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Dear Dog Lovers,

Club K9 is a family owned and operated complete canine center with over three decades of experience in the animal care, behavior and training industry. It is our goal to use that mass knowledge to intrigue you, educate you, and give you options you have never imagined possible for your dog. We are a one of a kind company that will forever change the way you think about the training and care of your dog.

Our facility was designed and built with one thing in mind, the comfort of dogs in our care and comfort for their families knowing that nothing is behind closed doors. As soon as you walk into our center you will immediately notice what sets us apart from any other facility in the dog training and/or care industry. Club K9 is an impeccably clean and comfortable canine facility intentionally designed to give your dog space to make friends, learn and relax in the perfect setting.

Club K9 has created the ideal environment for your pet to learn and thrive with care and training methods that have taken decades to perfect. It is simply impossible to duplicate our training accomplishments in any other setting. Your dog will be immersed in a setting of dog loving care staff and professional trainers who are dedicated to your pets needs and success.

We have training programs designed for every dog&#;s needs and overnight hotel bedrooms that offer private, cage-free and calm stays. We are a private and exclusive members only facility with dogs becoming lifetime members by completing one of our training programs. This policy assures you that your pet will be staying at a doggy hotel with other well behaved and safe pets without the stress of nuisance barking or possible dangers that come with many untrained dogs.





Dog Day Care in our customised Canine Centres, conveniently located in Hobart CBD or Inner Kingston.  Your dog will get to play all day and come home tired, ready for dinner and a cuddle.
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 Give your puppy the best start in life, with our famous puppy school.
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From a simple ‘refresh’ to a full &#;make-over&#;, our groomers use ‘reward-based training’ to help make it a stress-free experience for your dog.
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From basic to high level obedience and private lessons, we have dog training covered.
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For all your shopping, accessory and pet nutrition  needs.
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Sunday, Public Holidays & Long Weekends: Closed

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San Ramon’s 20 Acre K9 Resort specializes in all-day-play Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare services. Club K9 creates doggy vacations designed around the way your dog plays! We have many Play Areas where supervised playgroups are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of every dog according to its’ temperament, personality, sociability and play style. And, dog’s spending the night in Dog Boarding can escape to their own private indoor quarters for eating and sleeping.

20 Acre K9 Resort &#; All-Day-Play

Located West of San Ramon off the I Crow Canyon Exit and within minutes of Bishop Ranch Business Park.



Fremont-Sunol 10 acre K9 Resort offers both Individual Attention and All-Day-Play Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare services. For guests’ who prefer human attention, our team of dog lovers will focus on every aspect of your dog’s comfort — providing personal attention and human companionship including one-on-one interaction in our spacious Exercise Yards. For those guests’ who prefer All-Day-Play with other dogs, many Play Areas are available where supervised playgroups are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your dog according to its’ temperament, personality, sociability and play style.

10 Acre K9 Resort &#; Individual Attention or All-Day-Play

Located between Pleasanton and Fremont off the
I on the Sunol grade.

We Specialize
In exceptional
Doggie Vacations

Club K9 is a privately held family-owned business, not a corporate franchise. Our specialty is to provide a resort atmosphere with our dog daycare and dog boarding program that focuses on every detail of your dog’s vacation. We treat your dog like a family member not just a family pet.

At Club K9, your dog can enjoy a social, warm and loving environment filled with non-stop “doggie-fun” and all-day-play. Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding services focus on every detail of your dog’s comfort, providing personal attention and companionship for each guest. Our goal is for a family’s dog to have as an enjoyable experience on vacation as their owners, hence our motto: &#;While You’re Away, Your Dog’s at Play!”

we have two Convenient locations to Meet Your Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Needs located in San Ramon & fremont-Sunol.

Club K9 Tanıtım Filmi

Club K-9 is a fun and safe facility where your dog can come to play off leash during the day.

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Our dog daycare has 6, square feet of indoor play area and a 6, square foot outdoor play yard.

24/7 Monitoring

We provide a fun and safe environment for your pet while providing peace of mind for you. Drop in virtually to see how their day is going via our webcams!

Web Cams


Our doggie daycare provides the ideal environment for indoor and outdoor play as well as social interaction with other dogs.  In fact, after a day at Club K-9, your dog will be as tired as you are!  Please download the application below today!


Fun & Safe Dog Daycare & Boarding

While at Club K-9 your dog will interact with other friendly dogs and our knowledgeable staff in a fun, but safe environment.  Say cheese!

Happy Dogs

While at daycare, your dog can play indoors or out, lounge on a couch, play on little tykes equipment, or even swim in baby pools in the summer!

Conveniently located in Centerville, Ohio we are minutes away from Kettering, Centerville, Oakwood, Springboro and Dayton. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, AM - PM.


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