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2017 online video game developed by Epic Games

Not to be confused with Fortnight.

Video game series

Genre(s)Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Developer(s)Epic Games
Platform(s)Windows, macOS,[b]Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS,[b]Android[b]
First releaseFortnite: Save the World
July 25, 2017 (early access)

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three distinct game mode versions that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine: Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative hybrid-tower defense-shooter-survival game for up to four players to fight off zombie-like creatures and defend objects with traps and fortifications they can build; Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game in which up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing; and Fortnite Creative, in which players are given complete freedom to create worlds and battle arenas. Save the World and Battle Royale were released in 2017 as early access titles, while Creative was released on December 6, 2018. While the Save the World and Creative versions have been successful for Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale in particular became an overwhelming success and a cultural phenomenon, drawing more than 125 million players in less than a year, earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month, and $9 billion in revenue in its first two years.

Save the World is available only for Windows, macOS,[b]PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, while Battle Royale and Creative were released for all those platforms, and also for Nintendo Switch, iOS,[b] and Android devices.[b] The game is expected to also launch with the release of the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

Game modes

Fortnite is distributed as three different game modes, using the same engine; each has similar graphics, art assets, and game mechanics.

  • Fortnite: Save the World is a player-versus-environment cooperative game, with four players collaborating towards a common objective on various missions. The game is set after a fluke storm appears across Earth, causing 98% of the population to disappear, and the survivors to be attacked by zombie-like "husks". The players take the role of commanders of home base shelters, collecting resources, saving survivors, and defending equipment that helps to either collect data on the storm or to push back the storm. From missions, players are awarded a number of in-game items, which include hero characters, weapon and trap schematics, and survivors, all of which can be leveled up through gained experience to improve their attributes.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale is a player-versus-player game for up to 100 players, allowing one to play alone, in a duo, or in a squad (usually consisting of three or four players). Weaponless players airdrop from a "Battle Bus" that crosses the game's map. When they land, they must scavenge for weapons, items, resources, and even vehicles while trying to stay alive and to attack and eliminate other players. Over the course of a round, the safe area of the map shrinks down in size due to an incoming toxic storm; players outside that threshold take damage and can be eliminated if they fail to quickly evacuate. This forces remaining players into tighter spaces and encourages player encounters. The last player, duo, or squad remaining is the winner.
  • Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game mode, similar to Minecraft in that players are given complete freedom to spawn everything that is within the game on an island, and can create games such as battle arenas, race courses, platforming challenges, and more.

Players can use their pickaxe to knock down existing structures on the map to collect basic resources that are wood, brick, and metal. Subsequently, in all modes, the player can use these materials to build fortifications, such as walls, floors, and stairs. Such fortification pieces can be edited to add things like windows or doors. The materials used have different durability properties and can be updated to stronger variants using more materials of the same type. Within Save the World this enables players to create defensive fortifications around an objective or trap-filled tunnels to lure husks through. In Battle Royale, this provides the means to quickly traverse the map, protect oneself from enemy fire, or to delay an advancing foe. Players are encouraged to be very inventive in designing their fortifications in Creative.

While Battle Royale and Creative are free-to-play, Save the World is pay-to-play.[2]The games are monetized through the use of V-Bucks, in-game currency that can be purchased with real-world funds, but also earned through completing missions and other achievements in Save the World. V-Bucks in Save the World can be used to buy loot boxes, in the form of piñatas shaped like llamas, to gain a random selection of items. In Battle Royale, V-Bucks can be used to buy cosmetic items like character models or the like, or can also be used to purchase the game's battle pass, a tiered progression of customization rewards for gaining experience and completing certain objectives during the course of a Battle Royale season.[3][4]


Fortnite: Save the World

Main article: Fortnite: Save the World § Development

Fortnite began from an internal game jam at Epic Games following the publishing of Gears of War 3 around 2011. Though it was not initially one of the developed titles during the jam, the concept of merging the construction game genre, representing games like Minecraft and Terraria, and shooter games arose, leading to the foundation of Fortnite.[5][6] Development of Fortnite slowed due to several issues, including switching from the Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, a deeper role-playing game approach to extend the life of the game, and a switch of art style from a dark theme to a more cartoonish style. Further, Epic was looking to get into the games as a service model, and brought in Chinese publisher Tencent to help; Tencent took a large stake in Epic as part of this, leading to the departure of several executives, including Cliff Bleszinski, who had been a key part of Fortnite's development. Fortnite's approach was changed to be Epic's testbed for games as a service, and further slowed the development.[7][6][8]

Epic was able to prepare to release Fortnite as a paid early access title in July 2017, with plans to release it as free-to-play sometime in 2019 while gaining feedback from players to improve the game.[9][10][11][12] With the release of Fortnite Battle Royale, the player-versus-environment mode was distinguished as "Save the World". Ultimately, Epic opted to release Save the World as a premium title, bringing it out of early access on June 29, 2020.[13]

Fortnite Battle Royale

Main article: Fortnite Battle Royale § Development

Near the same time that Epic released Fortnite into early access, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds had become a worldwide phenomenon, having sold over 5 million copies three months from its March 2017 release, and drawing strong interest in the battle royale genre. Epic recognized that with the Fortnite base game, they could also do a battle royale mode, and rapidly developed their own version atop Fortnite in about two months.[14] By September 2017, Epic was ready to release this as a second mode from "Save the World" in the paid-for earlier access, but then later decided to release it as a free game, Fortnite Battle Royale, supported with microtransactions. This version quickly gained players, with over 10 million players during its first two weeks of release, and leading Epic to create separate teams to continue the Fortnite Battle Royale development apart from the Save the World version, outside of common engine elements and art assets.[15][16] This allowed Fortnite Battle Royale to expand to other platforms otherwise not supported by Save the World, including iOS and Android mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch.[17][18]

Fortnite Creative

Main article: Fortnite Creative § Development

A creative sandbox mode launched on December 6, 2018, synchronized with the start of season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royale. Each player has access to a private, persistent island on which they construct buildings and add and manipulate objects as desired. Players are able to invite friends to this island and participate in unofficial games such as race tracks or jumping courses.[19] Initially, only players who purchased the battle pass could receive their own island, whereas players who did not purchase it received access to the game mode for free on December 13.[20]


See also: Fortnite: Save the World § Reception, Fortnite Battle Royale § Reception and legacy, and Fortnite Creative § Reception

The FortnitePro-Am event at E3 2018

The Save the World mode achieved over one million players by August 2017, just prior to the release of Battle Royale.[21]

Fortnite Battle Royale became a significant financial success for Epic Games, leading them to separate the teams between Save the World and Battle Royale to provide better support for both modes. Within two weeks of release, over 10 million players had played the mode,[22] and by June 2018, just after the Nintendo Switch release, had reached 125 million players.[23] Revenue from Fortnite Battle Royale during the first half of 2018 had been estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars per month,[24][25] with total 2018 revenue estimated at $2.4 billion by analysis firm SuperData Research.[26] Total revenue for Fortnite reached more than $9 billion by the end of 2019.[27]

Fortnite Battle Royale has also become a cultural phenomenon,[28] with several celebrities reporting they play the game, and athletes using Fortniteemotes as victory celebrations.[29] A notable streaming event in March 2018, with streamer Ninja playing Fortnite Battle Royale alongside Drake, Travis Scott, Kim DotCom, and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, broke viewership records for Twitch to date, and led to Epic arranging a Fortnite Battle Royalepro–am with 50 pairs of streamers and professional players matched with celebrities at E3 2018 in June 2018.[30][31][32] Epic Games has developed organized esports competitions around Fortnite Battle Royale, such as the inaugural US$30 millionFortnite World Cup tournament that took place in July 2019.[33][34]

See also: Fortnite Battle Royale § Parental concerns

There has also been growing concern over Fortnite Battle Royale's draw toward young children, emphasized with the release of the mobile client. Parents and teachers had expressed concern that students are being distracted and drawn away from school work due to playing Fortnite.[35] Concerns have also been raised about the impact that playing a game involving repeated depictions of gun violence may have on young children.[36][37]


In 2017, the game was nominated for "Best Co-op Game" by PC Gamer,[38] and for "Best Spectator Game" by IGN.[39] In 2018, the game won the award for Best Ongoing Game by PC Gamer[40] and IGN,[41] the latter of which nominated it for "Best Nintendo Switch Game", "Best Mobile Game", and "Best Action Game".[42][43][44]


  1. ^Gearbox Software published retail copies of Fortnite: Save the World for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when the game was first released in July 2017, but after the introduction of Battle Royale, no further retail publication was made.[1]
  2. ^ abcdefThe iOS and Android clients of Fortnite Battle Royale were removed by Apple and Google respectively on August 13, 2020 as Epic had changed how one could buy V-bucks with the client, leading Epic to file a lawsuit against Apple. The macOS client of both Battle Royale and Save the World, while downloadable, will not be able to be updated as well. See Epic Games v. Apple. The game remained playable if one had already downloaded it. On Android, while it is no longer available on Google Play, it remains available via the Samsung Galaxy Store on Samsung Galaxy devices as well as directly from the Epic Games App on all other Android devices.


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Fortnite has a new Among Us-style game mode

A year after Innersloth's Among Us blew up in popularity, Fortnite is looking to get on the hype train with its latest game mode.

Fortnite Impostors seems to be following the same whodunnit formula, plonking up to ten players to "The Bridge," a secret facility located on the battle royale island. Eight players will be the agents trying to keep everything running smoothly, while two scheming impostors will have to do their best to sabotage everything.

There'll be tasks for everyone to complete, such as completing calibrations, repairing the battle bus and delivering reports. Completing tasks will accelerate progress, with all assignments completed by all agents leading to victory. 

Impostors will be able to mess things up by disabling assignments altogether, teleporting players to random spots on the map and turning all players into a hunky banana for a short period of time. Impostors will also be able to eliminate agents, with victory being awarded if all the good guys are disposed of before they can be found out.

It all sounds very Among Us-like, aside from the inclusion of a banana who has technically appeared in federal court. The teaser trailer for it is admittedly pretty ace though, showing the ruined office of a traitorous Agent Jones before everything goes tits up. 

Fortnite Impostors has already kicked off, though no word on how long the event will last for. It's been a busy time for the battle royale recently, which has seen a full-blown Ariana Grande concert, Free Guy collaboration and an accidentally NSFW emote in just the last couple of weeks.

A fresh writer in the industry, Mollie has been taken under PC Gamer's RGB-laden wing, making sure she doesn't get up to too much mischief on the site. She's not quite sure what a Command & Conquer is, but she can rattle on for hours about all the obscure rhythm games and strange MMOs from the 2000s. She's been cooking up all manner of news, previews and features while she's been here, but especially enjoys when she gets to write about Final Fantasy, Persona, The Sims, and whatever other game she's currently hopelessly fixated on. There's a good chance she's boring another PC Gamer writer about her latest obsession as we speak. 

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How To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite

How To Play Different Game Modes in Fortnite

In Fortnite, there are seven core game modes that consist of Solos, Duos, Squads, Creative, Battle Labs, Team Rumble, and Arena. Fortnite also has a changing list of featured LTMs that totally change the way you can play Fortnite via these different game modes.

Fortnite has many different ways you can play its Battle Royale mode, which is the main way to play Fortnite. However, there are also some interesting game modes that drastically change the way you can play Fortnite. The new Impostors mode, is basically a copy of Among Us. Each month or so, Epic Games rotates in new or previous LTMs, so it is worth checking out the in-game menu from time to time.

What Are the Different Major Modes in Fortnite?

When we say Fortnite, we usually mean the Battle Royale mode, but it's no secret that Epic's game offers way more than that. There's a difference between game modes and core game modes. In total, there are three major game modes in Fortnite:

  • Battle Royale - the most famous mode that offers a classic battle royale experience and many variations
  • Creative - a sandbox mode that allows you to create your own modes with different rules
  • Save the World - Fortnite's PvE mode

What Are the Battle Royal Modes?

The Battle Royale modes are numerous and center around how many people you want on your team. The next is to decide how competitive you want your lobby to be? Ranked or friends only?

Different Battle Royale Modes:

  • Solo
  • Duos
  • Trios
  • Squads
  • Arenas (Solo/Duos/Trios)
  • Party Royale

What are the Current Featured LTM Modes in Fortnite?

LTMs often add a major twist to how you play Fortnite and might be anything from a deathmatch to race or to a more open-world experience.

Current LTMs in Fortnite:

  • Impostors
  • The Getaway
  • Team Rumble
  • Arena Zone Wars Duos
  • Creative
  • Battle Lab
  • 3 Rotating Community Creations

How To Complete “Play Different Game Modes”

In order to complete the play different game modes, you'll just have to select 'Creative' from the main menu when you launch Fortnite if you want to play the LTMs. Alternatively, you can the 'Change' from the lobby screen and select any game mode currently available, including the various battle royale modes.

If you have a lot of time and creativity on your hands, you can even create your own version of Fortnite in creative mode. Find this under the 'Creative' option and then join your lobby, at this point, you will be teleported to an island where it features other popular LTMs and a place where you can create your own island. This mode is a blank slate with some tutorials and full access to an insane amount of creative tools to build your own custom version of Fortnite.

Register at MyEarlyGame to customize the content on our website and enter exclusive giveaways. For more Fortnite content check our Fortnite section.

Evolution of All Fortnite Limited Time Modes (Season 1 - Season 16)

The best Fortnite Creative codes

Fortnite creative codes open up so much more then just some cheap Minecraft knock-offs. With new biomes, structures, creative tools, and Fortnite island codes releasing every few days, Creative is far more than a diverse bucket of blocks—it's a block-filled sandbox with endless hours of potential fun. 

We have a lot of cool Fortnite Creative codes gathered below, each leading to a builder's masterwork. They're the kinds of creations we once dreamed about building out of Lego bricks. But let's be real: When you want to build big, Lego's for the rich. In Fortnite, we can build our blocky models of the Millennium Falcon for free.

Plenty of talented creators have earned Epic's blessing to have their creations shared and played by anyone, so long as you know the Fortnite Creative codes required to head to their islands. We've sifted through the growing collection of cool stuff for easy reference here, so keep tabs on this page for regular updates. Here are our current favorites. Don't forget we also have our favorite Fortnite horror map codes for the Halloween season.

If you're unfamiliar with how to load an island, head into Fortnite Creative, walk up to a featured rift, and hold down the 'Use' key to bring up the code menu. Pop it in, let the island load, then walk into the rift to begin. Or use the "discover" tab in the Creative menu to load straight into a map from the main menu.

The best Fortnite creative codes right now

  • MakaMakes' Mini BR Solo City - 8566-1472-7195
  • Fall Guys Fortnite - 3958-4575-1075
  • X-Run by X-Labo - 8660-5683-2097
  • Counter-Strike Dust 2 Map - 9908-4675-7557
  • Drivers vs. Snipers - 0522-0531-7425
  • 360 Snipers vs. Runners | 8211-7200-6960

Breakout: Frostbite - 7631-7620-6392
A great zombie wave survival map in the vein of Call of Duty's popular mode. The frigid military installation gives way to a steamy lab and other neat locations, with lots of little secrets and items to discover.

Michael Myers Returns - 1667-9763-2090
An excellent Dead by Daylight-style map pitting one player as infamous slasher Michael Myers against several survivors fleeing for their lives. All the classic Halloween locales are there, including Haddonfield's suburbs, a four-story hospital, a gas station, and more. Survivors also have extra tools like landmines and boomboxes to bamboozle the killer. I particularly love the homages to iconic Halloween kills, like a Fortnite character stabbed up in the air against a wall.

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (Zone Wars) - 6359-5458-5318
We've featured this one before, but a new update makes this famous real-world Spanish cathedral even better. This zone wars map lets you roam from one end of the massive churchyard to the other, with an incredible amount of attention paid to recreating minor but important details of a historical and architectural marvel.

Seashore Resort Gun Game - 1322-5678-1260
A beautiful island resort with private rooms, gorgeous pools, and a mountainside welcome center. The perfect place for murder. Normally I'm not enthused by flat maps, but there's enough of a unique look here, married with the danger of falling into the water, all of which combines for a solid map.

Cyber Stadium - 6199-8972-3700
Imagine a roller derby track, but bathed in neon lights and overlooked by giant metal dinosaur/bird things. Teams race around in an oval hoping to eliminate enemies and capture the flag for their team.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Ch. 1 - 2269-7737-3528
A pretty close adaptation of the cult hit horror game's opening chapter. Explore the innards of an abandoned animation studio that's been warped by something unexplainably evil...and a little sticky.

Battle at Sea - 4909-1539-1504
I hesitate to call this "just" an artistic build. Reddit user FiveWalnut8586 created this truly epic battle in the clouds between a classical pirate ship and a towering dragon. I love how the dragon's body wraps around the clouds and nearby mountains, and the bits of lightning and floating lights help sell the idea that this mythical beast is summoning a storm in its terrible wake. An absolute masterpiece.

Forest Murder Mystery - 8864-2994-8489
A while back, Fortnite took the popular Among Us murder mystery format (good guys finish tasks while trying to figure out the killer, killer tries to kill without getting caught), and this map transplants it to a remote forest cabin with multiple floors, cozy interiors, creepy exteriors, and even a dance floor.

Loki's The TVA Headquarts Hide-and-Seek - 7578-6801-8619
Marvel's Loki show has proven to be a pretty decent time, what with all the Doctor Who-style dimension-hopping and likable characters. This hide-and-seek map works as a recreation of the Time Variance Authority's trippy headquarters, brutalist architecture and all. It especially works as a hide-and-seek map since the TVA is all about bureaucratic conformity and oppressive office design.

Halo: Last Resort CTF - 1002-3164-7517
An all-timer Halo 3 map recreated in Fortnite. Battle to capture the enemy flag just like you remember. The iconic wheel rests in the middle of the map, though it doesn't revolve, the beachside fortress, and plenty of flanking routes and launch pads.

"Underwater" TDM - 3208-3291-1537
OK, it's not "underwater," but you'll definitely be shooting fish in a barrel on this 15v15 deathmatch map full of coral, a pirate ship, and a giant fish skull. I love how the circular shape of the map keeps things tactically interesting. Do you swim for the other side to get up close, or will you be sleeping with the fishes?

Call of Duty's Shoot House - 1794-5642-2805
Continuing the long tradition of COD maps getting remade in Fortnite, this Shoot House map is masterfully done. Everything feels properly scaled, all the usual lanes and cover is where you'd expect, and the loadout selection system is wonderfully generous. Even better, it's a Search and Destroy variant, so get planting those bombs if you want to win.

Skeleton Shores Mini Royale - 7448-9517-9989
A lot of custom battle royale maps end up feeling flat as a result of Fortnite's editing tools, but this map wisely gets around those restrictions by using floating islands, giant skulls, and other constructions that help keep things feeling fresh.

Color Splash - 3060-5550-3213
A riff on Splatoon, each team competes to cover more of the map with their side's color, all while exchanging gunfire. Randomized loadouts and the color mechanic keep things interesting, and encourage players to move about.

Chaotic Circuit - 4493-2917-7848
A tight and winding race track filled with bounce pads and other obstacles to absolutely annoy the heck out of your opponents. I especially love the shortcut that spawns a curved piece of track made of orange light that A) helps you take the next turn and B) blocks other racers.

Fortnite Basketball - 3613-5135-9180
To my knowledge, the first basketball experience built in Fortnite. Teams of four compete to grab the ball (in this case, an orange fish) and then throw it into the appropriate basket. You But what I appreciate about this is it's very pick-up-and-play, and designed well around Fortnite's control scheme.

National Forest Zone War - 3926-0489-7280
The always solid zone war format, all in a lush, widespread pine forest. I love how the shifting of the playable zone forces you to wade through a lake, rocky cliffs, and under a huge train bridge.

Cornfield Wars - 3926-0489-7280
I love how stealthy Fortnite's cornfields let you be. There's nothing like sneaking up behind someone like a Stephen King reject. This claustrophobic map forces you to get inventive (and a little lucky) to find opponents and loot chests in a cornfield.

Alliance Pro Fishing Island - 8300-5593-7822
Chill out with friends on this pleasant fishing getaway. Hook bigger and better fish as you go to unlock boats, items, and even a fight ring.

May 2021 Creative Codes

Star Wars' Jedha - 4619-1110-7182
Rest in pieces, Jedha. The sandy city from Rogue One played host to a cruel occupation by the Empire before being blown to bits by a fresh-faced Death Star. This gun game map is plenty beautiful, with an AT-ST walker, combat tanks, and one huge Star Destroyer.

Biosphere (death match) - 2366-1066-2738
A simple but pretty post-apocalyptic arena for good old fashioned death match shooting with four classes to choose from. This dome is designed to look like humanity's last refuge from a global annihilation, with lots of metal structures overlaid with lush greenery.

Drivers vs. Snipers - 0522-0531-7425
Now that Fortnite Creative has cars, it's time to marry them with one of the game's best modes. One side drives cars up ramps and bounce pads while the other tries to pick them off from afar. Simple, clean fun.

More great Creative Codes

Demolition Derby - 6585-2275-1515
With Fortnite Creative getting access to some new cars, and off-road racing wheels getting added in, the potential for car destruction is limitless. This map throws you and friends into a circular arena of doom, with several trucks and cars to slam, explode, and fly through the air. Explosive barrels and bouncing tires help add a ridiculous flair to the destruction.

Parking Simulator - 1982-2979-6294
Why race cars when you could try the ultimate challenge: Parallel parking. Drive through 12 challenges without touching any walls and opening gates to hit the perfect parking spot. Can't be any worse than my actual driver's license exam.

The Curse of Jonesy - 8530-7928-4892
This challenge map opens up on a stunningly huge lake, punctuated by a massive bridge that portals you to every challenge. You're tasked with completing four trials to escape this alternate dimension, which I guess Jonesy himself went through at one point.

Ali-A's World - 6799-0061-6728
The inimitable Ali-A, who got his own Fortnite Icons Series skin not too long ago, now has his own world in Creative mode. The code above will take you to a hub with matchmaking portals for multiple kinds of Creative mode maps, including a gun game, a deathrun, and much more.

Defend the King - 7860-3454-9163
A really solid tower defense team match set on a lava-ridden mountain of dragon skeletons. Metal! Speaking of metal, there's a ton of item and crafting resources available, encouraging each team's king to stay involved in the action and invest in upgrades for their team.

Season 6 Spire - KOTH - 0674-3630-6649
The centerpiece of season 6 is the towering Spire, an architectural feat from god-knows-what dimension. The surrounding town also provides for some solid looting. This KOTH map challenges you to take the top of the spire with any loot you can snatch, and given that it's a recreation of an actual Fortnite POI, the map layout is well-designed from the get go.

The Hungry Traveler - Infection - 6297-6676-9204
Hop aboard a shockingly huge airplane with numerous layers. One player, the Hungry, races to infect other players, who then in turn swarm any remaining survivors. Survivors must run out the clock while Hungry must eliminate all players. I really dig just how multi-layered this plane is, with countless corners to hide in or flee through.

Squatingdog's Proxyball - 8640-6691-2975
The perfect blend of high-flying launchpads and geometry-based murder. Two teams grab a bunch of proximity grenade launchers and try to blast each other using all the crazy angles and holographic walls of this inventive arena.

Fox Clan Zone Wars - 6130-6579-9491
A fun zone wars map with lots of verticality, a few good hiding spots, and a clean look that apes the ancient Asia aesthetic of the Fox Clan in the Fortnite universe.

Endless Reality - 8203-5239-7828
This adventure calls itself "possibly the longest" map in Fortnite, and I don't know about that, but it's a really well-designed trek through spooky towers, lush beaches, and more. If you dig environmental puzzles, this one will tickle those tastebuds.

Mall Mania Update - 1896-0780-3687
A fan favorite point capture map, set in a bright and shiny mall. Remember those? You used to be able to play Time Crisis while waiting for your prom suit to get fitted. Teams can select one of several classes and duke it out, weaving through clothing stores and food courts to get the edge.

U.S.S. Enterprise Battle - 3449-9341-0107
This three-stage team deathmatch takes you from the massive exterior of the iconic Star Trek ship into the tight interior for close quarters encounters. In space, we're all red shirts.

Shanghai Nights Deathmatch - 6436-9253-5847
I love this deathmatch map for its simple, multi-layered layout. It really helps sell the feeling you're slinking through a dense neon city, snatching kills from unseen corners and duking it out for vertical dominance.

Astroworld: Gun Game - 6245-6940-8753
Astroworld: One Shot - 7780-7625-3160

Travis Scott's Astroworld performance in Fortnite took the world by storm, what with the whole kaiju-sized hip-hop artist and such, and now you can duel it out on the giant carnival planet that featured during the show. Low gravity makes getting around the caffeine nightmare a breeze.

Minas Morgul hub - 1987-8912-9095
Okay, it's just a hub, but what a hub. Creator Kiiwiit3 has been recreating iconic Lord of the Rings locations in Fortnite for a while now, and it's always a treat to see what they can pull off. This piece of art beautifully recreates the putrid green light, the jagged jutting walls, and even a few smart nods to other LOTR characters like Shelob.

Nvidia Laptop Snipers vs. Runners - 9346-0375-1086
It's the classic snipers vs. runners format, but in a map built to look like Nvidia's GeForce RTX 30 Series laptop. Graphics so real, you'll practically feel the sniper bullet piercing your banana/llama avatar.

Bounty: Open World FFA - 4313-6966-0814
Using Fortnite season 5's new bounty mechanic, you'll hunt down other players while trying to avoid your own hunter. It's all set in a destroyed desert-ridden city, and the fog effects really help keep the hunt feeling tense when you can possibly lose your pursuer in the haze...or hide yourself before the kill.

Rust (Call of Duty) Shotgun & Sniper FFA - 9204-8679-6270
Remaking COD maps in Fortnite is a popular thing to do, but I struggle to think of a map that more accurately recreates the exact, punishing layout of its source material than this. All the right corners and lanes you remember are there, and players brave enough to climb that vent are rewarded with a mythic sniper rifle.

Halt the Dragon's Annihilation - 8758-3960-4621
If you love giant Zelda-esque adventures, this is easily one of the most impressive maps I've ever seen. Your home is destroyed by a giant dragon, which also threatens to destroy a kingdom of dwarves. You'll help them fulfill tasks to get all the tools to defeat the Dragon, which constantly looms over town.

Nostromo - 2332-8471-0823 (Exterior) 9345-9243-4697 (Interior)
YouTuber Mustard Plays is celebrating the release of the xenomorph skin with an in-game recreation of the Nostromo, the ship that heroine Ripley finds herself struggling for survival on in the original film. Mustard built both a great exterior you can float around and ogle, as well as a dimly lit interior that lets you visit all the outer space workplace locations you remember, like the Nostromo lunch room or the "MOTHER" control room.

Rivendell Deathmatch - 9573-2939-5408
The Lord of the Rings films introduced us to some of the most beautiful fantasy locales in history, and chief among them is the elven city of Rivendell. This gorgeous map recreates the cliffside oasis, complete with white archways, luxurious gathering rooms, and probably some lembas bread.

Fortcraft Gun Game - 3423-7109-4953
A Fortnite and Minecraft crossover is pretty popular territory for Creative Mode users, and this gun game map keeps it simple, yet appealing with that classic voxel aesthetic. The overworld is littered with sheep and Creepers, while portals will send you to the underworld.

The Passage FFA Deathmatch - 9002-3430-3141
How appropriate, what with Fortnite just releasing a skin based on Tron, that we'd get this red vs. blue neon arena. You won't be riding light cycles, but you will be picking one of six loadouts and duking it out in a fun, multi-layered map with lots of unique little hiding spaces.

Llama Siege: Skyscraper
Another in the line of Rainbow Six Siege riffs, this map does a decent job of getting the basic layout of that game's Skyscraper map (to my newbie knowledge) and pitting two teams against one another. The attacking team can even transform into tiny camera bots to survey the area before jumping in, and rappel down the side of the building.

Twin Peaks One Shot - 2404-1136-3372
A dense and winding map that's sure to spark a few awesome sniper fights. A deep ravine lets you circle around enemies while a tall peak lets you survey the land.

LOTR: Esgaroth - 1873-9855-8361
So the Hobbit movies may have been a disappointment, but I've got to admit that anything having to do with Smaug was pretty rad. That includes the semi-climactic destruction of Esgaroth, the lake town near the Lonely Mountain. This map recreates the central waterway into a sort-of-point capture map, where you're tasked with taking out 10 enemy installations while defending your own. If you like giant log buildings roaring with fire and chaos, you can't go wrong here.

Maka Makes' Super Bowl Stadium (Codes Below)
Maka is one of Fortnite Creative's best designers - so much that he's gotten deals with major companies to create maps for major events like the Super Bowl. This huge, highly detailed, and incredibly imaginative map blends pirate ships with waterfalls to make the classiest football field you've ever seen. Even better, there's five mini-games you can play with friends.

Stadium Scramble: 5926-8650-7282
Coverage contest: 4673-6103-0680
Blitz course: 7004-2968-8491
Rush track: 0027-5143-8725
Shipwreck showdown: 5584-5652-5688

Pancake vs. Waffles - 2503-5483-2948
It's a good ol' fashioned wild west family feud. Two teams duke it out in a one-horse town, and locations contain specific guns. So you'll be racing to gain advantage in firepower and positioning.

Mos Eisley Gun Game - 1337-8980-5503
A fairly basic map, but charming if you're a Star Wars lover. The mostly flat layout makes each gun game encounter feel a bit more like a wild west shootout than a wild frenzy. Peep the Slave I ship in the sky.

OVERTIME: Firefighter - 9586-7818-6104
You and three friends must don your firefighter hats to, what else, fight fires across four fun locations in a city seemingly besieged by random flames. Basically, you'll run around throwing Chug bottles at rapidly growing fires, trying to maintain a certain level of control, or rescue someone before they're consumed. You'll definitely need friends for this one since it's basically impossible alone.

Infernal Gun Game (Update) - 4078-4302-7748
An update of an older map, this gun game arena provides plenty of tight turns and hidden corridors that'll make any combat encounter one to remember. Also, the portals are giant gaping chasms of alien teeth and flesh, and I just love that stuff.

Deadpool Yacht Gun Game - 2677-6600-4527
This map recreates season 2's Deadpool Yacht in impressive detail. The winding hallways and multiple floors make for a great gun game map, offering up plenty of opportunities for ambushes and tense close-range fire fights. I love the little cat doors you have to crouch through that lead to what I assume is the play room of Kit, Meowscles son.

The Underworld Gun Game - 5719-7469-6732
Gun game is always a popular mode, so it all comes down to maps to make the difference. This dark subterranean arena mixes elements of gothic Doom architecture with wonderful lighting, or a lack thereof.

Titans: Rebirth - 1254-0562-2361
The Titans mode lets about 15 players choose from an impressively varied list of loadouts based on popular Fortnite characters, and then duke it out on a tight map that's quickly being consumed by the storm. Will you go jetpack and landmines, stealthy rift portals, rocket launchers galore, or one of the other options?

Soccer Tournament - 9012-6909-9710
Hey, Epic owns Rocket League these days, so why not imitate it in Fortnite? This tight map does its best to mimic the layout of your average Rocket League arena, including speed boost pads and launch pads along the walls to keep the ball rolling. Even better, you can cram four teams into a bracket challenge.

Zaneth Part 3 | 7177-3928-2938
The Zaneth series is one of the best fully fledged narrative adventures in Fortnite's creative mode. Part 3, which I guess is the final part, sees you jaunting through an island full of monsters and ancient evils. You'll encounter a number of solid puzzles, but for me, the real draw is seeing how Spazy64 uses Fortnite's tools to tell a coherent story.

Giant Gifts | 3837-4047-8371
A masterfully designed honey-I-shrunk-the-kids home with lots of Christmas flair. With everything being giant-sized, it makes for a great setup for hide-and-seek games, like hiding behind a fireplace or in a choo-choo train under the tree.

360 Snipers vs. Runners | 8211-7200-6960
It's the classic snipers vs. runners format, where one side must navigate an obstacle course and the other must blast them from afar, with a circular twist. Runners must navigate an evolving circle of colorfully designed walls and ramps, and snipers must contend with constantly having to switch up their angle of attack. It's the simple changes that often make the biggest impact.


Modes fortnite game

Fortnite is a world of many experiences. Drop onto the Island and compete to be the last player — or team — standing. Hang out with friends to catch a concert or a movie. Create a world of your own with your own rules. Or Save the World by taking down hordes of monsters with others.

Fortnite Game Modes

There are four major game modes in Fortnite, together offering something for every kind of player. These four modes are: Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World. 

Battle Royale

Available on consoles, PC, and mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale is free to download and play! Hop off the Battle Bus to the Island below and battle it out to be the last one remaining. Or team up with friends or other players to outlast other teams. Use the power of wood, brick, and metal to build structures to help you out.

There’s always something to look forward to in Fortnite Battle Royale, including new items, weapons, vehicles, submodes, special events, and “Seasons.” Each new Season brings a distinct theme to the Island, like the past secret agent takeover and giant flood.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Party Royale

Party Royale is a mode within Battle Royale. Instead of battling, Party Royale is an experimental and evolving space that focuses on no sweat, all chill fun. Attractions include aerial obstacle courses, boat races, movies, and even live concerts from top artists!
Also, like all other modes within Battle Royale, Party Royale is free.

Fortnite Party Royale


Included free with Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative puts you in charge of your own Island — create your own games and rules… and invite your friends! Creative gives you the tools to design games both simple and complex, so make what you want to create. And when you’re not creating, experience games made by your friends or others in the Fortnite community. 

Besides making and playing games, Creative is also a great place for just creating your own scenery. Make your Island how you want it to look and enjoy it with your friends!

Fortnite Creative

Save the World

In Fortnite Save the World, explore a vast, destructible world as you and other players team up to hold back hordes of monsters. In your fight against these monsters — known as Husks — become stronger by finding loot, crafting weapons, and expanding your collection of Heroes. Build a base and fortify it with traps to keep the Husks at bay!
Play Save the World with friends or others in the Fortnite community. You can access Save the World by purchasing a Save the World Pack, which you can find on our website, inside Fortnite, or on your console's storefront. Save the World is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Fortnite Save The World

Crossplay with Millions of Players in the Fortnite Community

Millions of players around the world play Fortnite, ensuring there are always players to join up with — whether you’re outlasting them in Battle Royale, trying out games with them in Creative, or taking down Husks together in Save the World.

Fortnite features crossplay, meaning players across platforms can play together!

Which Platforms Can You Play Fortnite On?

Currently, Fortnite Battle Royale and the included Party Royale and Creative and are available to download on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and the Epic Games App on Android via or the Samsung Galaxy Store. Save the World mode is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. 
Fortnite on iOS, Mac, and Google Play remains on version 13.40 and is not available for new players to install on iOS. Save the World is no longer playable on Mac. If you'd like to play new Fortnite updates, you can download the game on any of the platforms listed above.

Who Are the Players Who Play Fortnite?

Making up a large community worldwide, Fortnite players span across a wide range of regions, age groups, and many other demographics. The Fortnite community is a diverse one!

If you’re interested in playing Fortnite with friends, whether they’re your neighbor or from across the globe, joining up with them is easy. Check out our tips for how to play Fortnite with friends.

What Should Parents Know About Fortnite?

There are a range of parental controls to help you manage your family member’s Fortnite experience, including options for communication, privacy, and playtime tracking. You can also set up parental controls on your family member’s gaming platform and/or for restrictions on in-game purchases. Learn more in our parental controls guide. You can make a decision about whether Fortnite is appropriate for your family by visiting Fortnite's Epic Games Store page to view ratings.

Our goal is to keep the Epic Games ecosystem a fun and safe place, which is why we provide and enforce our Community Rules and, for content sharing, our Content Guidelines.

Whether you choose to set parental controls or not, Fortnite is a great game for parents and their family members to play together. With its wide device compatibility, varied game modes, and ability to connect people who are far apart, even those inexperienced with Fortnite can have a good time!

Fortnite Meowscles And Kit

Jump In With Ease

Getting started in Fortnite is easy, but if you’re looking for additional resources, has you covered. Our Fortnite FAQ, for example, contains a wide range of information covering features, platform differences, in-game purchases, and more. The Fortnite Help Center, in addition to providing a link to contact Player Support, is another useful source of information.
For tips on safety and security, our Safety and Security page provides info to help you — you guessed it — keep your experience safe and your account secure. A lot of it is common sense, but it never hurts to give it a read! 
These are just a few of the resources available to you to help you have the best Fortnite experience possible. We look forward to having you as part of the Fortnite community!

WILD WEST Game Modes for LOOT (Fortnite)
#FreeFortnite CupThe #FreeFortnite Cup was organized by Epic right after the feud between Apple and Epic kicked off. It’s quite similar to most tournament game modes where players earn points based on their placements and depending on how many enemies they take out.50v50The 50v50 game mode features two teams of 50 players. The storm in this game mode is more lethal and there’s more loot to make up for the teams’ sizes.Air RoyaleThe Air Royale game mode sweeps players’ feet off the ground and places each squad on a plane. Everyone will be a part of a fighter plane in the Air Royale game mode. While a player will be tasked with flying the plane, others will be stationed on the wings and try to take down other aircraft.ArenaArena is the name of Fortnite’s ranked ladder. There are a few additional mechanics that differ from regular Fortnite matches and aim to make the matches more competitive.BarebonesBarebones can be considered as Fortnite’s take on Call of Duty’s Hardcore mode. Some parts of the UI will be disabled in this game mode, making players rely on their senses.Battle LabsBattle Labs is one of the core game modes in Fortnite and it allows players to play against each other in a mode that’s similar to regular matches. Players respawn after death in Battle Labs, making it a decent choice to practice new techniques.Beach AssaultBeach Assault is a unique game mode where players are divided into attackers and defenders. As its name suggests, this game mode takes place on a beach and attackers will try their best to breach into defenders’ zone.Blitz!Blitz is like a classic game of Fortnite that may have had one too many energy drinks. In Blitz, you’ll run faster with your pickaxe and even glide faster, causing matches to last relatively shorter.BountyBounty is a chaotic game mode where you’ll be tasked to hunt down specific players while someone else will also be out there who’ll also be chasing you down.Catch!Catch! is one of the few game modes that doesn’t feature any guns. You’ll only be able to use consumables and explosives.ClassicClassic is the perfect mode for OG Fortnite players since it features the guns that were available during the early days of the game and none of the new additions. Close EncountersPlayers get to battle each other in a close-quarter setup with jetpacks in Close Encounters.CreativeCreative allows players to create their own games and maps, making it a place for both fun and competitive training. Diplo @ Party RoyaleThis was a limited-time Party Royale event with Diplo on the stage. Players who participated in this game mode got the chance to see Diplo’s Fortnite concert.Disco DominationIn Disco Domination, the only weapons players will have are their dance moves. Players will get to participate in dance-offs in dance floors that spawn around the island.  DuosDuos game mode is one of the core parts of Fortnite and it allows parties of two to play against each other.Final FightFinal Fight features a timer at the end instead of a shrinking circle. The team with the most number of players alive gets to win at the end.Fly ExplosivesIn Fly Explosives, players will get to move around in Jet Packs and throw explosives.Food FightFood Fight features Fortnite’s two restaurants, Durr Burger and Pizza Pit. Players are tasked with protecting these restaurants’ mascots.Food Fight: Deep FriedThe Deep Fried version of the Food Fight adds rising lava into the mix. Ground GamePlayers are limited with fewer building materials in Ground Game.High ExplosivesHigh Explosives only features explosive weapons and crash pads.Horde RushHorde Rush features waves of cube monsters and players get a minute to gear up for each wave.Hype NiteHype Nite is a tournament mode that awards players with Hype points based on their placements.Hype Nite+The plus version of Hype Nite awards players with more Hype.Kenshi Yonezu @ Party RoyaleThis was a video premiere event featuring Japanese singer, Kenshi Yonezu.One ShotOne Shot is a sniper-only game mode where players only have 50 hp and reduced gravity.Party RoyaleParty Royale is one of the core game modes of Fortnite. Most live Fortnite events take place in this game mode.PlaygroundPlayground was an old core game mode. It allowed a maximum of 16 players to practice on a private island.SlideSlide is one of the more slippery game modes in Fortnite. Each player starts the game with ice blocks on their feet and a grappler. The ammo is also unlimited in this game mode.Sniper ShootoutThis is a sniper-only game mode. Revives will be turned off in Sniper Shootout and you’ll go back to the lobby even if you’re playing with a squad.Soaring 50sSoaring 50s is a 50v50 game mode that has a lot of mobility tools available.Soaring Solos/Duos/SquadsSoaring versions of the regular game modes. Players will be able to deploy gliders when they fall.Solid GoldAll weapon drops will be Legendary in Solid Gold.SolosSolo is one of the core game modes that matches players against other solo players.SquadsYou’ll be able to team up with up to four players in Squads.Steady StormThe zone continuously shrinks down in the Steady Storm game modeTeam RumbleTwo teams of 16 players go against each other in a Deathmatch style in the Team Rumble game mode.Team TerrorTwo teams of 32 players go against each other while monsters will spawn with each new circle.Teams of 20Teams of 20 features five teams of 20 players in a classic format.Teams of 33Teams of 33 features three teams of 33 players in a classic format.The Floor Is Lava!The Floor is Lava is usually an addition to other game modes. When you see this tag expect hot lava to come out of the ground, which will damage you upon contact.The GetawayTeams are tasked to find a Jewel on the map and take it to the Getaway van.Trailer Premiere At Party RoyaleA movie premiere at the Party Royale game mode.TriosA classic game mode where players can play as trios.UnvaultedPlayers will only have access to vaulted weapons in the Unvaulted game mode.We The People @ Party RoyaleWe The People was a Party Royale event with guest speakers giving a series of conversations that advance the dialogue around race in America.Wick’s BountyThis was a Bounty-type event that went live with the release of John Wick 3: Parabellum.Wild WestWild West is close to the regular game mode, where players can only use weapons like Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, and Dynamites.

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Battle Royale Game Modes

Not sure which Battle Royale game mode to play? Check out this list of Fortnite Game Modes, including Regular Modes, Limited Time Modes (LTM) & new game modes!!

Battle Royale Game Modesthe Game Mode

Recommended Articles

Table of Contents

Games Modes Available Year Round

These game modes are available to play all the time and form the core of Fortnite Battle Royale's gameplay.

Play Solo

Play Solo

The ultimate survival mode! Solo pits you against 99 other players in a grand battle royale!

Check Out Our Solo Guide Here

Pair Up in Duos

Pair Up in Duos

They say two heads are better than one and it's always a good idea to have someone watching your back. So grab a friend and compete against 49 other teams in Duos mode!

Check Out How to Play Duos Here

Join a Team in Squads

Join a Team in Squads

Create a team of up to 4 players and work your way to be the last team standing in Squad Mode!

Check Out Our Guide for Squad Mode

Limited Time Modes for Something Different

Want to try something a little different? Check out these Limited Time Modes that each have different game mechanics from the core game, but are only available to play for a short while!

World Run

World Run

Dodge, duck, dip, and dive your way through this obstacle course as you and your team rush to collect 30 coins before others!

Check Out the World Run LTM Here

Splashdown Squads

Splashdown Squads

No summer is complete without a water balloon party! With the Water Balloon item, eliminate opponents and rack up to reach the score goal to win!

Check Out the Splashdown Squads LTM Here

Storm Chasers: Surfin'

Storm Chasers: Surfin

Surf's up! In this LTM, you'll be surfing through the island while also working against your enemies to be the last team standing!

Check Out the Storm Chasers: Surfin' LTM Here

Heavy Metal Squads

Heavy Metal Squads

Hit hard, ask questions later. In this game mode, only "Heavy" weapon variants can be looted and used by players in the matcg.

Check Out the Heavy Metal Squads LTM Here

Power Up Solos

Power Up Solos

Strive to become the strongest player on the island as you consume shield after shield in the Power Up Solos LTM!

Check Out the Power Up Solos LTM Here

Leave No One Behind Duos

Leave None Behind Duos

Stand strong together as a squad. In this game mode, keeping your team on their feet is the key to survival and winning the match!

Check Out the Leave No One Behind Duos LTM Here

Use with Care Duos

Use with Care Duos

Build strategically and don't waste your resources in the Use with Care Duos LTM. Survive till the end with your limited resources to win the game!

Check Out the Use with Care Duos Here

Headshot Duos

Headshot Duos LTM

Keep your aim straight and shoot for the head. In this LTM, the only shots that count are headshots.

Check Out the Headshot Duos LTM Here

Builder's Paradise


Show off your building skills in the Builders Paradise Squads LTM. In this game mode, it's building that will get you the win!

Check Out the Builder's Paradise LTM Here

Arsenal Solos

Arsenal Solos

Time to test out your weapon mastery. Winning in Arsenal Solos will require you to be familiar with a variety of weapons, but you don't get to choose which ones to have.

Check Out the Arsenal Solos LTM Here

Strategic Structures

Strategic Structures

Be careful what you build. In this game mode, you'll have to be smart about what you build with what material you have.

Check Out the Strategic Structures LTM Here

Loadout Swap Squads

Loadout Swap Squads

Your loadout is out of your control in the Loadout Swap Squads LTM. Do with what you have the rack up those eliminations to take down enemies.

Check Out the Loadout Swap Squads LTM Here

Tank Battle

Tank Battle

Rack up eliminations to keep your health up and be the last man standing in the Tank Battle LTM. With higher health and Siphon, outlasting your opponents will be a feat.

Check Out the Tank Battle LTM Here

Horde Rush

Horde Rush

Fiends and Brutes have returned to the island and it's up to you and your group of friends to take them down! In this PVE LTM, defeating the horde is your number one priority.

Check Out the Horde Rush LTM Here

Wick's Bounty - Fortnite x John Wick Collaboration


The bounties have been sent and its agents against agents in this 4-man squad LTM! Take down enemy agents and take their coins. Whoever has the most coins wins!

Check Out the Wick's Bounty LTM Here

The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava: LTM: Gameplay Tips And Guides

The battle is about to get burning hot in The Floor is Lava LTM. In this game mode, players will have to battle it out against each while lava rises from the whole map!

Check Out The Floor is Lava LTM Here


Drifting LTM

Jump in to the Drifting LTM to get your hands on Fortnite's newest vehicle - the Driftboard! Squad up and zip your way through the map and your enemies to get that Victory Royale.

Check Out the Drifting LTM Here


Trios Limited Time Mode

Teams of 3 battle it out to see which one will come up on top in the Trios limited time mode! Play smart and survive as a team to snatch that Victory Royale!

Check Out the Trios LTM Tips & Guide


Elimination LTM - Siphon

No health or shield pickups? No problem! In this unique game mode, you will need to frag your enemies to heal yourself and gain shield. Arm yourself to the teeth with weapons!

Check Out the Siphon LTM Tips & Guide

Teams of 33

Teams of 33 - LTM : Gameplay Tips & Guides

3 Teams of 33 Players battle it out in the Teams of 33 LTM to find out which team will come out victorious! Work together and wipe the competition to get that team Victory Royale!

Check Out the Teams of 33 LTM Tips & Guide


Fortnite Battle Royale Game Mode

Weapons and items previously vaulted make a comeback in the Unvaulted LTM! Fight your way to be the last man or team standing to win in this game mode.

Check Out the Unvaulted LTM Tips & Guide

Team Rumble

Limited Time Mode Team Rumble

Work in 2 teams of 20 and race to get 100 eliminations in this action-packed Limited Time Mode with player respawn!

Check Out Team Rumble LTM Here


Fortnite Battle Royal Limited Time Mode Blitz

Think and act fast as you survive against enemies and a faster Storm!

Check Out Blitz! LTM Here

Team Terror

Fortnite Battle Royale Limited Time Mode Team Terror

Two teams of 32 take on each other and Cube Monsters to be the last team standing!

Check Out Team Terror LTM Here

Disco Domination

Capture Dance Floors by performing emotes and take down enemies trying to butt in on your performance!

Check Out Disco Domination LTM Here

Close Encounters

Fortnite Close Encounters LTM

Put on your trusty Jetpack and bring out your boomsticks to blow away the competition in The New Close Encounters Game Mode! As the name suggests, only shotguns are available in this game mode along with the Jetpacks.

Check Out The Close Encounters LTM

The Getaway

Fortnite The Getaway LTM

Pull off the perfect heist! Grab a Jewel Llama and make your way to the Getaway Van to escape!

Check Out The Getaway LTM

High Explosive

Fortnite The High Explosive LTM

High damage and dynamic gameplay awaits in the High Explosives game mode! Check out this guide for tips and tricks to win the LTM, including which weapons are available to use.

Check Out The High Explosive LTM

Solid Gold

Fortnite Solid Gold LTM

Only the best weapons and items allowed! Solid Gold pits you against other players and only allows you to use Legendary Weapons and Items!

Check Out The Solid Gold LTM Here

Score Royale

Fortnite Score Royale LTM

Rack up those coins and eliminate your enemies to win in the new Score Royale Limited Time Mode! In this game mode, whoever collects the most points, wins!

Check Out the Score Royale LTM Here

Soaring Modes

Fortnite Soaring Modes LTM

Open up your glider and take to the skies! In Soaring Modes, you can fly whenever you are at 2-story high!

Check Out the Soaring Modes LTM Here

Sniper Shootout

Fortnite Sniper Shootout LTM

Prove you're the best sniper around and make every shot count in Sniper Shootout. In this game mode, you can only find sniper rifles for weapons.

Check Out the Sniper Shootout Guide

Playground Mode

Fortnite Playground Mode

Explore the map solo or party with your Squad in own private island! Playground Mode allows players to explore the map and let their imaginations run wild.

Check Out More Info on Playground Mode!

Solo Showdown

Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM

A more intense version of Solo mode with prizes at stake! Rules change each run, so read up, load up, and get ready to take everyone down!

Check Out Solo Showdown Here

Fly Explosives

Fortnite Fly Explosives LTM

Squad up and put on your jetpacks! Time to prove your aerial superiority as you rain explosives from the sky in Fly Explosives Mode.

Check Out Fly Explosives Mode

Steady Storm

Fortnite Steady Storm LTM

Don't let the storm catch you! In Steady Storms, the storm is relentless and is just as big of an enemy as other players.

Check Out Steady Storm Mode!

50 V 50 Mode

Fortnite 50 V 50 Mode LTM

In 50 v 50 mode, two teams of 50 players will fight it out for dominance until only one team is standing!

Check Out How to Play 50 v 50 Here

Wild West

Fortnite Wild West LTM

In Wild West LTM, your gun-toting skills across a variety of Frontier era weapons will be tested in this limited time mode! Mastering close to mid-range combat is key to achieving victory royale!

Check Out How to Play Wild West LTM Here

How to Change Game Modes

Open the Game Selection Screen

Open the Game Selection Screen

Click on the "Game Mode" button located above the "play" button to see all game modes currently available.

Select the Game Mode

Select the Game Mode

Pick your preferred game mode then click the "Accept" button. You can also choose if you want to find a team with the "Fill Squad" option above it.

Only Party Leaders can Select Game Modes

Only Party Leaders can Select Game Modes

When playing in Duos or Squads, only the party leader is allowed to change the game mode.

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