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global distribution JMP Right Mirror Oval M8R Black Bar perch x1pc Vespa ET4 125 LEADER 2000-2005 more order

twitter announced today that it will be removing its implementation of stories dubbed “fleets.” the feature was either loved or hated by twitter users since its initial release last year.

this short-lived feature, which was released in november of last year, will be removed on august 3. twitter acknowledged the controversial nature of the snapchat/instagram clone with the farewell tweet. notably, there was no fleet from the main twitter account announcing the departure of the feature, only a standard tweet.

in the goodbye, the company said it is working on “new stuff.” one can hope that they add the ability to edit tweets, in addition to the new edit audience and monetization features.

in a more detailed blog post, twitter shared that it hoped fleets would make people more comfortable posting onto twitter. as fleets disappear, some of the fleet creation features, like gifs and stickers, will be implemented into the standard tweets composer.

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120 yard per hour JMP-90

PTO driven
Change oil in just one engine, our PTO driven JMP-90 eliminates the need for a pony motor.

Hydraulic Brakes so Anyone Can Drive
Alliance orders the trucks with hydraulic brakes so a CDL or Class 3 with air is not required. Hire that young muscular kid to run this pump, he just needs a regular drivers license.

S-Valve Manifold
Directs oil flow to either shift cylinder. Accumulator pressure is also utilized to control the main pump controllers. All electrical functions have manual over-rides.

Main Pump Cell Manifold
Directs oil to the pumping cylinders. All electrical functions have manual over-rides. The main pumping system is an open loop circuit, which reduces heat in the hydraulic system.

Main Pump
This is the main pump which delivers oil for the pumping cylinders. Accumulator pump, boom pump and accessory pumps are all Roxroth.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler
The fan is operated by a hydraulic motor for efficiency and maximum cooling and is controlled by a temperature sensor, with a manual over-ride.

Radio Remote Controls
Our standard package is equipped with Omnex Radio Controls.

Alliance Concrete Pumps

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The issue you are having is that you are a little confused as what the "X" variable is.  In the code that @vince_faller  provided, "X" is associated with a DisplayBox object.  More specifically, it is a NumberEditBox(), display object.  The NumberEditBox() is an Object in your window.  To set and get the values in the object, you use <<Set and <<Get messages.  And, as long as the display window remains open, you can get and set the values in that object.  

However, most scripts are structured to display a window to get and set information, but then close the window to do further calculations.  Therefore, one typicaly moves the required values out of the display objects into standard JSL scalers, lists or matricies.  For the NumberEditBox() I typically use a simple <<Set Function message.  It executes each time the value in the NumberEditBox() changes.

or you could actually just set the z value in the Radito Box()



Never mind.  I put the group functions inside the window and that solved the problem.  Thanks!

Names Default To Here(1);

New Window("Example",


       Panel Box("Make a selection for each question",

             Lineup Box(N Col(6),

                    Text Box("1. "),

                    rb1 =Radio Box("A"),

                    rb2 =Radio Box("B"),

                    rb3 =Radio Box("C"),

                    rb4 =Radio Box("D"),

                    rb5 =Radio Box("E"),

                    Text Box("2. "),

                    rb6 =Radio Box("A"),

                    rb7 =Radio Box("B"),

                    rb8 =Radio Box("C"),

                    rb9 =Radio Box("D"),

                    rb10 =Radio Box("E"),

                    Text Box("3. "),

                    rb11 =Radio Box("A"),

                    rb12 =Radio Box("B"),

                    rb13 =Radio Box("C"),

                    rb14 =Radio Box("D"),

                    rb15 =Radio Box("E")



       rb1 <<group( rb2 );

       rb1 <<group( rb3 );

       rb1 <<group( rb4 );

       rb1 <<group( rb5 );

       rb6 <<group( rb7 );

       rb6 <<group( rb8 );

       rb6 <<group( rb9 );

       rb6 <<group( rb10 );

       rb11 <<group( rb12 );

       rb11 <<group( rb13 );

       rb11 <<group( rb14 );

       rb11 <<group( rb15 );



Radio jmp

The Bookseller

John Murray Press will publish the book of the BBC Radio 4 series Tweet of the Day, which highlights the songs and calls of Britain’s birds.

The year-long series was launched in May by Sir David Attenborough.

Georgina Laycock, publisher at John Murray, has signed up naturalist Brett Westwood and writer and television producer Stephen Moss to create the book of the series for the Saltyard Books imprint.

Tweet of the Day will be a guide for the “ armchair naturalist”, and is described as “a vivid biography of almost 250 of our favourite birds”.

Westwood and Moss will take readers month by month through the year, evoking what it is like to be in the presence of each bird, and including extraordinary insights and amazing facts.

The book will also include more than 250 colourful illustrations and silhouettes by artist Carry Akroyd.

Laycock said: “This is far more than a tie-in. Brett and Stephen are brimming with amazing stories that couldn’t fit into the very short radio programmes. The character of each bird comes vividly across on the page. Anyone who has enjoyed the series is going to fall in love with this book.”

Westwood and Moss said: “Birdsong is one of the most extraordinary aspects of the natural world, and is a part of our lives whether we live in town or country. It’s always a pleasure (and a relief) to hear sounds which prove the world’s still spinning: whether it’s the sighing of migrating redwings on a damp October night, the twitter of swallows fresh in from South Africa or the call of the cuckoo in May. Through Tweet of the Day, we hope to convert many more people to the wonders of birds, to encourage them to look and listen out for the sounds that are all around them and allow them to enjoy this precious part of our natural heritage.”

Tweet of the Day will be published in April 2014, to coincide with the final month of the radio series.

Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Radiohead Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

It's not time yet. - It's about time, - Korobov shook his head and instinctively raised his hand to his eyes: the very first salute. From a distance of twenty meters literally smashed the "shell" to smithereens.

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