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Rain World Soundtrack Vinyl Limited Run Games Exclusive Variant NEW RARE SEALED

Sold Date: June 12, 2019
Start Date: May 23, 2019
Final Price: $65.00 (USD)
Seller Feedback: 1002
Buyer Feedback: 12

Rain World Soundtrack Vinyl Limited Run Games Exclusive Variant NEW RARE SEALED

The soundtrack to Rain World by composer James Primate on limited edition Limited Run Games exclusive glow in the dark vinyl. Includes a 12 x 12 print and a digital soundtrack code.

This is a double LP soundtrack and features a beautiful gate-fold sleeve. Only 500 have been produced.

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‘Glow in the Dark’ colourway exclusive to the US.

The soundtrack to survival-platform game Rain World has been pressed on vinyl in two colourways, available to purchase from Black Screen Records next week.

Composed by James Primate, the game’s soundtrack will be released as a limited edition 180g double vinyl on 21st December.

The soundtrack vinyl will be available in two variants: ‘Glow in the Dark’ and a blue/green combination – the former exclusive to the US.

Rain World soundtrack vinyl glow in the dark

The album features artwork by Del Northern and comes with a 12″ Slugcat print. A download code for Rain World’s digital double album is also included which comes with over 40 tracks that were previously unreleased.

Rain World soundtrack vinyl interior

The announcement coincides with the release of Rain World on Nintendo Switch, available now in North America and on 27th December for European territories.

This release includes all the content in the game’s 1.7 update, which will be rolled out on PlayStation 4 on 21st December. This update delivers two new playable characters: the Monk and the Hunter.

The addition of local multiplayer introduces Competitive and Sandbox modes for up to four players. Over 40 multiplayer rooms can be unlocked and new predators and prey can be found in the updated bestiary.

Developed by Videocult and published by Adult Swim Games, Rain World is also available on PC.

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Sours: https://gamingaudionews.com/2018/12/14/black-screen-records-selling-two-variants-of-the-rain-world-soundtrack-vinyl/
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Rain World VINYL

Original Soundtrack (Vinyl OST) from the video game Rain World (2017). The music composed by James Primate.

Source: Rain World Video Game
Genre: Original Soundtrack (Remastered)
Music by James Primate
Label: Black Screen Records
Format: Vinyl (2 LP, 180 gram, Purple / Green, Gatefold sleeve, Art, 40 Digital tracks)
Date: March 22, 2019

Rain World is a 2017 adventure survival platformer video game developed by Videocult, published by Adult Swim Games for PlayStation 4, Windows, Nintendo Switch.
The digital album can be found here – Rain World Original Soundtrack (Digital).


Side A
1. Sundown (Theme I) (03:28)
2. Pictures Of The Past (01:35)
3. Threat – Outskirts (03:11)
4. Urban Jungle (06:15)
5. Threat – Heavy Industrial (02:40)
6. Black Moonlight (03:10)
7. Garbage Worms (01:31)

Side B
8. Threat – Garbage Wastes (02:00)
9. The Coast (03:32)
10. Threat – Shoreline (01:45)
11. The Captain (02:44)
12. Moondown (Theme II) (02:46)
13. Floes (02:44)
14. White Lizard (01:24)
15. Threat – Superstructure (02:40)

Side C
16. Random Gods (Theme III) (03:19)
17. Stargazer (03:13)
18. Grey Cloud (03:55)
19. Threat – Chimney Canopy (02:30)
20. Lovely Arps (03:20)
21. Kayava (03:41)
22. Threat – Sky Islands (01:52)

Side D:
23. Stone Heads (02:45)
24. Threat – Farm Arrays (02:00)
25. Raindeer Ride (02:05)
26. Deep Energy (02:19)
27. Albino (02:42)
28. Else I (04:08)
29. Pulse (02:42)
30. Deep Light (Theme IV) (02:47)

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Sours: https://soundtracktracklist.com/release/rain-world-soundtrack-vinyl/
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Selections from the Rain World Soundtrack.

Rain World is available worldwide!

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/312520
PS4: www.playstation.com/en-us/games/rain-world-ps4/


released March 31, 2017

Music written and produced by James Therrien except where noted:

"Bio-engineering" written by James Therrien and Lydia Esrig
"Garbage Worms" written and produced by by Lydia Esrig
"White Lizard" written and produced by Lydia Esrig
"Raindeer Ride" written and produced by Lydia Esrig
"Deep Energy" written and produced by James Therrien and Lydia Esrig
"Grumblebum" written and produced by James Therrien, feat. sampled audio by Joar Jakobsson
"ELSE I" and "ELSE VI" written and produced by James Therrien, feat. vocal performances by Lydia Esrig
"What Fate a Slugcat" written and produced by James Therrien, feat. percussion by Bryan Teoh and vocal performances by Joe J. Thomas

Artwork by Allegra "Del" Northern

All copyrights 2017 Videocult Media


all rights reserved

Sours: https://jamesprimate.bandcamp.com/album/rain-world-selections-from-the-ost

World vinyl rain

Rain World by James Primate

Rain world by James Primate pressed on “Marine Translucent and Violet” & glow in the dark vinyl by Black Screen Records


Enter the dark and dilapidated soundscapes of a world soaked in misery this week with Rain World by James Primate. Pressed on “Marine Translucent and Violet” as well as glow in the dark vinyl by Black Screen Records, the soundtrack to Videocult’s instant indie classic has a unique story that I am here to help tell. From nightmares to turntable, let’s uncover how Rain World came to be the soundtrack of a universe drenched in despair.

Pictures of the Past

James Therrien is the co-member of Bright Primate, and is better known as James Primate in the video game music scene. He is a musician and video game developer based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Known for his work on games such as Gnomoria and Junk Jack, James has become a synonymous member of the indie game scene for being the mastermind behind the moody and atmospheric soundtrack to Rain World. Initially discovering the game from its original TIGSource devlog, James had this to say about his musical inspiration and inevitable involvement in the project:

“I initially saw the game early in its famous TIGSource devlog, and had a strong visceral reaction to its look, its mood and its characters and had a very clear picture in my head of how it should sound. I became somewhat obsessed, to the degree that I actually had a nightmare one night, in which the game came out and the music was terrible and unfitting and ruined everything. So I wound up writing I think 12 tracks on spec in the span of a week and wrote to Joar (the lead designer and programmer for Rain World) saying ‘Hey! I need to do the soundtrack for this game. Here’s what it needs to sound like.’ Wild right? But hey it worked!”

Urban Jungle

Extremely wild, indeed -- born from a nightmare and brought to life is a quite fitting tale for a soundtrack like Rain World’s. With James’ weeklong musical foray behind him, he was able to completely win over his soon-to-be partner. The new duo founded Videocult, the platform that made this brutal indie platformer a reality. With the game’s original creator Joar Jakobsson at the helm, while James doing what James does best, the team started their quest to create what is now the esoteric and elegantly brutish Rain World.

Black Moonlight

Getting in on the ground floor of this game's creation was a unique and creatively liberating experience for James. Crafting the game world became natural for him, and helping to direct where the game was headed created unique instances for Mr. Primate to use his musical ideas to dictate the game’s core ones. In reference, James had this to say about his musical freedom:

“In addition to the music and sound effects, I also did the level design and  much of the narrative design and world-building as well. So for me it was very cool to be able to have these many aspects influence each other and really dive deep into a specific atmosphere.

Building off of Joar’s established mood and aesthetic, I could either conceive of a visual scene or set-piece in level design, such as climbing a huge structure through the clouds, and write music which captured that mood. Or I could write a piece of music conveying some specific feeling, and then write a scenario to accompany that atmosphere.”

Threat - Garbage Wastes

James truly felt that the freedom to compose alongside the ongoing level design “allowed [him] to be extremely self-indulgent, proposing entire regions and plot elements simply because [he] wanted to write music for it.” In a very real and tangible way, Rain World’s soundtrack and game became a marriage early on. This synthesis is what I think makes not only the game, but its music, a truly and unequivocally unique experience.

Threat - Shoreline

James’ musical style is unique, to say the least. From field recordings, to what is known as “junk audio,” the use of everyday objects to create a musical landscape, James’ musical language is definitely a rare breed. Alongside an array of MIDI keyboards including his trusty go-to Novation Launchkey 49, iPads, and an ASUS laptop, James began crafting his nightmare-fueled vision into a reality.

“For the Rain World soundtrack, I was interested in low bit synthesis, wavetable synthesis and realtime audio sample manipulation, so anything I could get my hands on that did those things were used and experimented with.”


The freedom James was allowed brought opportunities for him to be truly experimental with how he planned his auditorial vision. This liberation from standard compositional boundaries lead to truly memorable moments during the writing sessions for Rain World:

“It was a period of complete artistic freedom to explore new sounds, so I relished the creative process of discovering new things; using a recording of a metal scrape and oscillating it into the almost vocal -like lead lines; twisting and distorting the white noise of a certain track until it broke our illustrator Del’s headphones...”


This type of experimentation is what I think makes Rain World into the surreal album that it is. The hard work and dedication James and his friends poured into this project is apparent. Citing his “good friend Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace)” as being “the one that suggested I try game music in the first place,” the comradery between others was the key to unlocking this masterpiece of an album. All it takes is one drop of the needle, and you are literally in the heart of James’ electric and ambient jungle of experimental reign. Although breaking Del’s headphones was quite an intriguing highlight in James’ writing session, there was one moment he believes stood above all, and is something that I think truly captures the spirit of why this soundtrack is so special!

“...my favorite memories were ones with friends: collaborating with Lydia (the other half to Bright Primate) on the later tracks (Deep Energy) when I was too busy with level design stuff, or astonishing Joar by taking a recording of him talking and turning it into a strange subterranean synth track (Grumblebum).”

Lovely Arps

See, this album isn’t just about the music: it’s about the memories, the friendships, and the journey that came along with it. From utterly nothing into something spectacular, James and his friends have conjured this album from the ether and shared a part of themselves with the world. With no lack of sheer determination and love from a small group of people, Rain World has undoubtedly become a miraculous success for this small indie development studio. So I’d keep an eye on James and his companions moving forward. I know I can’t wait to see what they create next!

What started as a nightmare has now become a dream: welcome to Rain World

Threat - Farm Arrays

A distant thunderstorm rumbles off the turntable as the needle treads through this record's first swathe of grooves. A soft rain trickles through the foreground as an electric tone pierces through the storm cloud, calling the listener deeper into this dark and dreary world. James’ eclectic collection of sounds slowly envelops the room, drowning out all the empty space with a wall of ambiance that is so relaxing, all while having this slight twinge of danger as your needle chaotically swirls towards the center. The music cuts as if to take a breath before showering the room in this cicada-style humming that gradually evolves into a buzzing and oscillating radio signal, bouncing from channel to channel, while a thrumming bass pushes through the background before James’ MIDI key tones start to dance back and forth. The shear barrage of resonance and sounds that this album produces is something that just has to be experienced. Each song ingeniously builds on the previous, creating this symphonic atmosphere of notes which seem to have no origin, yet seem so completely familiar. This eerie and otherworldly sound that James crafted came to him with some wonderful inspiration that he reminisced with me about:

“... I had recently been very moved by the deep otherworldly strangeness of the first Dark Souls soundtrack, by Motoi Sakuraba, so [I’ll] happily admit to some strong inspiration from there. Ash Lake especially completely changed my perspective of what game music could be, and that poured into the music for Rain World.”

Deep Energy

That dark and mysterious sound from Mr. Sakuraba’s soundtrack definitely bled into James’ brooding synth-scape, creating another unique and potent character to the arrangements shown. The way in which he experiments with sound is exquisite to hear him talk about, but is a totally different animal when you actually hear the final product. How he modulates simplistic, everyday objects into tones that bend to his whim is why Rain World is so good, and one of the things that will continue to bring me back again and again. The contagious and playful way he makes these sounds creates an atmosphere and experience that is so unique -- to put it simply, it’s so James.

This soundtrack is absolutely superb, and one that I completely recommend to anyone who is even remotely interested in it. It is a must-own in my book and one that I think anyone who takes the plunge to buy it will enjoy.


Black Screen Records have completely outdone themselves on this release. The collaboration here with Videocult is absolutely stunning and makes for a true piece of art for any collector’s library. Spanning both the inner and outer gatefold of this release is artwork from Rain World’s own illustrator, Allegra "Del" Northern, and is absolutely breathtaking. Embellishing the art on display here is a gorgeous glow-in-the-dark spot varnish carried out by design extraordinaire, Dane “KungfuQuickness” Baudoin, that completely pushes the already impeccable design from Allegra over the top! I can’t say enough how gorgeous this design work is; from the gatefold to the Slugcat print, all the way down to the gorgeous labels on the records, a lot of love went into this release. It’s a fitting tribute to such a wonderful game.


Mastering on this album is impeccable. Carried out by Christian Bethge of RAMA Tonstudio, based out of Mannheim, Germany, this is one of the cleanest sounding records I think I have ever heard. This goes not only for the “Marine Translucent and Violet,” but more importantly, the glow-in-the-dark version of this album as well. Glow-in-the-dark albums have had a pretty notorious reputation as being sub par in the past, but this record completely blew away all the reservations I had. I can say with complete confidence that this is the best glow-in-the-dark record I have ever heard. While comparing it to the colored version of the release, I couldn’t hear any discernible difference between either’s sound quality. They both sounded very much equal, and that is something I think we can all rejoice in! I am looking forward to future glow-in-the-dark vinyl releases if this is how they are going to sound.

Also, there is an added bonus track present here on the vinyl version called “Albino” that, while present in game, is not available anywhere else except this vinyl for now. It is a rocking track, and is just a bonus to owning this release!

Deep Light

I want to give a huge thanks to James for taking the time to talk with me about his work on Rain World, as well as for providing Bandcamp codes of this album for me to share with all of you. Keep an eye out on the site here as well as on my social media pages for a chance at snagging one of these codes.

I also have to give an extremely huge shout to Kevin Schulz, the co-founder of Black Screen Records, for providing a review copy of their variant of Rain World for me to take a look at and take pictures of for all of you.

If you’d like to read more about the creation of Rain World’s soundtrack, feel free to check out these awesome articles from use this and The Verge!

Where to Buy?

The “Marine Translucent and Violet” version of this album is still readily available directly from Black Screen Records for €32,00, and comes with a Slugcat print as well as a digital download card for “Songs and Rhythms” & “Ambients and Instrumentals” from James’ Bandcamp. Unfortunately, the glow-in-the-dark version of this album was available in a short pressing run from Limited Run Games and is completely sold out. However, every version of the soundtrack is housed in a glow-in-the-dark spot varnish gatefold sleeve, so Slugcat can keep you company in the dark no matter which version you have!

Sours: https://www.vgmwax.com/reviews/2019/4/17/rain-world
James Primate - White Lizard - Rain World

Title Screen[]

Code Name File Order Arena The Hidden SongsSongs and RhythmsAmbients and InstrumentalsAlphas, Gems and JunkVinyl Number/Side Room Code Location RW_8 Sundown (Theme I) 01 102 01 01 (A-Side) Combination of Sundown (No Rain Version) and Main Menu Rain Sundown (Theme I)
(No Rain Version) 55 Main Menu and Credits TitleRollRain Main Menu Rain 02 95 Main Menu and Credits Main Menu Rain (Looped) ** 116 RW_Intro_Theme Pictures of the Past 03 93 02 02 (A-Side) Intro Cutscene ∅ Passages 04 52 16 Passage screen (after selecting an available passage while hibernating) TH_SU Threat - Outskirts 05 103 04 03 (A-Side) Outskirts - threat music NA_40 Unseen Lands 06 50 39 37 SU_A53 Outskirts - right of central karma flower RW_1 Urban Jungle 07 01 53 03 04 (A-Side) SU_B04 Outskirts - left of middle shelter NA_01 Proxima 08 13 01 SU_A07 Outskirts - room before the Scavenger Toll on the path to Farm Arrays RW_9 Mud Pits 09 03 56 05 DS_B02 Drainage System - outside of Drainage System gate to Outskirts RW_38 The Wet Moist 10 17 72 DS_B04 Drainage System - left of middle shelter RW_15 Old Growth 11 07 60 DS_B01 Drainage System - room above middle flooded section RW_51 Swaying Fronds 12 29 85 27 DS_A26 Drainage System - dark narrow ⅃-shaped room right of leftmost large pipe TH_HI Threat - Heavy Industrial 13 104 07 05 (A-Side) Industrial Complex - threat music BM_HI_GATE Industrial Atrium * 14 03 HI_B04 Industrial Complex - outside of Industrial Complex gate to Outskirts RW_43 Bio-Engineering 15 22 78 06 HI_B04, HI_A07 Industrial Complex - room outside as well as room outside+right of Industrial Complex gate to Outskirts RW_50 Mist Engine 16 28 84 26 HI_A18 Industrial Complex - first room on the path to Garbage Wastes TH_GW Threat - Garbage Wastes 17 105 11 08 (B-Side) Garbage Wastes - threat music RW_52 Garbage Worms 18 30 86 10 07 (A-Side) GW_B01 Garbage Wastes - outside Garbage Wastes gate to Industrial Complex RW_39 Lack of Comfort 19 18 73 21 GW_D02 Garbage Wastes - three-way partially flooded room connecting paths to Drainage System, the leftmost merchant, and the BLL spawn pool RW_37 Garbage City Shuffle 20 16 71 GW_C02, GW_C04 Garbage Wastes - room left of mushroom patch and room after Shoreline scavenger toll RW_43 Albino 21 23 77 27 (D-Side) GW_E01 Garbage Wastes - long room left of BLL spawn pool RW_19 Stone Heads 22 09 63 30 23 (D-Side) GW_C03 Garbage Wastes - room before Scavenger Fortress toll TH_SL Threat - Shoreline 23 106 13 10 (B-Side) Shoreline - threat music BM_SL_SHORE Gate to the Shoreline * 24 08 SL_B02, SL_D05, SL_F01 Shoreline - rooms outside the gates to Shaded Citadel, Subterranean, and Garbage Wastes. RW_46 Lonesound 25 25 80 22 SL_D06 Shoreline - large hub island room NA_21 New Terra 26 30 18 SL_A06 Shoreline - small unlock room near Subterranean gate RW_18 The Captain 27 08 62 14 11 (B-Side) SL_A05 Shoreline - indoor room right of the tower NA_11 Moondown/Digital Sundown (Theme II) 28 23 15 11 12 (B-Side) SL_AI Shoreline - Looks to the Moon, Looks to the Moon's chamber RW_26 Black Moonlight 29 10 65 08 06 (A-Side) SH_D01 Shaded Citadel - western bridge outside Shaded Citadel gate to Industrial Complex NA_25 Demonic Riser 30 34 22 SH_B17 Shaded Citadel - first room on spider-infested path to Memory Crypts, right of the leftmost hub room NA_17 Dripping Time 31 26 09 14 SH_A05 Shaded Citadel - room outside central top shelter RW_58 Lantern Mice 32 92 30 SH_C10, SH_A21 Shaded Citadel - top path tunnel room as well as the room to the right of it RW_40 Floes 33 19 74 17 13 (B-Side) SH_E05 Shaded Citadel - eastern bridge outside Shaded Citadel gate to Shoreline NA_34 ELSE III 34 43 31 SH_A08 Shaded Citadel - Echo room NA_08 Dark Sus 35 20 08 SH_B05, SH_A24 Shaded Citadel - parkour unlock room and room outside the bottom shelter before path to Memory Crypts BM_SH_CRYPTS Memory Crypts * 36 06 SH_B12 Shaded Citadel - Shaded Citadel entrance to Memory Crypts RW_55 White Lizard 37 34 91 18 14 (B-Side) UW_D01 The Exterior - The Leg, outside The Exterior - The Leg gate to Shaded Citadel - Memory Crypts BM_UW_UNDERHANG Underhang 38 10 19 UW_C03 The Exterior - Underhang, left of the uppermost The Leg room BM_UW_WALL The Wall * 39 12 UW_D07 The Exterior - The Wall, outside The Exterior - The Wall gate to Chimney Canopy NA_35 ELSE IV 40 44 32 UW_A14 The Exterior - The Wall, echo room NA_28 Stargazer 41 37 23 25 17 (C-Side) UW_H01 The Exterior - The Wall, roof (city view) room TH_SS Threat - Superstructure 42 107 20 15 (B-Side) Five Pebbles - threat music BM_DS_GATE Drainage Duct * 43 02 SS_B01 Five Pebbles, first anti-gravity room coming from The Exterior - Underhang entrance NA_09 Interest Pad 44 21 09 SS_A09 Five Pebbles, left of first anti-gravity room coming from The Exterior - Underhang entrance NA_16 Drastic FM 45 25 13 SS_F03 Five Pebbles - Unfortunate Development, bottom tall room NA_26 Energy Circuit 46 35 23 SS_D03 Five Pebbles - Recursive Transform Arrays, room with 13 zappers above central anti-gravity generator room NA_41 Random Gods (Theme III) 47 51 22 16 (C-Side) SS_E07, SS_L01 Five Pebbles - General Systems Bus, all rooms TH_CC Threat - Chimney Canopy 48 108 25 19 (C-Side) Chimney Canopy - threat music BM_CC_CANOPY Clairvoyant Canopy * 49 01 CC_A02 Chimney Canopy - outdoor room located outside Chimney Canopy gate to Industrial Complex RW_48 Wind Chimes 50 82 24 CC_B06 Chimney Canopy - inside bottom left chimney RW_55 Sky Sprite 51 33 90 29 CC_C11 Chimney Canopy - outdoor room left of bottom right shelter NA_32 ELSE I 52 41 35 29 28 (D-Side) CC_C12, SB_A14 Chimney Canopy - Echo room;
Subterranean - Depths, 10-karma check room TH_SI Threat - Sky Islands 53 109 28 22 (C-Side) Sky Islands - threat music RW_29 Lovely Arps 54 12 67 26 20 (C-Side) SI_D03 Sky Islands - outside of Sky Islands gate to Chimney Canopy RW_42 Kayava 55 21 76 27 21 (C-Side) SI_D01 Sky Islands - eastern hub room below Sky Islands - Communication Array NA_23 Speaking Systems 56 32 20 SI_C06 Sky Islands - tall room to the right of eastern hub shelter NA_20 Crystalline 57 29 17 SI_B11, SI_D05 Sky Islands - "space invader" rooms NA_38 ELSE VII 58 47 35 SI_B11, SB_D01 Sky Islands - Echo room;
Subterranean - Depths, room after fissure room (past the Guardians) NA_04 Silicon 59 16 04 SI_B12 Sky Islands - rectangular top room of leftmost tower BM_SI_STRUT Serpentine Struts * 60 07 SI_B13 Sky Islands - outside Sky Islands gate to Farm Arrays TH_LF Threat - Farm Arrays 61 110 31 24 (D-Side) Farm Arrays - threat music RW_14 All Thats Left 62 06 59 29 LF_A14 Farm Arrays - outside Farm Arrays gate to Outskirts NA_36 ELSE V 63 45 33 LF_B01 Farm Arrays - Echo room NA_30 Distance 64 39 27 LF_D01 Farm Arrays - room left of scavenger hideout/rightmost shelter connector room RW_49 Nest in Metal 65 27 83 25 LF_A01 Farm Arrays - right of one-way large pipes room RW_47 Maze of Soil 66 26 81 23 LF_D08 Farm Arrays - long orange-lizard-infested room RW_54 Raindeer Ride 67 32 89 32 25 (D-Side) LF_H01 Farm Arrays - long Rain Deer ride room with shelter in middle NA_24 Emotion Thread 68 33 21 LF_J01 Farm Arrays - final Rain Deer ride room on the path from Farm Arrays to Subterranean RW_28 Ferrous Forest 69 11 66 SB_G02, SB_G03 Subterranean - outside Subterranean gate to Shoreline, Miros-Bird-inhabited room left of double-floor train car room RW_53 Leviathan Cave 70 31 87 28 SB_J02 Subterranean - Leviathan cave room RW_41 Grumblebum 71 20 75 34 SB_A03, SB_H02 Subterranean - room right of western one-way pit, western one-way pit RW_45 Deep Energy 72 24 79 33 26 (D-Side) SB_F03 Subterranean - massive fissure outside of Subterranean gate to Farm Arrays NA_38 ELSE II 73 42 30 SB_A10 Subterranean - Echo room NA_27 Silent Construct 74 36 24 SB_D04, SB_F02, SB_I01 Subterranean - Filtration System, room outside Subterranean - Filtration System gate to Drainage System, both large rectangular filtration rooms below it VS_A_GOLD_SWIM Gold Swim 75 96 Void Sea - uppermost zone VS_B_BIG_OPEN Big Open 76 97 Void Sea - second and third zone VS_C_WORM_INFERNO Worm Inferno 77 98 Void Sea - second zone VS_D_THE_RIDE The Ride 78 99 Void Sea - when grabbed by the Void Worm in the third zone VS_E_DEEP_GHOSTS Big Open 79 100 Void Sea - final zone VS_F_THE_CORE The Core 80 101 Void Sea - final zone The Core
(Looped) ** 118 ∅ Deep Light (Theme IV) 81 111 38 30 (D-Side) Combination of Deep Ghosts and The Core RW_Outro_Theme Outro Theme 82 94 Ending Cutscene RW_7 Rooftops 83 02 54 05 Arena-exclusive RW_10 Noisy 84 04 57 06 Arena-exclusive RW_13 Action Scene 85 05 58 09 Arena-exclusive RW_32 GREY CLOUD 86 13 68 24 18 (C-Side) Arena-exclusive RW_33 Weyuon 87 14 69 21 Arena-exclusive RW_34 Slaughter 88 15 70 20 Arena-exclusive RW_16 The Coast / Shoreline 89 61 12 09 (B-Side) Songs and Rhythms album NA_37 ELSE VI 90 46 36 34 Songs and Rhythms / Ambients and Instrumentals albums NA_31 Pulse 91 40 37 28 29 (D-Side) Songs and Rhythms / Ambients and Instrumentals albums ∅ What Fate a Slugcat 92 112 40 Release Trailer music NA_02 Dustcloud 93 14 02 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_03 Wormpad 94 15 03 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_05 Sparkles 95 17 05 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_06 Past Echoes 96 18 06 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_07 Phasing 97 19 07 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_10 Qanda 98 22 10 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_11 Reminiscence 99 24 12 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_18 Glass Arcs 100 27 15 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_19 Halcyon Memories 101 28 16 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_22 They Say 102 31 19 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_29 Flutter 103 38 26 Ambients and Instrumentals album NA_39 Cracked Earth 104 49 36 Ambients and Instrumentals album RW_1 Urban Jungle (Alpha_8) *** 105 Alpha_8 RW_2 RW_2 106 01 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_3 RW_3 107 02 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_4 RW_4 108 03 Alpha Trailer music
Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_5 RW_5 109 Alpha_8 RW_6 Deathpit **** 110 04 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_7 Rooftops (Alpha_8) *** 111 Alpha_8 RW_8 Sundown (Alpha_8) *** 112 Alpha_8 RW_9 Mud Pits (Alpha_8) *** 113 Alpha_8 RW_10 Noisy (Alpha_8) *** 114 Alpha_8 RW_11 RW_11 115 07 Alpha_8; Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_12 Three Moon Sunset **** 116 08 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_17 Illegible Neon Signs 117 10 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_20 Polybius 118 64 11 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_21 Beat 119 12 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_22 Beat 120 13 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_23 Beat 121 14 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_24 Sky Islands 122 15 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_25 Night City 123 16 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_27 Train Tunnels 124 17 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_30 Free Mind Loop 125 18 Alphas, Gems and Junk album RW_31 Sub Sub Sub 126 19 Alphas, Gems and Junk album ∅ Theme V - Credits 127 31 Alphas, Gems and Junk album BM_SB_FILTER Filtration System * 128 04 Unused BM_SB_SUBWAY Desolate Subway * 129 05 Unused BM_SS_DOOR Entrance of a Superstructure * 130 09 Unused BM_UW_UPPERWALL Upperwall * 131 11 Unused RW_53 Leviathan 132 88 Unused
Sours: https://rainworld.fandom.com/wiki/Music

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Stella covered herself and Bloom with a blanket and they quickly fell asleep. Stella, Bloom. you. I didn't think. the voice just returned from Flora's date, which woke up the girls who had just slept with each other, trembled.

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