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Shadowhunters Finally Reveals Sebastian's True Identity

If you read the original books or paid any attention to the Shadowhunters fandom this year, you probably already guessed that Sebastian Verlac's (Will Tudor) real identity wasn't that of a charming, British shadowhunter. We finally got the suspicion confirmed in tonight's episode though, and it's now official: Sebastian is actually Valentine's son, Jonathon Christopher Morgenstern, in disguise.

And what a disguise it is.

After rescuing (maybe rescuing, maybe not?) Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) from the Institute, Jonathon dropped the illusion on himself to reveal a charred monster of a man hiding beneath Sebastian's good looks. It's not super surprising given that he's got some demon blood in him, but we'll touch back on that later.

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The real Sebastian (poor guy) turned out to be the bound-and-gagged prisoner Jonathan had been keeping locked in his closet. Stealing someone else's life isn't easy, so he's been keeping Sebastian nearby in case he needs a refresher course on the details of his stolen identity. Unfortunately, after a daring escape attempt, Jonathon murdered Sebastian in cold blood only a few feet away from the Institute.

Seriously, this guy just could not catch a break. R.I.P. Sebastian.

Now that Valentine knows his son is alive and well, our next question has got to be what Jonathan plans to do with him. He tried to have Valentine killed inside the Institute... but now he's decided to set his father free? Something here is not adding up.

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For that matter, we're still wondering why he's got a masochistic burn fetish when it looks like he was grilled extra crispy at some point. Is that leftover from the fire he "died" in as a baby? Or is it just part of having demon blood? Or worse, is he constantly just burning his whole body? Dominic Sherwood teased that he's been burning his hands as a way to test and train himself, but training for what?

Here's hoping next week's episode (directed by The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley) answers at least a few of our lingering Sebastian/Jonathan questions.

Shadowhunters airs Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.


Shadowhunters: Will Tudor Introduces Sebastian Verlac

The second half of Shadowhunters Season 2 is finally introducing a key character from the books: Sebastian Verlac (Will Tudor). And we are side-eying that last name real hard, given that he bears a striking resemblance to none other than Jace Wayland (Dominic Sherwood).

According to Tudor, we shouldn't be too suspicious of this new character just yet, since he arrives on the scene with pretty good intentions.

"When we first see him, he's very conscientious. He's very thoughtful, and he wants to do the right thing," Tudor says. "Ultimately, at the beginning he just wants to kind of assimilate really and join this new group. He's very much the outsider to start with."

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We'll have to see how long those good intentions last, but he does a pretty trustworthy entrance in the summer premiere. Book fans who think they know who Sebastian is and what he wants may want to buckle up though because Katherine McNamara (Clary) made sure to tease some changes to the source material as far as Sebastian is concerned.

"Book fans will know sort of what Sebastian was in that, but as you know with our show we love to make changes and we love to sort of twist what the expectations are a little bit, which is actually lovely," McNamara says. "I find it very entertaining as a book fan to see how the writers interpret the story that's been established and sort of give it a new life through the television series."

Interpret that however you want, book fans!

Shadowhunters returns Monday, June 5th at 8/7c on Freeform.

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‘Shadowhunters’ fans have mixed reactions to THAT Sebastian reveal

Photo credit: Freeform / John Medland, acquired from Freeform Press Site

We knew that Sebastian Verlac was trouble, but the ‘Shadowhunters’ fandom was not prepared for that insane twist at the end of “A Problem of Memory”!

Warning: Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 15 ahead!

It was revealed last night on Freeform’s Shadowhunters that Sebastian Verlac is not actually Sebastian at all, but an imposter who had the real Sebastian locked in his closet all so he could work his way into the New York Institute and gain the trust of our favorite Shadowhunters. A majority of fans already knew that Will Tudor’s character was not actually Sebastian because they’ve read The Mortal Instruments series, but when he showed his true self to Valentine, the fandom exploded.

And even if you haven’t watched the series, you can see why the reveal was startling — he doesn’t have any skin.

There have been two instances where we saw Sebastian burn his own flesh (both times on his hand), but when he took down the glamour in front of Valentine, ALL of his skin was burnt. So this begs the question, why does Sebastian look this way?

The first theory is that he had grown up in hell and was tortured by a demon who ripped off his skin, and the second is that he was burned by Valentine as a boy in a fire that was set intentionally. The Valentine flashback scene in Season 2, Episode 12 would make more sense if this theory were true as well. And if Valentine did burn his son in a pentagram, could Sebastian be getting revenge on his father in next week’s episode? In the trailer, we see Valentine at the center of a pentagram that Sebastian then ignites on fire.

A few fans chimed in on this theory too:

And what about his reveal as being Valentine’s son? A few hints were dropped throughout 2B, the biggest one being the piano book-end scenes in Episode 14 where Jace and “Sebastian” both knew how to play the same song from memory, which Jace said he learned from Valentine. The Seelie Queen even seemed to think that Clary had another sibling somewhere…

Some fans were worried that the death of Sebastian might mean Will Tudor would be leaving the show, but we know that Tudor is in Episodes 16-20, so it looks like his character will be keeping Sebastian’s face for now.

He’s worked so hard to gain everyone’s trust as “imposter Sebastian,” and he doesn’t want to have to start over again in the body of someone else (and we really just want to keep seeing Will Tudor on our screens).

After the final scene of Episode 15, fans of the book series took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the changes being made to Sebastian’s (the real one and the imposter) storyline. It’s no secret that the Freeform series has made dozens of other changes to the book narrative, but this change in appearance and backstory was too drastic for some of the fandom.

Others were excited to see the change, especially since it keeps them more engaged if they don’t fully know what’s coming each week. Sure, it was a shocking surprise, but that was its purpose, right? Many fans on Twitter came to defend the change to the series, clarifying their theories and explaining imposter Sebastian’s look (and being grateful that Will Tudor can stay on the show)!

On a side note, most tweeted happily about the end of #Climon. Not because they don’t like Simon and Clary, but because they’re patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Clary to be with Jace, and for Simon to finally be with… Isabelle? We might have to wait until Season 3, but hopefully #Sizzy is in our future. And as this fan pointed out, Matthew Daddario also brought back the live-tweets, so that’s a huge plus as well!

Next: 'Shadowhunters' preview: Day of Atonement

Shadowhunters is back this Monday at 8/7c on Freeform and the Freeform App. Are you excited to see Jace and Clary travel to Idris to look for Valentine, or are you more excited to see Maia meet Simon’s family at Yom Kippur dinner? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jonathan Morgenstern was born in 1990 and died in Edom in 2007 at age 17.

When Sebastian was still in the womb, his father, Valentine, gave his mother, Jocelyn, demon blood with her food. Jonathan was then born half demon. His mother hated him and contemplated killing him as a baby, but she didn't. When the Circle was destroyed, Valentine hid Jonathan away and he raised Jace separately from him.

In 2007, Jonathan killed an innocent Shadowhunter named Sebastian Verlac and took his identity to spy on Clarissa Fairchild (his sister) and Jace Herondale, whom at the time thought he was the real Jonathan Morgenstern. Clary didn't know she had a brother. They then discover that Sebastian was actually a spy for Valentine when he turns on them and kills Max Lightwood, Jace's adopted younger brother. Jace, in a fit of rage, goes off to take on Valentine and Sebastian. Sebastian captures him and breaks the news that he is the real Jonathan Morgenstern and that Jace is not. When Isabelle finds out what Jace is doing she goes after Sebastian. Jace, Sebastian and Isabelle have an epic fight and Isabelle slices off Sebastian's hand. Jace then stabs Sebastian in the back and he falls onto the riverbank, and dies.

Fast forward a little bit. Jace ends up being possessed by the demon Lilith. Lilith's plan is to bind Jace and Sebastian together and brings Sebastian back to life. Simon has to turn Sebastian in order for the transformation is complete. Simon complies, but only to bargain for Clary's life. Fortunately, Clary snaps Jace out of the possession and he stops Lilith from bringing back Sebastian. Unfortunately, Sebastian uses Simon's blood that is now in him to control Jace and bind them together. He and Jace then escape.

Jace and Sebastian, now bound together, take Clary and entrust her to join them. She does, but only to spy. Sebastian now has a master plan to create a race of dark Shadowhunters called The Endarkened. He succeeds and also gains the powers of his mother Lilith. He makes an alliance with the Seelie Court and plans to attack the Shadowhunters and rule the world. He resided in Edom with his mother Jocelyn, Lucian Graymark, Magnus Bane and Raphael Santiago held hostage. He murders Raphael for not joining him.

In the final battle, Jace destroys Sebastian with the heavenly fire. It blasts out the badness in Sebastian and for a few moments, we get a glimpse of what Sebastian could have been. But unfortunately, he dies shortly after we get that glimpse.

My Opinion on Jonathan Morgenstern

Sebastian has always been one of my favorite villain and one of !y favorites characters. I love his attitude and his personality and I definitely believe he is a better bad guy than Valentine. Not to mentiom that he is really hot.

I love his backstory and it always makes me sad. I always wish that it could've been that way.

My only regret is that I wish he didn't die after the heavenly fire blasted him. I wish that he could've gotten a second chance as the brother Clary deserves. But unfortunately, that's not gonna happen.

Other Things to Say

I personally am really hoping Conor McLain is castes to play Sebastian in the TV show Shadowhunters. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Thank you for reading!!!

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From shadowhunters sebastian

For those who haven’t read Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books, the final twist at the end of Monday’s Shadowhunters probably came as quite a shock.

Following a visit from Sebastian’s particularly inquisitive cousin Aline, it was revealed that he’s not who everyone at the Institute thinks he is. For starters, he’s actually Valentine’s son… aka Clary’s brother. And the person tied up in his closet — or who was tied up before he was murdered in the damn streets — was the real Sebastian.

This was all relayed to the audience in the episode’s final moments when “Sebastian” intercepted Valentine on his way to Alicante with a little assistance from a poor, blackmailed Shadowhunter named Duncan. (RIP, Duncan! And Duncan’s family!)

We also learned this week…

* Magnus, too, has a dark secret from his past: His father blamed him for his mother’s suicide, explaining that she “hated herself for giving birth to a monster.” So Magnus lashed out, accidentally killing him, and it’s haunted him ever since. That’s the memory he was experiencing though the magic of the agony rune.

* Simon might forgive Clary for kissing Jace sooner then expected. I mean, is he heartbroken? Absolutely. (“Ever since we were kids, I’ve been in love with you. Every minute of every day. You’re the first person I thought about when I woke up.”) And while Simon asking for time apart from Clary might seem like a step backwards in terms of preserving their friendship, but doesn’t time heal all wounds? No? Ugh, damn.

* Luke isn’t just willing to bend the rules in order to help out his friends, he’s all about breaking them. Case in point: allowing Raphael to wipe his partner’s memory so that she no longer suspects Simon of murder (which, to be fair, he didn’t commit in the first place.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Shadowhunters? Predictions/hopes for the rest of Season 2? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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Sebastian Verlac -- mad hatter

‘Shadowhunters’: Let’s Examine Valentine and Sebastian’s Relationship

Spoilers through Shadowhunters season 2 episode 16: Day of Atonement

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we get a lot of backstory on what happened to the real Jonathan Morgenstern aka the person who has been impersonating Sebastian Verlac.

It was fake Sebastian/real Jonathan (Will Tudor) who blackmailed Duncan into taking the Circle leader to him instead of to the Council (poor Duncan did not survive). In a very musty and abandoned-looking basement, he then revealed his true form to Valentine (Alan Van Sprang), a creature with skin peeled from head to toe and dark dead black eyes.

It’s an interesting storyline where audiences discover that Valentine had experimented on both his biological son and his adopted son Jace (Dominic Sherwood), then sent Jonathan to Edom. One was given demon blood while the other more angel blood. He somehow raised both boys in a remote cabin in Idris while he was in hiding without young Herondale knowing about his adoptive brother. Sebastian/Jonathan goes on to reminisce about how his father exiled him to a demon dimension and it was there where he became the creature he is now.

Apparently, the demons in residence felt that he was too pretty for their world and burned off his skin one layer at a time. Ouch. But hey, they also taught him how to draw power from his demonic blood so they tried to be helpful? He had summoned Azazel in Edom and struck a deal. The former angel would help free him from this dimension and back to Earth and then he would return the favor.

During their father-son bonding time, Valentine admits that what he did was horrific, but to make it up to his child, he would hand over the Mortal Cup. But Sebastian doesn’t care about the cup, he never had. He also reveals that he used Azazel’s attack on Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) to gain access to the Institute. Sneaky!

The elder Shadowhunter tries to justify his actions by saying that Jonathan was out of control for murdering a young Albert Timberworth. Sebastian counters that it was an experiment because he wanted to see if a 32-foot fall would kill a boy and his conclusion was yes, yes it does. But he also defends himself by saying that it was Val who cultivated his interest in science to begin with. Let’s not forget too that good ol’ dad chained and locked him in the very basement they were in for a year. Valentine then argued that he didn’t know if he was next and Sebastian says that he wouldn’t have killed his own father (well not then anyways). He angrily adds that the other man had a choice and that he chose to protect the other boy (Jace).

Eventually we find out that Clary’s brother plans to send his father to Edom, just like he was sent all those years ago. But before that happens, Valentine grabs the Soul Sword (which activates) and tells his son that he is proud of him and that Jonathan is his greatest achievement. While still holding the weapon, the Circle leader reveals that not a day goes by where he doesn’t regret his actions. Sebastian is stunned of course because it is the truth as his dad has no choice but to speak honestly under the power of the Soul Sword.

This whole time Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Jace have been making their way to the cabin with Izzy joining them only to arrive too late. The Morgenstern men have disappeared without a trace. We next see them inside Sebastian’s apartment in New York where Valentine has just made spaghetti for dinner. The two sit across from one other each with their own devious smiles. Awkward much?

While having Sebastian be sent to Edom is different form The Mortal Instruments novels that the show is based on, it’s not a bad one because in the books he does have deep ties to that realm. Having been given the greater demon Lilith’s blood, he was allowed sanctuary there because it is one of her domains after the creation of the Infernal Cup in City of Lost Souls. In the novels, Valentine didn’t send Jonathan away and kept his son informed most of his plans, it appears that on show the duo end up working together regardless.

This is the most human we’ve seen of Val so far, wherein throughout season 1 and most of season 2 he played an almost one-dimensional villain. How could we believe that he really loved Clary and Jace when he constantly lied and only cared about his agenda. But it was unexpected for his character to grasp the Soul Sword and admit his regret over Jonathan. Even when Jocelyn died he didn’t show any kind of grief. In addition, nothing has scared him until now and we get a sense that here are two predators sizing each other up. But it is clear that he views the young man as a weapon that he intends to use against his enemies. It is possible that he did this out of the need to survive, that if he could convince Sebastian that he cared about him then he would be spared a trip to Edom.

In the novels, Valentine’s cruel parenting turned his kid into a psychopath, though his demonic blood also plays a role. On the show, Sebastian has shown tendencies to be cold and heartless at a young age, which frightened his father enough to send him another dimension. He may have physically become monstrous as a result of his time there, but it is also the act of his father’s betrayal that emotionally and mentally scarred him possibly to the point of no return. The nature vs. nurture theme still translates from the original source to the adaptation. Would he have turned out this way had he been raised by Jocelyn (Maxim Roy) instead? Alas, we will never know.

Their evolving relationship is going to be interesting to watch as we find out whether Valentine is really going to atone for his mistake towards his son, or is he going to continue to be selfish? Sebastian is clearly dangerous and may be holding on to a thin shred of sanity that could snap if his father abandons him again. Towards the end of this week’s episode, Jace shows Clary numerous journals filled with his adoptive father’s notes comparing himself and Sebastian. This shows us how clinical the Circle leader approached his experiments and whether or not he still views them this way remains to be seen.

Alan Van Sprang and Will Tudor both did an amazing job portraying the intensity of their characters and their complicated familial ties. It was such a pleasure to watch and certainly the Morgenstern men are up to no good.


Catch Shadowhunters Mondays at 8 PM on Freeform.

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There's still no word on whether or not the #SaveShadowhunters campaign is changing minds about Freeform's cancellation of the series, but the show isn't over just yet -- and now fans have been given a first look at the show's next villain.

Actor Luke Baines has been cast as Clary's (Katherine McNamara) brother Jonathan Morgenstern, the main villain in the series' final stretch of episodes, according to Deadline.

Michael BezjianGetty Images

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Jonathan was previously played in the show by Humans star Will Tudor, having initially hidden behind the identity of Sebastian Verlac in the show's second seasons.

The Sebastian-version of Jonathan was killed off in the season two finale but was later reborn in the series three's mid-season finale, meaning his true form will be around as the series' main villain during the final run of episodes.

Of course, Shadowhunters fans kind of already knew that Baines was involved in the series (especially after he and McNamara were spotted filming a secret project together earlier this year) and the actress also shared a happy birthday message to him last month.

Still, nice to have it confirmed though, eh?

And, for anyone doubting Baines' ability to play the demonic Shadowhunter, the actor is best known for playing the serial killer in Wes Craven's The Girl in the Photographs, so we think he's got enough practice there.

Shadowhunters was cancelled in June, with channel bosses explaining that the decision was mainly down to economic reasons.

"We went back and forth with them but ultimately we just couldn't make the economics work," Karey Burke, EVP of Programming and Development, said. "We were very happy creatively with it."

In the weeks since the announcement, fans have launched a social media campaign to save the show, even hiring a plane to fly over Netflix HQ and taking out a billboard ad in New York City's Time Square.

Shadowhunterswill return in 2019 with 12 episodes left to air, including a two-episode special finale. Netflix airs the show in the UK.

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