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I absolutely love the little snowman Olaf from Disneys Frozen, so I had to try to make him in fondant!


You will need:

1. Styrofoam

2-6. White, black, orange, dark blue and brown fondant

7. Water

8. Cotton

9. Pliers

10. Tylose powder

11. Rolling Pin

12. Brush

13. Shell and Blade Tool

14. Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool

15. Sharp knife

16. Wooden skewer

17. Tiny circle cutter



Take a small piece og white fondant and mix it with a bit of tylose powder. Roll it in to a ball and place it on the table. Use two fingers to to roll back and forth on the top bit of the ball to make it a bit thinner on the top.

Gently press down to flatten the top

Place the little leg on top of a piece of styrofoam and put the wooden skewer through the fondant and in to the styrofoam. Make sure the wooden skewer is secure enough to hold the entire figure. The little legs needs to dry completely before you can put the other parts of Olaf’s body together



Now for the hair and the arms. They need to dry before you can use them so it’s a good idea to do these next.

Mix your brown fondant with a bit of tylose powder. Roll out three small pieces of brown fondant. Take the sharp knife and make a little cut halfway into the fondant. Use your fingers to slightly pinch the edges



The arms are made with the same technique. Roll out two pieces of fondant mixed with tylose and make them slightly thicker in one end. Olaf has four fingers so you make three small cuts with the small knife. One of the cuts has to be a bit one the side, to make his thumb. Slightly pinch and roll the fingers between your own fingers :)



Use the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool to make a few marks in the arms. Let them dry



Take a piece of white fondant for the head. Roll it in to a ball and press it flat.

Use two fingers to pinch 2/3 of the head down into a slightly point. This is were his big smile is going to be



Turn the head and do the same thing to the last 1/3 of the head. Make sure there is room enough for his cheeks



Turn the head to the side and pinch an upper lip with two fingers



Mark the mouth with the small side of the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool. Press the mouth area down with the tool and smooth it out with your finger



Roll out a piece of dark blue fondant. Lay it across the mouth and use your finger to mark the edge of the mouth all the way around



Use the sharp knife to cut out the blue fondant and glue it on with a bit of water



Use the wide side of the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool to mark a little lower lip. Smooth it out with your fingers



Now for the teeth. Roll a small piece of white fondant and flatten it. Press it into a rectangle – it doesn’t have to be symmetrical



Use the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool to create a little hole under the upper lip for the teeth. Glue them on with a bit of water



Use the small end of the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool to create a line across the face. The line has to bend down i little in each corner to mark the cheeks



Roll out the black fondant. Cut out two small round pieces and glue them on the face with a bit of water. Take to pieces og white fondant, roll them at glue these on to. Then take two tiny bits of black fondant, roll them in to small balls and flatten them. Glue them on with water. Be careful with the black fondant on the white surface, as the black colour can come of



Olaf is ready to get some eyebrows



Roll out two pieces of black fondant into tiny balls. Roll them between your fingers into small sausages. Bend them slightly and attach them to his face



Roll a piece of orange fondant into a small ball. Put it into the palm of your hand and use your finger to roll back and forth to create a point. Use the Shell and Blade Tool to make marks in the little carrot



Glue the carrot on with a bit of water



Make a little hole on top of Olafs head with the Flower/Leaf Shaper Tool and put a bit of water in it. Place the head next to a piece cotton and put the three pieces of hair in the little hole. Let it dry for a couple of hours



Now for the lower body part. Take a bigger piece of white fondant, mix it with tylose and roll it into a ball. Do the same as with the little leg. Place it on the table, use your hands to roll the top bit a little smaller and press it down slightly.



Put a bit of water on the wooden skewer. Place the lower body part slightly in and angle over the little leg. Put some cotton under the fondant to support it. Let it dry



When the lower part is dry, do the same with the upper part of the body.

Use the Flower/leaf Shaper Tool to make two small holes of the arms



Put a bit of water in the holes and stick the arms i. Support them with cotton and boxes/bowls or whatever you have that matches the height



Cut the wooden skewer and put a bit of water on top



Place the head on the wooden skewer in an slight angle



Roll out three small balls of black fondant and attach them to the body with water. It doesn’t mater if they are different sizes or slightly uneven as they should resemble small stones



Lastly make the other little leg in the same way as the first one. Glue it on with a bit of water and support it with some cotton until its completely dry



Olaf is ready for summer and new adventures!

Sours: https://www.cakecentral.com/tutorial/42937/olaf-from-frozen

3D Fondant Olaf Cake Topper Tutorial

I made this 3D Olaf cake topper for a Frozen-themed birthday cake and cupcakes. This 3D cake topper was for the cake and I must admit I really enjoyed making this guy in fondant.

3D Olaf cake topper on a light blue round cake decorated with Frozen theme

Though the cake topper looks rather complicated to make particularly with the body not in a straight line, it was really not that difficult to put Olaf together. The key lies in understanding how to structure it so that it can be well supported to stand as a 3D topper on the cake. 

When I made this cake and the Olaf cake topper, it was for a customer. And I did not capture any step by step photos or videos then. So I recreated the 3D fondant Olaf cake topper, solely for the purpose of this tutorial (see the image below). Hence, you might find some variations in this version of Olaf compared to the one I made earlier on (as seen in the complete cake picture above). 

3D Olaf cake topper with its arms stretched out

How to Make 3D Fondant Olaf Cake Topper – Video

Here is a short video tutorial of me making this 3D fondant Olaf cake topper. 

Step by Step Tutorial

These are the main supplies needed:

  • Fondant – I used Satin Ice fondant in white, orange and black . These were the only colors on Olaf besides brown for his stick arms, but since I did not use fondant to make the stick arms, only these 3 colors were required.
  • CMC – Since I was using fondant and not gum paste, I used CMC to help the fondant set firm and hard. Having said that, I only added CMC to the white and orange fondant. It was not necessary for the eyes (black) since the amount used was very little and I did not shape any 3D features with it.
  • Wire – This was what helped Olaf stand up in one piece despite his not so straight body sections. I used gauge 18 floral wire. I also used wire for Olaf’s stick arms. Since it has to be really thin, I used a gauge 30 wire and painted it in brown using Wilton brown food coloring.
  • Food coloring – I used Wilton brown food paste color to paint Olaf’s stick arms that I made using floral wire.
  • Lollipop stick – I used the lollipop stick as a cover for the wire that extends out from the bottom of Olaf. The main purpose was to avoid direct contact of the wire with the cake when the topper is attached to the cake.
  • Fondant shaping tools – I used these to shape Olaf’s mouth.
  • Sugarcraft knife – I used this knife for all the little cuttings I had to do on fondant to make Olaf.
  • Olaf template – I printed this off the internet. The template helped me in making sure my Olaf was is the right proportion of the Disney Olaf.
  • Fondant glue – This was the glue I used to hold Olaf together, including his nose, eyes, buttons, and arms.

And this was how I assembled the topper:

  • Firstly, I prepared my Olaf template. This helped me get Olaf’s body and face in the right proportions. The template was printed off the internet (I found it via a simple image search on Google).

Making the hands

  • Once I had the template ready, I started working on the topper itself. The first step was to form Olaf’s stick hands. I used 2 equal length strips of thin wire for the arms.
  • To make the arms, I folded each wire into half. And then I bent the wire into a zig-zag pattern on both sides such that I could form 2 fingers on both sides, resulting in each arm having 3 fingers. I then painted them in dark brown and left them aside for the paint to dry.
Wire shaped like arms of Olaf painted in brown, on a painting palette.

Body parts

  • After that, I moved on to the fondant. I started by kneading CMC into it. I used about a handful of white fondant to make the entire figurine. For this amount of fondant, I added about ½ tsp of CMC.
  • Next, I divided the fondant to make up Olaf’s face, body, and legs. These were just estimates and I refined them further as I worked on each section of the figurine. 
Olaf's 3 body components on a paper template

Olaf cake topper structure

Olaf’s face

  • I started with the face. I  shaped it into a diamond-like shape but with the top and bottom rounded instead of pointed. 
Shaping Olaf's face
  • Next, I used my fondant tool to mark a smiling mouth for Olaf. I did this by gently pressing in the section that was to form his mouth. 
Shaping Olaf's mouth
Shaping Olaf's mouth
  • And then I rolled some black fondant and cut it out into a triangle with rounded corners. This piece was then attached to the area which was compressed for Olaf’s mouth.  
Shaping Olaf's face
  • And then I added Olaf’s teeth which was rolled white fondant that was cut into a rectangle shape.
Shaping Olaf's face

Olaf’s body and legs

  • Next were the body and legs. The body was very straight forward to make. It’s just 2 pieces of round fondant- one small round on top a larger round fondant ball. And then I pinched another 2 pieces of fondant of equal size, rolled them round, and flattened them slightly to form Olaf’s his feet.
Shaping Olaf's feet

Facial features

  • Next, I moved on to Olaf’s facial features. Using the end of my paint brush, I marked 3 holes on Olaf’s face, 2 for his eyes and one for the nose. 
Using the back of a paint brush to poke a hole on Olaf's face for his nose
  • I formed a tiny orange cone with orange fondant and attached it onto the face with fondant glue. In fact, I made this nose earlier, after forming Olaf’s stick arms as I wanted to give time for the nose to harden. It is easier to attach the nose when it is firm.
Attaching Olaf's nose
  • Similarly for the eyes, I formed 2 tiny small white balls and attached them to his eye sockets. And then I rolled 2 pieces of smaller black fondant balls and attached on the white balls.
Attaching Olaf's eyes
Attaching Olaf's eyes

Assembling Olaf

  • This was followed by the three buttons on his body.
  • I used my template as a close guide in making Olaf so that I get the structure right. Once I had all the components ready, I arranged them flat on my work surface in the way I want Olaf to be structured (which is pretty much the same as my template), and only then did I insert my wire through from the bottom. I brushed my wire with fondant glue before inserting through Olaf and gently applied fondant glue between each section of Olaf so that they all remain in place securely.
Attaching Olaf's face

Assembling Olaf Cake Topper

  • And then, I attached his stick arms. I simply brushed the ends with my fondant glue and poked the arms into Olaf’s body, using my template as guide to position the arms.
Attaching Olaf's arms
  • I also added Olaf’s eye brows with 2 thin strips of rolled black fondant. All these were attached with fondant glue.
Tiny black fondant brows on a piece of white paper
2 tiny round balls in black fondant
Olaf head on a paper template
  • I left Olaf to set in a horizontal position overnight. Only when he was completely set did I set him in an upright position so that all the parts do not lose shape due to weight and compression effect. 
Olaf topper lying flat on a paper template

And that was it. My 3D fondant Olaf cake topper was ready.

Olaf topper
Olaf topper

To avoid direct contact of the topper wire to my cake, I inserted it to a lollipop stick before poking it though my cake.

I hope these tutorial is helpful for you in making your own 3D fondant Olaf cake topper. 

Thank you for reading and happy decorating 🙂

Sours: https://decoratedtreats.com/3d-fondant-olaf-cake-topper-tutorial.html
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Introduction: Frozen Olaf Cake Topper

Gee, who hasn't gotten on the Frozen band wagon?!?! I might of... :D

Here's what you will need to make this little guy (use however much sugarpaste you need depending on the size you want to make):

  • White sugarpaste
  • Black sugarpaste
  • Orange sugarpaste
  • Edible glue or vodka or water
  • Thin paintbrush
  • Balling tool
  • Scalpel or sharp blade
  • A toothpick (this is inserted through the body to hold the pieces together. If you're making a larger on you can use a wooden skewer or even wire).
  • Fine gauge wire (for the arms)
  • A foam round to stand him on to dry

Step 1: Making the Body

  • Roll your sugarpaste into the desired shapes - as you can see, if you lay them out you can get a feel of the proportions and sizes.
  • Allow the pieces to dry a little.

Step 2: Make the Face

  • Grab the piece of sugarpaste you're using for the head and use your balling tool to shape the mouth, cheeks, eye sockets and nose.
  • Roll out some thin black sugarpaste and cut a section for the mouth then glue in place. Cut a small rectangle for the teeth and stick in place.
  • Roll out a thin sausage of black for the eyebrows and the part above the eyes. and stick in place.
  • Make 2 white balls for the eyes and smaller balls for the pupils and stick into the sockets.
  • Make his carrot nose by rolling a cone shape, bend it in sections and make lines down the top, then stick in place.

Step 3: Stick 'hair and Arms'

  • For the arms: cut your fine gauge wire into small pieces, roll out your black sugarpaste into sausages with balls on the end. Carefully stick your wire through the arms then use your scalpel to cut the hands out (note: Olaf's 'thumb' isn't with the rest of his hand and a little more on his wrist!).
  • Use the back of the scalpel to make his arms look woody and uneven.
  • For the hair: roll out some very thin black sugarpaste and cut tiny slits so you can bend it open (so it looks like sticks).

Step 4: Put the Body Together

As you have allowed the body to dry, this step will be easier (if the sugarpaste is too soft it will flop and squish the bottom pieces!

You want Olaf to look like he's standing on one foot so here's what you need to do:

  • Stick your toothpick into the foam round and one by one, gluing as you go, stack your pieces starting with the bottom foot, then through the larger body piece on and angle, then the smaller body piece, then on an angle through the head.
  • Glue the other foot to the side and if it wont stay in place, roll a piece of white sugarpaste to 'hold' the other foot while it adheres.
  • Make the coal buttons, so they look like chunky coal, not perfect balls.

Step 5: Stick the Arms and Hair on

  • Stick the arms into the upper body piece.
  • Stick the hair in place by making 3 little holes on top of his head and gluing them in.

Step 6: And You Are Done!

One gravity defying (looking) Olaf :D

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Frozen-Olaf-Cake-Topper/

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