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If you have no idea of what ships are the best ones in Eve Echoes, then take a look at this article that explains Eve Echoes best ships info.

Eve Echoes Best Ships

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Eve Echoes best ships⇓

This article covers the Eve Echoes ship guide; types of ships and shares a recommendation on all types of ships featured in the Eve Echoes game. The first tip is to do advanced tutorials and get the free Venture ship. Then, earn ISK by doing the missions and get quality ships’ blueprints, and start manufacturing them. Also, upgrade the tech level, level up/train the skills to get stronger. Now, let’s get straight to the Eve Echoes best ships info – 

Eve Echoes: types of ships⇓

The six types of ships that are available in the mobile Eve Echoes game are; Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Industrial Ships, and Battleships. Frigates(solo PvP) – small and fastest ships with low cost; as a starter, you will be having a Frigate in the beginning. Destroyers(high DMG); these ships possess more firepower and are usually large in size as compared to the frigates. Cruisers; cruisers are smaller than battlecruisers and battleships + also faster than both these types. These ships use mid-sized weaponry and ship modules. Battlecruisers(close/long-range PvP); these ships have more slots as compared to cruisers, but they are very slow + larger. Battleships; these ships are best for PvP and PvE combat. Industrials; these ships are the best transport ships as they can haul a large number of resources. Miners; miners are non-combat ships – just like industrial ships – they are good in mining the resources. 

Eve Echoes Best Mining Ship⇓

The venture is the best mining ship In Eve Echoes at the beginning of the game. It provides warp stability bonuses, mining yield bonuses, and industrial ship command bonuses (+drone EHP). You can get it from the market(market -> ships -> industrial ship -> scroll down to expedition frigate section -> there you can buy venture in four different tiers; trainer, I, II, and III). Or, you can but its blueprint and manufacture manually. 

Other mining ships in Eve Echoes: –

  • Retriever; + mas strip miners, + warp stability, + strip miner yield, + ore hold capacity, + drone EHP
  • Procurer; + shield, + drone EHP, + strip miner yield, + warp stability, +max strip miners
  • Covetor; + max strip miners, + warp stability, + strip miner yield, + strip miner optimal range, + drone EHP, + drone velocity

Eve Echoes Best Frigates Type Ships⇓

(4) Kestrel is one of the best Frigate type ships in Eve Echoes. It’s quite cheap and offers great bonuses; +8% to small missiles/torpedo damage, +5% to small missile/torpedo velocity. 

(3) Astero is among the top-rated best Frigates in Eve Echoes. It provides these bonuses: –

  • +1 max covert ops cloaking devices
  • 100% reduction in cloaking device lock delay
  • 50% reduction in cloaking device reactivation delay
  • + cargo hold capacity
  • + scan resolution
  • + scan strength
  • + drone EHP
  • + drone DPS
  • + armor resistance

(2) Purifier is the #2 best frigate type ship in Eve Echoes in our opinion. It provides these bonuses: –

  • 50% reduction in cloaking device reactivation delay
  • +1 max covert ops cloaking devices
  • 100% reduction – cloaking device lock delay
  • +10% medium torpedo EM DMG
  • +5% medium torpedo thermal DMG
  • + medium torpedo flight velocity
  • +sca resolution

(1) Garmur is the #1 best frigate type ship in Eve Echoes in our opinion. It provides these bonuses: –

  • 50% reduction in missile/torpedo flight time
  • +200% missile/torpedo velocity
  • +1 warp scrambler strength
  • +20% small missile/torpedo DMG
  • +5% small missile/torpedo explosion velocity
  • +10% warp scrambler optimal range
  • +10% warp disruptor optimal range

Eve Echoes Best Destroyer Type Ships⇓

Algos, Thrasher, and Catalyst are some of the best destroyer type ships in Eve Echoes. In the early game, Thrasher would be a good pick.

Eve Echoes Best Cruisers Type Ships⇓

Vexor is one of the best cruiser type ships in Eve Echoes. 

Eve Echoes Best Battlecruisers Type Ships⇓

Drake is one of the best battlecruiser type ships in Eve Echoes. 

Eve Echoes Best Industrial Ships⇓

Venture – excels in mining. 

Eve Echoes Best Battleships⇓

Ravan, Machariel, and Megathron are the three best battleships in Eve Echoes. 

Also, see – 

So that’s all we got in this post on Eve Echoes best ships. 

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[Top 15] EVE Online Best Ships (2020 Edition)

A daring explorer prepares his ship for a long dive into wormhole space, while a hardworking miner optimizes his fleet for maximum profits, and an eagle eyed commander weighs the balance of offensive and defensive factors for the upcoming battle that will determine the fate of his Fortizar - in New Eden, no one ship dominates - for every rock there is a paper for which there is a scissors.

EVE Online boasts hundreds of ships filling dozens of roles and specializations. Here are fifteen favorites from my years of playing EVE. From humble Tech I frigates to the penultimate Titan class Avatar, there are ships for every purpose. Part of what makes New Eden so enjoyable is the fact that there is no one perfect ship. You’ll find yourself constantly pushing the envelope in new directions as you explore the potential hidden within each ship you acquire.

[1] Astero

Able to fit a Covert Cloak, the Astero can invisibly warp, which allows it to hide from hostiles.

The Astero is the premier exploration frigate in New Eden. Whether scanning down elusive relic sites or diving into the unknown dangers of a wormhole, the Astero is your best bet to return safely home. Although it is a little pricey, it can be easily flown by low skilled characters.

  • Great bonuses for scanning and hacking, maximizes exploration profits
  • Able to fit a covert cloak so that you can warp invisibly past your enemies
  • Low skill threshold makes it easy to get into but higher skill character benefit even more
  • Uses drones for combat so that you can destroy your enemies from a safe distance
  • With 100% bonus for fitting a Cloak you don’t lose any ship resources 
  • 37.5% bonus to Scanner Probe strength lets you find enemies and objects faster
  • Up to 50% bonus on Analyzer strength doubles your odds on cracking treasure sites
  • Can fly five light drones and hold fifteen, which allows excellent tactical flexibility
  • Slot layout: 2 turrets, 2 high, 4 mid, 4 low, and 3 rigs

The Astero can be bought in most regional markets. Blueprints can be obtained by contract, or on the market, or by accumulating enough Servant Sister’s Of EVE loyalty points.

[2] Manticore

In the hands of an alert pilot, the Manticore is one of the hardest ships to kill in New Eden.

One of the feared stealth bombers, this frigate can appear, lock, and fire and then vanish back into the depths of space. Especially useful for harassing enemies or destroying high value enemy structures. In sufficient numbers, stealth bombers can pose a threat to the biggest ships in the game.

  • Stealth bombers don’t have any decloak penalty and can immediately lock up enemies
  • Bombs are used for massive alpha damage, or torpedoes for relentless pounding
  • As a frigate, an alert pilot can almost certainly cloak or warp out before foes target it
  • Can use a Cyno to allow allies to jump in from adjacent systems for the kill
  • 99.7% bonus for fitting Torpedo Launchers lets a Small ship fit XL weapon systems
  • Can fit Covert Ops Cloak, Covert Cyno, Torpedo, and Bomb launchers
  • Up to 75% bonus to torpedo damage
  • Slot layout: 2 turrets, 3 launchers, 5 high, 4 mid, 2 low, and 2 rigs

The Manticore is a Tech II ship which can be bought in regional markets. Blueprints must be invented by characters with certain industrial skills. Blueprint copies can be bought via contracts.

[3] Svipul

Speed, agility, and the damage type versitility of projectile ammunition make the Svipul a favorite among PvP oriented pilots.

Tech III destroyers are the ultimate Small size ships. The Svipul is a Minmatar design, meaning it excels in speed and punishing explosive damage. The fastest ship controls the range in an engagement, and a Svipul is able to close for the kill or race for safety. 

  • Autocannons have a fast firing rate and better range than hybrid blasters
  • Artillery cannons hit hard, having the highest alpha strike of any turret system
  • Projectile ammo is the most versatile in terms of dealing different damage types
  • Three modes allow the ship to reconfigure and optimize for speed, defense, or damage
  • 33% base bonus for Projectile Turret damage
  • 95% bonus for fitting Scanner Probe launchers
  • Defense Mode bonuses: 33% to shield armor resists, harder to be targeted by enemies
  • Propulsion Mode bonuses: 66% buff to prop mods, 33% more agile
  • Sharpshooter Mode bonuses: 33% better tracking and damage, 100% buff to targeting
  • Slot layout: 4 turrets, 1 launcher, 6 high, 4 mid, 4 low, 3 rigs

Acquiring a Svipul is not difficult in the regional markets, it’s a popular hull. Building one from scratch requires advanced industrial skills and access to rare wormhole resources. Blueprint copies are available via Contracts.

[4] Punisher

The Punisher is one of the toughest frigates in New Eden, designed to stand toe to toe and slug it out until the enemy's ship vaporizes under its unrelenting laser fire.

A cheap Tech I hull, this is still a personal favorite. With five low slots this can be fitted into one of the toughest or fastest frigates in the game. Perfect for a kill and be killed roam into the depths of enemy territory. 

  • Usually equipped with pulse lasers, but autocannons are an alternate damage option 
  • Cheap base price makes this an excellent choice for just having a little fun
  • Five low slots give you a lot of flexibility towards armor, damage, or speed optimization
  • Four turrets packs a serious punch into a small package
  • Up to 50% reduction in the capacitor drain for energy weapons means you fight longer
  • With max skills and an optimized fit the Punisher can go over 9800m/s
  • Fitted for tank, this ship can reach 20,000 effective hit points
  • Slot layout: 4 turrets, 4 high, 2 mid, 5 low, and 3 rigs

One of the easier ships to acquire. Blueprint originals are easily obtained, and with a minimal investment of resources you can build an unlimited number for yourself. Also available in any major regional market.

[5] Tristan

Tristans launch a swarm of drones, which can be selected for any damage type, and in a group this ship exemplifies the swarm tactic - dealing out death by a thousand cuts.

Another Tech I classic for a fun, fast roam. If you love using combat drones, this is the ship for you. Equipped with neutralizers, a fleet of Tristans will rip through larger targets like piranhas.

  • An extremely flexible ship, tactically, it can be fit for both short and long range combat
  • The best Tech I drone frigate on the market, benefitting from Gallente racial bonuses 
  • Fitting with neutralizers allows your fleet of Tristans to negate enemy repairs
  • Drones come in all four damage types, offering great dps flexibility
  • The layout of slots provides a lot of fitting options
  • Up to 50% bonus for Drone hitpoints and tracking
  • Drone bay holds eight, and the Tristan can fly five light combat drones at once
  • Slot layout: 2 turrets, 3 high, 3 mid, 3 low, and 3 rigs

Tech I blueprints for the Tristan can be found throughout Gallente space. This frigate is cheap and easy to build for yourself. Alternatively, there is a steady supply in the regional markets.

[6] Catalyst

Nothing causes panic in a system like the appearance of a dozen Catalysts - even hardened battleship pilots will scramble to warp out and dock up if this ship lands on grid.

No list of Best Ships would be complete without the incredibly popular Catalyst. Equipped with eight hybrid blasters, no other ship matches its cost-to-punching-power ratio. The most popular ganking hull in the game, untold trillions in ISK have been lost to Catalyst pilots.

  • Optimized for hybrid blasters, the short-ranged, hardest hitting weapon system in EVE
  • For 10-15m ISK, the Catalyst can put out over 600 dps
  • A good choice for grinding down enemy structures, especially for low skill characters
  • Fitting with long range railguns and optimized for speed, this is can be a solo PVP killer
  • 50% bonus to Hybrid Turret range is very helpful given normally ultra short blaster range
  • Up to 50% bonuses on tracking speed and falloff increases chances to hit targets
  • Good sized cargo hold carries an ample quantity of ammo for structure bashes
  • Slot layout: 8 turrets, 8 high, 2 mid, 3 low, and 3 rigs

Another Tech I ship, the blueprint originals are easily purchased. Any regional market will be well stocked with this in-demand ship.

[7] Drake

A venerable favorite, the Drake still has a role to play in New Eden warfare, particularly the upgraded Navy Drake can be found out missioning for fun and profit.

Once one of the most popular ships in the game, the phrase: “Can I bring a Drake?” is still a recurring joke throughout New Eden. Powerful shields and heavy missile launchers let this battlecruiser deal and soak up massive damage. Missile systems can deal any type of damage, so Navy Drake is still a popular missioning ship.

  • Battlecruisers are designed for heavy combat - balancing agility, durability, and damage 
  • Missiles have the best range and full flexibility regarding damage type
  • This is a shield-fit ship, which leaves the low slots open for damage buffing modules
  • Can also fit a Command Burst module, which can provide buffs for the entire fleet
  • Up to 20% bonus on shield resistances to all damage types
  • Up to 50% bonus to kinetic damage dealt by Heavy and Heavy Assault missiles
  • Slot layout: 6 launchers, 7 high, 6 mid, 4 low, and 3 rigs

Caldari space is the place to look for blueprint originals for this Tech I hull. Alternatively it can be found in regional markets. With decent industrial skills you can build this hull yourself to get it at cost.

[8] Bowhead

For all its massive size and length, the Bowhead actually aligns quite nimbly, which reduces the drudgery of long hauls considerably.

Once you’ve put together your favorite ships, moving them en mass becomes a real chore. The Bowhead is the solution to that problem. Its incredible 1,600,000 m3 ship maintenance bay can easily haul three fully fitted battleships or a host of smaller hulls.

  • Easily moves fitted ships when you relocate your base of operations
  • Training up your skills increases the capacity to nearly 2,000,000 m3
  • This ship has no offensive capability, so use care and caution flying it
  • An excellent choice for fleet logistics, can transport fitted ships to replace losses mid fight
  • Up to 25% bonus on inertia modifiers, reduces alignment time
  • Up to 25% buff to maintenance bay capacity
  • Mid and low slots provide flexibility to optimize for speed or survivability
  • Slot layout: 3 mid, 3 low, and 3 rigs

Technically, this blueprint can be obtained in Outer Rim space. But that is a dangerous journey into null sec space claimed and guarded by player groups. The ship can be purchased in regional markets, or the blueprints can be found in Contracts.

[9] Tornado

Massed fire from a squadron of Tornados will have you blowing up local chat with: "I guess you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!" after vaporizing an enemy ship with a single burst of artillery fire.

When facing an enemy who has optimized his fleet for mid-fight repping, massed firepower is one of the better counter-tactics. Few ships do a better job than the Tornado in delivering an overwhelming alpha strike. Classified as an Attack Battlecruiser, this ship sacrifices its defenses in order to fit Large class projectile cannons into a Medium size hull.

  • Artillery cannons have the slowest rate of fire but the highest damage output per cycle
  • Projectile ammo can deal multiple damage types, allowing tactical flexibility
  • If optimized for fast lock and warpout, Tornados can be used as a hit and run fleet
  • Massed Tornado fire can destroy targets before enemy logi are able to rep them
  • Up to 25% bonuses to Projectile Turret falloff and rates of fire
  • 50% and 95% reductions in Large Projectile Turret fitting requirements
  • Fitting 8 Large Artillery Cannons can deliver over 10,000 damage in a single shot
  • Slot layout: 8 turrets, 8 high, 5 mid, 4 low, and 3 rigs

If you want a blueprint original, you’ll need to travel to Minmatar space. Regional markets will also stock this hull. 

[10] Tengu

Starting with a solo exploration dive through wormhole systems, then refitted to defend a critical structure in the home system, before reconfiguring for commerce raiding into enemy territory - the Tengu fits into dozens of roles thanks to its Tech III subsystems.

Tech III cruisers are Medium sized ships that incorporate the latest developments in every area of New Eden technology. Even more devastating, they can be completely reconfigured to fit any fleet commander’s latest combat doctrine brainchild. The Caldari Tengu has proven to be reliably popular across the years.

  • Tech III cruisers can reliably stand toe to toe with Tech I battleships and prevail
  • An excellent choice for wormhole space conflicts, where ship mass is critical
  • Normally rigs are permanent, but the Tengu can safely switch these expensive assets 
  • Unique Tech III systems provide incredible optimization and flexibility
  • Up to 25% reduction in damage from overheating modules for maximum performance
  • Up to 50% to speed of nanite repair speed, adding to survivability
  • 99% reduction in penalty to fit Scan Probe Launcher, an essential part of wormhole life
  • Downside: if the Tengu is lost, a skill level is lost

Another Tech III ship, this you’ll need advanced skills to build this yourself, as well as wormhole exclusive materials. Fortunately regional markets carry this ship, especially the major trade hubs. You can also search the Contracts for blueprint copies. 

[11] Bhaalgorn

Nothing sucks quite like having your ship rendered an inert, useless hunk of future space junk, unable to even warp away thanks to the terrifying neuts of a nearby Bhaalgorn.

Against a fleet optimized for mid-fight repping, neutralizing their capacitors is another viable strategy. Bhaalgorns are heavily bonused for neutralizers and can incapacitate most enemies in moments. Armed with heavy drones, these battleships are rightly feared by most fleet commanders.

  • Bhaalgorns also receive bonus to webbing range, so that enemies cannot escape
  • A battleship hull, they can handle their share of damage in combat
  • Prices fluctuate, but the Bhaalgorn usually proves worth the additional cost
  • Carries six heavy drones, can fly up to four at a time for some serious dps
  • Up to 100% bonus to the range of Stasis Webifier modules
  • Up to 75% bonus to Nosferatu and Neutralizer drain
  • Large Energy Turrets receive 100% bonus, effectively doubling weapons mounted
  • Nosferatu never fails to drain its full amount, unlike other ships
  • Slot layout: 4 turrets, 7 high, 5 mid, 7 low, and 3 rigs

This ship was developed by one of the pirate factions of New Eden. As such, its blueprints can only be obtained through Contracts or by defeating these pirates in their home regions. Bhaalgorns are also commonly built and resold in regional markets throughout New Eden.

[12] Vindicator

Against the armor and firepower of a battleship, the fun of piloting smaller, faster ships is watching their shots miss time and again - until one tries that trick on a Vindicator.

When you’re in a battleship, trying to pin down smaller targets can be a frustrating experience. But a Vindicator (often called a Win-dicator) counters the agility of smaller enemies with heavily bonused webbers. Large hybrid turrets can then mercilessly pound now helpless targets into oblivion.

  • Vindicators get a Minmatar webber bonus and a Gallente hybrid turret tracking bonus
  • A popular choice for battleship fleets that face smaller targets
  • Large hybrid turrets deal serious damage, making this an excellent combat choice
  • Carries and fields a single flight of five heavy drones for additional damage
  • Up to 37.5% bonus to Large Hybrid tracking, increases chances of hitting target
  • Up to 50% bonus to Stasis Webifier, slows target to a virtual standstill
  • 37.5% bonus to Large Hybrid turret damage output
  • Slot layout: 8 turrets, 8 high, 5 mid, 7 low, and 3 rigs

As a pirate faction battleship, blueprints for the Vindicator can only be found in Contracts or by defeating NPCs in their home regions. Regional markets, especially the trade hubs carry Vindicators that have been built and are being resold.

[13] Leshak

Developed in the voids of Abyssal Deadspace, newly arrived Triglavian ships have shaken the balance of power in New Eden fleets, and the Leshak is no exception.

The Triglavian race lurked for thousands of years in sub-pockets of reality known as Abyssal Deadspace, only recently finding their way out into New Eden. The Leshak is their battleship class warship, armed with an Entropic Disintegrator. Unmatched for damage output, the Triglavian’s weakness is that they can only fight one target at a time.

  • Triglavian Entropic Disintegrators become more effective each cycle
  • Even though they can only equip a single disintegrator, Leshaks put out incredible dps
  • Additional high slots can be used for reppers or neuts
  • Carries ten heavy drones and can field four at once for additional dps
  • Up to 25% bonus to Entropic Disintegrator damage and rate of fire
  • Remote Armor reppers get a range bonus of 100%
  • 50% reduced capacitor need for Neutralizers, Remote Armor reppers, and Smart Bombs
  • Slot layout: 1 turret, 5 high, 4 mid, 8 low, and 3 rigs

Leshak blueprints can be found by braving the dangers of Abyssal Deadspace and defeating the Triglavians dwelling there. Alternatively, you’ll find them in Contracts. Building your own ship requires salvage and materials from Abyssal Deadspace, or you can buy them in the regional markets.

[14] Thanatos

If you're going to get killed by a carrier during your first year in New Eden, odds are you'll see a Thanatos pop up at the top of the list for your zKillboard report.

Easily the most versatile and popular carrier, the Thanatos can be found in all kinds of roles. Solo ratting for ISK, in small fleets as a pocket flagship, or playing a part in major fleet engagements. Most carrier pilots will start with a Thanatos.

  • Versatility in fitting makes the Thanatos popular for a wide range of roles
  • As a light carrier, it is cheap enough for many to afford
  • Designed by Gallente shipbuilders, it carries the most fighter drones
  • Ratting in carriers (Thanatos is a top choice) is one of the main ways to make ISK
  • Fighter damage increased by up to 25% bonus depending on skills
  • Up to 12.5% bonus to hitpoints for Fighters
  • Can fit Networked Sensor Array and Command Burst modules
  • Command burst area of effect bonused by 200%
  • Slot layout: 5 high, 5 mid, 6 low, and 3 rigs

Blueprints for the Thanatos can be bought with Federation Navy loyalty points, but more commonly people buy blueprint copies through Contracts. You’ll have to go to low or null sec to build or buy a Thanatos, since they are restricted from high sec. Most Thanatos hulls are sold via Contracts.

[15] Avatar

Representing the ultimate expression of the might and majesty of the Amarran Imperial Empire, the Avatar holds the center of the line in battlefields across EVE.

If you’ve ever seen the Super Star Destroyer in Empire Strikes Back, then you have an idea of how massive the Titan class ships are in EVE. The Avatar holds the distinction of being the first type of Titan built. It has been the lynchpin ship in key battles throughout New Eden history.

  • Can fit a Doomsday module - the ultimate weapon system in EVE
  • Can open jump portals for fleetmates, allowing other ships to jump into battle
  • Can fit a Phenomena Generator, which alters reality in nearby space
  • It can obliterate smaller ships with a single Doomsday blast
  • Gains up to 900% damage bonus for Capital Energy Turrets 
  • Receives a 200% bonus to Command Bursts
  • Amor plates are bonused 500%
  • 80% bonuses to Sensor Dampener and Weapon Disruption resistances
  • Slot layout: 6 turrets, 8 high, 5 mid, 8 low, and 3 rigs

A blueprint original can be purchased for 75,000,000,000 ISK from the Amarr Navy, which is the average price being paid for the hull via Contracts. Buying the ship via Contracts, or a blueprint copy is the recommended way to obtain your own Avatar.

At the end of the day:

If you ask 100 New Eden pilots for a list of the 15 Best Ships, you'll get 122 lists. There are so many things to do in EVE space and the hundreds of available ships have been balanced across those activities during the past sixteen years of game development. The good news is that whatever your preferences are, the only trouble you'll have developing your own Best 15 list will be limiting it to only fifteen ships.

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EVE Online Best Ships - Avatar

4. Avatar

Ship Class: Titan

Role: World Domination

Hull Length: 13 Kilometers

The Avatar-class Titan is the pinnacle of Amarr technology. Armed with nearly impenetrable armor, laser batteries that can reduce fleets to ruins in moments, and its Judgement-class Doomsday weapon, Avatars are the apex predators of EVE Online. These lumbering behemoths changed the way wars were fought from the moment they were first introduced to EVE over 10 years ago. To this day, Avatars make up the majority of EVE’s famous Titan fleets.

When they were first introduced, building an Avatar took the combined effort and time of hundreds of players. Over the years, these ships have become more common due to escalating arms races between factions (and because Avatars are incredibly hard to destroy).

More recently, a new Doomsday-class weapon was introduced for EVE’s Titans. The Bosonic Field Generator (BFG) enables Avatars and other Titans to fire a cone-shaped volley of death capable of erasing hundreds of enemy ships from existence in the blink of an eye.

The Avatar’s distinctive hull, plated in reflective gold and ivory, and a superstructure made to resemble a grand cathedral drifting through the stars, have also made it one of the game’s most beautiful ships.

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EVE Online Best Ships - Sabre

3. Sabre

Ship Class: Destroyer

Role: Fleet Interdiction

Hull Length: 271 Meters

The Sabre is, at first glance, an unassuming vessel, small and with the appearance of being cobbled together from scrap metal. Don’t underestimate this ship, though. Pound for pound, the Sabre has caused more destruction than any other ship in EVE Online.

The ship’s high DPS, speed, and interdiction sphere launcher make it a staple of almost any fleet roaming the lawless lands of EVE’s null security space. When activated, the interdiction module can create a warp destabilization sphere rendering almost any ship caught in its influence unable to activate its warp drive, trapping it in place. Ships caught in this sphere are then left to the mercy of the Sabre’s weapons and its fleet mates.

Sabres most often serve as advanced scouts or as rearguards for fleets, preventing its quarry from catching up with their allies. These ships can also use their speed and maneuverability to avoid incoming enemy fire and activate electronic warfare modules to further restrict their targets’ ability to escape. More than any other ships in the game, Sabres often mean guaranteed kills in a warzone. This makes skilled Sabre pilots heroes in the eyes of their friends and hated enemies to their foes.

EVE Online Best Ships - Kikimora

2. Kikimora

Ship Class: Destroyer

Role: Hunter-Killer

Hull Length: 218 Meters

The Kikimora first emerged from the depths of the Abyss, stalking through the void like a shark searching for prey. Introduced in the Into the Abyss expansion, the Kikimora is one of the vessels used by the mysterious Triglavian NPC faction to melt through the defenses of ships several times its size in a matter of seconds.

This ship is armed with Entropic Disintegrator weaponry powered by a singularity trapped within its core. The longer a Kikimora’s disintegrators remain focused on the same target, the more devastating the beam weapon becomes, increasing in damage every few seconds until reaching damage numbers previously only available to battleship-class and larger ships.

The speed and agility of the Kikimora’s destroyer-sized hull allow it to fight battles on its own terms, and with an array of electronic warfare modules, it can halt the movement of its chosen victim. Since its introduction to the game, the Kikimora has earned a reputation as one of the most successful solo hunters.

In small groups, the Kikimora is even more dangerous. Its unique disintegrator weapons allow the ship to equip more support modules than other vessels in its size category, so it can perform multiple functions in a fleet while doling out insane damage. The Kikimora can provide remote repairs to allies, equip point defense weapons to destroy enemy drones, and even supplement the energy reserves of other ships. Unsurprisingly, it’s become a favorite of players forming wolf pack-style fleets to hunt in enemy territory.

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EVE Online Best Ships - Nyx

1. Nyx

Ship Class: Supercarrier

Role: Being awesome

Hull Length: 3,318 Meters

The first time I ever logged into EVE Online, I spent several hours just exploring the in-game ship browser. This browser lets you preview every ship available to players. As a day one newbie, I saw the Nyx and instantly fell in love.

The Nyx is a supercarrier, capable of launching flights of powerful and agile fighters, pivoting your EVE experience from a third-person spaceship simulator to a real-time strategy game. Each of the five flights of fighters can be controlled independently and given different objectives. This capability allows the Nyx to control whatever battlefield it’s on, regardless of the enemies arrayed against it.

This is a ship perfect for those players who want to test their strategy skills during PvP encounters. 

Lee Yancy is a freelance contributor. Read more of his work here.

EVE ONLINE - Top10 T1\u0026Faction Battleship Kill Base Ranked Graph - 2008.01 - 2020.03 - zKillboard

The Best Ships In EVE Online

There are hundreds of ships for players to obtain in EVE Online. Everything from lowly shuttles to travel quickly across the stars to massive Titans that represent the pinnacle of ship technology. Each come with their own advantages, disadvantages, and unique playstyles.

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What ship you fly is largely down to what you want to accomplish and how much money is at your disposal. For players looking to get an idea of what’s most popular, most noteworthy, and arguably best in class, here are some examples in no particular order.

Updated on October 17, 2021, by Jeff Drake: As stated in the original introduction to this article, there are a seemingly endless number of ships to choose from in EVE Online. So many in fact that a list of just ten ships is barely scratching the surface. To make this list a little more comprehensive five additional entries have been added with this update. What makes labeling a ship in this game as one of the best so difficult is that there are few one-size-fits-all type ships. Different ships are designed for different purposes. A ship designed for mining may or may not be suitable for player-vs-player (PVP) engagements, or missions.

15 Tengu

The Tengu was a favorite among many players as the best all-around ship design in EVE Online. Even though the Tengu was nerfed to make it more balanced, it's still a very powerful ship. This is still one of the most popular ships for player-vs-environment (PVE) missions as well.

The reason for the love shown to the Tengu by players is its customization options, fast repairing capabilities, and overall battle-worthiness. This is a Cruiser that can easily hang with larger ships in a fight with the right upgrades.

14 Tristan

Players that have faced off against a Tristan know how insanely effective this ship can be in battle with its squadron of drones. It takes a bit of upgrading to get the drones to maximum-level efficiency, but when you do they are quite powerful.

The Tristan's drones also have the benefit of being able to deal any type of damage, and the neutralizers available to the Tristan can keep a target from repairing. This is possibly the best Frigate for PVP fights. The downside to the Tristan is that it is an expensive ship.

13 Punisher

The Punisher is the go-to ship for a lot of players for multi-purpose roles. This is for a multitude of reasons, but the chief reason is that the Punisher is immensely customizable. That being said, in a one-on-one PVP fight the Punisher is probably not the best choice.

However, in larger PVP engagements a group of Punishers can absolutely devastate an enemy fleet. It is also well-suited for defensive roles - such as taking care of drones so the larger capital ships can focus on more dangerous targets. The Punisher can also be, with proper upgrades, one of the faster ships in the game. This makes it one of the best ships for exploring.

12 Vindicator

The Vindicator, according to many EVE Online players, is the ultimate Battleship. It is a massively upgraded Sepentis Megathron Class ship; which was already an excellent ship. Larger ships, like the Vindicator, often have problems targeting smaller, faster, ships. This problem is solved due to the webs the Vindicator can cast at enemy ships. These webs slow or stop opponents. While immobilized, enemy ships are much less likely to evade incoming shots.

The Vindicator also boasts a large number of slots for customization and some stout defensive ratings.

11 Drake (Navy Drake)

The Drake has been a favorite among EVE Online players for a long time now, due mainly to its sturdiness in battle. The Drake can take a tremendous amount of damage and still be a threat. Complementing this ship's defensive capabilities is the ability to unleash a devastating volley of missiles at opponents. As a Battlecruiser, the Drake is a large vessel that may have trouble with smaller, more agile, opponents.

The Navy Drake was introduced in the Odyssey expansion and is an upgraded (sort of) version of the Drake. It is more maneuverable and has faster missiles, but fewer resistances. Despite how long the Drake has been around, it continues to be one of the best ships on EVE Online.

10 Vexor

The Vexor is considered one of the best Cruisers in the game and for good reason. It’s capable of tremendous DPS on its own and when combined with a squad of combat drones it can shred most foes in MMO battles. Its tactic in battle is to fly alongside its drones acting like a close combat drone itself.

It’s not cheap as it will set players back about 10 million to purchase and fully outfit. But players who can justify the cost have a PVE beast for blitzing missions and can do serious damage in PVP fights.

9 Catalyst

The Catalysts have an infamous reputation in this multiplayer game as being one of the best ganking ships. Players outfit this thing to have lots of speed and powerful blasters. The goal is to then descend upon foes and blast them into oblivion before backup or the authorities arrive.

For those less PVP-minded, the Catalyst also makes a solid salvaging ship. It can roam through battlefields scooping up wrecks and processing them for materials thanks to its high number of turret slots. It’s no surprise that ganking crews have a Catalyst for the suicide run and a team of Catalysts to gather the pieces.

8 Astero

Asteros represent a commitment by the player to pursue exploration as a way of life in the game. These ships cost tens of millions of dollars but enable the player to loot Data and Relic Sites through Wormholes worth ten times that.

Outside of exploration, this frigate can hold its own in many fights against many types of class ships. Anything it can’t go toe-to-toe with it will likely be able to outrun. It’s a great ship for solo players without roots who just want to explore the open world and survive the trip.

7 Stratios

The Stratios is the larger more expensive sister to the Astero. This Cruiser-class ship is designed for long hauls in the depths of space, traveling through various wormholes to get there. It’s far more flexible than the Astero and can fight a wider variety of things.

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For many, this ship represents a shift from simply exploring to also salvaging, fighting, and even hunting other explorers. It's not for the faint of heart as a fully outfitted Stratios is worth well over a quarter of a billion dollars. But a skilled pilot will make that back in a very short time while getting to see and do a lot of cool things.

6 Brutix

For many, the Brutix is the best Battlecruiser in the entire game. It’s an absolute beast in PVP fights if it can get close enough to its enemies. With shocking DPS and formidable tanking abilities, it’s a juggernaut that takes a lot to put down.

This power comes with a price tag of 45 million dollars or so. It can run various missions, scrap with other players in Null Sec, and frequently makes appearances in large-scale battles. These are often the tanks holding the frontlines of battle.

5 Nyx

Nyx are the most popular Supercarriers in the game and have earned their popularity. For many, they’re known as AFK PVE machines capable of ratting high-level pirates on autopilot thanks to their fighters. They’re a major moneymaker for solos and large corporations.

When manually controlled they can direct their fighters to shred enemy ships. Just one of these on the battlefield is enough to make waves and a squadron of these will finish most battles. For many players, this is the pinnacle of the solo warrior living in Null Sec.

4 Legion

Players interested in Strategic Cruisers have likely learned that while exploring is profitable, hunting explorers is more so. The Legion is one ship that is capable of descending upon various exploration ships and relieving them of their hard-earned loot.

The Legion is arguably one of the best-looking Strategic Cruisers while able to hold its own in the dark reaches of space. They can skirmish with just about anything and can be custom fit for whatever the player wants or needs out of them. This is assuming, of course, their character has been through the months of required training and has over a 100 million or so to buy and outfit the thing.

3 Rorqual

By far the best Industrial class ship in the game is the Rorqual. Made by the ORE corporation, this ship can shred asteroid belts in very little time. Between the onboard excavators and drones, it outpaces even Orcas when it comes to mining.

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It can even hold its own in fights making it a risky target for gankers and desperate pilots. These are the ships that make EVE Online’s crazy economy run. This is fitting considering they’ll set players back a little over two billion dollars to get up and running.

2 Erebus

Objectively speaking there is a hard argument to make that the best Titan exists. But considering the powerful doomsday weapon, ridiculous armor, and ability to increase the armor of fleets, the Erebus is a strong contender for that title.

Which Titan players prefer comes down to how long it takes to train into and the look of it. While some may prefer the shiny golden Avatar, the dark and brooding Erebus takes the cake. It’s literally described in-game as the entity that resides in the gaping maw of the void.

1 Molok

While the Erebus may conjure dark and foreboding imagery, the Molok comes out on top. Built by the insane Blood Raiders who obsess over consuming the blood of Capsuleers, their ship is flying nightmare fuel. It’s a fully functional Titan that fittingly drains the energy of its opponents.

But perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the Molok is its ability to carry large amounts of corpses thanks to its unique Corpse Hold Capacity stat. Whether for roleplaying purposes or to feed the niche corpse market, players will be drawn to this dark ship.

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Eve best battleship

Best PVE Battleship for newish pilots

The domi is probably the best bs to put a lower sp pilot in, or the 'geddon considering it is no longer a gunboat.

Large turrets need solid gunnery support skills to apply meaningful damage, and faction turrets won’t make as large a difference as faction drones will. Just fitting large turrets with low core fitting skills will usually force you to make some compromises.

A well tanked neut domi can complete every L4 as well as easily shut down player tackle if you mission in lowsec. It is an ugly ship that can put up a truly ugly fight, and might just get passed up for a prettier kb trophy.

A few words of advice about your first battleship, and taking on L4s (which are a substantially larger increase in difficulty than L3s are when compared to L2s).
Pay attention to how long it takes to align to, and enter warp. This could be extremely important later.
Don’t fit for cap stability. You don’t need it, and making your fit cap-stable is probably going to end up reducing your dps, projection, application, mobility, or tank.
Instead, focus on not aggressing the entire mission pocket, and maintaining your range to the most significant rats that have you targeted. With the exception of gurristas, most rat BSs can’t hit you much past 45km or so, use this to your advantage; an AB + intelligent piloting is sufficient to ensure you don’t let your tank get overwhelmed.
If you are missioning in highsec you can forgo the neuts and fit a remote armor + hull rep to keep your drones in good shape without paying repair fees.
Have an escape planned in advance; align before things start to get too hot. Remember how I told you to pay attention to how long it takes to align + enter warp? You need at least this amount of reserve time once you’ve noticed your tank is failing to keep ahead of oncoming dps, so be ready.

Stick to a drone boat until you have solid gunnery/missile support skills, you will be much more effective.


EVE Echoes Amarr T10 Battleship - Abaddon Super Armored Monster - 1900+ DPS PvP/PvE Fit


Battleships ("BSs", sometimes "BBs" from US Navy terminology) are the biggest, heaviest sub-capital combat ships in the game. They are correspondingly expensive, with even the cheapest battleship hulls selling for hundreds of millions of ISK. Tech 1 battleships are standard tools in PvP and PvE combat. There are two classes of Tech 2 battleships: Marauders, which are specialized for mission-running, and Black Ops battleships, which can either transport fleets of stealthy ships across long distances using covert cynosural fields, or open the door for friendly capital ships to join a fight. All battleships also come equipped with a Frigate Escape Bay, enabling its pilot to stay in a fight after their battleship explodes.

In PvP Tech 1 battleships can mount great buffer tanks and can deal very high dps when fitted for short ranges. When mounting long-range 'sniper' fits, battleships can fight at the very longest ranges possible in Eve's engine (as far as 300km), while still dealing effective DPS. Such sniper-fit battleships -- commonly the Apocalypse, Megathron, Maelstrom, Tempest and Rokh -- are often the backbone of fleets used to fight for territory in nullsec. One battleship is something of an exception: the Caldari Scorpion, with its bonuses for ECM, is the only Tech 1 electronic warfare battleship.

Battleships' weaknesses are low speed and agility, combined with slow locking speeds and poor gun tracking speeds. Battleships therefore struggle to force smaller ships to engage, and to kill smaller ships even when they can be pinned down. However, in partial compensation for this, battleships also have access to certain heavy-duty modules such as the Stasis Grappler, which can easily spell a death sentence for small ships who stray too close. Battleships are the primary reason why it is commonly said that "bigger is not always better" among EVE ships; battleships are SP-intensive to use efficiently, are much more of an upfront ISK investment to field than cruisers or battlecruisers, and when used improperly, battleships can easily fail to either do their job and apply their damage, or survive retaliation.

In PvE. battleships are also the standard class of ship used to run Level 4 missions solo, since they can fit active tanks good enough to survive lots of DPS over a sustained period of time, while still dealing out enough damage to complete missions reasonably quickly. (And unlike with smaller ships, this ability to survive incoming DPS is a necessity: their large size and low speed make evasion nearly impossible.) Battleships fitted to solo Level 4 missions usually rely on light and medium drones for defense against smaller NPC targets.

Because much of a fleet-grade battleship's price is in the simple minerals required to build the hull, tech I battleships Insure very efficiently. This further contributes to their past popularity in nullsec fleet engagements: any losses are easily recouped by the insurance and the simplicity of materials acquisition for mass replacement.

Isis amarr.pngAmarr:

Isis caldari.pngCaldari:

  • Raven: Missile ship. Longest-ranged cruise missile platform in the game. Most effective Caldari BS for many situations. Standard PvE L4 mission-running battleship.
  • Rokh: Caldari sniper. Longest railgun turret range in the game, alongside the Naga. Thick shields. Can still be nasty with a good blaster fit at close range.
  • Scorpion: ECM boat, low DPS. Can shut targets down from 150KM. Often armor tanked to open room for even more ECM. Not a solo or PvE ship. Generally highest-priority target on grid.

Isis gallente.pngGallente:

  • Megathron: Sickening amount of DPS at close range. Also used as a sniper. Commonly used for rolling wormholes. When fitted with railguns, sometimes called a 'Baltec', in honor of its most famous pilot.
  • Hyperion Close-range blaster gunboat with an active armour tank bonus. Commonly fit with 2 or even 3 armor repairers, however does not scale into larger fights as its local repairers make it less receptive to remote repairs.
  • Dominix: Drone boat. Versatile; lots of grid/cpu/cap. Good for remote repairing allies or neutralizing enemies. With multiple flights of T2 sentry or heavy drones, can also do a lot of damage. Standard L4-running Gallente BS. Works well solo or in groups.

Isis minmatar.pngMinmatar:

  • Tempest: High DPS, gank over tank. Good sniper, or fitted for speed as 'Eve's largest battlecruiser'.
  • Typhoon: Cruise missile and sentry drone sniper, or close up Rapid Heavy brawler. Commonly armor-tanked.
  • Maelstrom Also used as a sniper. Standard PvE L4 mission-running battleship. Strong active shield tank.

Isis triglavian.pngTriglavian:

  • Leshak: Very high DPS after spool up and good base stats give it performance (and price tag) similar to pirate battleships. Utility high slots make for powerful smartbomb and neutralizer support. Surprisingly low-mass.

The 'Navy Issue' or 'Fleet Issue' battleships are, with the exception of the Scorpion Navy Issue, souped-up versions of the normal battleships, with extra slots, more hitpoints, more fitting room, and so on.

The pirate faction battleships are more unique, requiring two races' BS piloting skills and bringing unusual tactical combinations to the table.

  • Mordu's LegionBarghest: Very fast battleship (second only to the Machariel) with very fast, hard-hitting missiles and long-ranged warp disruptors. Rare blueprints lead to high price. Not generally used in PvE.
  • Blood RaidersBhaalgorn: Tough and powerful capacitor warfare platform. Not much use in PvE. Surprisingly cheap due to high blueprint availability.
  • Angel CartelMachariel: Fastest battleship in EVE, increased warp speed, and capable of dealing lots of damage with autocannons or extremely high alpha with artillery. Popular for PvP, and for PvE, where it rivals the Vargur's mission completion speed.
  • Sisters of EveNestor: A curious ship with bonuses to hacking, exploration, and logistics. Tough armor, low mass, and large drone bay make it popular in small-gang Wormhole PvE and PvP, and as a logistics plaform in Invasion fleets.
  • Sansha's NationNightmare: Good laser platform. Combines shield tanking, lasers, and the Sansha afterburner bonus. Arguably a better mission runner than the Machariel for factions weak to EM.
  • SoCTPraxis: A Limited-Edition ship, but common enough that it sees frequent use. Does not require any racial battleship skill training, and can be fitted with any type of weapons or defenses. The ultimate 'jack of all trades' battleship.
  • GuristasRattlesnake: Caldari-style shield-tanking, Gallente-style drone bonuses. The only battleship that can mount a really effective passive shield tank for PvE, and often seen as one of the best mission-running and ratting sub-capital ships in the game.
  • SerpentisVindicator: The ultimate Megathron, and the be-all end-all of non-Triglavian subcapital DPS. Very popular for Incursions and Invasions. Webifier strength bonus allows it to all but completely immobilize targets, allowing perfect accuracy for itself and its allies. Webs can even allow anti-capital dreadnoughts to hit subcapital ships.

T2 battleships are very specialised hulls with a different focus than their T1 counterparts. In particular, each type of T2 battleships is centered around a particular module or ability usually reserved for Capital ships.


See also: Bastion Module

Marauders are somewhat similar to small Dreadnoughts. Intended to fit a reduced number of extremely powerful weapons, and fight more as stationary nigh-immortal turrets than as starships. They are particularly efficient at activities such as high-end mission running, with their additional High slots (which cannot accept weapons) used for extended-range tractor beams and salvagers. Marauders also have bonuses to the cooldown on Micro Jump Drives, allowing them to micro-jump much more often, and even use the module as their main form of mobility. They are expensive though - unfitted Marauder hulls cost easily over a billion ISK.

The Marauders' most unique feature is that they can fit the Bastion Module, a more defensive version of a Dreadnought's Siege Module. The Bastion Module immobilizes the Marauder for 30 seconds, but grants improved weapon range, immunity to electronic warfare, and a spectacular bonus to damage resistance, local repair modules, and weapon fire rate. However, the Bastion module also prevents the Marauder from receiving remote repairs or capacitor transfers from allies, and does nothing to protect against hostile energy neutralizers (which can shut down the Marauder's local repair modules).

Marauders are predominantly used as solo-PvE ships, able to survive wave after wave of NPC forces, shrug off the damage, batter them down with their large weapons, and micro-jump frequently to dictate range. However, their high price point, limited defenses when not in Bastion, and immobility, neutralizer vulnerability, and forced reliance on local repairs when in Bastion, limit their effectiveness in PVP. On the rare occasion when they are used in PVP, Marauders are most commonly flown either as solo juggernauts in small fights, or in very rare and specific fleet support applications.

Black Ops Battleships

See also: Jump Bridge

Sometimes referred to as 'BLOPS', these are the big brothers of the Recon Cruisers, and among the only ships in the game which receive bonuses to using non-Covert Ops Cloaking Devices. However, while they do get bonuses to how fast they move while cloaked (which actually means that they'll move faster when cloaked than when not cloaked with the Black Ops skill at a decent level), they can't warp while cloaked. (However, their bonuses to cloaked movement speed can allow them to decloak and enter warp instantly.) Black Ops battleships cost about 1 billion ISK before fittings (with the Marshal hull costing 6 billion ISK alone), and while they do feature T2 Resists, they have significantly thinner shields and armor than even T1 battleships, so it's rarely worth risking them in combat.

As a result, Black Ops battleships are not so much "battle"ships as they are "the smallest platform that could power a Jump Drive". Black Ops battleships primarily serve as covert fleet deployment platforms, opening covert jump bridges to catapult their allies across space and behind enemy lines. They are the only subcapital ships to feature their own Jump Drives.

Covert cyno fields can be lit even under cyno jammers and don't appear as a beacon in the entire system like a normal cyno. Black Ops battleships can lock onto these fields (or for that matter any other cyno fields), and create bridges to them, which then allow other covert ops ships (any ships that can equip the Covert Ops Cloaking Device, including Tech 3 Cruisers with the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem) to jump in. Black Ops can also jump themselves alone, primarily to set themselves up for bridging the fleet back home.

As of September 2019, Black Ops Battleships gained a new role: the new 'hard cyno', a heavily buffer-tanked ship tasked with lighting a Cynosural Field for bringing capital and supercapital ships into battle. While much commentary has been made about their weaker defenses than other battleships, Black Ops are still battleship platforms, and thus can be fitted with much thicker defenses than the smaller Force Recon cruisers.

Black Ops Battleships are not usually considered good PvE hulls, as other tech 1 or faction battleships are able to engage in straight combat more effectively and at far lower price points. However, they do still see some use in running Escalations in null security space, as while they may be weaker in straight combat they gain enormous safety advantages from their jump drives. By using alt accounts in covert cyno ships, a Black Ops can jump directly in and out of the escalation systems, without risking travel through potentially hostile systems along the way; and because jump drives can be activated while in combat, the Black Ops can immediately jump out of the system at the first sign of danger.

Beyond this, some pilots have taken to using the Marshal as a more general-purpose PVE ship, relying on its CONCORD-unique bonus to local repair modules to give it a defensive edge. Unfortunately, more often than not this only results in extremely expensive Marshal losses, as the ship's extremely high price does not directly translate to high effectiveness or high piloting skill with it.

The Frigate Escape Bay is a unique cargo bay, introduced in the March 2020 update[1] and present on all battleships. It enables a battleship to hold one fully assembled and fitted Tech 1, Pirate or Empire Faction, Assault, Electronic Attack, or LogisticsFrigate. If a frigate is inside the bay when the battleship is destroyed, the pilot will be ejected in the frigate instead of their capsule. Ejecting from a battleship which has a frigate in its escape bay will also eject the pilot into space in that frigate, and attempting to board an unpiloted battleship while in a frigate will load that frigate into the battleship's escape bay (if it is empty).

Similar to the restrictions on ships stored in Ship Maintenance Bays, a frigate stored in the Escape Bay can only carry ammunition, Fuel Isotopes, and Strontium as cargo.


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