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Entertainment Quiz / Ultimate Anime Trivia Quiz Part 1 (Hard)

In Naruto, what's the name of the 2nd Hokage?
In One Piece, which devil fruit did Luffy consume?
In Bleach, what's the name of Renji's sword?
In Fairy Tail, what's the name of Zeref's curse?
In Dragonball, on which planet did Frieza fight Goku?
In Gintama, what's written on Gintoki's sword?
In Death Note, which task force is formed to find Kira?
In Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, what did Edward and Alphonse look for?
In Steins;Gate, what is the code for lab members?
In Attack on Titan, who ranked 2nd in the graduation?
In Sword Art Online, what's the name of the Blacksmith?
In Tokyo Ghoul, what weapons do the ghouls use?
In One Punch Man, which S class hero is ranked 14th?
In Mob Psycho 100, what's the name of the 2nd club that Mob joins?
In My Hero Academia, who won the UA sports festival?
In No Game No Life, what race is Jibril?
In Hunter x Hunter, what is Gon's signature attack?
In Code Geass, what is the name of Lelouch's final plan?
In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, what is Dio's stand?
In Toradora, what is Taiga's nickname?
In Future Diary, what is the name of the God?
In Re:Zero, the witch of what sin ate the other witches?
In Demon Slayer, what colour is Tanjiro's sword?
In Erased, what did the killer see atop the victim's heads?
In Assassination Classroom, what is the real name of Bitch-sensei?
In Konosuba, what's the name of the starting town?
In Parasyte the Maxim, what is the name of the right hand?
In Cowboy Bebop, what breed of dog did the crew own?
In Haikyuu, who was Hinata's role model?
In Shokugeki No Soma, what's the name of Soma's dormitory?
In Fate/Zero, who is the strongest character?
In Soul Eater, what is Maka's last name?
In Promised Neverland, what is the name of the orphanage?
In Charlotte, what's the stage name of Yusa?
In Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, where does Sakuta meet Mai?
In Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, what is Rikka's weapon?
In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, what is the name of the ferret/familiar?
In Seven Deadly Sins, what is the name of the tavern?
In Oregairu, what's the name of the club that Hachiman joins?
In Overlord, what's Ainz's original username?
In The Devil is a Part-timer, what's the name of the restaurant?
In Love is War, what club is Kaguya in besides the Student Council?
In Rising of the Shield Hero, what's the adventurer name of the Bitch?
In Jujutsu Kaisen, what's Gojo's domain expansion called?
In Nisekoi, what criminal organisation is Raku affiliated with?
In Made in Abyss, what is Reg's weapon called?
In K-on, what's the name of the pet turtle?
In Kuroko's Basket, who possesses the Emperor's Eye?
In Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, what does Tohru always try to feed Kobayashi?
In Toaru no Majutsu Index, what's the name of Touma's power?

Only 1 in 20 Anime Fans Can Get 100% On This Anime Quiz

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Growing up can be tough when you're into anime, but a smart person doesn't pass on something good when they see it. While the other kids might not have gotten into anime like you did, just know that you weren't alone. Any anime-lover can agree that there is something special about mangas and the abstract messages that they portray. While most of their plot lines are out of the box, they have themes that we can all relate to.

Anyone with two eyes can see that Japanese animations are nothing like modern-day American cartoons — which is why some people are immediately attracted to them. While watching anime and reading mangas might seem dorky to some people, anime-lovers don't let haters get them down. In the end, they just feel bad for the people who aren't watching them!

Whether you were raised on anime or introduced to it by a friend makes little difference as once a love for it is developed, it lasts forever. The only problem with being obsessed with anime is that your selection can run thin. However, if you don't mind reading subtitles, your selection will be endless.

If you're really a fan of this genre, matching the character to its proper anime will be super easy.

Question 1

Which anime does Goku belong to?

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Saiyan who doesn't go by the name Kakarot. While he may consider himself to be a human entity, he's nowhere near as normal as we are. On the contrary, this guy can do just about anything he wants to do. Despite being one of the strongest fighters in the universe, this Saiyan will never harm an innocent being, as he is as pure hearted as they come. Can you tell us which anime Goku belongs to?

Question 2

Which anime does Ichigo Kurosaki belong to?

Ichigo Kurosaki might seem like your everyday teenager, but he's got a lot more on his plate than meets the eye. For starters, he has the ability to see spirits, which has unfortunately caused him more pain than anything. This character is easily distinguished by his flaming orange hair, which is always as spiked as possible. Due to his strange abilities, Ichigo has become a Substitute Shinigami, meaning that he helps lost souls pass over. Do you know which anime he belongs to?

Question 3

Which anime does Light Yagami belong to?

Light Yagami is probably the best villain of all time, and this is because he's also a protagonist — depending on where you're standing. After finding a certain notebook, Light gains the ability kill anyone he wants by writing their name in it. However, he needs to know the person's real name and what they look like for it to work. Choosing to rid the world of criminals, Light unintentionally becomes one himself. So, which anime does Light belong to?

Question 4

Which anime does Naruto Uzumaki belong to?

If there's one character we know know and love, it's definitely Naruto Uzumaki. This hilarious yet simple character isn't the first to come to a conclusion, but he's the first to help out a pal in need. His emotional and boisterous personality often causes people to find him naive, but sooner or later, he'll prove them wrong. Naruto's dream has always been to become a Hokage, which is why he trained his entire life and chooses to defend his village.

Question 5

Which anime does Armin Arlert belong to?

When Armin Arlert was a child, the only thing that interested him was life beyond the walls. However, as everyone knew all too well, there was no going outside. His fascination quickly turned to obsession, causing him to get his hands dirty by reading illegal books about the world. Due to his small frame, Armin was picked on by a number of bullies, however, his good friends bailed him out from regular beatings. He eventually became a soldier in the Survey Corps to prove his worth.

Question 6

Which anime does Winry Rockbell belong to?

When it comes to Winry Rockbell, it's safe to say that she is one of a kind. Despite being an attractive young woman, she is often seen covered in grease and oil due to her love for automatics. In other words, if she's not fixing mechanical objects or scurrying for spare parts, she's reading or learning about different forms of machinery. While she might get teased for her emotional and straightforward personality, she's literally the best thing that could ever happen to Edward.

Question 7

Which anime does Rukia Kuchiki belong to?

Rukia Kuchiki might look like a young teenage girl, but she's a lot older than she looks. When she is first introduced to her good friend Ichigo Kurosaki, she is surprised at his ability to see spirits. Wanting to help him get rid of a particularly evil soul eater, Rukia attempt to fight him but fails, leading her to transferring her powers to Ichigo — a crime she later pays for. Rukia eventually becomes the Captain of the 13th Division.

Question 8

Which anime does Ken Kaneki belong to?

Ken Kaneki was your everyday normal college student, that is, until he fell in love with a gorgeous purple-haired girl. After approaching her and asking her on a date, he was on cloud 9. Everything was going great until his date turned into a blood-sucking ghoul, and tried to kill him. If it hadn't been for a mysterious hero, Ken would have died that night. But instead, he was brought back to life as the one-eyed-ghoul. Can you name this anime?

Question 9

Which anime does Spike Spiegel belong to?

Spike Spiegel is the main character in his anime, so if you don't recognize him right away, choose the anime you haven't seen before. This super tall and lanky character is often found smoking, but that's just because his job is so stressful. While his eyes might be in tact throughout the first few episodes, he eventually gets injured and has to wear a cybernetic eyeball. This character is often portrayed as lazy, but he knows how to throw a punch!

Question 10

Which anime does Pikachu belong to?

Consider this question to be a freebie, because let's be honest, everyone knows which anime Pikachu belongs to. As a matter of fact, he is one of the most celebrate anime characters of all time. When Pikachu is first given to Ash, he absolutely hates him. So much so, that he zaps him with electricity whenever he gets too close. However, after Ash shows how far he'll go to protect him, Pikachu starts to warm up to him and the rest is history.

Question 11

Which anime does Mugen belong to?

One look at Mugen's face is all a person needs to know that he is mean-spirited, as his crooked smile and rude eyes give his personality away. Despite agreeing to help Fuu search for a special samurai, he tends to be on the conceited side. So much so, that he often bumps heads with Jin, who is also helping Fuu find the man who smells like sunflowers. Mugen has crazy black hair and is often the first to act in a reckless manner.

Question 12

Which anime does Itachi Uchiha belong to?

If there's one person you want on your team, it's Itachi Uchiha. While he may not be the chattiest person in the world, his presence doesn't go unnoticed. This genuine character isn't one to judge others or act in a selfish manner, hence why the villagers generally liked him. However, when Itachi murdered his entire clan, with the exception of his little brother, he became one of the most hated individuals. It wasn't until Itachi passed away that his motives were explained.

Question 13

Which anime does Sir Integra Fairbrook belong to?

Despite wanting to be called by the surname of 'Sir', Integra Fairbrook is actually a woman. In fact, she is often referred to as the Iron Maiden, however, she doesn't approve of this nickname. Integra is the main character in her anime, and she is absolutely fearless. No matter how many foes she has to face, Integra is hardly ever seen breaking a sweat. Where someone might run away in terror, Integra will approach with the smallest smile on her face.

Question 14

Which anime does Vegeta belong to?

While Vegeta might have been introduced as a villain at first, he quickly became accustomed to human life. His number one mission is to beat Goku in a fight, and he'll literally do anything to complete that mission. While he is sometimes seen helping others and joining forces with Goku and Piccolo, Vegeta is only doing this so he can battle Goku at a later date. In other words, he's absolutely obsessed with fighting Goku. Which anime does he belong to?

Question 15

Which anime does Lain Iwakura belong to?

If you don't know who Lain Iwakura is by now, you should seriously lock yourself in your room and learn everything there is to know about her. Perhaps one of the most enticing things about this anime is the way that it is drawn — which is simply miraculous! Lain is a shy teenager who is often alone in her room. Her love for the internet causes her to get into trouble. Can you tell us which anime she belongs to?

Question 16

Which anime does Tai belong to?

If you don't know who Tai is by now, this only goes to show that your childhood wasn't as awesome as you think it was. This is because millions of children had the chance to watch this brilliant anime on a daily basis while you didn't. Tai is a DigiDestined who has earned the Crest of Courage throughout his many journeys. Tai's large brown hair and light grey goggles make him easily recognizable. Can you tell us which anime he belongs to?

Question 17

Which anime does Motoko Kusanagi belong to?

Imagine waking up and not remembering who you are or where you came from. Well, this is the reality that Motoko Kusanagi lives in. Motoko is a cyborg who was created to serve the Public Security Section in Japan. Despite the fact that she was created in a lab, she still feels as though she had a life before being employed by the Japanese National Public Safety Commission. Her mission is to find out who she is. Can you name this anime?

Question 18

Which anime does Haku belong to?

When Chichoro and her parents move into a new home, they decide to go explore the grounds. However, when the sun starts to set and Chichoro's family stumbles across a palace of the sorts, things start to get weird. Haku approaches Chichoro and tells her to run away, but she turns back to get her parents — who have turned into pigs. After listening to Haku's advice, Chichoro begins working at the Bathhouse. Do you remember which anime Haku belongs to?

Question 19

Which anime does Shotaro Kaneda belong to?

Shotora Kaneda is one of the most rebellious characters you'll ever meet, which is why many of us have come to admire him. He is the leader of the Capsules biker gang, which many people have come to fear. Despite having a bad reputation, Shotaro is actually the protagonist of his anime. This independent and brave fighter isn't one to let others walk all over him. Shotaro grew up in an orphanage, where he learned to find great value in friendships.

Question 20

Which anime does L belong to?

You know that a detective is good when he refuses to show his face to the people he works with. While some might call this measure extreme, it is one of the only reasons that L managed to live as long as he did. This pastry agent knows how to think like a criminal, which often leads him to solving a case. No matter how full he might get, he always has room for sweets. Which anime is L from?

Question 21

Which anime does Kakashi Hatake belong to?

Kakashi Hatake was raised by his father, due to his mother having passed away when he was just a baby. His father was a very respected man, which fueled him with the desire to be respected as well. Despite wanting to achieve great things, Kakashi never let himself show signs of arrogance. He worked extremely hard to become a talented ninja, and eventually became the leader of Team 7. After many battles, Kakashi became the Sixth Hokage. Which anime does he belong to?

Question 22

Which anime does Erza Scarlet belong to?

When it comes to Erza Scarlet, she isn't someone you want to mess with. Regardless of this, many people try to come in her way. Erza lost her right eye when she was a child, and now has an artificial one. Due to this, her scarlet hair is usually seen covering up her fake eye. Erza is a S-Class Mage. She is a member of Team Natsu, and has been chosen to replace the Guild Master on many occasions. Which anime does she belong to?

Question 23

Which anime does Saitama belong to?

This bald protagonist is the main character in his anime, so if you can't name him, chances are you've never seen or heard about him before. Saitaima is literally the most powerful person in his world, which has caused him to feel a little bit annoyed. Since no one can beat him at his own game, he begins feeling as though his good deeds are pointless. This bald hero enjoys wearing a cape, and he protects his home, which is called Z-City.

Question 24

Which anime does Lucy Heartfilia belong to?

Lucy Heartfilia is a super cute Mage who belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild. She is commonly found wearing tight-fitting clothing and thigh-high boots. Perhaps one of her biggest trademarks is her side pony tail, which she often ties up with the help of a colorful ribbon. Despite the fact that Lucy is a giving and kind character, she is often seen as self-absorbed. This is made clear by how confident and happy she is with her appearance. What anime does she belong to?

Question 25

Which anime does Trunks belong to?

Trunks is one of the most powerful characters in his universe, which is why you'll often find him in the middle of every battle. When he is first introduced into his anime, he is a grown up who has been sent from the future to help his friends destroy the androids. He does this very easily, as he has been training his entire life to prolong the lives of his friends. Trunks is a sweet and loving character. His father is Vegeta, and his mother is Bulma.

Question 26

Which anime does Luna belong to?

Luna may look like a sweet little kitty, but she's actually quite feisty when push comes to shove. If it weren't for her crescent moon 'tattoo' on her forehead, she would look like any other cat. Luna was sent to planet Earth to find Princess Serenity and help guide her through her missions against the Negaverse. Only once she has been reunited with the princess can she unveil her true identity. This proves to be difficult, however, as Princess Serenity is a huge cry baby.

Question 27

Which anime does Yami Yugi belong to?

Yami Yugi isn't your everyday character, and this is due to him existing in another person's body. Yami might be one of the most talented duelists in the world, but in the end, he doesn't have his own body so he can only show off his talents when Yugi Muto allows him to. Yami Yugi also goes by the alias of Dark Yugi. He can only take over Yugi Muto's body when he is in danger or surrenders himself to him.

Question 28

Which anime does Yuri Nakamura belong to?

There's only one person who has enough charisma to win over the SSS, and her name is Yuri Nakamura. While she may look like a young girl, this experienced angel is actually the founder and leader of one the the greatest Afterlife schools. Yuri's enthusiastic reproach towards recently deceased humans can be enlightening. However, she is often faced with intense scenarios that would leave the common person breathless and afraid — but not her! Can you match Yuri to the proper anime?

Question 29

Which anime does Ruka Souen belong to?

Ruka Souen is beautiful beyond belief, which is why a lot of the men who attend Day Class have taken a liking to her. However, Ruka only attends Night Class. Being beautiful is customary amongst Aristocratic Vampires, hence why Ruka seems to cast a spell on the opposing gender. This character is faithful to the core, which is what makes her the most loyal Kaname Kuran follower. Despite her beauty, Ruka is quite unapproachable and cold. What anime does she belong to?

Question 30

Which anime does Pain, aka Nagato, belong to?

Most antagonists aren't born evil, however, after a certain amount of time, they might be pushed towards a dark path and choose to walk it. Nagato is a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, and he has always dreamed of ending the Shinobi world's suffering. After witnessing the death of his beloved Yahiko, however, Nagato becomes pain, and wreaks havoc on whoever stands in his path. While he may be evil, his main objective is to rid the world of evil by committing hideous crimes.

Question 31

Which anime does Jotaro Kujo belong to?

Jotaro Kujo is a main character who has appeared in a handful of anime series. However, his most popular anime will be listed below. Jotaro used to be a normal kid, that is, until a wicked vampire came to town and harmed his mother's well being. With his grandfather's instructions, Jotaro fled to Egypt to find a cure for his mother's suffering. Jotaro's weapon of choice is the all-powerful Star Platinum. Only a real anime fan can match Jotaro to his series.

Question 32

Which anime does Brock belong to?

If you don't know who this classic anime character is, we seriously feel bad for you, as he belongs to one of the best anime series of all time. This squinty character is often seen as ridiculous, but this only adds to his charm. Brock joined Ash's journey when they met in his hometown, which is in Pewter City. Despite Brock's young age, he was made to care for his younger siblings. This all changed when his father came back home, allowing Brock to pursue his dreams.

Question 33

Which anime does Vash the Stampede belong to?

Vash the Stampede isn't your typical anime character, and this is because he tends to cause more harm than good. In his defense, however, Vash is often just trying to preserve the peace. It is his enemies that often cause a ruckus around him. Vash's ways are so destructive, that he has been nicknamed as The Humanoid Typhoon. He doesn't let this bring him down, however, as he has a bigger picture to look at. Which anime does Vash belong to?

Question 34

Which anime does Mikuru Asahina belong to?

This cute little school girl might look like a teenager, but she's actually got a lot more to her. For starters, she's actually a secret time traveler who has been sent to this dimension to observe a certain character. This little lady is often used as eye candy, hence why she is considered as the SOS Brigade's mascot. Despite all of this, however, she is actually a very important member of the SOS Brigade. Which anime does Mikuru belong to?

Question 35

Which anime does Mei belong to?

She may only be 4 years old, but Mei is the type of person who craves adventure. Despite her young age, Mei finds herself exploring new grounds and putting herself in danger. Due to her immense curiosity, however, danger doesn't seem to scare her in the slightest. When she falls into a hole near a tree, she meets a new friend who has a terrifying appearance. But she doesn't let that scare her off! Can you match Mei to her anime?

Question 36

Which anime does Tokita Kosaku belong to?

When they said that appearances could be deceiving, they weren't kidding! This is made very clear by the fact that Tokita Kosaku is one of the most brilliant characters in his anime. Despite his gigantic size and immature personality, his intelligent exceeds the understanding of many. Tokita is a researcher who is responsible for creating the DC Mini. While he may be book smart, he isn't street smart, which can cause many problems for his team. Which anime film does he belong to?

Question 37

Which anime does Mio Akiyama belong to?

Mio Akiyama might have some talents, but she's too afraid to use them. Suffering from stage fright is something that many of us deal with, however, the majority of us don't want to play in a rock band. Despite being painfully shy and childish, Mio still enrolls herself into the Light Music Club, as her love for music is quite intense. Still, she hates being the center of attention, which leads her to playing the bass instead of the guitar.

Question 38

Which anime does Tohru belong to?

Tohru might look like an innocent human girl, but she's actually a ferocious dragon. She was born and raised to hate and destroy all human life forms. However, her anger towards humans disappeared when she was saved by a girl named Kobayashi. Tohru eventually falls in love with Kobayashi, causing her to remain in the human world. In order to hide her dragon appearance, she takes the form of a cute human girl. Which anime does Tohru the dragon belong to?

Question 39

Which anime does Kero belong to?

Kero is a cute character who goes by many names. While he is commonly referred to as Kero, the name Cerberus and Kerberos are often used to describe him. As a guardian of the Clow Cards, he is dedicated to his cause. His main goal is to find someone who can take over as the Master of Cards. While he may look like a cutie, Kero is actually quite mischievous. He is bossy and unpredictable, and always hungry for human food!

Question 40

Which anime does Jin belong to?

Jin might have a good heart, but he isn't one to make good choices. This is made clear by the fact that he accidentally murdered his master, and chose to fled his hometown. Despite the fact that the murder was in the name of self defense, Jin fled and eventually joined ranks with Mugen as Fuu's bodyguard. What sets Jin apart from his friends is his calm and collected appearance. Only a true anime fan can match Jin to his anime.

Question 41

Which anime does Haruko Haruhara belong to?

Haruko Haruhara might claim to be a 19 year old woman, but many of her peers would beg to differ. When she is first introduced into the Nandaba household, she is made to pose as a maid. However, she is quietly trying to locate Atomsk, who is the most feared space pirate anyone has ever heard of. Haruko is often seen acting like a mother to the boys in her home, hence why she makes such a good maid. Which anime does she belong to?

Question 42

Which anime does Piccolo belong to?

When Piccolo is first introduced, he is a villain who is hellbent on making Goku eat dirt. However, when his planet becomes the target of evil doings, he must pair up with his foes to fight them off. Despite having sour feelings towards his newfound allies, Piccolo eventually switches sides and becomes a good guy. Despite the odds, Piccolo ends up semi-raising Goku's son Gohan, who he develops deep fatherly feelings for. Which anime does Piccolo the Namekian belong to?

Question 43

Which anime does Yin belong to?

Her real name might be Kirsi, but she prefers to go by the name of Yin. This grey haired girl is actually blind, but her wicked senses help her see more than meets the eye. Before becoming a medium "Doll", Yin used to live with her mother before tragedy struck her family leaving her an orphan. After her mother's death, Kin fled the life that she knew. Due to her being a doll, she isn't often keen on showing any emotion.

Question 44

Which anime does Batou belong to?

If you don't know who Batou is by now, it's safe to assume that you don't really enjoy watching classic anime movies. This fearless character is often seen as second best, but that doesn't make him worth any less. He is one of the best melee fighters in his section, and is second in command. Batou's body is a maze of cybernetic prosthetics, as he has often been rebuilt to maximize his endurance. Do you know which anime he belongs to?

Question 45

Which anime does Suzaku Kururugi belong to?

When Suzaku Kururugi is first introduced, he is a curious 17 year old boy. His skinny appearance can often make his enemies underestimate his powers, which is their mistake. At first, Suzaku's facial expressions tend to linger around poised and calm. However, after the death of his beloved Euphemia, Suzaku's face seems to be clenched in a permanent frown. Suzaku used to be a selfish and spoiled brat, but he eventually lost this luxury. Which anime does he belong to?

Question 46

Which anime does Kuro Hazama belong to?

If you want to get some plastic surgery done for cheap, you should probably stay as far away from Kuro Hazama as possible. This is due to him charging patients a ridiculous fee for his unlicensed work. Despite not being a real surgeon, Kuro acts like one and never fails to make this patients feel uncomfortable. He is a rude and cold character. However, if you dig a little deeper, you might find out that he has a gooey center.

Question 47

Which anime does Asuka Langley Soryu belong to?

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