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C6 Exhaust Systems

C6 Base model Corvettes were produced between 2005-2013. Models included the C6 Base, Z51 & Grand Sport (replaced the Z51 in 2009). Prior to 2008 base model Corvettes had a basic exhaust like every other car. In 2008 Chevrolet took the learnings from the C6 Z06 and applied it to base model cars in the form of an optional dual mode exhaust package called the NPP Performance Exhaust. This system featured butterfly valves in the exhaust and perforated tips for comfortable cruising notes and a louder more aggressive tone over about 3500 rpm’s. In the base model C6 NPP mufflers were 2.5″ in diameter vs 3″ in the Z06. In 2009 the over axle exhaust pipe design was changed in base model C6’s, so aftermarket exhaust systems had to adjust the design of their systems for 2009 and newer C6 models (non-Z06/ZR1 models).

If you want to maintain dual-mode functionality on an npp equipped based C6 or grand sport, Billy Boat Fusions have a similar butterfly exhaust design as the factory, but with a design that produces more sound volume and a deeper tone. All other base model C6 Corvette exhaust systems do not offer a butterfly valve in the mufflers to control sound volume and drone. They rely on engineering and sound manipulation principles to adjust the tone without using valves. These traditional style exhaust systems are usually lighter than dual-mode exhausts for even more performance.

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Chevrolet Corvette Exhaust Systems

Proud Corvette owners know what first made them a devoted fan. What was it for you? Was it the Corvette’s sculpted lines; it’s ability to hit 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds; or its legendary appeal? One thing is sure, you and other Corvette owners are not like everyone else- and you know your pride and joy isn’t any ordinary vehicle either.

That’s why so many Corvette owners choose to install a BORLA Corvette exhaust system on their C4, C5, C6, or C7. They not only want their vehicle to look good and perform well on the road, but they also want it to sound just right. The right sound velocity and high frequency comes with one of our three Corvette exhaust systems: Touring, S-Type or ATAK ®.

Designed to Last: Corvette Exhaust Systems

Choose BORLA for an excellent sound and amazing durability. Owners choose our systems because they are so long lasting. The system is made with aircraft grade T-304 austenitic stainless steel and is designed specifically to each vehicle. This is all backed by a million mile warranty.  If you are interested in enhanced sound and performance for street driving or racing- you can’t go wrong with BORLA.

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Exhaust Systems

Corvette Mods carries a full line of aftermarket exhaust systems for the C7 Grand Sport, Stingray, and Z06. These systems and parts come from leading manufacturers such as American Racing, Kooks, SLP, Billy Boat, and MagnaFlow. We have C7 Corvette exhausts in many styles that are typically made from T304 aircraft-grade stainless steel. You also can buy the parts to repair your Corvette exhaust system or build a custom setup.

Types of C7 Exhaust Systems

There are three main exhaust types to consider when upgrading your system. The header-back C7 exhaust is the most complete upgrade, replacing every part from the header manifold on back. It provides the biggest horsepower gains and most customization options. However, header-backs are also the most expensive systems and the hardest to install. A cat-back C7 Corvette exhaust replaces everything from the catalytic converter to the tailpipes, which often offers the best back for your buck in terms of power increases. Axle-back exhaust systems are the cheapest, easiest upgrade and produce a great performance sound - but won't add as much power as the other options.

From there, Corvette owners have made variants to choose from. Our Corvette exhaust C7 collection includes tri-Y header systems, competition axle-back exhausts with carbon fiber tips, long-tube headers, X-pipe racing header exhausts, and much more. They're engineered specifically for the vehicle to maximize performance. CNC-machined mandrel bend tubing produces amazing power, sound, and efficiency with minimal drone.

Want to customize your exhaust? Shop for miscellaneous parts such as C7 Corvette exhaust tips, universal mufflers, cutout valves, and gaskets. They're made to meet the same high standards as our complete exhaust systems for people who like to get creative.

How a C7 Exhaust Improves Performance

The amount of gas that the exhaust can remove is dependent on two things. One is the internal diameter of the pipes in the exhaust system. These pipes are like a storm drain during heavy rain - if the amount to be removed exceeds the capacity of the drain, then water will back up. Replacing existing pipes with larger ones yields an immediate increase in performance. You will need to make sure there is space for these bigger pipes around other drivetrain parts.

The second method of improving exhaust is less intuitive. Gas flows in certain ways, and if it hits a solid object (like the side of a pipe), it creates turbulence and slows the flow - sometimes enough to create back pressure. The twists and turns of a set of headers are prime territory for turbulence unless they are specifically engineered to prevent it. Putting in racing heads, particularly heads "tuned" for maximal performance at a particular RPM, can result in spectacular improvements.

Choosing the right exhaust for the particular application of a C7 Corvette can be a challenging task. That is why the experts at Corvette Mods are available every working day to help Vette enthusiasts choose the most effective exhaust components for their cars. They can also help you find the right installation hardware and accessories from our assortment of exhaust controllers, clamps, pipe shielding, and high-temperature coatings. Email [email protected] to get started on your car's exhaust system.

Corvette C7 Akrapovic Exhaust

2020-2021 Chevrolet Corvette (C8) Exhaust Systems

Vetter in Every Way

Corvette C8 Exhaust BORLA

Watch to learn more about the challenges of exhaust design for the 2020-2021 Chevrolet Corvette (C8), and the unrivaled engineering behind the breakthrough Borla system.

Strap in. Breathe deep. This isn't going to feel like the stock exhaust. The volume will be higher. The note more aggressive, more scary, more Vette. The Borla C8 performance exhaust with Polyphonic Switchfire® tuning represents over a year of intensive engineering, fabrication and testing by the best minds in the exhaust industry. The result combines dramatically improved sound, upgraded heat shielding and motorsport valving, exclusive technologies and stunning looks in a landmark achievement of automotive art and innovation.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Cat-Back Exhaust System with Heat Shields

Industry-Leading Heat Shielding

The C8’s mid-engine bay is tightly packed with heat-sensitive parts and critical components, leaving little space for exhaust to cool before exiting the tips. Borla engineers spent countless hours developing an integrated exhaust heat-shield system that ensures the maintenance of safe temperatures. Subjected to relentless testing, this shielding (shown above) has been proven to perform flawlessly under peak driving demands.

Choose your Tip Finish & Style

Besides the sound, nothing shows off a Borla exhaust upgrade better than the fine-crafted tips. Featuring swept edges that follow the C8’s distinctive rear lines, the tips on the Borla system are available in Carbon Fiber, Polished or Black finishes.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Tip Options

Valves that Take the Heat

Using upgraded valves designed and manufactured in-house, the Borla C8 system is fully compatible with GM’s cylinder deactivation and active exhaust modes. Proven to perform flawlessly through prolonged hard driving, Borla valves are subjected to intensive heat simulations that exceed high-performance requirements over tens of thousands of cycles.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Exhaust Valves

Pick your Sound

With computer modeling, extensive prototyping and advanced frequency-spectrum analysis tools, Borla’s acoustic engineers have dramatically enhanced the exhaust note of the C8, creating two options to suit your preference. Choose ATAK® for stadium-level volume with amazing clarity, or S-Type for a slightly more subdued note. Each includes our exclusive Anti-Drone technology that ensures a pleasant in-cabin experience with zero drone for any gear, speed or rpm.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Sound Options

The Flow & Clarity of SwitchFire™

Within the tight plumbing of the Borla C8 system is a revolutionary type of X-Pipe called SwitchFire™. Unlike a traditional X-Pipe where exhaust flow collides in the center, SwitchFire™ uses a patented crossover configuration to smoothly blend exhaust gas and combustion frequency waves from all cylinders. The result is a crisper exhaust note with more clarity and energy, and less efficiency-robbing turbulence.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Switchfire Technology

Polyphonic Harmonizing

Playing the right notes together on a pipe organ creates a satisfying textured sound with dramatically more acoustical depth than a single note. This is the basis for the patented technology of the twin Polyphonic Harmonizers within our C8 system. Using the same principles as an organ, pipes of different diameters and lengths within the Harmonizers are tuned to create our signature ATAK® or S-Type sounds for the C8. A straight-through design ensures zero performance loss.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Polyphonic Technology

The Science of Flex Joints

Every component and feature of the Borla C8 system has been thoroughly engineered, tested and refined, and the flex joints are no exception. Rather than simply rely on universal joints, we designed our own to handle the specific weight and vibration properties of the Borla system, and ensure the joints respond properly to key bending moments during challenging driving conditions and terrain.

Borla Chevrolet Corvette C8 Flex Joint

Inspired by it's mid-engine design, supercar looks and iconic heritage, we put tremendous resources into the development of this exhaust. There's never been a better Corvette, or better Corvette sound. Tap or click below, and we'll notify you via email when systems begin shipping. Get ready to lead the heard.


Exhausts corvette

Corvette Central Exhaust

About Corvette Central Exhaust

Corvette Central’s in-house manufacturing of 53-96 stock and performance exhaust components offers many advantages to our customers.

  1. Promotes thorough new product development
  2. Allows superior quality control
  3. Keeps costs in line
  4. Enables us to offer a full product line
  5. Allows good inventory control

Corvettes have limited space in which to run exhaust systems. Therefore it is imperative that components are manufactured to close tolerances to assure proper clearance between pipes and adjacent chassis parts.

Each pipe that is formed is done so under strict control guidelines. Our bending equipment has been programmed to meet exact specifications. Our pipes have all been designed using original GM pipes as patterns.

Many pipes require flattening in certain areas to maintain proper clearance. These flattened areas are reproduced to exactly match those of the original parts.

In addition to flattened areas, there are other characteristics that are unique to Corvette exhaust systems. Enlarged or reduced diameter sections, pipe size changes, all welded construction, correct factory type brackets and hangers are all features that are incorporated into CC systems to assure exact reproductins of the originals.

If it is not welded properly and in the correct position, it won’t fit. We pride ourselves with proper fit so systems have been developed to assure correct positioning using special welding jigs.

The quality of the welds themselves are kept at a high level to assure long life and a finished appearance of the end product.

Why Aluminized for 53-82 Exhaust?

Stainless steel works great for C4, C5, C6 and C7 performance exhaust, but you will notice that our exhaust site does not list any stainless steel (SS) pipes for 53-82. We have listed SS systems in the past, but have always promoted aluminized systems for the following reasons:

  1. SS retains heat which makes the pipes run hotter. This heat is radiated throught the floor of the car.
  2. Customers that purchase SS for its appearance will soon be disappointed because the SS pipes turn blue near the manifold and yellow back to the mufflers.
  3. The heat retained by the SS will cause your exhaust system to grow in length as the car warms up. Customers have measured this growth at as much as 1 ½". This change is enough to make even properly fitting pipes rattle.
  4. The stiffness of the SS causes inconsistencies in bending and also clamping difficulties.

At half the cost, we feel that aluminized exhaust systems are the way to go. The aluminized coating on the I.D. and the O.D. of the pipe allows for proper cooling. SS has many good applications for restoration parts on your car, but we do not feel quality exhaust systems for 53-82 are one of them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If any Corvette Central manufactured exhaust system does not perform or last as expected, Corvette Central will replace or repair it. Read more about our policies.


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