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Sfw Only — [A/N: This is an Agere/Little Space request I...

[A/N: This is an Agere/Little Space request I received a while ago from @your-imaginary-barista

My requests are closed now. I'm just finishing off the old ones I got before. If you have something against Little Space/Age Regression, keep it to yourself and move on. Thanks.

Slight trigger warning, as there are various injuries mentioned in this post. Hoseok's part also has a depiction of a panic attack.

Also, I'm not a little, so sorry if this is inacurate or something and this post ended up being super long.]


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-When JK is little, he tends to forget just how strong and physically big he is.

-Usually, as his caregiver, you try your best to just deal with it somehow. You would hate to call attention to it. Being little is Jungkook's only outlet, after all. You don't want him to have to worry or hold back when he's in his headspace.

-That's your job, not his.

-So, whether it be grinning and bearing the pain whenever little Koo accidentally steps on your foot, or just trying your best to swiftly dodge the clumsy, big baby; you usually manage.

-Of course, it's impossible to always come out unscathed, though.

-And today was one of those days.

-Today, little Koo was extra hyper, running around, knocking down everything by accident.

-No matter how much you told him off, it seemed he just had far too much energy in him.

-He tried to sit still, really, he did.

-But then his favorite song started playing on TV and the cookies you guys were preparing just got done baking in the oven.

-Little Koo just HAD to move for those!

-To your dismay, it happened when you were bringing the tray of cookies out of the oven.

-Koo came stumbling into the kitchen, dancing cutely, when he nearly slammed into the hot tray in your hands!

-To save him, you flipped the tray away from him in a last-ditch effort, inevitably bringing the tray closer to yourself.

-Such a move resulted with you dropping a few piping hot cookies right onto your face, and accidentally burning parts of your stomach and arms with the hot tray pressing directly onto them.

-It only took a second before Koo was bawling his eyes out and acting as if you had died. (It certainly hurt, but you were fine.)

-Despite reassuring him countless times, it dawned on you that the incident had scarred the poor little quite a bit, because he couldn't seem to leave his headspace.

-Usually, JK is little for about 5-8 hours.

-However, he had surpassed that today, hitting 10 hours in his headspace, and showing no signs of leaving it anytime soon. This had never occured before, and it baffled and slightly stressed the both of you out.

-Not to mention, he seemed to be regressing further, which was also rare.

-By midnight, Koo was in baby space, and you were in low-key panic mode.

-It took a lot of struggling to try to get him to go to bed (and failing) when you finally realized what was affecting Koo so greatly.

-The burn marks on your body (especially on your face.) Seeing those were a constant reminder to the poor little that he hurt you, that he caused all of them.

-You came up with a simple plan, then. The moment you got Koo distracted with watching a kids show that you set up online, you made a mad dash for the restroom and quickly covered all your wounds up using concealers and whatnot.

-When you returned, Koo's eyes widened as he noticed you.

-You smiled at him, and he smiled back.

-It wasn't long until he blissfully fell asleep afterwards.


-It was no accident, that's for sure.

-As angelic as Jimin is when he's big; he's an absolute brat when he's little.

-And so you often-times find yourself scolding this mochi and coming up with "punishments" (like no candy for an hour) to teach him a lesson.

-Depending on his mood and his headspace, however, there are certain times when little Chim fights back and refuses his so-called punishments.

-Such times consist of a lot of yelling (more on his part than yours) and usually a truckload of crocodile tears (again, his part.)

-This brat loved testing his limits with you.

-Knowing how he is when he's big (how he never ever acts up), it makes perfect sense. Little Chim is the embodiment of Jimin's unshed emotions. That much had been clear to you since you first became his caregiver.

-And so you try your best to keep the punishments kind of lame and to, ultimately, allow Chim to be a little out of control for his own sake.

-All that pent up frustration and energy has to be spent, after all.

-Maybe you became a bit too lenient, though, because suddenly, there you were with a bleeding hand after Chim clawed you (what is he, a cat?!) because he refused to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

-You were about to scold him a bit harshly, when you noticed how shocked and scared he looked.

-It seemed even he hadn't expected his little temper tantrum would draw blood.

-To your surprise, little Chim almost acted as if HE was the one who got clawed, not you.

-Had he been big, you'd have probably gotten a little ticked off at that point, but considering the fact that he remained little despite it all, it was clear you had to be more cautious and gentle.

-Easier said than done, because your hand was dripping blood all over the place, though.

-In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea to leave Chim alone, crying in his room as you rushed over to the restroom to treat your wound, but -as mentioned above- you were bleeding quite a lot. The wound needed to be bandaged.

-By the time you got back to Chim, the poor thing was a sobbing mess of apologies and snot.

-It took five greuling hours of playtime between the two of you before you managed to finally prove that you were fine and that your forgave him and that everything's good between the two of you.

-The punishment would have to wait. (More or less, it'll just be no candy again, lmao.) It seems he learned his lesson, anyway.


-It's because he was too clumsy.

-As he always is, really. Whether he's big or little, this dude is always a clumsy hot mess.

-However, when he's little, he's impossibly clumsier.

-Joon tends to be very little when he's in his headspace, stumbling around like a toddler who just learned how to walk.

-You usually have to help him get to and from places by constantly holding his hands and waist.

-Ironically, he's very sensitive to loud noises and sudden movements when little.

-Of course, even when little, Namjoon is still physically stronger and larger than you are.

-So, if he suddenly loses his balance while you're holding him, chances are you'll just end up falling with him, instead of being able to stop him.

-That's exactly what happens all the time, but you're very experienced with it.

-You're used to padding the house up and keeping breakable objects in the closet when Joon is little, so that any fall is just soft, quiet, and safe.

-You're only human, though, and human's aren't perfect.

-Today, you forgot to hide the huge lamp in Namjoon's room.

-It must've been quite the sight to behold, had there been a third person watching the scene unfold.

-Joon was toddling into the room kinda fast (he was feeling pretty hyper today), with you tailing behind, holding his hand, when he tripped and bumped into the drawer where the lamp was standing.

-From there on out, things were a blur. All you knew was that you saw the lamp tipping over (and simultaneously realized that you forgot to hide it), then you shoved Joon aside and probably(?) shielded him out of pure instinct.

-That's what you figured happened, because before you knew it, there was broken bits of glass from both the lightbulb and the lamp all over you ...

-And more importantly, Joon was bawling underneath you.

-By some miracle, to your relief, only you got cut by the jagged, broken pieces of glass.

-Joon didn't seem to be as relieved by that as you were, however, hysterically pointing at all your cuts with wide eyes.

-It took a lot of work to get him out of the room unscathed, and to get him to calm down a bit.

-Before said incident, the two of you agreed that Namjoon would be in his headspace for only 5 hours because he still had work to do, but clearly, that wasn't going to happen anymore.

-With that, you had to make important calls for him, informing (or rather, lying to) collegues that Namjoon had fallen ill and whatnot.

-You tried just about everything after you managed to dress your wounds.

-You tried playing Joon's favorite tv show, gave him his favorite snacks, showered him with toys and games you usually wouldn't all take out and play in just one day, but it was no use.

-The incident really upset Joon.

-You were at wit's end when it hit you that there was still one more thing you hadn't tried.

-A warm bottle of milk, something little Joon usually doesn't like.

-Today was different, however.

-It took some coaxing to get him to relax and drink out of the bottle, but once you did, it was obvious that it was helping a lot, because Joon's eyes grew droopy as his whole body relaxed on the rocking chair you guys were sitting on.

-To your relief, the little was soon fast asleep before he even got to finish drinking all the milk.


-This guy is just way too hyper when he's little.

-You always find yourself constantly reminding him to lower his voice and to stop dashing around the house because he might hurt himself by accident.

-How ironic that it was you who ended up getting hurt today, though.

-It was nothing dramatic, really.

-Well, the injury wasn't.

-The incident, however ... little Hobie took that in a very dramatic matter.

-So, he was pretending to be The Flash today (for those of you who don't know what tf that is, The Flash is a DC Superhero who can run very fast.)

-Just that piece of knowledge should be enough to clue you into how hyper and destructive little Hobie was being.

-You were just about to think: "What a miracle that he hasn't broken anything-" when wouldn't you know it?

-Suddenly, little flash Hobie was zooming by you, and SLAM!

-There goes your toes, stomped on by an adorable man baby.

-It took everything in you to not curse, crumpling down to the floor in pain.

-Your toes. They're broken. 2 ... no, 3? Whatever, it doesn't really make a difference. Point is, Hobie accidentally stomped on them and so, they're broken.

-It was only after you got ahold of yourself that you realized Hobie was extra quiet.

-Looking over to the little, you noticed him curled up into a ball on the floor, shaking and wheezing.

-It was a panic attack of all things!

-This was the first time this has ever happened to you guys, and so you were absolutely lost on what to do.

-Of course, you've heard of how panic attacks work, and how you should go about it, but reading about these things, and actually dealing with them are two very different things.

-On top of that, your toes were still broken.

-So it was in a really clumsy and unprofessional way that you found yourself trying to calm the little down, and get him to breathe properly again.

-Thankfully, after a grueling half-hour, you finally got the little to breath and look at you.

-You once read somewhere before that asking littles what's wrong only stresses them out more, and it was pretty clear what caused Hobie's panic attack, so you merely sighed in relief and -while sucking up the pain of having broken toes- you told the little one thing:

-"It's okay. It's all okay."

-He cheered up lots when you offered to let him doodle on the cast you later ended up getting on your foot.



-Of course.

-What else would be the root of all this?

-He was hungry and the food was taking too long to cook. It's always taking too long for impatient little Jinnie.

-When Seokjin's in his big headspace, he can feign patience and a mature calmness, but when he's little, that all goes out the window.

-Jinnie is usually around the age of 6 when he slips, making him rather capable of himself and things physically, but also bad at making the right decisions and keeping his emotions in check.

-Being made to wait, especially for food, has always been a major struggle for the little.

-You've been trying to fix the issue, but so far, no luck there.

-The best you can do is keep Jinnie occupied for a bit while you rush to prepare the food.

-Today, however, you made the mistake of mentioning what your guys' lunch was going to be beforehand.

-It was fried chicken, which is one of Seokjin's most favorite foods, whether he's little or big.

-The thing was, you had to fry it first.

-Of course, Jinnie didn't want to wait for that, he just wanted to eat it NOW.

-Knowing he'd bother you and make things take even longer, you sent him to play in his room, promising him that the food would be ready soon.

-It was when you were setting the table, that Jinnie secretly snuck out and slithered into the kitchen.

-Without you knowing, he went over to the frying chicken. To his little mind, the higher the heat, the faster things would cook, and so he turned the heat up.

-Knowing you'd be angry if you caught him in the kitchen, he hurried back to his room before you saw him.

-That was when the incident occured.

-With the heat on high, the hot oil in the pan ended up bouncing around more, a lot of it, flying out of the pan.

-You were right on time, completely on the receiving end of all of it as you returned.

-Your face, especially, took on a lot of hot oil.

-Of course, Jinnie rushed out when he heard you scream. One look and he knew it was his fault.

-His little heart couldn't stand that fact, resulting in him slipping even further to escape it.

-You vaguely registered his screams behind your own, until he outdid you, going into a full-on meltdown on the floor.

-Not that he was crying that way because it was his fault, you were left to worry about him, lost on what to do.

-You barely even felt pain for yourself anymore, you just prioritized comforting Jinnie, who kept babbling about how he was a "bad boy" and didn't deserve chicken anymore.

-It took a long while for you to realize that he was the culprit behind the incident, but by then it didn't even matter anymore.

-You just wanted Jinnie to cheer up.

-Seeing as how you guys weren't in any shape to continue cooking, and the chicken ended up being burnt anyway, you decided to order some, instead.

-Of course, no matter how upset Jinnie was, food always cheered him up, and today was no different.

-Once you fed him some chicken, he started feeling better, and so did you.


-Who said it would be a good idea to take care of a little AND his dog, Yeontan at the SAME TIME?

-It can't be you, can it?

-No way.

-Definitely not.

-To encourage having a hyper dog and a Little both running around the beach ... WHAT ARE YOU, NUTS?!

-You deserved what happened, that's for sure.

-Well, in your defense, you brought them to the beach, so that they can fall over and roll around without hurting themselves because the sand's soft and all, but you miscalculated one thing:

-Lots of stuff can be hidden in the sand.

-Like a crab, for example.

-So, yeah. One minute there you were watching Yeontan and Tae Tae running around on the sand while you chilled on a towel, underneath the shade of a wide umbrella, when suddenly--

-Yeontan dug up a crab, and before you could even open your mouth, Tae Tae has picked it up without a care in the world!

-One mad dash later, and somehow, the crab's pincers are cutting deep into your fingers after you quickly yanked the creature away from Tae Tae.

-To make matters worse, the Little panicked at the sight and thought trying to yank the crab back would help (it didn't.)

-And if course, all that panicking scared Yeontan into a frenzy, which sent you and Tae Tae into even more panick.

-It must've actually been a funny scene, had you not been a part of it.

-For a good, 30 minutes, all of you just kept shouting/barking, crying, and struggling to get the crab to stop hurting you.

-It wasn't until you decided to throw yourself into the ocean, that the crab finally let go.

-That was a whole new world of pain, however, because the ocean's salt water stung your wounds like heck.

-By the time you got out, looking like a wet mop, Tae Tae and Yeontan had gone into a state of trauma. They were sitting in the sand, whining and whimpering, refusing to look at you.

-Of course, the three of you had to go to the nearest clinic to get your hand treated.

-Both Tae Tae and Yeontan were absolutely silent throughout all of it, with the Little still crying, big beads of tears bubbling in his eyes.

-Tbh, it was cute, though.

-And so, you all decided to have crab for dinner as a way of getting revenge, and Tae Tae and Yeontan learned to never mess with a living crab ever again.


-Here's another one that totally did it on purpose.

-This little guy is another bratty fellow.

-However, unlike Chim, little Yoon is a lot less obvious and more schemey.

-He's not a full-blown, straight up brat.

-He's a quiet, pretending to be an angel kind of brat.

-Which is hard to deal with, because you never quite know what he's up to.

-A lot of mishaps has occured where it seemed like Yoon was being absolutely well-behaved, but no. You were wrong, because suddenly, there's a huge drawing (made with permanent marker!!) of Holly on the wall.

-Or there's vegetables under the couch.

-Or there's an accident he tried to hide in one of his toys (because he'd rather be stubborn and disgusting and not leave his playmat for a few minutes to go to the restroom.)

-Or ... Yeah, you get the picture.

-This mishap wasn't any different ... just Yoon being a cute brat again.

-He wanted to prank you.

-However, it was clear he hadn't calculated just how bad his prank could end up being.

-The terrified, shocked look on his face was enough to tell you that.

-A bucket of water on top of the door. A classic. Harmless, as depicted in movies and tv ...

-Or not.

-When you opened the door, instead of getting splashed with water, all that happened was that the water poured all over you feet.

-Meanwhile, the heavy bucket hit you square on the forehead, instantly creating a pretty big gash.

-Naturally, you fell over shouting.

-Being the little that he is, Yoon took that badly and figured he had hurt you beyond repair, or something.

-Usually, once you start scolding the little guy about anything, he slowly shifts back to his big self. You never really understood why that is. Maybe it's the guilt that forces him back into his headspace.

-Either way, that's how things usually play out.

-Not today, though.

-To your surprise, not only did Yoon stay little; he even slipped further into baby space.

-It hit you that he seemed to be especially guilty and scared of what he did this time around, because he was refusing to face things, preferring to go into non-verbal state.

-Such a thing has never happened before.

-Lost, you decided to tend to your wound and give Yoon some space, leaving him on his playmat.

-The moment you came back with a huge bandage on your forehead, Yoon wordlessly stumbled over and hugged you.

-No matter how much you told him you were okay and that everything was fine, he wouldn't stop hugging you.

-You both ended up falling asleep on the couch that way.



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Anonymous asked: I reallyyyyyy loved your little space one so could you do one where it’s like 3am and yoongi finds little hoseok in front of the toilet scared to throw up but yoongi comforts him through it? thank u luv💓

ahhhh such a cute request! I’m sorry this took so long (as I always am) but I hope that you enjoy this! Sorry in advance for the excessive pet name usage

Little Blues

Word Count: 1800

TW: Emeto, lots of crying (not a warning but just a Warning)

Yoongi wakes comfortably, rolling over and tangling himself up in the duvet. For a moment, he thinks it must be morning, he feels so rested, but one squint at the window affirms that it’s still quite dark out. His phone blinks up at him, the time being about 4 in the morning, if Yoongi is reading right. Regardless, much earlier than he should be awake, especially on tour. In fact, he’s so awake that he sits up, rubbing his eyes and cursing the invalidated anxiety constricting his chest. It makes no sense, so he resigns himself to getting up and pouring a glass of water to ease his racing heart. Sometimes a stress dream can leave you awake with a stomach full of panic, even if you don’t remember it. That happens to Yoongi often, unfortunately, but a few minutes awake usually quells it. 

It’s only when he strides all the way to the door of his bedroom that he realises something else is wrong. He’d neglected to notice that Hoseok wasn’t in bed with him when he woke up, and that there’s muffled crying coming from behind the washroom door. The panic from Yoongi’s dream that had begun to recede triples, his stomach dropping as he rushes towards the door. 

“Hobi-yah?” he hisses, knocking gently as to not wake any of the other members sleeping in nearby rooms. But after Yoongi’s words, the crying behind the door intensifies, leaving Yoongi with what he feels is not choice but to turn the knob, checking out the scene for himself. 

Inside, Hoseok kneels in front of the toilet, his cheek smushed cutely, albeit disgustingly, against the toilet seat. Both arms are wrapped tightly around his middle, fingers curling as he shakes with tears. 

“Hyung,” he croaks, a broken whimper, and Yoongi knows that tone of voice. In a flash, he squats in front of Hoseok, one arm reaching to push the hair from his eyes while the other hovers somewhat awkwardly over his back. 

“Oh, baby, you’re not feeling so good, huh?” Yoongi coos, tugging gently at Hoseok’s hand to coax him over. He doesn’t know if Hoseok has thrown up yet, but Yoongi is sure he’d rather but cuddling than hunched over the toilet. 

“My tummy,” Hoseok whimpers, tears flooding his eyes as he looks up. His face is pale as a ghost, a greyish tint showing through what a few hours ago was his tan. Yoongi tsks, sympathetic. 

“Your tummy hurts, baby?” he asks. Hoseok nods, a little cry finding its way from him. “Come here then, Hyung is here now.” 

Hoseok reaches out immediately, hands clinging hard to Yoongi’s back while he stuffs his face in Yoongi’s chest. His stomach is gurgling unhappily and audibly, the only sound resonating against the tiled walls of the washroom, other than Hoseok’s ragged breathing. 

“Buggy,” Yoongi tries after listening to Hoseok whimper and whine to himself for a moment. “Can you tell me how old you are?” 

Hoseok moans negatively, squirming so his entire self is curled up in Yoongi’s lap. After a silent minute, he shakily holds up four fingers. Yoongi mentally takes note and sighs. Hoseok in little space is a time that normally Yoongi appreciates to no end. There aren’t many other times when Hoseok hangs off his every word like Yoongi is some sort of massively cool, TV show older brother. He also isn’t often so needed, in the way that Little Hoseok gives him. Over time, he’s found that he enjoys how Hoseok just needs Yoongi for even small tasks. He has come to relish in the feeling of Hoseok nestling up to his side or demanding his presence even for just the little things, even when he’s crying and upset. Even now, when he’s sick, Yoongi’s heart still feels full. 

“Do you think you’re gonna be sick?” Yoongi asks gently, slipping a hand under Hoseok’s shirt to rub the skin on his back. Hoseok shakes his head, hiccuping with a cry. 

“Don’t wanna,” he mumbles, twisting around to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s neck. His skin is clammy, hot with fever, and Yoongi grunts, pressing his hand to various parts of Hoseok’s skin to try and evaluate how bad the situation is. 

“I know you don’t want to, but does your tummy feel like it wants to?” he questions, which only brings out more tears from Hoseok. It’s like every question he asks is a blow, and he finds himself carding his fingers comfortingly through Hoseok’s hair in lieu of getting an answer. “You were in front of the toilet, did you think you were gonna throw up?” 

Through his tears, Hoseok manages to nod, again wrapping his arms around his stomach and folding into a ball against Yoongi’s chest. Heart clenching, Yoongi squeezes at the base of Hoseok’s neck. He’s now shivering and hiccuping routinely, a sure sign that he’s going to end up in some way messy, but if he’s scared, he’ll hold back as much as possible. 

“You’re gonna feel a lot better once you throw up, I think,” says Yoongi carefully, slowing coaxing Hoseok into a sitting position. But Hoseok resists, wailing as and scrambling to cling to Yoongi. 

“It’s gonna hurt, I don’t wanna throw up it’s gonna hurt!” Hoseok bawls, collapsing into a shaking heap on Yoongi’s thighs. 

“It’s not going to hurt as much as you think, baby,” Yoongi assures him. “Your tummy is probably feeling much worse now than it will when you puke.” 

Hoseok just eyes him and cries in response. He’s overwhelmed, that much is evident. Hoseok doesn’t take sickness well normally, but regressed, it’s simply too much for him to handle. The nausea coupled with the fever has him not only in pain, but overtired and confused as well. Yoongi curses whichever member (unknowingly) passed this virus to Hoseok, and resumes rubbing a comforting hand up and down his arms. 

It hurts!” Hoseok weeps, crumpling onto Yoongi and squirming restlessly. Yoongi just sighs, not quite knowing what to do next. 

“I know it does, baby, hyung knows,” he says, his last ditch effort that he knows Hoseok appreciates. Hoseok doesn’t reply, laying still in Yoongi’s lap, crying quietly. Yoongi feels fatigue setting in as he gently plays with Hoseok’s hair, and thinks fleetingly that maybe Hoseok’s stomachache will pass and they’ll be able to head back to bed soon. 

No such luck. Out of nowhere, Hoseok shoots up into a sitting position, his eyes wide and jaw set. Yoongi watches carefully, about to ask Hoseok if he feels okay, when Hoseok springs forward with a gag directed right at Yoongi. In a panic, Yoongi spins him around and all but pushes him towards the toilet. Now clutching the toilet seat with both hands, Hoseok gives another gag, but nothing comes up. 

“Good job, baby, you’re doing so well,” Yoongi assures, scrambling to sit beside Hoseok. 

Hoseok cries wetly, leaning over with the force of his dry heaving. He’s at this point definitely straining to throw up, but it looks to be that perhaps his stomach isn’t ready. Yoongi tuts in sympathy, kneading Hoseok’s shoulders. 

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.” 

Hoseok sputters with a sob, leaning forwards until his face is properly in the toilet. Yoongi yanks him back, instantly regretting what might have been a bit of a harsh move, but he also doesn’t want Hoseok accidentally getting his face with with toilet water. 

A few more unfruitful heaves, and Hoseok can barely catch his breath, sobbing miserably. Yoongi can do nothing but continue to rub his back, wipe the tears from his cheeks, and murmur words of encouragement. He reckons he hates seeing Hoseok sick just as much as Hoseok hates being sick, and wishes for both of their sake that his nausea will die down or he’ll throw up and feel better. 

He gets his wish, but it’s no less painful to watch, as Hoseok suddenly jerks with a gag and vomit sprays from his mouth. Yoongi starts into action, sitting up straighter and waiting for Hoseok to choke out what he needs from Yoongi. 

Instead, he chokes out more sick, his entire frame shaking like a leaf, his knuckles white as he desperately tries to reign himself in. At one point, he physically turns to tell Yoongi something, and ends up hiccuping throw up down his t shirt, which of course prompts him to sob even harder than he had been previously. 

But luckily, the actual throwing up doesn’t last too long. Yoongi figures Hoseok hadn’t eaten that much throughout the day, feeling queasy and simply neglecting to tell anyone. Hoseok in his normal state has a terrible tendency to keep his issues and ailments to himself. Little Hoseok, however, has no problem letting everyone in potential hearing range where and what hurts. 

And that, Yoongi is grateful for as Hoseok feebly climbs back into his arms, evidently finished. He’s calmed down, only a little teary still, the occasional tinkling cry escaping him. But Yoongi can tell he still doesn’t feel good, as his skin remains hot with fever, his arms wrapped protectively around his abused stomach. It’s Yoongi’s job now to get him as comfortable as possible. 

“C’mon, baby,” he says quietly. “Let’s get you in some new pyjamas and in bed, how does that sound?” 

“Tummy hurts,” Hoseok mumbles, unmoving from where he’s curled up. Yoongi hums, petting back Hoseok’s fringe. 

“Your tummy still hurts? Do you think you’re gonna throw up again?” 

Hoseok shakes his head, looking up at Yoongi with round, heavy lidded eyes. He’s waiting for Yoongi to determine what’s going to happen next, too exhausted to figure out on his own. 

“Well, that’s good, your tummy is probably just sore from getting sick. Don’t worry, it’ll settle down,” Yoongi explains, trying to hoist Hoseok up. “Don’t you wanna get out of those dirty clothes? You’re gonna feel a lot better warm in bed with hyung than staying here, right?” 

Hoseok thinks for a moment and nods, standing with Yoongi’s help. They successfully manage to get him changed (Yoongi tosses the dirty clothes in the tub, he’ll deal with them later) and settle back into bed, snuggled under the blankets, a cool cloth situated on Hoseok’s forehead for good measure. 

“Hyung,” Hoseok whines, his breath tickling Yoongi’s collarbone. 

“Hmm?” Yoongi answers. As attentive as he’s trying to be, he’s nearly asleep. 

“Sore,” says Hoseok shortly. He directs Yoongi’s hand to his abdomen. Yoongi smiles through the dark, endeared. 

“You want Hyung to rub your tummy?” 

“Yeah,” Hoseok replies bluntly, wiggling closer so Yoongi has a better angle to do so. And so Yoongi does, the rhythmic, comforting motion of rubbing Hoseok’s belly lulling the two of them back to sleep.

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Requests Open — BTS Reactions: GenderNeutral!S/O in Little Space

Request: Yes anon + @itscalledgayhoney (I combined more than one request because they were pretty much the same)


Disclaimer: Nothing I write involving little space is in the sexual context, instead it is always referring to the psychological coping mechanism of age-regression due to personal reasons. I do NOT write NSFW content on this page.



After a long day at work, Namjoon came home. It was pretty late and you were usually asleep by now. But there you were, in all your adorable glory - watching that cartoon you loved and munching on some trail mix. He chuckled and came to sit next to you on the couch, an arm around you. “Did you have a good day?” After listening to you ramble on cutely about work, he wiped some crumbs off of your lips and kissed your forehead. “Let’s go to sleep.”



You had coloring pages everywhere, having gently taken them out of your coloring book and leaving them everywhere. “Hey.” He laughed as you colored intensely, focusing on staying inside the lines. “I love your work, baby, but maybe you should keep all your finished pages in one place?”



He watched you as you danced, eagerly awaiting your pizza rolls to come out of the oven. Your words were slurred as you asked him for help taking them out, some of the consonants melting together as your pronunciation became more childlike. Yoongi cooed and took the pizza rolls ut for you. “Careful, it’s still hot. Wait a few minutes before you can eat them, okay?”



The two of you were building a 3-D puzzle together and Hoseok kept giving you gentle instructions but you seemed so confused by everything. “If it’s too hard for right now, we can do it later.” He suggested. “We can do a flat puzzle until you’re in the head-space for something more difficult.”



Jimin couldn’t help but break into giggles of adoration. He had taken you out for a hotpot date today and you were having the time of your life; making silly puns about everything you could think of. Most of your puns came out in very childish pronunciation, causing Jimin to absolutely lose it.



Taehyung had convinced the guys to come to hang out and play games with you since most of the games you kept mentioning required more than two people. Freeze tag was in full swing when Hoseok tagged you. You screamed dramatically, causing everyone to jump. Taehyung started laughing, finding your childlike reactions adorable. Even when you were throwing a slight tantrum, it was still cute.



Trying to decide what to have for dinner wasn’t normally a struggle for you two but all of Jungkook’s suggestions were being shut down instantly. “What? What do you want?” He laughed, already knowing what direction this was heading in. You didn’t answer, holding up your phone instead, showing him the logo. “McDonald’s? Okay, okay. We can have McDonald’s. But if your tummy gets upset, just remember I told you so.” He kissed your forehead and

when Mafia king accidentally stabbed a little space girl (1/2) -K.Th ff-

Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

"Tae discovers he is a little and doesn't want to be a burden and hides it. He hurts himself really badly trying to force himself to stop. He is found laying injured and unconscious on the floor by the others. They panic. He wakes up deep in little space. They are suprised but love him, accept him, and heal him."

"Could you do one where someone gets hurt? [...] But do you think you could make RM have to do leader thing but also manage the situation with empathy after tae gets hurt? Like be the main one taking initiative and taking care of tae?"

"Do you think you could do another with V? Maybe one where he gets injured or smthing? But at the same time keep it cute?"

"Do you think you could do some with Tae centric angst? Idk maybe like embarrassment? Or maybe he gets injured or something and everyone panics?"


Space bts little

Moonlight — BTS Reaction to you having a bad day and slipping...

Requested - SFW

Anon: could you write a bts reaction (sfw) to you having a really bad day and they come home just to you instantly slip into little space? please!

A/n: I hope you like it love! This was so cute to write.



He heard the front door open and expected to hear your voice greeting him—instead he heard soft crying. “Y/n? Are you okay?” He left the kitchen and turned down the hall to see you standing in front of the door rubbing your eyes and crying. “Daddy…I had a bad day.” More tears flowed as Jin realized you slipped into little space.

“Oh baby, don’t cry tell daddy what happened…” he engulfed you in a hug and pressed kisses to the top of your head as you cried into his chest. “People were mean to me…” you cried harder and Kin scooped you up bringing to to your shared room.

“Tell daddy what happened today baby, and I’ll make it better.” He sat you down on the bed and began to rummage through your closet to find more suitable clothes now that you were in little space. “They told me to do this paper thingy, and the printer machine broke and the yelled at me for not having it in on time. And then I had to go get everyone that’s gross stuff you like (coffee) and on my way back someone pushed into me and it all spilled.” A fresh wave of tears poured out and Jin turned back to hug you tightly.

“Hey it’s okay baby, I’ll go with you tomorrow and talk to those meanies that made you cry.” This seemed to cheer you up a bit. Jin has es you your favorite teddy bear and helped you undress so he could put softer clothes on you.

“Everything is alright baby, don’t worry.”


Originally posted by missbaptan


You walked through the door—today had been more that rough. Nothing seemed to go right and you were more than ready to cry. You stumbled to the living room to see Yoongi on the couch—laptop on his lap and headphones on his head. The sight of him alone made you slip into little space, wanting nothing more than the comfort he could offer you.

“Daddy?” Tears began to well in your eyes before overflowing. He looked up noticing your presence out of the corner of his eye before his face contorted in concern. “Baby? What’s wrong?” He put his laptop on the table and slipped off his headphone before walking to you. “Daddy…I had a bad day.” You let out a sob and he engulfed you in a hug.

“It’s okay baby, daddy is here. Let’s go get you in some comfy clothes yeah?” You shook your head “I want bath time.” He nodded his head and took your hand— leading you down the hall towards the bathroom. He sat you up on the counter and began running the water for your bath. “What bubbles do you want baby?” You sniffled and looked about the collection you had.

“Mint daddy.” Yoongi smiled and grabbed the mint scented bubble bath and poured some in. The room heated due to the warm water and a minty scent tingled your skin—relaxing you immensely. “Alright baby lets get you in.” Yoongi helped undress you and held your hand so you wouldn’t slip and you sunk into the bath. “Toys?” Yoongi smiles and grabs a few toys you loved to play with in the bath.

“Daddy stay with me right?” He nodded softly and wiped a stray tear of your cheek. “Of course daddy will stay with you.”


Originally posted by dragonisonhorror


The last thing Hoseok expected was to see you burst into your shared home in tears. “Y/n what happened!” You wailed loudly as he ran over to see what was wrong. “Daddy…” you sobbed out which made him even more worried. “Baby what happened? Tell daddy what’s wrong?”

“People were mean to me daddy, they yelled at me.” Again you burst into tears and he wrapped you in a tight hug. “It’s alright baby—no one is ever gonna hell at you again, daddy will make sure of it.” This seemed to calm you down enough that Hoseok could walk you to the kitchen.

“Sit down baby, daddy will make you a snack okay? Will that make you feel better?” You nodded while rubbing the tears from your eyes. “Daddy can I sweets for a snack?” Hoseok smiled brightly “of course you can baby—anything you want.” You giggled softly already feeling better as you watch Hoseok dance about the kitchen grabbing you favorite cookies and sippy cup.

“Milk or juice babycakes?” You pondered for a moment before requesting both. “Both? Ahh so apple juice in your sippy cup and milk for your cookies?” You nodded—already forget about the bad day you had. He placed the three items in front of you and took the seat opposite to you.

“You can always come to me when you need comfort baby, I’ll cheer you right up.”


Originally posted by aestheticvbts


It was about the time you usually appeared back him and Namjoon waited happily to greet you when you did. However he wasn’t expecting you to walk through the door crying. “Y/n! What happened?” Concern laced every word as he walked over to you. “Daddy…” was all you could manage before sobbing.

“Daddy is right here princess! What’s wrong? Did something happen? Did someone hurt you?” You cried harder—nodding your head. “What happens princess tell daddy and he’ll make it better. He rubbed soothing circles on your back and hugged you to his chest. “Had a bad day daddy. Nothing went right—and I got y…yelled at.” You cried out the last word and Namjoon cooed. “Princess I’ll make sure no one ever yells at you again, daddy promises.”

You nodded feeling a little better by his words. “Can you help me put on better clothes, these adult ones are yucky.” He chucked softly and scooped you up bridal style. “Of course princess, we can watch cartoons after too how about that?” You nodded quickly excited at the idea of cartoons after your rough day. Namjoon sat you down on your shared bed and rummaged through the closet looking for one of your favorite onesies. You loved them because of how soft they were.

Once he found it—a purple one with a butterflies on it—he helped you take off all your clothes and slip into the new one. You squealed in delight, feeling better already. “Alright princess lets go watch so cartoons yeah?” You nodded and he scooped you up once more bridal style making you laugh.

He settled down on the couch with you on top of him and you snuggled into his chest. He kissed the top of your head again. “Daddy loves his little princess.”

“And I love my daddy”


Originally posted by ksjknj


Today sucked for you. Not only did nothing go your way, but your heels broke, you got coffee spilled on your new white blouse and your boss threaten to demote you for your lack of control—and you just got promoted last week. You were already on the verge of tears on the drive home but the second you walked into your home the tears fell like waterfalls.

“Y/n? Baby What’s wrong!” Jimin came running over you you with conceded etched into every aspect of his face. “D…daddy…. bad…day.” You cried out the last word and Jimin hugged you tightly. “I can see that baby girl, don’t worry daddy is right here he’ll fix it. Just tell me what happened.”

You cried out your day to Jimin who took notice of each thing that went wrong for you physically and sighed. “I’ll talk to that meanie baby girl don’t worry. Daddy will get that all fixed up. How about we run you a bath, put on some comfy clothes and then make a pillow fort yeah? We can watch your favorite movies and I’ll even make your favorite dinner.”

This seems to cheer you up enough that a small smile graced your face and Jimin leaned over to kiss your forehead. “Daddy will always be here to protect you my love. Don’t worry.” It wasn’t until about two hours later that you and Jimin were eating your favorite dinner under a pillow fort you made watching once out your favorite movies.

Your bad day completely forgotten as you enjoyed the time you spent with him. Jimin pulled you close and kissed your temple. “Feel better baby?” You nodded softly—eyes glued to the tv screen as you shoveled another mouthful of food. “Yes daddy.”

“Good baby I’m glad—daddy will always make you feel better.”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin


He nearly jumped out of his skin when you came crying into your shared room. “Y/n! Lovebug what’s wrong?” You only cried harder before taking a breath. “Daddy…bad…daaaay” you began crying harder and fell into his arms. “Lovebug what happened? Take a breath baby, in and out.”

After a few minutes your cries turned into whimpers. “Okay tell daddy what happened today baby.” You took a deep breath and told Taehyung everything that went wrong with your day. “Oh my poor munchkin, what can daddy do to make it better?” You whimpered softly before more tears began to fell and he cradled your tighter to his chest. “Aww baby calm down please, daddy got you.”

You nuzzled your head against him before calming down enough to talk. “Kisses…cuddles…cartoons…” Taehyung cooed at your requests to help you feel better. “Alright lovebug if that’s what will make you feel better.” His kisses the top of your head before getting up and putting you in his place. “Let’s get you changed first.”

After a few minutes you are wearing a soft sweater and pajama shorts snuggled under your covers. Taehyung places kisses all over your face and head making you giggle as you flipped through the channels to find your favorite cartoon. “How about your favorite stuffie baby? Will that help you too?” You nodded as he placed it in your lap.

He continued to place soft kisses all over your face making you giggle harder at the ticklish sensation. “Here it is!” You squealed finding your favorite cartoon and relaxing into Taehyung’s embrace. After three episodes Taehyung noticed your soft snores.

“I love you Lovebug.” He kissed the back of your head—not expecting a response back until he heard your tired voice mumble an I love you back.


Originally posted by vangtae


Jungkook had spent the day while you were at work playing video games. He had just started a new horror game when you came home and began wailing at the top of your lungs—making him jump out of his skin. “Y/n! What the f…” he stopped when he heard a “daddy” whimper out of you.

“Princess what’s wrong?” He dropped his controller amd rushes over to you and began checking you for injuries. “Bad day at work…meanies” he sighed in relief knowing you weren’t injured for any reason but then became concerned once more that you had a rough day. “Princess take a breath and tell daddy what happened and how he can make it better.”

Younlet him guide you too the bedroom while telling him everything that went wrong. “I’ll take care of it princess, don’t worry. I’ll make it all better.” He helpedngou change into comfy clothes and then fit under the covers with you before grabbing his laptop and placing it on his lap so you could both see. “How about to cheer you up, I let you buy 5 new toys?”

Your eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he typed in an online toy shop. You eagerly searched the site and ended up choosing 8 new toys instead of 5. “I need to decide what three to get rid of daddy.” Your eyes scanning each toy and not being able to choose. “Don’t worry princess you can get all 8.”

You looked at him with huge eyes and he smiled. “I’ll spoil you today princess, cause you had such a bad day.” You leaned over and kissed his cheek and squealed as he ordered your new toys. “Thank you daddy.” He smiled “of course princess, lets watch cartoons now yeah?” He wanted to keep your mind completely off of your bad day.

“Thank you for cheering me up daddy.” You mumbled after about 2 episodes of your favorite cartoon. “Of course Princess, I’ll always make you happy.”


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when Mafia king accidentally stabbed a little space girl (1/2) -K.Th ff-

➳➳➳ Word Count: 1,428

➳➳➳ Paring: Jeon Jungkook x reader

➳➳➳ Genre: JungkookAU, mentions of little space

➳➳➳A/N: @nochusyn​ I hope this is okay, I did some research and did the best I could on what I could find hun, if it’s awful let me know and I will try something else. I love you x 


Jungkook was one of the best tattooist’s in town, everyone knew him by name and there was a huge waiting list to get into his shop for a consultation. On top of that, he happened to be one of the best looking guys in town so it was no surprise that a lot of people went to him for their piercings and tattoos, especially girls that had crushes on him and wanted to talk to him but he never took notice of them. He didn’t have to when he had you at him, his girlfriend and the love of his life he didn’t need to pay attention to anyone else when he had you.

“Jungkook! Client,” He looked up from the sketchbook he’d been drawing in to see a girl walking through the door, she was wearing high waisted shorts and a crop top practically screaming out for attention from this and he knew that because she’d been in multiple times and asked for him specifically. She would continuously flirt with him despite him telling her that he wasn’t interested and that he had someone in his life she didn’t seem to care. It was getting to the point where he was tempted to stop her from being tattooed by him. 

“What am I doing today?” He questioned politely as she walked into the room and took a look at the sketches,

“Those look amazing.” She commented and he slammed the book shut, 

“Personal sketches for someone else.” She stared at him and rolled her eyes sitting in the chair and telling him what tattoos she wanted, 

“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable with one of our female workers?” He asked once he realised she wanted a chest tattoo but she was insisting that Jungkook was to do them, and she wanted him to pierce her as well. 

“What piercing?” He asked through gritted teeth as he got the station set up, she explained that she’d been wanting her nipples pierced for years and she was finally comfortable enough with Jungkook to let him do it for her,

“Again, a female would be better suit-”

“You. I want you to do them.” She yelled alerting the boss and Jungkook nodded calming her down and nodding over at the glass cabinet for her to choose her piercing choice. He had no idea how he was going to hide something like this from you, it was a small town and people talked. A lot. 


When he walked through the door after the long day at hell and sat on the sofa, he hummed out loud when he didn’t hear you in the house. Normally he could hear you dancing around or you’d come running over to him to ask about his day but today was different he couldn’t even hear you walking around.

“Y/n?” He called out lifting himself from the sofa and going on the hunt for you, he knocked on the bathroom door but you weren’t in there. He turned to the bedroom and found it was locked, you never locked the door for anything so he starting banging on the door for you to answer. 

“Y/n! I know you’re in there I can hear you crying!” He yelled but you weren’t going to open the door, you snuggled further into the sheets and under his oversized hoodies trying to ignore him as best you could but it was hard since he’d just kicked the door in, the door frame hanging on by a small piece of wood.

“Why are you ignoring me?” He stared at you trying to see what was different and he couldn’t tell until you sat up, you weren’t wearing your collar or your usual outfit. 

“Baby?” You got up from the bed and looked at the door, fuck. You were going to have to replace the whole thing and it wasn’t going to be cheap. 

“Are you not talking to me?” You continued ignoring him and walked downstairs to find something to eat, you hadn’t touched anything since you found out about what he’d done at work. 

“You have to talk to me sooner or later.” You walked over to the fridge opening it and shutting it again, there was nothing in because neither of you had been shopping. 

“I’ll order us dinner if you talk to me.” His tone was soft as he followed you around the house, he went to open the door to the living room for you but you beat him to it and he knew then that something was seriously wrong. 

“Y/n?” He touched your shoulder gently and you pushed him away going into the living room and looking for the house phone to call for yourself when he beat you to it.

“What’s going on? You’re not-”

“I don’t want to talk about it!” You yelled finally cracking under the pressure and taking the phone, ordering yourself some food instead of getting him to do it for you. He watched as you walked around normally and then went into the bathroom which is where he cornered you, 

“Daddy’s home now Princess, you don’t have to act like this.” You stared at him from the corner of the bathroom wanting to break down into tears but you held it back as best you could and he knew that you weren’t about to break that easy.

“What’s wrong?” You looked over at the door as a silent plea for him to leave but he folded his arms across his chest and you stared at him, 

“Tell me.” That was it, tears fell down your cheeks and you dropped onto your knees crying out about what he’d done to hurt you and he couldn’t hear you through the broken sobs and sniffling you were doing. 

“I can’t hear you when you talk like this baby girl, you know that.” You sniffled and he pulled you into his arms, holding you close to his body so you would feel comforted but you didn’t feel comforted you felt betrayed and hurt. 

“You tattooed her and you-” He knew what you meant instantly and he groaned pulling you tighter whenever you tried to fight away from him.

“It’s my job.” He tried to defend but it wasn’t going to work and he knew that. You were out of your little space and you were way too hurt to get back into it any time soon. 

“You can’t get upset over this,” You stared at him and got up to leave but he pulled you back down onto his lap. 

“She has a crush on you and you know it,” You mumbled to him and he sighed, 

“How did you hear about it?” He questioned rubbing the small of your back to try and comfort you,  

“I was stood behind her in the shop when she started bragging to her friends about you touching her.” You whispered and he groaned laying his head back against the bathtub making it a point to his boss that he won’t work with her anymore when he goes back to work tomorrow.

“She’s nothing, I love you.” You stared at him, you knew he loved you but it didn’t make it hurt any less, the way she spoke about him still sent shivers down your spine. 

“You could be with someone like her, she’s pretty, she’s confident and she-” He stopped you from talking by standing you both up and walking you into the bedroom. 

“Don’t start that one,” He ordered knowing what you were about to say but he loved this lifestyle with you more than anything. He sat you down on the edge of the bed and went on the hunt for your pyjamas and you watched him as he reached for your favourite stuffed animals and then going over to the drawer that he kept your collars in and he pulled out a box.

“I was going to wait until your birthday but I think you need this now more than ever.” He opened up the velvet box to reveal a lilac collar with a love heart on the front, you stared at it and he placed it around your neck smiling as it fit you perfectly.

“Fit for a princess.” He whispered to you and he smiled as you physically relaxed in front of him, your shoulders were no longer tense and you were smiling a little. 

“Let’s get ready for bed baby.” You nodded and he took you back to the bathroom to run you a bubble bath and get you ready for bed.



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(Source -  ariescults-moved)

Request from Mochi on AO3: “little Jimin and caregiver/boyfriend Namjoon. They just currently got into a relationship after Jimin’s past abusive relationship. Jimin flinches a lot and is always scared he will mess up but Namjoon does whatever he can to help Jimin be more comfortable around him (Can you somehow incorporate some VERY vanilla sex? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

A/N: Thank you so much for the request and I hope that you enjoy it! I couldn’t help but add some platonic vmin so don’t mind me.

Also, happy birthday to Jiminie <3

Pairing: Little!Jimin X Caregiver!Namjoon

Rating: M

Words: 4593

Hurt/comfort, fluff, smut

WARNINGS: This story contains sex during littlespace. If you are uncomfortable with that, please do not read.

Also, there will be references to PAST ABUSE, so please be aware. It isn’t super detailed, but it is there.



Jimin’s eyes darted across the large expanse of the airport, looking for the source of the voice. Finally, he spotted the familiar form of one Kim Taehyung maneuvering through the crowd, his backpack slung over his shoulder.

Taehyung ran towards him in the most dramatic fashion, long arms spread wide and big, stupid grin on his face.

Jimin couldn’t help the smile that crept up on his own lips when he saw the odd looks his best friend was receiving from others, though the younger was completely oblivious.

When Taehyung finally reached him, he pulled him into a tight, warm hug - the kind of hug that only Taehyung could give.

Jimin returned the embrace easily. “I missed you, TaeTae,” he murmured into the younger’s shoulder.

“Missed you too, Minnie,” Taehyung replied.

Taehyung had gone on a month-long trip with Seokjin, his boyfriend, and it was difficult for both Jimin and Taehyung to deal with. They had been best friends since they met in middle school and they hadn’t been apart from each other for such an extensive period of time before. The phonecalls they had were short and unsatisfying.

“You guys are so dramatic, it was one month,” Seokjin said as he walked up, a suitcase in each hand. He gave a fond eye roll at the two of them.

Jimin grinned, his eyes turning into slits, and he brought the older into a hug as well. “I missed you too, hyung.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jin replied, “Missed you too. Now let’s get home. I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again.”

Taehyung hummed in agreement, “I love traveling, but there’s nothing like coming back home to your own comfy bed.”

The three of them made their way to the exit and walked through the parking lot until they got to Jimin’s car. Taehyung claimed the passenger seat and Seokjin was too whipped to say no to him.

The car ride was going to take about thirty minutes or so, and Taehyung happily filled the time with the recounting of his and Seokjin’s trip to Europe. Jin added comments every once in a while, mostly just watching his boyfriend fondly from the back seat.

“Enough about the trip,” Taehyung announced after twenty minutes. He glanced over at Jimin in the driver’s seat curiously, “How are you doing, Minnie?”

Though the words were common enough and to anyone else would seem lighthearted, they held a weight to them that everyone in the car could feel.

Jimin smiled small and replied honestly, “I’m good, Tae.”

Taehyung smiled back, “Good. And how are things with Namjoon?”

Taehyung and Seokjin had introduced the older’s long-time friend Namjoon to Jimin just a few months ago, and Jimin had warmed up to the handsome, adorably dimpled man almost immediately. Namjoon returned the feelings, and the two of them began dating only two months before Taehyung and Seokjin left for Europe.

Jimin was definitely blushing at the thought of his caring boyfriend, “Good. Great. He’s…he’s so nice. I’m not…used to it.”

Memories of bruises covering his skin and horrible words whispered in his ear flashed across his mind. He hated thinking about it, so he shook his head in an attempt to get rid of the awful recollection.

Taehyung put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, his smile fond and a little sad now as he too remembered what Jimin had been through in the past. “I’m glad he’s nice to you. You deserve it.”

“Namjoonie-hyung takes good care of me when I’m little too.”

Jimin remembered the day he told Namjoon about being a little, and he remembered how accepting the older had been. The first time Jimin had slipped was a special day in the younger’s mind, as Namjoon had presented him with a bunch of presents - sippy cups, plushies, movies. The whole nine yards. Namjoon didn’t just tolerate Jimin’s little side, he embraced it with wide open arms.

Seokjin leaned in from the backseat and patted his shoulder, “We told you, huh? Remember, Tae and I told you that you would find someone who would love you and take care of you properly.”

They had, and they had been right.

“How are…how are the nightmares, Minnie?” Taehyung inquired softly.

The abuse Jimin’s ex-boyfriend put him through left scars - both physical and mental. Nightmares had been a regular occurrence for two years.

“I still get them, of course,” Jimin replied, “But hyung is always there and calms me down. They only happen a few times a month now.”

Taehyung let out a sigh of relief, “God, Jiminie, I can’t even tell you how happy I am to hear that. I know how awful your nightmares are.”

Jimin looked at him and smiled, “I’m getting better, Tae, I promise.”

Jimin knew that Taehyung worried about him a lot - they were best friends and either of them being hurt made the other spiral into a world of worry.

When Jimin dropped Seokjin and Taehyung off at their apartment building, his best friend pulled him in for another tight hug. “Can we hang out this week sometime? You can come over.”

Jimin nodded, “Friday. How about I come over about ten in the morning and we can have a movie marathon.”

Taehyung’s eyes lit up, “Yes! God, I missed our movie marathons.”

The two of them said their goodbyes, and after a briefer but just as loving goodbye from Seokjin, Jimin was on his way back to Namjoon’s apartment.

As he drove, he couldn’t help but think about everything that happened with his ex.

Wooseok had come into Jimin’s life his second year of college, and at first, he seemed to be everything Jimin was looking for in someone - kind, smart, loving. It was only after they’d officially started dating that things began going downhill. Jimin realized that the person he had thought he knew wasn’t quite so transparent.

It was small things at first, like Wooseok getting angry at Jimin unnecessarily and convincing him to spend most of his time with him and not his friends. During that time, Jimin slowly became more and more withdrawn from Taehyung and it was actually Taehyung that alerted him to something being wrong.

Jimin had defended his boyfriend at the time, saying that he wasn’t ever really hurt by anything that happened, and Wooseok always came back to apologize to him after.

And that was true, or, it was true until things became violent.

The first time Wooseok hit him, Jimin was in littlespace and had had an accident in his pants. He hadn’t meant to, obviously, but Wooseok was still furious. His hand had slapped Jimin across the face harshly and then he’d put him in timeout. Jimin had sat in his own urine-soaked pants for twenty minutes until Wooseok forced him to clean himself up.

Jimin hadn’t told Taehyung about that night, or about any of the similar incidents in the following months. He hid the bruises and the sadness that was overtaking him because Wooseok had convinced him that he deserved it.

Taehyung discovered the truth four months into Jimin’s relationship, when they had met up and he saw a bruise on Jimin’s wrist that he had failed to cover up properly. The younger had been horrified by what he saw and demanded with tears in his eyes that Jimin leave his boyfriend.

At that point, Jimin’s mind had been all over the place. He’d been confused and sad and he didn’t know who to believe anymore. Did he believe Wooseok and his insistence that Jimin deserved everything he got or did he believe his long-time best friend?

The choice had been obvious that night when Jimin returned from his coffee date with Taehyung. Wooseok had been waiting for him and he hadn’t been happy.

Jimin appeared at Taehyung and Seokjin’s apartment door a few hours later, struggling to hold four overpacked bags in his arms and tears drying on his cheeks. He sported a split lip and a blackening eye and Taehyung didn’t hesitate to usher his best friend inside.

Jimin would forever be thankful to his two closest friends who allowed him to stay in their home for almost a year while he attended therapy at Taehyung’s insistence. They also became his caregivers whenever he fell into littlespace, something that happened less and less the first few months following his abuse.

Things were better now, two years later. He had his own apartment, though most of the time he was at Namjoon’s. Jimin had a habit of falling too hard and too fast and moving in with his boyfriends after only a few weeks of dating, but with Namjoon he decided to take it slow.

“You look lost in your head, baby.”

Jimin blinked and realized that he was back at Namjoon’s apartment already. He’d been lost in his memories for the entire drive back here.

The older man was seated on the couch in the living room, his laptop set on the coffee table in front of him. He was wearing sweatpants and his stupid Harry Potter sweater, similar to Jimin’s own casual attire, though the younger wore a giant baby pink sweater instead.

“Sorry,” Jimin apologized, mostly out of habit, “Just thinking.”

Namjoon got up from the couch and walked over to him where he stood in the entryway. He helped Jimin out of his coat and hung it up for him in the closet. “How are Tae and Jin?”

“Good,” Jimin replied, glad for the subject change, “They were very excited to sleep in their own beds.”

Namjoon chuckled and ran a hand through his short blond hair, “Yep, that sounds like them.”

Jimin hummed and moved to wrap his arms around the older man’s neck. He tugged at the back of it gently until Namjoon got the idea and leaned down to press a loving kiss to his lips.

The older man’s big hands rested on Jimin’s hips, his thumbs slipping under the fabric of his t-shirt so he could rub soothing little circles into the skin there.

And Jimin, well, Jimin just melted. His body sagged against the other’s and he moaned softly into the kiss. Namjoon made him feel things that none of his past boyfriends had ever made him feel before. Good things. Like happy and safe and loved.

“Hm, Daddy.”

The words slipped out of his mouth and with a blink, Jimin realized that his little headspace had washed over him without him even noticing it.

Namjoon pulled back and smiled fondly at him, lifting one of his hands to stroke the younger’s cheek. “You slipped so fast, love.” Jimin’s heart sank to his stomach and his breath caught in his throat, but the older reassured him quickly, “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that. You know I love you, baby. Big or little.”

Jimin sighed out in relief and nodded, “Sorry, Daddy. Minnie got scared.”

“That’s okay too, baby. Just know that I’ll always be here to help you calm down, yeah?”

Jimin nodded again, getting up on his tiptoes to kiss his boyfriend on the mouth one more time, chaste and sweet. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“Should we go watch some cartoons or something, love?”

Jimin squealed excitedly and jumped up and down, “Yes! Yes, please!”

Namjoon failed to fight down his smile, “Okay, why don’t you go get your blanket and Mr. Muffin and meet me in the living room. I’ll bring some snacks.”


Jimin hurried to Namjoon’s room (it was basically both of their’s at this point, but Jimin still didn’t technically live with him yet) and gathered up his favorite Disney Princesses blanket and his puffin plushie named Mr. Muffin.

When he returned to the living room, he saw Namjoon slipping a disc into the DVD player. The beginning of Lilo & Stitch started playing and Jimin hurried to the couch, nearly tripping over his feet as he did so.

“Careful, baby,” Namjoon said, gently admonishing. “Don’t want you to get hurt.”

The older held out Jimin’s neon green pacifier which the little took gratefully. Namjoon disappeared into the kitchen while the opening song played out, returning a minute later with a plate in hand.

Jimin curled into Namjoon’s side when he sat down beside him, suckling away happily on the teat of the soother and clutching Mr. Muffin the puffin in his arms.

Namjoon grabbed his blanket and draped it over the two of them. It wasn’t big enough to cover both of them completely so one of the older’s legs was out in the open, but he didn’t mind. As long as his baby Jimin was warm and happy, that was all that mattered.

Namjoon moved to balance a plate of chocolate chip cookies on his leg and Jimin almost immediately spat his pacifier out to the side when he spotted them. “OOH! Gimme! Gimme! Jiminie wants cookies!”

The older made a sound of disapproval and held the little’s curious hands away from the cookies, “Hey, that’s not how we ask for something.”

Jimin blinked in thought for a moment before his eyes lit up once more, “Oh, sorry Daddy! C-Can Jiminie has cookie, please?”

Namjoon giggled - yes, full-on giggled - at how adorable the younger really was. It was almost too much cuteness for his heart to take.

They watched the movie comfortably - well, Jimin did, Namjoon’s eyes were more focused on watching Jimin than the television. Sue him, the little was beyond adorable.

Jimin, on the other hand, was completely immersed in the story playing out, laughing along and even tearing up at some of the more emotional parts. He was munching on the two chocolate chip cookies Namjoon had allowed him, taking small bites and savoring the yummy flavor.

Occasionally, Namjoon would use a napkin to clean up the stray bits of cookie sticking around the little’s mouth. Jimin would scrunch his nose and giggle cutely.

Eventually, Jimin found his way into his Daddy’s lap and curled up happily into his chest, pacifier back between his lips. He tugged his princess blanket closer to himself and fell asleep, feeling happy and safe as the movie played on in the background.


Although Jimin was getting better, that didn’t mean he was completely fine. In all honesty, he wasn’t sure if he could ever be completely fine, whatever that may be. There were too many scars in his heart and on his body to remind him of the sick things Wooseok had done to him.

There was a bumpy, discolored scar about an inch long on his bicep, where Wooseok had scratched him while hitting him. He had many other scars that linked to corresponding memories in his mind.

Then, there were the nightmares. Jimin hated them more than anything else because it made him scared to sleep sometimes.

Tonight, the nightmare started with Jimin hearing whispers in his ear, dark and raspy. The voice told him awful things and sent a chill of fear down his spine.

Then, it suddenly felt like there were big, rough hands slithering around his neck, tightening like a boa constrictor until Jimin was sure that he couldn’t breathe. His mouth hung open uselessly and his eyes nearly bulged out of his head - or at least, he thought they were.

He could almost hear Wooseok’s maniacal laugh ringing harshly in his ears as he slowly began to fade away…

“Jiminie, baby, wake up!”

Jimin gasped as his eyes blew wide open for real. He choked on air and began flailing his limbs around in confusion. Two hands grabbed his own and he let out a scream. Jimin flinched away harshly but the hands stayed put.

“Baby, Jimin, it’s me, lovely. It’s Namjoon,” a familiar, deep voice said, breaking into his panicking mind. “You were having a nightmare, baby.”

A Nightmare. Of course.

Jimin wasn’t with Wooseok anymore, he was with his Namjoon-hyung, who he knew would never hurt him. He was in Namjoon’s bedroom, on Namjoon’s bed, not in that other bed that reeked of cigarette smoke and cheap cologne.

“D-Da - hyung,” the younger choked out through his still tight-feeling throat.

Noticing that Jimin was more coherent now, Namjoon released his gentle grip on the other’s hands. He let his big hands trail up the younger’s arms and settled themselves comfortingly on his shoulders.

Jimin blinked away the last of the haziness from his nightmare and locked eyes with his hyung, who looked back at him with all the love and care in the world.

“I know you’re scared, love,” Namjoon said in his deep, soothing voice, “But I’m here to keep you safe, yeah? He’s not here and he isn’t going to come near you ever again.”

Coming down from the terror of his nightmares became easier each time he had one, so once he was fully awake and had Namjoon promising him safety, his erratic heartbeat had calmed down.

“I love you, hyung,” Jimin blurted.

There was a pause where the younger observed his hyung’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “Well, I love you too, Minnie, you know I do.”

“You’ve put up with me and my nightmares, and how I sometimes flinch when you reach for me. Things like that. Thank you for giving me a chance anyway,” Jimin said weakly.

Namjoon blinked and then his brown eyes visibly softened. “Baby,” he almost cooed the pet name, “Everyone has some kind of baggage that they bring with them into a new relationship. I don’t mind helping you through all of this. I want to help you through all of this. You didn’t deserve any of what he did to you. I love you and I want you to be happy and safe.”

Jimin’s lower lip was trembling with his oncoming tears - though they were of the happy, overwhelmed kind. He just felt so touched, so loved, it was hard to keep it inside of himself.

“D-Daddy!” he surged forward into Namjoon’s arms, making the older go only slightly off balance. Jimin grabbed his hyung’s face between his small hands and pressed a kiss to Namjoon’s lips. It was chaste, and Jimin tried his best to pour all of the good emotions he was feeling into it so his hyung could feel them too.

Namjoon responded easily, his arms curling around the younger’s waist and pulling him fully into his lap. They both tasted like morning breath and the remnants of mint toothpaste, and it was perfect.

The older tilted his head to the side and leaned in further so he could deepen the kiss. His tongue parted Jimin’s plush lips gently, and his tongue explored the younger’s mouth like he didn’t already know every inch of it.

Jimin always thought from the first time he’d kissed Namjoon, that the older man had a certain way with kissing. He wasn’t aggressive or sloppy in any way, and he tended to be unhurried yet calculated in his movements. He knew just what to do with his tongue to unravel Jimin in a matter of minutes. It was honestly impressive.

So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Jimin felt the last of the leftover tension in his shoulders from his nightmare slowly evaporate like it hadn’t even been there in the first place.

“D-Daddy, love you,” Jimin mumbled when his hyung moved to suck a gentle love bite into the junction between his throat and neck. A familiar ticklish tugging in his gut caused him to squirm around. “Want…want…”

God damn Kim Namjoon and his ability to render him speechless.

The older pulled back to look at him with a knowing smile, “Want what, baby?”

Jimin whined annoyedly and pouted.

“Hey, don’t be like that,” Namjoon said, “You know I need words, love. I won’t tease anymore, just tell me what you want.”

Jimin licked his lips and blinked his heavy eyes as tried to wrangle in his scrambled thoughts. “W-Want…want Daddy inside…please.”

Namjoon hummed, “What part of Daddy do you want inside, baby?”

The little whimpered and turned beet red, bringing his hands up to cover his face in embarrassment, “Daddy!”

The older gently removed Jimin’s hands so he could see his baby’s pretty face. “Tell me, baby.”

Jimin bit his lip as his cheeks flushed an even darker red, “C-Cock. Minnie want Daddy’s cock inside him.”

Namjoon couldn’t help the groan the rumbled from his chest at the dirty words. “Okay, love, Daddy will give you his cock.”

After reluctantly separating themselves, Namjoon began removing his t-shirt and boxers he’d worn to bed. Jimin had once told him that it made him feel infinitely more comfortable when he took off his clothes first, and so Namjoon had done that ever since.

Jimin admired the older’s tall, lean body, He wasn’t full of muscles like some people but Namjoon certainly kept in shape. He had lightly defined biceps and a deep v-line between his hips that made the younger’s mouth water.

One of Jimin’s favorite things about Namjoon’s body was his pecks. They were a little more plump than average, and his dusty pink nipples were ridiculously sensitive.

As Namjoon gently helped Jimin out of his own clothing and laid him down on the bed, crawling over him, the younger brushed the pad of his thumb over his hyung’s left nipple a few times. The action made the older moan out in pleasure, his eyes darkening with each touch.

Jimin wasn’t all that embarrassed to be exposed like this anymore, he trusted Namjoon so much.

Namjoon held himself above the little and pressed a quick but breathtaking kiss to his lips. “Minnie, baby, you ready? Gonna let me take care of you?”

Jimin nodded frantically and wrapped his legs around the older’s hips to pull them flush against each other. He could feel Namjoon’s hard length pressing between his ass cheeks and he felt himself becoming even more desperate.

After using the bottle of lube from the bedside drawer to slick up his long fingers, Namjoon teased them around the younger’s rim.

Jimin keened at the feel of one of those glorious fingers entering him, his walls clenching down around the intrusion. His own hands were gripping at Namjoon’s shoulders and his dirty blond hair.

The second finger entered with a bit more of a stretch but Jimin was used to Namjoon’s rather large-sized cock so it wasn’t too bad. The third finger burned and made sweat start to gather on Jimin’s forehead.

Namjoon curled the fingers, skillfully avoiding the younger’s prostate. A good move, considering that just a slight touch to the bundle of nerves was sometimes enough to make him cum.

“Ready for my cock now, love?”

“Yes! Yes, please,” Jimin pleaded.

Namjoon removed his fingers slowly and used the excess lube on them to coat his hard dick. Once he was thoroughly slicked up, Namjoon teased himself by giving himself a few generous tugs and digging a finger harshly into the slit.

Once he was ready, Namjoon repositioned himself between Jimin’s legs so his cock lined up with the younger’s entrance. With one hand on Jimin’s asscheek and the other spreading one of the younger’s legs to at just the right angle, Namjoon slid easily into Jimin’s tight hole. He buried himself all the way to the hilt and then held still, allowing the panting man beneath him to adjust to his size.

“Doing so well, baby,” he murmured as he pressed gentle kisses all over Jimin’s face, “Taking me so well.”

Jimin laid back against the pillows, blissed out at the feeling of being stuffed full. It was something he was hesitant to admit, but he sometimes felt that feeling so deliciously full like this made him the happiest. It was so dirty, and so hot.

His eyes were half-opened and looking up at his hyung trustfully. He nodded, indicating that he was ready for him to move.

Namjoon began a generous pace, pulling his dick out until only the tip was inside, and then slamming all the way back inside the younger’s ass. It took a few tries to hit Jimin’s prostate, but once he got it, they both knew Jimin wasn’t going to last too much longer.

“Mm, Daddy.”

Namjoon bit his lip as he continued the skillful movement of his hips, “Feel so good, Minnie. God.”

Jimin screamed out loud when his hyung pressed into his sensitive bundle of nerves in a harsh movement. His hands tightened on the other’s shoulders, leaving little indents from his fingernails. He then moved them up to clutch at the dirty blond hair.

The younger lifted his hips to meet his hyung’s thrusts, forcing him to press into his prostate even more roughly. “Ngh, Daddy!” the younger moaned.

Namjoon leaned down to kiss him lovingly, his hips never halting their bucking motion. The pace continued on for a few minutes as both of them quickly approached their orgasms.

Jimin was scratching his blunt fingernails over his hyung’s back, certainly leaving trails of red in their wake that would still be there the next day.

Namjoon didn’t mind though, in fact, he reveled in the slight sting of pain, groaning in pleasure. He wanted so badly to keep himself under control, to show Jimin just what he meant to him with his actions, but he was rapidly reaching his peak.

Luckily, Jimin was already there. “C-Close, Daddy,” he panted out.

Namjoon nuzzled his head into the younger’s neck and hummed his approval as his own pace began to stutter.

It only took a few more thrusts and skillful presses into his prostate to bring the younger over the edge. Jimin came with a strangled kind of cry, tears spilling over the edges of his eyes at the pure feeling of bliss that washed over him.

His body went lax and he let out a whimper when he felt his insides becoming coated in Namjoon’s own release. Jimin’s hands automatically clutched tighter at his hyung’s shoulders, like he was going to run away from him.

But Namjoon wasn’t Wooseok. He wasn’t the self-centered asshole that took what he wanted and left right after.

Namjoon shushed the younger’s protesting whine when he began pulling out slowly. “I’m right here, baby. I’m not going anywhere,” he reassured in a whisper.

The older man grabbed Jimin’s hand in his own so that they had a constant connection even when he reached over and grabbed some wipes and a towel from the bedside drawer to clean the two of them up with.

Jimin felt pampered and loved and sometimes the past abuse he had gone through made these good feelings all the more overwhelming.

Namjoon understood that easily. He just wiped the younger’s tears and kissed his cheeks sweetly after he disposed of the wipes.

“Love you, my baby,” Namjoon whispered as climbed back in the bed beside the younger. He curled his long arms around Jimin, pulling him into a warm, comforting embrace.

The younger smiled tiredly and cuddled into his hyung’s chest, “Love you too, Daddy. So much.”

Jimin thought to himself how happy he was, how two years ago, when he was still with Wooseok, he thought the abuse was the best he would get. Thought it was what he deserved.

He was so thankful that Taehyung and Jin were there to help him get out of that awful situation, and he was thankful that he was able to find someone as amazing as Namjoon. Through the power of love, he was healing and would continue to heal.


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