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X-Treme Scooters : XG : Gas Powered Scooter - 50CC - Blue : Compare to Go-Ped or Razor and Save $

Top Of the Line: 50cc 2 Stroke Electric Starting XG The XG comes standard with a EPA certified gasoline engine. The XG has all of the same features as it's little brother the XG but the XG has many upgraded features you will not find on the XGThe features of this fast gas scooter include an Aluminum Billet deck and 10" air filled tough tires, (this is the ONLY scooter of this type available with 10" tires, all others are 8" and smaller) and this tough gas scooter also comes with a dual shock front suspension system. While riding the XG you will notice it features the widest deck of all of our scooters we offer, it also features aluminum Mag wheels, and both front and rear vented disk brakes along with billet racing handle bars.The XG cannot be broken. The frame is made of high tension steel, the deck is made of high grade Billet Aluminum, these 2 features alone make this the toughest gas powered scooter on the market today, & don't forget that this unit is electric starting and the battery is included. The scooter battery is charged by magneto while riding and it comes with an external battery charger so you can plug the scooter in while it is not in use. Of course there is a pull starter should you ever need it. This scooter is our highest quality gas powered scooter that we offer & this model offers the above features that the XG do not. The quality of this scooter is more than twice that of our XG model, the price is just a few dollars more but you will get what you pay for when you purchase this model. The XG has NO stickers on the deck, the X-Treme flames logo is engraved by machining right into the Aluminum plate. One word sums it up for this model and that is SHARP!
  • EPA Certified 2 Stroke 50cc Gasoline Engine with Electric Start & Back Up Pull Starter
  • Dual Charging System 1. Magneto 2. External Charger - Battery Included (for electric starting)
  • Speed = Up To 35 mph* Distance = 20+ miles per tank*
  • Length 48" Height 42" - Max rider weight = lbs.
  • 30 Day X-Treme Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty

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    X-TREME XG Owner's Manual

  • Page 1

    Page1 xg gas scooter owner’s manual please be safe when riding always wear a helmet and obey all laws! X-treme tm electric scooters.

  • Page 2: This Is A 2-Cycle Engine

    Page2 this is a 2-cycle engine it requires a mixture of gas and 2-stroke engine oil 1. You must always use a gas oil mixture. Failure to do so will void your warranty! 2. Use gas/oil mixture. Combine 4oz of oil for every gallon of high-octane gasoline. 3. Tanaka perfect mix, or similar quality

  • Page 3: Important

    Page3 warning this product does not conform to federal motor vehicle standards and is not intended for operation on public streets, roads or highways. Serious injury can result from the unsafe operations of this product. Operator can minimize these risks by using certain safety equipment such as: sa

  • Page 4

    Page4 fuel safety  mix and pour fuel outdoors away from sparks or flames.  only use a container approved for fuel  do not smoke or allow smoking near the x-treme xg while working on the engine, or while the engine is running.  wipe up and clean all fuel spills before starting the engine.  m

  • Page 5

    Page5 table of contents important information…………………………………….…………………………………….. 2 quick reference…………………………………………………………………………………… 4 table of contents……………………………….…………… getting to know your x-treme xg- …………………………………………………….. 7 packi ng contents……

  • Page 6

    Page6 how to adjust carburetor air/fuel mixture……………………………………………………… how to chan ge charger socket………………………………………………………………… 24 how to remove free wheel clutch……………………………………………………………. 24 how to change fuse holder……………………………………………………………………. troubleshooting…………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Page 7

    Page7 getting to know your x-treme xg

  • Page 8

    Page8 package contents your x-treme xg comes with the following items in the box. Please locate all of the following: 1. X-treme xg gas scooter 2. Tool kit 3. Product handbook 4. 10amp fuse 5. Tire tube air extension valve (may be inside tool kit) 6. 12v charger getting started please read a

  • Page 9

    Page9 fueling this is a two-stroke engine. Only run the engine using a mixture of gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil. Please read operating procedures before fueling! 5. Mix fuel (minimum 90 octane) and 2-cycle engine oil in separate container. Use tanaka perfect mix or a quality mixed by shaking

  • Page 10

    Page10 if the motor keeps stalling at idle speed, it may be necessary to adjust the idle speed on the carburetor. Please refer to carburetor adjustment in the maintenance section on page 12 for instructions on how to adjust idle speed. Folding and storage when you are done riding the xg you can

  • Page 11

    Page11 operating procedures mixing fuel warning! This is a two-stroke engine. Only run the engine on fuel, which is properly mixed with 2-cycle engine oil. Provide good ventilation when fueling or handling fuel.  always use gas with a minimum octane number of  use 2-stroke engine oil only. Mix

  • Page 12

    Page12 note! At this stage, if the engine does not start, repeat the starting procedure.  after starting the engine, allow the engine minutes to warm up prior to riding. Stopping gradually decrease the engine speed to an idle speed and press the stop switch on the handlebar tube. Maintenance re

  • Page 13

    Page13 warning! When the engine is idling, under no circumstance should your xg be moving. If the xg continues to move after idle speed adjustment, contact x-treme or your local x-treme service center. Cleaning the air filter it is a good idea to occasionally clean the air filter to insure o

  • Page 14

    Page14 however, it may be necessary to adjust the brake from time to time. Squeaky brakes the brakes may squeak before they are broken in. This is normal and will not affect the function or performance of the brakes. With continued use the squeak should go away. Tires and wheels the x-treme xg u

  • Page 15

    Page15 adjusting the head unit the head unit will should come adjusted from the factory. However, riding on rough terrain and general use may cause the head unit to become loose over time. It may be necessary to adjust the head unit from time to time. Adjusting the chains the chains will come adjust

  • Page 16

    Page16 maintenance schedule proper care of your x-treme xg will insure optimal performance and a longer life span. The following are a few maintenance suggestions that will keep your x-treme xg running in top condition: daily maintenance perform each time you ride your xg  clean the ext

  • Page 17

    Page17 how to adjust chain tension 1.) to set the chain tension, loosen the axle nuts. 2.) then locate the chain tension bolts. These bolts go from the rear axle to the frame. When you tighten the nuts on these bolts, they pull the whole axle and wheel back, tightening the chain. 3.) adjust the chai

  • Page 18

    Page18 4.) verify brake pads are position correctly. 5.) push the axle through until it just sticks out the other side of the wheel. 6.) add the larger spacer and push axle through the fork on the right side. 7.) start nut on end of axle. 8.) using two 17mm wrenches tighten the outside axle nuts snu

  • Page 19

    Page19 get down to the cable within the scooter. Pull it through the body and then through the handle bar down tube. 3.) unscrew the two screws on the electric start section of the throttle. This piece should split to allow you to remove the throttle cable from the handle. Release the throttle cable

  • Page 20

    Page20 settles down into the groove on the throttle on the carb. ) replace air filter cover and deck plate. How to install fuel lines 1.) attach the larger diameter hose on the nipple that is straight. 2.) attach the smaller diameter hose on the nipple that is bent at a 90 degree angle. It also h

  • Page 21

    Page21 how to install yellow start button 1.) remove the old start button by removing the two small screws - one on each side of the button. 2.) split the unit into two parts and you can take it off of the handle bars. 3.) run the wires of the new switch down under the foot plate. 4.) you can do thi

  • Page 22

    Page22 how to know what each battery connection wire is 1.) the heavy gauge red wire connects from the battery positive to the starter relay. 2.) the small gauge red wire connects from the battery positive to the fuse holder via the white connector. 3.) the heavy gauge black wire connects from the b

  • Page 23

    Page23 how to install bearings 1.) remove the rear wheel. 2.) remove the old bearing. To do this, you will need to insert something, like a screw driver, from the opposite side and simply push it out. 3.) put the new bearings in. You will want to use something like a rubber mallet so you do not crac

  • Page 24

    Page24 throttle snapped open. Alternative method: 1.) run the motor full throttle and adjust slowly until you achieve max rpm. 2.) give a 1/4 turn counterclockwise to provide just a little rich and ride scooter. How to change charger socket 1.) locate the rear of the charging socket. 2.) follow wire

  • Page 25

    Page25 2.) unplug the two white connectors at the end of the fuse holder wires. 3.) remove the large nut on the back side of the fuse holder. 4.) slide the nut over the wire connectors one at a time and remove fuse holder from frame. 5.) assemble in reverse order. Troubleshooting: getting broken bol

  • Page 26

    Page26 either thee spring on the clutch may be gone or the bell has come off the transmission. Troubleshooting: bad starter solenoid? The starter solenoid is a round piece down under the footplate. It has a rubber cap on it. Remove this cap and you will see two bolts. Take a screw driver and short a

  • Page 27

    Page27 wiring diagram.

  • Page 28

    Page28 rear wheel assembly diagram left side consists of these parts from outside nut to inner wheel. 1. Nut 2. Washer 3. Chain tension bolts 4. Frame-scooter 5. ½” spacer 6. Left inner wheel spindle the brake disk is mounted on the left wheel spindle, and the caliper is mounted to frame. Use the kn

  • Page 29

    Page29 voltage regulator wiring diagram front fork assembly diagram.

  • Page 30

    Page30 motor diagram.

  • Page Do Not Return To Store!

    Page31 revised10/26/11 do not return to store! If you need help call or go online www.X-tremescooters.Com/support/ for general information or parts visit www.X-tremescooters.Com.

  • Sours: https://www.dlmanuals.com/manual/x-treme-xg/owner-s-manual-1
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    Add A High Performance Front Suspension With Motorcycle Style Triple Tree Fork Clamps And You Have The Xtreme XG ! Its Got The Same Cool Heavy Duty Billet Aluminum Flame Deck And Has The Same Great Features As The XG Including An Electric Start with Automatic Battery Charging So That You Can Start The XG 's Huge 49cc Engine With Ease. Dual Front And Rear Disk Brakes For Added Reliability And Stopping Power Are Standard On The XG Along With Chain Drive And An Automatic Transmission. Just Like The There Are Tons Of Aftermarket Parts Available For The XG Engine. Make sure to Check out all the XG stage kits we have available for your scooter listed Below. The XG Is The Best Electric Start Scooter Under $ Get A Pair Of XG Scooters And Save And don't forget to select the free XG upgrades for even more value!


    XG Gas Scooter Specifications

    Specifications - XG Scooters

    Model XG
    Power 2 Stroke 50cc Gasoline Engine
    Starting Electric Start and a Back Up Pull Starter
    Charging System Dual Charging System 1. Magneto 2. External plug in Charger
    Battery Included (for electric starting)
    Tire Size 10" Alloy Mag Wheels Suspension System This model features a dual front shock suspension systemCharger Smart Charger Included VACTool Kit IncludedSpeed Up To 35 mph*Distance 20+ miles per tank*Throttle Type Variable speed control (hand twist type)Kick Stand Included - Welded To FrameBraking System Front & Rear Vented Disk BrakesDrive System ChainFoldable Yes - Folds & Locks In Folded PositionBody Type High Grade Billet Aluminum (Widest Deck Wider than XG) Handlebars Billet Head Badge Racing AluminumDesign Stand UpScooter Size Length 48" Height 42"Suggested Max Weight lbs.Carton Size (LxWxH) 50 x 15 x 19Scooter In Box Weight 60 lbs.Scooter Weight 50 lbs.Forks Polished Hardened Steel - Ok For JumpingHeight 42 Inches To Handle BarsWarranty 30 Day X-Treme Warranty - 6 Month Battery Warranty suggested use closed course Recreational riding - ages 16 and above Export noOrigin: made in china *depends on rider weight & terrain
    * manufacture specifications are listed, your results may vary

    also see: Tuning Tips for further performance information
    Sours: https://sdscooters.com/Gas_Scooters/XG_html

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    Xg 550 xtreme

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