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Attack on Titan cosplays are as easy as one uniform and a multitude of wig and makeup jobs. Here are all the reference pics I could find for the uniform, and for the 104th Trainees Squad.

annie leonhart

Annie Leonhart



Armin Arlert



bertolt hoover


Bertolt Hoover

connie springer


Connie Springer






Eren Yeager/Jeager







jean kirstein

Jean Kirstein

Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis

krista lenz

Krista Lenz / Historia

marco bott

Marco Bott

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

millius zermuskymillius zermusky2

Millius Zermusky

mina carolinamina carolina2

Mina Carolina

nac tius 2nac tius


Nac Tius

Reiner BraunReiner.Braun.full.1460988

Reiner Braun

samuel linke jacksonsamuel linke jackson2

Samuel Linke Jackson

Sasha Blouse Blaus Braus

Sasha Braus /Blaus / Blouse




Tomas / Thomas Wagner



Uniform Details


3d Maneuver Gear

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Cosplayers who have done it:

20130919attackontitan00i-hikaru dot nettumblr_myx9kpLx231sar8tco1_1280tumblr_myx9kpLx231sar8tco3_500



mira scarlet cosplay

Mira Scarlet Cosplay


Attack on Titan Uniform, Jacket, Brown Jacket, Army, Military, Corps, Red Scarf, Green Eyes, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, Black Hair, Blonde Hair, Pigtails, Short Hair, Badge, Khaki Pants, White Pants, Leather, Sword, Swords, Boots, Brown Boots, Belt, Belts, Tan Jacket, Military Jacket, Military Uniform, 104th, Trainees, Trainee Corps, Squad, White Shirt, Muscular, Female, Male,  Yellow Hair


There are numerous books and web-sites related to costume creation, pattern making and sewing.  Several classic patterning and costume history books are listed.  Internet searches using key words like basic sewing, how to make costume patterns, theatrical costuming, and costume history will provide additional avenues for research.  Additionally, many commercial sewing patterns can be found for both cosplay and costumes at local fabric stores or on-line. 

  • Fundamentals of Theatrical Design by Karen Brewster and Melissa Schafer

    ISBN: 9781581158496

    Publication Date: 2011

    Veteran theater designers Karen Brewster and Melissa Shafer have consulted with a broad range of seasoned theater industry professionals to provide an exhaustive guide full of sound advice and insight. With clear examples and hands-on exercises, Fundamentals of Theatrical Design illustrates the way in which the three major areas of theatrical design—scenery, costumes, and lighting—are intrinsically linked. Attractively priced for use as a classroom text, this is a comprehensive resource for all levels of designers and directors.

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Dr.Stone just dropped today at 9:00 AM EST! (If you wanna check it out, it’s available on Crunchyroll and Funimation! The manga, written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi, has been a core part of the Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2017. Finally, fans of the show will get to see their fave brainy boy, Senku Ishigami, re-imagined on the small screen.

While a few cosplays from the series have popped up in homage of the manga, the anime is bound to cause a resurgence! So to celebrate I decided to do my best to put together some character kits for some of the official site’s featured characters — starting with Taiju’s love interest, Yuzuriha Ogawa.

Let’s get the easy stuff out of the way! Brown wigs are a dime and dozen you can get them from your local beauty supply, Amazon, Ebay, or wherever you prefer. I opted to link Arda options since its a reputable brand. Their Ferrari Classic in Spanish Brown is pretty much a perfect as a Yuzuriha wig, especially if you fluff the curls a bit. My second recommendation is their Amber Classic in the same color. With both you’ll need to trim the bangs.

Same as the hair, brown eyes will be a no-brainer for my fellow brown-eyed cosplayers! For you blue, green, and grey-eyed beauty’s pick whichever brand you are most comfy with. Pictured here is Max Elegance Tri-Tone Brown.

To create the dress for your Yuzuriha cosplay you’ll need to do a bit of tweaking. First, get your hands on a short light beige dress or tunic. If it has sleeves like the one linked below use a seam ripper to remove them. You’ll also want to remove the side seams. Most likely you’ll need to cut some extra fabric out of the sides so that when you lace them up some skin is still exposed.

Note: If you have a very tight fitting top you won’t need to cut the seams. In this case,  buy an extra top or get a small piece of fabric with the same color/drape to use for your shoe covers. 🙂

Next up, take a red scarf (or some red fabric) and cut it so its small enough to tie around your neck to match the reference image. Some of the excess fabric is then cut into strips to lace up the sides of the tunic.

For the shoes, you’ll use the excess fabric from the tunic to form loose fitting boot covers. The boots I linked are tall enough that just draping and securing the fabric over the ankle opening and near the front should give you a pretty accurate look. To finish the look tie small strips of the red scarf fabric around the ankle and BAM done!

Tip: If your cover isn’t sitting right right try using tacking! Tacking is when you sew teeny tiny X’s through your layers of fabric to help them stick to each other. You’ll most likely need a heavy duty needle to get through the boot. By strategically tacking with matching thread the fabric will sit closer to the shoes original frame!

The headpiece will take a bit more handiwork than the rest of the costume. Using a plain white headband cut to size will make things easier. Once you have a secure fit to your head you just need to cut the foam ball down the center and attach to either side. To get the added height, add some craft foam (rubber cement in between the layers). Finish the sides with a dremel or gentle sanding if you have jagged edges. Go over the entire thing in Plastidip or something similar to create a uniform top look. Lastly, draw on the black spirals and call your Yuzuriha Ogawa cosplay complete!

Yuzuriha Ogawa Cosplay Breakdown

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