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Shelves: 3/4" thick 45 lb. industrial-grade particle board with high-pressure,

scratch-resistant laminate. Vinyl contour edge banding matches the laminate.

Column and Base: Column is a pneumatic cylinder behind a removable steel

cover that conceals and protects cords and cables. Five-point star base.

Casters: Soft rubber, black, twin-wheel 4" casters, two locking.

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects on the cart;

5-year warranty on the column. •








enough to support a storage drawer or retracting keyboard.


sight. Knobs on the outside edges of the cover hold optional shelves and bins on the front and back.



accessories when calculating the load on the column. Lighter loads will be harder to push down; heavier

loads will be harder to pull up. Weight ranges are estimates only.







in and out of elevators, and stay in place when locked.














POC Cart32""27lbs./22lbs.POCCSM/LG$


DOCumenT sTAnD















Adjustable-height POC Cart has been a favorite Anthro medical cart since it was introduced in Its


Adjustable-height POC Cart

2, loaded up with bins and

shelves plus holders for

keyboard and monitor.


Anthro-Ergotron Carts

Anthro started in with the plan of making furniture only for technology.&#; Technology has changed significantly since then, but our focus has not.&#; All these years later, Anthro is still designing and manufacuturing furniture for technology challenges in our Tualatin, Oregon, headquarters.

Anthro's furniture products are used wherever technology is used - as video editing suites, on the manufacturing shop floor, in test and measurement labs, in radiology reading rooms.&#; Our furniture solutions are targeted to healthcare, education, government and business markets, plus we offer custom solutions for the OEM market, especially for medical equipment manufacturers.

We manufacture our products the old-fashioned way:&#; we make them ourselves here in Oregon.&#; Our state-of-the-art equipment processes raw materials into finished goods in a cycle that lasts 2 to 5 days.&#; Our finishing processes are environmentally friendly, and our fabrication and assembly routines are certified by ISO, UL, and ETL.

Most Anthro furniture comes with a Lifetime Warranty.&#; Anthro has been in business since and the carts sold then are still going strong.&#; Selected products are manufactured to order overnight, then packed and shipped next working day.&#; Standard lead time or most other products is just one week.


Ergotron ZAL22CG/CG4 Anthro Zido 22 Height Adjustable CartZAL22CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido 22 Height Adjustable Cart$1,$Ergotron ZAH25CG/CG4 Anthro Zido 25 Height Adjustable Cart, Heavy LoadZAH25CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido 25, Height Adjustable Cart, Heavy Load$1,$Ergotron ZAL25CG/CG4 Anthro Zido 25 Height Adjustable Cart, Light LoadZAL25CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido 25 Height Adjustable Cart, Light Load$1,$Ergotron BZD01CG/CG4 Anthro Zido EMR Height Adjustable Cart PackageBZD01CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido EMR Height Adjustable Cart$1,$Ergotron BZD02CG/CG4 Anthro Zido Ultrasound Mobile Cart BZD02CG/CG4 Anthro Zido Ultrasound Cart Package$1,$Ergotron BZD03CG/CG4 Anthro Zido EKG Height Adjustable Cart BZD03CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido EKG Cart Package$1,$Ergotron BZD04CG/CG4 Anthro Zido Phlebotomy Mobile Cart PackageBZD04CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido Phlebotomy Cart Package$1,$1,Ergotron BZD06CG/CG4 Anthro Zido Computer Cart PackageBZD06CG/CG4 Ergotron Zido Computer Cart Package$1,$1,

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Anthro Carts

Other Carts

Zido Cart Family

Five models.&#; Eighteen accessory categories.&#; One Mobile Solution that's distinctively Anthro.&#; Slim, Simple Zido Carts are compact and budget friendly!

Perfect for healthcare, labs, IT, retail and office.&#; The slim, simple Zido cart family features a small footprint (as little as 17"W x 17" D) and weight only 44 lbs.&#; Use it as is or add just the options you need to create an easy EMR cart, medical equipment cart, mobile audio visual presentation cart, mobile workstation, or an instrument cart.&#; Choose from fixed height, adjustable height, or the 66" high Pole Cart.&#; Easy configurability in a sleek, mobile compact design.

Zido carts features:
  1. Durable:&#; Smooth, radius-edges wood cap shelves are wrapped in a high-durability Kydex brand thermoplastic laminate that resists cracking and chipping and stands up to a wide range of chemicals.
  2. Configurable:&#; The 2½" diameter vertical tube has holes in every inch for installing shelves and accessories.&#; The baked on powder coat finish provides a smooth, long lasting finish.
  3. Heavy Duty and Compact:&#; The heavy cast metal base balances loads up to lbs to keep your Zido easy to steer.&#; And with a footprint of as little as 17" W x 17" D, Zido fits into tight spaces.
  4. Mobile:&#; Large 4" casters (two locking) keep Zido carts on the go in even tough environments like hospitals and labs.
Zido Adjustable Height

With the squeeze of the paddle, adjust the height of Zido from 30" to 40" to position your equipment so it's comfortable to use.

Zido Fixed Height

Choose between two widths (22" and 25") and three heights (31", 35", or 40") to find the right Zido for you.&#; Makes a perfect mobile laptop cart or computer cart because it's so compact and stable.&#; Or load it up with storage and ergonomic accessories for your lab or medical equipment.

Zido Pole Cart

The Zido pole cart (66" high) comes with just the tall pole and the base so you can outfit it just the way you need.&#; Choose from shelves, monitor mounts, and more to customize your cart.

iPad Cart from Anthro -

Product: Anthro 20 Computer Charging Cart Retail price: $1,

The Anthro Corporation’s new laptop storage-cart family consists of models designed to securely store, transport, and charge 10, 20, or 30 notebook computers.

Quality and Effectiveness : The Anthro computer charging cart’s case is very well built, and a variety of features make it worth considering when purchasing laptop storage units. While the case’s solid metal, vented structure provides security and durability, the overall weight of the cart remains reasonable, so it’s easier to move than many other carts on the market. The Anthro includes degree five-inch turning caster wheels that can be locked into a single direction for easy transport and maneuverability. Rubber bumpers around the bottom four edges of the cart protect doorways and halls, though the wheels extend beyond the bumpers when the cart is turning, so the wheels’ locks may scratch doors and walls.

Ease of Use: Besides being designed well in terms of providing storage and being easy to transport, the cart offers a speed control for the internal cooling fan; access to external charging outlets that can be activated by a switch, transferring power consumption from the laptops charging in the cart to peripheral equipment plugged into the outlets; and grommeted cable openings that protect and organize all power cords. The cart is solid, generally easy to maneuver, and simple and effective to use overall.

Creative Use of Technology: While the Anthro cart has no specific set of features or technological innovation that makes it unique, the unit’s overall design and build make it an appealing option for laptop storage. The storage area is well designed, and larger shelf openings in this newest cart make it easier to put laptops in the cart and take them out of it, though it’s still a bit of a tight fit. Individual shelves can be removed to provide space for equipment larger than laptops, giving the cart flexibility. The exterior doors articulate degrees to fold flat against the side of the cart, permitting easier access to the storage bay. Anthro also provides a thoughtful solution for securing cables in the rear of the unit and eliminating clutter: Notebook power bricks and cords are organized and secured in a compartment separate from the notebooks behind lockable doors. A dedicated recessed pocket on the back of the cart keeps the main power cord tidy.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment : The cart lists for $1, as we go to press, squarely in the middle of the laptop-cart field for price. Considering the unit’s price and overall feature set, as well as its quality and design, the Anthro 20 laptop cart is an excellent option for schools looking for a laptop-storage solution.

Top Features
¦ Transportability
¦ The storage space is designed to keep cords and power bricks organized, and its removable shelves allow it to be customized.
¦ Quality of overall construction

—Ben Grey


Cart anthro

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Wiring A Chromebook Charging Cart -

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