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Lima Square Tapered Planter

Featuring a luxurious tapered shape that opens up into a wide planting area, our Lima Square Planter works well with both traditional and more modern gardens, homes or corporate locations.

Made out of our ultra durable fiberglass, these wholesale garden planters are surprisingly lightweight and ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. The fiberglass is resistant to frost, high temps and even direct sunlight. That means you can place our tapered planters in the home, on the patio, on the deck, in the backyard or in the garden without worrying about them cracking or fading.

These planter containers come in a variety of sizes, which means they can be used for just about anything. Use the larger garden pots and planters as tree pots, commercial planters or general purpose outdoor fiberglass planters. The small planters are best used as indoor plant pots or herb garden planters.

The Lima is also available in a range of matte, glossy and metallic colors. Our all white planters are sleek, the black planters generally compliment just about all settings, the metallic ones are slight ritzy and the colorful planters are typically used to design creative spaces or gardens that are boasting with vibrancy.

Lima Square Tapered Planter
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Ella Square Planter

The Ella Square Planter uses clean lines and a marbled facade design to enrich your living space and illuminate your favorite indoor and outdoor plants. Combining functionality with elegance, the square pot includes a Water Minder, a removable insert that creates a water reservoir on the bottom of the planter, to rehydrate plants throughout their lifecycle with less frequent watering. Constructed with a superior blend of plastic and natural stone, the Ella Square Planter is lightweight, frost proof, and will last for years and years. This versatile planter is perfect to accentuate your interior and exterior décor and makes maintaining your favorite plants a walk in the park.

  • Made with a Superior Blend of Stone and Resin
  • Modern, Flattering Design
  • Perfect Planter to Accentuate your Interior or Exterior Decor
  • Lightweight, Waterproof, and UV-resistant
  • Built-in Water Minder Hydrates Plants as Needed
  • Made from Recycled Materials

6" = 6" L x 6" W x 6" H
8" = 8" L x 8" W x 8" H
10" = 10" L x 10" W x 9.75" H
12" = 12" L x 12" W x 11.5" H
14" = 13.5" L x 13.5" W x 14" H
16" = 16" L x 16" W x 16" H
18" = 18" L x 18" W x 18" H

Potting Recommendation: Add a small amount of perlite medium on top of the water-minder area. Finish filling the planter to the planter’s rim with a light to medium weight potting mix. Routinely adding plant food, according to plant’s directions, will dramatically increase the health, beauty and fullness of the plants in your Ella Square Planter.

Shipping Rates

*Items shipped to AK, HI, US territories, and Canada are delivered by Parcel Post and may take longer to ship—please plan accordingly.

For expedited shipping options, shipping to AK, HI, US territories, Canada, and APO/FPO addresses, and shipping orders over $1,000 - please contact Customer Service.

For more information, please review our Shipping Policy and Return Policy in their entirety.

Sours: https://rootandvessel.com/ella-square-planter
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Square Planter Boxes

The Perks of Pots and Planters in Indoor and Outdoor Design

Garden pots and planters can enhance residential curb appeal and landscapes in a variety of ways. A set of large planters can frame a special view, direct the flow of traffic, create and define boundaries or provide screening from the hot sun and prying eyes. Outdoors, smaller garden pots can adorn balconies, decks and hardscaped patios with shrubs, plants and flowers. Indoors, pots and planters can hold unique plants and flower arrangements that showcase your personal style and adds a distinct design element to your home.

Decorative Garden Pots Elevate Interior or Outdoor Design

Decorative pots and planters have a powerful impact when placed around the front door, patio, porch, balcony and pool. The addition of outdoor planters and pots to these spaces, and any others in need of a boost, can transform your surroundings from bland to dramatic - uninviting to cozy. Warm your spaces and draw family and friends into them with the help of a decorative planter from Hooks and Lattice.

Selecting the Right Planters

Before selecting a decorative planter, attention should be paid to the functional value as well as aesthetic appropriateness. Garden planters should be sturdy, have holes for drainage and should be sized for the intended plant or tree. Each outdoor and decorative planter we carry at Hooks and Lattice has been carefully selected to provide great design choices along with functionality, quality and value.

Composite Planters - Durable, Beautiful, Versatile

While browsing online, cruise our collection of Premier Composite Planters made with commercial-grade Cellular PVC. These are the best selling pots and planters at Hooks and Lattice and are hand-made by our skilled craftsmen who build them from 4' x 8' sheets of solid architectural-grade PVC. Sometimes confused with wood due to its weight, density and appearance, composite does not have the problems inherent to wood like water absorption, rotting, warping, cracking or splitting. With composite planters, you can enjoy the beauty of your blooms or greenery year after year without the worry of breakage or rot.

A Veritable Variety of Pots and Planters at Hooks and Lattice

At Hooks and Lattice, you'll find a variety of indoor and outdoor garden pots and planters in several types of attractive and practical materials like iron, vinyl, decorative plastics, redwood and cedar. No matter the material, when you add decorative garden containers to your home, you're adding depth, dimension, visual impact and beauty to your interior or outdoor design. Find what you need at Hooks and Lattice to add harmony and balance at home, and all while enjoying the process.

For questions on materials, styles and custom decorative planter options, please call 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

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How to make a simple small planter box

Square Planters

Square Planters

For a range of styles from traditional and rustic to modern and clean, the right square planter can help tie together a commercial or residential space. At Planters Unlimited, we proudly offer a collection of square outdoor planters, available in lightweight fiberglass, rot-proof composite PVC, and more. Our square planters are displayed in a range of locations like Niagara Falls State Park and on the grounds of San Diego's iconic Hotel del Coronado.

Square planters can define a space or simply add a decorative accent. Whatever the purpose, you can count on a square planter from Planters Unlimited. We use only the most beautiful and durable materials. Fiberglass, cellular PVC, redwood, cedar, and even stainless steel are capable of handling heavy planting in high-traffic settings like hotels and plazas. This strength doesn't come at the cost of style. The clean lines of our modern style tapered planters and the ornate trim of the Tuscan-style Villagio are eye-catching. To customize your square planter box, choose the color and finish that suits your project.

For more information, call customer service today at
7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

At Planters Unlimited, we offer a comprehensive collection of fiberglass and composite PVC square planters suited to a variety of functions within your commercial design plans. Whether your purpose is functional, like creating a tree line to privatize a pool deck, or strictly aesthetic, like accenting the four corners of an ornate section of marble flooring, a fiberglass or PVC large commercial planter combines sensible durability and resourceful creativity. Starting from the simple and visually pleasing foundations of a geometric square, this assortment offers choices that range from basic cubed designs to more innovative manipulations of this classic shape. For a more industrial setting, our customers look to simpler designs like the Naples or Capri fiberglass planters. For a Mediterranean influenced garden, the Valencia and Villagio offer engaging details like tapered edges and interesting curvature. And finally, for the more chic and contemporary styles, designers will find our modern style tapered planters add just the right vibe. Our PVC and fiberglass planters have a lightweight, waterproof construction that still manages to keep up with much heavier materials in terms of durability and longevity. The adaptability of these materials has made them industry favorites for low-maintenance large commercial planters with manufacturers and customers alike delighting in the customization possibilities. With this collection, designers, architects and planners will find practicality and smart sophistication woven throughout our custom product options. Refine your style choice by adding customizations with distinct size, color and finish options available in each of our square planters. An urban restaurateur might choose a modern style tapered planter like the Urban Chic in a smooth black finish. Or a landscape designer for a New England Bed & Breakfast could go for our Main Street style in classic white, manufactured to mimic the appearance of wood without the hassle of rotting, warping and splitting. While your neighbor's clunky wooden planters steadily decay and lose their color, containers purchased from this collection of large commercial planters will maintain their stunning aesthetic for years to come. For general information on available styles, sizes colors and finishes, or if you see a style that catches your eye, but not the particular dimensions your project requires, contact the Planters Unlimited customer service team for a consultation at 1-888-320-0626, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

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