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Metro Woven Curtains - Natural

Very nice panels

These are exactly as advertised, great price, good width, nice material and look great. I ordered 16 of the 63" length and two 84" length for my sunroom. I needed something not too heavy because we could only accommodate thin pocket rods on the windows. However, they could also use thicker rods as needed for longer and/or multiple panels on larger windows. They are not room darkening (which I knew), but block some light and cold. They will also block some heat in the summer. Washed them, left them damp and ironed them easily. A second wash for a pair that got 'kid hands' on them proved to not need ironing (hung up slightly damp) Also do well with a steamer for the longer panels on the sliding door. Love them!

ProsNice material, true length, good price, wash nicely and look great. Not too heavy so one can use small rpocket ods if your situation requires.


Product Review for: Metro 54"W X 84"L Woven Rod Pocket Panel


Graber Quality is a Natural Fit


  • Lightweight, tightly woven materials offer gentle light control

  • Edge banding is sewn on to provide a more durable, long-lasting solution

Natural Drapes

Natural Drape Product Options

Control Types

Two brilliantly engineered control options ensure easy operation of your drapes for years to come.

Cord Control

Cord Control

A cord and heavy-duty tension pulley are hidden behind the drape.

Wand Control

Wand Control

A slender, durable wand, hidden from view, smoothly opens and closes drapes

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ZAZAP-1 Indoor Shading Natural Hand Woven Reed Curtains,Natural


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Roller blinds have the advantages of ventilation, shading and heat preservation. It also has the function of purifying the air and adjusting the temperature and humidity. It can be used for curtains to block sunlight, and you can see the sunlight through the gaps.

Name: Bamboo blinds
Material: natural reed
Color: Carbonized color
Craft: hand weaving
Working principle: draw rope
quantity: 1
Cleaning method: wipe with dry or damp cloth
Package content: blinds x1, installation accessories

custom made:
Custom scope: width: 50-140cm/20-55in, height 50-300cm/20-118in

External installation: curtain width = window width + 10 cm (4 inches); curtain height = window height + 10 cm
Internal installation: curtain width = window width 1 cm (0.4 inch); curtain height = window height

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Introduction to Natural Woven Shades

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Curtains natural woven

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