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Is BioShock 2 harder than Bioshock?

If you thought Bioshock 1’s normal was difficult then you’ll probably find Bioshock 2’s just as hard or harder. In 2 because you’re stronger you go up against a lot more enemies at once. It certainly can feel more overwhelming than in 1 where if felt like you were going up against 3-4 splicer max.

What happens if you kill the Little Sisters in BioShock?

Once the player defeats a Big Daddy and captures a Little Sister, they get a choice: They can destroy the sea slug and rescue the little girl, but this causes the player to lose the precious ADAM, which is a currency that they use to buy upgrades to health, energy and their plasmid powers.

How many endings are in my big sister?

6 different endings

Should you kill Sander Cohen in BioShock?

DO NOT kill Sander Cohen. Sander Cohen will open one of the glass boxes once the masterpiece is complete. The other one is opened by his “muse key,” which you can loot off his dead body. Save killing him for after he opens the door to his personal chamber; you’ll get the muse key then.

How do you get the good ending in BioShock?

Good Ending / Bad Ending If you choose to “harvest” more than one little sister, you will get the bad BioShock ending. If, however, you “harvest” no more than one little sister but “rescue” the others, you will get the good BioShock ending.

What is inside Cohen Muse Box?

If the player kills Sander Cohen and searches his corpse, Jack will get Sander Cohen’s Muse Key, which will unlock the Muse Box. Upon unlocking, Jack finds Cohen’s personal muse: around 70 Dollars, 8 Incendiary Bolts and, most disturbingly, 3 Spider Splicer Organs.

How long is BioShock?

12 hours

How many hours is BioShock 3?

Completely finishing the DLC will take about 8 hours and bring time spent in-game to 23.5 hours for most cases. BioShock Infinite is available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

Is BioShock The collection worth it?

THE VERDICT And let’s not forget that the BioShock series is still one of the best collections of games ever made, and should be played by every gamer. If you have yet to play these stellar games, this is the best way to experience the set, even if the price is a bit steep at $60.

Is BioShock ok for a 12 year old?

Bioshock is a very good game that many people have kept their kids from playing because of its rating. VIOLENCE: This game is full of blood and gore. The language in Bioshock is not that bad for anyone 12 or above.

Is BioShock an open world game?

Officially announced back in December 2019, it appears the ball is finally rolling on the next BioShock entry, with developer Cloud Chamber posting several job listings which offer some idea of what we can expect from the game’s direction, as reported by PCGamesN.

Does BioShock the collection have all DLC?

Specifically, BioShock: The Collection includes remastered versions of BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite, plus all of their single-player DLC packs. There are a few caveats here: BioShock 2 in particular won’t feature multiplayer content in the new bundle.

Is BioShock Infinite multiplayer?

Technically, BioShock Infinite has no multiplayer mode; you can only play the single-player story. At one point during BioShock Infinite’s development, traditional multiplayer was in the works, yes.

Is BioShock 2 co-op?

The rumors of co-op play in BioShock 2 are not true, 2K Games revealed Friday. The multiplayer game will showcase the fall of Rapture, leading up to the events of the first game. …

Is BioShock couch co-op?

Bioshock, Borderlands and XCOM will be finally available for the Switch or Switch Lite, in different collections – as announced during the latest Nintendo Direct online presentation. The Switch versions of each game will also feature two-player split-screen co-op play and support up to four-players online.

Is Borderlands coop?

An extraordinary cooperative experience, Borderlands allows for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously online. Players can freely join or leave the game at anytime — or choose to play in the full single-player mode.

Is BioShock coming to Nintendo switch?

BioShock: The Collection was released June 1 on Nintendo Switch. It is also available on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

What ps4 games are split screen?

  • Ark: Survival Evolved.
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.
  • Call of Duty: WWII.
  • Divinity: Original Sin.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II.
  • Don’t Starve Together.
  • Gran Turismo Sport.
  • Plants vs.

The rumors of co-op play in BioShock 2 are not true, 2K Games revealed Friday.

Instead, Unreal Tournament co-developer Digital Extremes is tackling a new online competitive multiplayer mode that takes inspiration from Call of Duty 4 and the original BioShock. What's more, BioShock 2's multiplayer mode is a prequel to the original BioShock -- it will be set in the early days of Rapture, after the discovery of the mutagen Adam and the accompanying civil war over its control. The multiplayer game will showcase the fall of Rapture, leading up to the events of the first game.

In the words of 2K Games' press release:

Multiplayer in BioShock 2 provides a rich prequel experience that expands the origins of the BioShock fiction. Set during the fall of Rapture, players assume the role of a Plasmid test subject for Sinclair Solutions, a premier provider of Plasmids and Tonics in the underwater city of Rapture that was first explored in the original BioShock. Players will need to use all the elements of the BioShock toolset to survive as the full depth of the BioShock experience is refined and transformed into a unique multiplayer experience that can only be found in Rapture.

In BioShock 2's multiplayer mode, you'll play as a citizen of Rapture and earn experience points during your matches, which you can cash in to earn new Plasmids, Tonics, and weapons. 2K Games and Digital Extremes are promising "hundreds of different combinations" of these abilities in a "fast-paced multiplayer experience."

BioShock 2 releases this fall for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Read our latest preview coverage here.

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BioShock Infinite cut two multiplayer modes - report

BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games was working on at least two multiplayer modes for the upcoming steampunk adventure, but decided to scrap them.

It's unclear if any more multiplayer modes remain. "As I've always said we are experimenting with things, and only if they are good enough will we put them in the game," said creative director Ken Levine in an interview with Kotaku where the news came out about the now defunct multiplayer modes.

The first of these modes placed shrunken players inside an old-timey arcade machine where they'd have to do battle with waves of enemy toys in a tower-defense style game.

The second was a co-op mode called "Spec-Ops." It tasked four players with going through levels from the single-player campaign together.

Elsewhere, it was announced that Epic's director of production Rod Fergusson has joined Irrational to wrap up development on BioShock Infinite. This follows news of product development director Tim Gerritsen and art director Nate Wells leaving the company .

Fergusson confirmed the news on Twitter, where he said, "Yes it's true, I'm leaving my family at Epic to join my new family at Irrational in Boston starting tomorrow."

A couple weeks back Irrational put out a controversial job listing for a design manager, requiring the applicant to have worked on at least one game with an 85+ score on Metacritic. It's unclear if Fergusson is the recipient of that position, but we've sent a request to 2K to see if that's the case and will update as we hear back.

Regarding worries about too much of the team leaving, Levine explained that the company was still in good hands and most of the BioShock one team was still on board.

"I don't think there's a single senior BioShock team member that isn't here, which I think is amazing and a testament to their commitment to the studio," noted Levine.

"As far as the team itself, the lead artist, the art director, the creative director, the lead effects artist, the senior sound guy, the lead programmer and the lead AI programmer from BioShock one are all on BioShock Infinite."

BioShock Infinite is due out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 26th February.

5 Amazing Details From Bioshock 2 Multiplayer That You May Not Know About! (Bioshock 2 PC Gameplay)
[quote user="Cosmic III"]

Im thinking of buying the game either way if it doesnt have multiplayer. Because I heard its sopost to be a really good game.Also if it Has Co-Op or some type of it ?

[/quote]Apparently it does not competative multiplayer.

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How satisfied are you with this reply?

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Yeah i remember someone confirming last year it wasn't going to have it. So very keen for this game!

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How satisfied are you with this reply?

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I'm glad it won't to be honest....Bioshock's campaign's are some of the best this gen and i would rather they focused more into that than into a multi-player...Bioshock 2's multi-player was alright but seemed sloppy.

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Amen for that. About time devs understad games don't need  MP to get good sales  if they are well done.

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[quote user="YellowJacket LE"]

I'm glad it won't to be honest....Bioshock's campaign's are some of the best this gen and i would rather they focused more into that than into a multi-player...Bioshock 2's multi-player was alright but seemed sloppy.


I agree. I'm glad there will be no multiplayer.

Look at Tomb Raider for example. Brilliant game, so-so MP. If only they would have put those resources that they used for MP into an even better SP. It could have made a great game better.

I hope the Infinite devs had the same mindset. 

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i don't mind when they add multiplayer, even if it is just ok, far cry 3 showed you can have an amazing single player and multiplayer.

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^^ But imagine if they put the extra resources spent on MP into an even more robust SP.

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When I make a gamd idea. I haved it part of the ip sinces day one. There a pool sim game idea I haved. In part 3. There be mode call hustler. It baesicly a story mode to the game. And if that mode is well like. I might spin it out it owned game.

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[quote user="US Revenge"]

 far cry 3 showed you can have an amazing single player and multiplayer.

[/quote]Thats how must be in every game that have SP/MP. A good balance make both features in a game worth it; but focusing more in one feature than the other can make a game not so interesting for gamers that like more a SP experience or viceversa. IMO. 


2 coop bioshock

BioShock: The Collection

2016 video game compilation

2016 video game

BioShock: The Collection is a compilation of the BioShock video games, developed by Blind Squirrel Games and published by 2K Games. The collection features upgraded versions of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, with new textures and support for higher resolution displays and framerates. The collection was released in September 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One; versions for macOS and Nintendo Switch followed in August 2017 and May 2020, respectively.

A remaster of the BioShock series was widely rumored for years before its official announcement. After its release, the game was updated to address bugs and crashes. Critical reception of The Collection was generally positive, with praise focusing on the value of the collection and its appeal for new players of the franchise. Complaints included the relative lack of updates to later games in the collection and technical performance. The game was a bestselling title in the United States and United Kingdom in its initial months of release.


BioShock: The Collection contains all three titles in the BioShock series: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite.[1] The games are first-person shooters, with a focus on story and character customization.[2][3] Players wield guns and superpower-granting genetic modifications called Plasmids.[4][5] Also included in the collection are the games' single-player content originally released as exclusives or downloadable content packs, including BioShock 2: Minerva's Den and BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. The multiplayer component of BioShock 2 is not included.[1] It includes the challenge game modes from all three releases, and the Museum of Orphaned Concepts, a feature from an earlier collection in which the player explores an in-game gallery of abandoned development concepts.[6]

BioShock and BioShock 2 were remastered for the collection, with higher-resolution textures and new effects. The collection adds a director's commentary called Imagining BioShock, featuring the series' creative director Ken Levine and lead artist Shawn Robertson. Players unlock episodes of the commentary by finding new collectible objects added to the remastered BioShock.[7][8] The remastered games run in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second on Xbox One and Playstation 4.[9]

Development and release[edit]

Blind Squirrel Games, who previously worked with BioShock series developers Irrational Games on BioShock Infinite,[10] assisted series producer 2K Games with development of the remastered collection. 2K decided not to remaster the Microsoft Windows edition of BioShock Infinite, which already met their graphical standards for the updated console editions when configured to use its highest graphical settings.[9] News of the remastered collection leaked from retailers and trademarks several times in advance of its June 2016 announcement.[11][1]

The collection was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in North America on September 13, 2016, and worldwide two days later, on September 15, 2016.[12] The collection was released for Microsoft Windows on September 15, 2016, and its remastered versions of BioShock and BioShock 2 were given as upgrades for those who owned the original Windows PC editions.[13] A macOS version published by Feral Interactive released on August 22, 2017.[14] Also produced was a limited run of 450 "Ultra Limited Edition" copies of the game which included an art book, reversible poster, and coin.[15] The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 retail release is spread across 2 discs.[16]

On release, players of the Windows versions noted that the remastered versions of the games retained bugs and removed graphic options without tweaking configuration files.[17][18] 2K acknowledged issues with the game,[19] and subsequently released a patch in early October 2016 to address a lack of graphics options, crashes, better monitor support and mouse controls.[20][21]

In 2020, enhancement patches were released to increase the resolution of the games when played on Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro. The patch boosted the resolution of the first two games to 1440p on PS4 Pro and 2160p on Xbox One X, and 1440p for both consoles for Infinite.[22] The collection was also released on the Nintendo Switch in May. It maintains the upgraded assets for the remasters of BioShock and BioShock 2, and runs at 1080p at 30 frames per second when docked, dropping to 720p in portable mode.[23][24]



BioShock: The Collection received "generally favorable" reviews according to video game review aggregatorMetacritic, with platform scores between 80 and 84 out of 100.[25][26][27][28] Critics generally recommended the collection for players unfamiliar with the franchise, as well as returning players,[29][33] though others, such as IGN's Jonathon Dornbush, felt that the collection's appeal to longtime players was less clear.[30]

Game Revolution's Peter Paras praised the updated visuals for the first two games, although they also noted that they felt dated graphically compared to modern games.[29] While reviews generally noted improved performance on most games,[30] others highlighted frame rate inconsistencies that Infinite still suffered from.[33][35] The games' atmosphere was regarded to have remained intact and effective, beyond the aging of the graphics themselves.[36]

Nintendo Life noted that the earlier game's lack of more recent genre conventions such as aim down sights or sprinting gave them a decidedly "old school" feel that took time to get acclimated to.[32] More critically, Insider Gamer's Derek Taal said that the gameplay of the early games had aged poorly, and occasionally proved frustrating. Dornbush and others lamented that most of the improvements were for the first BioShock and the subsequent titles received less attention.[30][29][33][35] Other criticisms included inconsistent controls between games[37] and audiovisual glitches.[35]

The game was the first best-selling retail video game in the United Kingdom in its week of release in competition with seven other new releases.[38] Sales dropped by 50% in its second week, but it maintained its top position on the charts.[39] It dropped to fourth place the following week, and out of the top 10 games the next.[40][41] In the United States, the collection was the fifth best-selling title of September according to NPD Group, before dropping out of the top ten the following month.[42][43]


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External links[edit]

5 Amazing Details From Bioshock 2 Multiplayer That You May Not Know About! (Bioshock 2 PC Gameplay)

Bioshock 2 Will Support Co-Op

Astute Co-Optimus forum reader Tino got his latest issue of Game Informer magazine.  The cover exclusive is details and screenshots of the upcoming Bioshock sequel called Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams.

While the cover had a major revelation of showing off the new female "Big Daddy" units called "Big Sisters" - there was another gem hidden between the pages.  That gem is co-op gameplay.  There's no details yet on what exactly the co-op entails,  and or how it will play into the story.  Hopefully it won't just be a Big Daddy and Little Sister mini game.

Bioshock was released in 2007 on the Xbox 360 and PC to critical acclaim winning over a dozen game of the year awards.  It was later released on the PlayStation 3 and the series has gone on to sell over 2.5 million copies.  Bioshock 2 is confirmed for all three platforms.  Needless to say, we're excited about the prospect of co-op!

Update:  It looks like at least part of the information on the net is untrue.  No word on what exactly is what yet.  GameInformer has responded.


Now discussing:

BioShock The Collection: 5 Things That Should Change With The Nintendo Switch Port (& 4 Things That Should Stay The Same)

The critically-acclaimed Bioshock series is set to hit Nintendo Switch on May 29. Would you kindly return to Rapture and Columbia for another romp in the Bioshock universe?

Bioshock: The Collection contains remastered versions of the first three games, visually updated from their earlier Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 releases. Initially, the remastered collection was released in September 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. This May, Nintendo gamers can finally play the Bioshock trilogy on their preferred console.

RELATED: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In The Original BioShock

With Nintendo Switch, gamers can now play the entire remastered Bioshock collection on a hybrid handheld device that also acts as a home console. But what else should change about this collection when it comes to the NS release? Would you kindly stay to read five things that should change with the Nintendo Switch port and four things that should stay the same?

9 Change: Bring Back Bioshock 2 Multiplayer

One of the most glaring omissions from Bioshock: The Collection is the absence of the multiplayer mode in the remastered version of Bioshock 2. Including this mode would definitely help increase replay value. After a gamer completes the famed submerged shooter sequel and its single-player DLC, they can just dive into some online multiplayer fun for countless hours.

Including multiplayer DLC like the Rapture Metro Pack will provide players greater space and diverse arenas, giving gamers more places for fun spliced-out simulated violence.

An insightful addition to the remastered version of the original Bioshock was the director's commentary section, also known as "Imaging Bioshock". This section of the collection provides an exclusive interview with two important men who laid the groundwork for Bioshock. In the video segments, fans hear about the origin stories surrounding the first game. This allows them to dive into the themes and creative processes that went into developing the game into the beloved classic it became.

The commentary is a real treat that helps further educate the audience regarding the Bioshock lore. Fans of the series are able to hear personal and professional stories from Ken Levine, the creative director of the first and third Bioshock games, and Shawn Robertson, who is the animation lead/director of the original game and Infinite.

Nintendo Switch should definitely keep this valuable commentary! Searching the remastered Bioshock for film reels to unlock commentary clips is definitely a neat addition to the original masterpiece.

7 Change: Please Make Sure Bioshock: The Collection Doesn't Stutter

There have been complaints online from gamers reporting problems with Bioshock: The Collection. Xbox One gamers have reported issues regarding frame rate drops and stuttering, particularly with Infinite.

One Reddit user wrote, "I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this. Infinite was more or less fine until the last third and it became nearly unplayable due to hitching, stuttering, frame drops, etc. It never completely crashed, seemed like it was going to. Of the nearly 200 games I own on Xbox One it is by far the worst performing."

RELATED: 10 Things That Make No Sense About BioShock: Infinite

On the bright side, at least the collection comes included with all the Burial At Sea and Clash in the Clouds DLC. But when it comes to a smooth-running game, the 360 version might be a better bet over the Xbox One version. Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch can mend these reported shortcomings upon release.

Fans were also vocal about the problems with the PC version of the collection. However, there are also some gamers who say they ran into no issues while playing the Infinite remaster or any of the other games in the collection. Either way, it's best to be sure that all potential in-game bugs are squashed before the Nintendo Switch port is shipped out.

6 Keep: Museum Of Orphaned Concepts

The Museum of Orphaned Concepts provides fans yet another behind-the-scenes look into the development of Bioshock. In the museum, fans are treated to a litany of eye-popping concepts and characters that were either reworked or discarded from the game completely. The Bioshock-centric submerged-museum is only available in Bioshock: The Collection and Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition.

RELATED: 10 Sci-Fi Games With The Deepest Lore, Ranked

This museum is quite the educational experience and is probably a lot more entertaining to gamers than a walk through most museums in the real world. Fans are shown all the protectors and splicers that were either scrapped or refashioned. For instance, the Hooker Splicer evolved into the Baby Jane Splicer. While, Shawn Robertson, the animation lead/director labels the abandoned Stitchy Splicer as "probably the worst abortion that Irrational ever made."

5 Change: Release Stand Alone Versions Along With The Collection

Maybe some fans would rather only buy one game from the series rather than the whole collection. Nintendo Switch could release the remastered trilogy of the Bioshock games as a bundle and as stand alone versions. This would meet the demands of bundle-buying consumers and those who would rather buy just one game. Nintendo Switch could charge $19.99 a pop for each remastered game while selling the whole collection for $49.99.

This feature will reportedly be available through Switch's eShop.

Bioshock 2, although a great game, is often considered to be the lame duck of the series. Maybe some gamers want to skip the experience of the sequel entirely and just invest in the original or Infinite on their Nintendo Switch. Bioshock 2 often gets overshadowed by the better-hyped original and third entries, causing some fans to reject it entirely. However, rather than being just the redheaded stepchild of the series, the sequel grips gamers into its dogmatic collectivist ideology that devolves into dictatorship. This both contrasts and provides similarities with the original game's individualistic political perspective based on the promises of bootstrap capitalism and objectivism that eventually erodes into tyranny and anarchy. These games show the dangers of ideological possession when pushed to the extreme.

4 Keep: All Single-Player DLC

One of the selling points for Bioshock: The Collection is that it came with all the single-player DLC from the trilogy. Imagine if Nintendo Switch released a port of the collection that omitted the single player DLC portion of the games. Thankfully, Nintendo is smarter than that. That'd be a true Bioshock tragedy! Where would Bioshock fans be without Minerva's Den or the two-part Burial At Sea side games?

The single-player DLC is a must-have for all versions of the remastered Bioshock collection!

3 Change: Create Your Own Content & Customize The Enemies

Wouldn't it be awesome if Bioshock: The Collection allowed players to create their own custom in-game content? What if the Nintendo Switch port allowed gamers to customize the type of splicers and protectors they faced? Gamers would be able to pick and choose the appearance of characters. This hypothetical feature would allow players to chose a splicer's clothing, scars, deformations, skin tone, gender, hairstyle, and more! The gamer would also be granted the ability to choose the weapons and abilities for the customized enemies.

This feature should also have the option of customizing that splicer's verbal rantings, considering that these creatures are known to walk through Rapture talking to themselves about various subjects. The gamer could either choose dialogue crafted by game developers or upload dialogue using their own voice!

2 Keep: The Gorgeous, Slightly Updated Graphics

Bioshock: The Collection gave a fresh coat of paint to the first two games and released the PC port of the third game, the latter of which didn't improve much in way of graphical detail. However, when it comes to improved graphics, the original Bioshock was given the most attention, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Nintendo Switch should stick with the updated visuals laid out by the Xbox One, PS4, and revised Microsoft Windows versions. It'd be awful if they threw their fans a curve ball by releasing the collection with dated Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics. Thankfully, Nintendo won't do that!

1 Change: Allow Console-Based Streaming

Bioshock: The Collection doesn't allow players to stream their gameplay on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Of course, this has caused some gamers to become disappointed and upset. The 2K support site responded to the backlash by stating, "Unfortunately, streaming BioShock: The Collection isn't an option right now. We will update this article should this situation change."

2K can make up for this disappointment by allowing Nintendo Switch users to stream the collection. This would make the Switch port the best version for home consoles.

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