buff using Tokens that you can earn upon achieving a victory against a valid Bounty target. While there are multiple prize tiers, the intention is to claim one buff per Bounty. 

If you’re aiming for the top, you’ll need to be agile – loading up on Strikes is advisable. 

Scavenger Bounty: Thorium


Challenger Bounty: Oil


Tax Collector: Metal


It’s that simple! Join the rest and let us know your thoughts in our official discord server, https://wcra.io/Discord

Sours: https://warcommander.com/2021/08/20/bounty-briefing/

Rogue t1

Tier 1 Rogue Set: Nightslayer Armor


Nightslayer Armor's Appearance

Rogue's Tier 1 Set: Nightslayer Armor

Nightslayer Armor's Set Pieces

Nightslayer Armor contains the following 8 pieces that all drop in Molten Core.

Please refer to our Molten Core guides for more information about the instance and how to defeat the bosses.


Nightslayer Armor's Set Bonuses

Wearing more pieces of the Nightslayer Armor set will convey the following bonuses to your character.

  • Improved Vanish IconImproved Vanish (3-Piece Bonus) — Reduces the cooldown of your Vanish ability by 30 sec.
  • Vigor IconVigor (5-Piece Bonus) — Increases your maximum Energy by 10.
  • Clean Escape IconClean Escape (8-Piece Bonus) — Heals the rogue for 500 when Vanish is performed.

Please refer to our gear guide for Rogues to see how good this set and its bonuses are for your spec and class.

  • 10 Jan. 2020: Assets updated.
  • 07 Nov. 2019: Page added.
Sours: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow-classic/tier-1-rogue-set-nightslayer-armor
RGE vs. FPX - Worlds Group Stage Day 4 - Rogue vs. FunPlus Phoenix (2021)

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