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Bethel Ridge OHV Trail

Bethel Ridge OHV Trail is a 15.3 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Naches, Washington that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for camping and ohv/off road driving and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Length15.3 kmElevation gain363 mRoute typeOut & back

Dogs on leashCampingOHV/Off-road drivingForestViewsWildlife

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I've taken this drive 4 times now. I love wildlife, and this is a perfect opportunity for that. I've camp up there too. If you take it from white pass it's like 8 miles to the top, if you take it from Nile (chinook pass hw) it's double the distance, id recommend drive up from white pass hw and come down the longer way towards Nile, be careful with crazy drivers taking the downhill corners to fast... I've seen elk up there, coyotes, squires, chipmunks, pikas!!!! :) grouse, jays etc and once u up there I'd recommend adventure yourself into rd 190 all the way to the end is timberwolf mt, amazing views, and also mt goats can be seen up there, if you didn't have any luck try rd 199, I've seen them there too.


Bethel Ridge

Jasmine & Jon Hughes

Mapping Crew - Washington

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Centered in the pinnacle of the Pacific NW and growing up cruising around the small town of Quilcene, Jasmine grew with a fascination and passion for outdoors and travel, many of those adventures fueled by the family's 1998 Jeep Cherokee. Years later, photography grew as a way to capture and share the adventures being had. After a road trip from Seattle to San Diego in a 1996 Jetta, a 4WD truck would be the next step in going further in photographing the wild places of the West. In December of 2016, a manual 1989 Toyota Pickup was purchased and those dreams would continue to flourish. Jon grew up in a small Wisconsin town. In 2004, his parents decided to purchase a new Jeep LJ. They picked the LJ because of the additional room, as it would be used for a road trip to Florida. And, though his father wanted a yellow Jeep, being a soft top and a manual was more important. After joining the navy, the family Jeep followed Jon down to Georgia and became his own. It took him to Virginia, and then Washington. It wasn't until Washington that things started to happen for Jon and his Jeep. Jasmine, now his wife, got him more interested in hiking, and ultimately overlanding. Over time, Jon and Jasmine realized that they wanted to use the Jeep to tackle harder trails, and spend weekends in ORV parks. It was through this decision that the mostly stock Jeep received a refreshing upgrade after 15 years of driving. While Jasmines Toyota pickup is still used for longer trips, Jon usually drives the Jeep when the trail is in question, and to allow Jasmine to document the trails. Currently, Jon has been in 20 states with the Jeep, via family trips and his time in the navy. Jon hopes to travel to every state with his Jeep, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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    Bethel Ridge is located in Washington


    46.71781232 N
    121.11418782 W

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    Bethel Ridge

    Located between Highway 12 and Highway 410, Bethel Ridge is the last ridgeline separating these highways before they merge near Naches. It's proximity this far east means far better weather and fewer gated roads. The Bethel Ridge Road is one of the finest gravel roads in the region as it climbs up and over Bethel Ridge, nearly to the top. A side road called the tower road, will take vehicles up to the summit area where a large communication tower is located. For the highest point, a high-clearance/4WD meanders through the forest to the summit. Fallen trees will likely impede driving the road so plan on's under a mile anyway.



    A few miles east of Rimrock, look for the signed Bethel Ridge Road. Follow the wide gravel road avoiding any smaller turn-offs. Just before reaching the saddle at the top of the ridge, a signed road to the right should say, Tower Road. Take it, it becomes rougher. This road is rocky, well graded but made of large rocks. Most cars could drive it but conditions always change. I have old photos showing it nice and smooth. Where the road bends from the views to go into the woods to reach the communication tower, look for a bumpy road following the rim. Another better road joins this one about 100 yards toward the communication tower.

    Washington Hiking

    Distance: 0 to 1 mile
    Summit Elevation: 6,285 feet
    Elevation Gain: 200 feet
    Access: Good gravel road, rough rocky road, 4WD road


    Walk or drive the road as far as possible. The further it goes, the rougher the route. Near the top the trail may fade in grass but it re-appears on the other side. Hikers will enjoy the walk, off-roaders will love the challenge of reaching the summit with a vehicle.

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    West side of the Bethel Ridge Highpoint

    View south in route to the highpoint

    From the highpoint looking south

    From the highpoint looking east to the communication tower

    On the summit looking west

    Driving down the Tower Road to the Bethel Ridge Road with Mt. Rainier in distance

    Bethel Ridge and Tower Road

    Tower Road on Bethel Ridge

    Goose Egg Mountain and the Rimrock Reservoir

    Evening light on Mt. Adams

    Camping on Bethel Ridge

    Looking for thunder storms

    Mount Rainier from Bethel Ridge

    Bethel Ridge Tower

    Kloochman Rock

    Bethel Ridge Bethel Ridge Bethel Ridge

    Bethel Ridge Lookout?

    Bethel Ridge was being considered for a lookout. Here are pictures from the 1936 photo survey.

    Looking North

    Looking Southeast

    Looking Southwest

    Former Lookouts


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