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Aside from both being sharp and pointy, survival knives and kitchen knives couldn’t be more different in both purpose and form. But the latest knife trend sees traditional survival-knife brands applying their materials and construction to knives intended for food prep. What gives? And why do you suddenly want one?

(Disclaimer: If you’re an experienced user of blades outdoors, you likely hate the “survival knife” moniker as much as I do. But it’s what most people call the big, fixed-blade outdoor knives. So, for purposes of broad comprehensibility, that’s the term I’m going to use here.)

How Kitchen Knives and Survival Knives Differ

In addition to being my go-to camp chef, Outside contributor Ty Brookhart used to get paid to cut up food as a sushi chef. So I asked him to explain the differences in the knives he uses.

“Kitchen knives are not meant for anything except cutting,” explains Brookhart. “At no point would one ever plan to use a kitchen blade to pry or stab, and the blade design reflects this. They are also meant for repeated daily use. Because of this, kitchen blades are sharpened thousands of times more often than outdoor knives. The long-term effect of this is a decreasing blade length and depth. To increase the knife’s usable life and to reduce friction, the blades are flat-ground all the way to the spine and are much thinner, especially at the point.”

A knife designed to help you prepare food typically has a blade that’s longer, thinner, and deeper than that of a survival knife. There are also differences in geometry. Where many kitchen knives are designed to rock from the tip backwards to slice, a survival knife is designed to be drawn or pounded through what’s being cut.

That larger but lighter kitchen-knife blade is typically made from different steels, with a lower carbon content that helps them better resist moisture and acids. But the blade may be more prone to chipping if it encounters a tough obstacle, and it can’t hold an edge as long as the carbon-steel blades of quality survival knives.

The edges of the two styles of knife are also constructed differently. While a survival knife needs to split wood, dig holes, and perform other heavy-duty tasks, a kitchen knife’s only job is to slice. The edge grind on a survival knife is typically done at a 20-degree angle on each side. Kitchen knives use a thinner 10-to-15-degree angle. That thinner edge is one reason you’ll see chefs regularly touching up their edges with a honing rod—it straightens the thinner, more easily rolled edge of their knives. Having to stop to do that with a survival knife halfway through building a shelter during a rainstorm would be no good.

There are also some big differences in the handles. Cheap chef’s knives have polymer handles. More expensive models are wood. These are plenty comfortable in a kitchen environment, where the knife isn’t gripped tightly or pounded around with much force. More important, these materials are easy to clean. In contrast, the handle of a survival knife needs to keep the user’s hands comfortable through much more abusive tasks, while providing sure grip across a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions and with all sorts of nasty liquids spilled on them. A survival knife’s handle needs to be indestructible, and it must never, ever separate from the blade. For that reason, you’ll see survival-knife handles made from materials like G10 or linen Micarta and bolted to the outside of the blade’s full tang, rather than just poked into a shorter, more rudimentary blade root.

Can’t You Use Any Knife to Cut Stuff?

Pelton uses DPx Gear's largest knife, the CHOP, to slice up some roast beef. He insists this is practical, but we all know he's just showing off.

The knife I regularly carry around town is a DPx Gear HEST/F, which has a 1/4-inch-thick saber-ground blade with a 20-degree edge. It’s an ideal knife for hard-use tasks like breaking car windows or tearing through two-by-fours, but that overbuilt nature is as far from a typical steak knife as you can get. And yet, more often than not, it’s what I use to cut my steaks at home and in restaurants. I prefer it over the thinner, serrated alternatives for the simple reason that this knife is kept sharp.

But I keep that knife in my pocket when I’m cooking anything more delicate. No matter how sharp it is, the thick blade stock and 20-degree edge on the HEST/F will squash tomatoes and similar foods, rather than slice through them. It’s terrible at peeling vegetables for the same reason, and you’ll never be able to filet a fish with one.

How Survival Knives Are Turning into Kitchen Knives

The Expat Cleaver is built hugely strong, like an outdoors blade, and would be just the thing for quartering an elk, and then processing wood for a fire to cook it on. Or, you know, making a salad for dinner at home.

I talked to the guy behind Expat Knives, who’d prefer to keep his identity private, because “Uncle Sam used to pay for me to work in sketchy places.” Today, he lives in the Caribbean and enjoys a life of catching fish, sipping from coconuts, and sleeping on the beach. His company’s motto: “Tools for fine dining…outdoors.”

He creates his blades in collaboration with my personal favorite survival knife brand, ESEE. Expat’s first knife is a meat cleaver, constructed using the same big, comfortable, indestructible linen Micarta handle as ESEE’s largest survival knife, the Junglas. The stout 3/16-inch-thick blade is made from the same 1095 carbon steel that ESEE uses and is forged by the same company—Rowen—in Idaho. Where it differs is in the blade shape and the anti-rust coating. Where ESEE’s knives are protected by a thick layer of textured powder coat, the Expat cleaver uses a black oxide treatment that’s designed to help it better slide through what you’re cutting.

“It just seemed to be the one thing to take with you if you were going to cook on the beach,” describes Expat. “Yeah, your [chef’s knives] work great on slicing something, but what if you need to split some firewood? Or an elk’s pelvis? I wanted a tool that can make you feel invincible.”

Expat’s second knife will be named the Libertariat and is, according to its designer, “What I would call a coconut knife.” By shortening a traditional machete, Expat hopes to make it easier to carry and more versatile. He tells me it’ll work for anything from lopping off the tops of coconuts so you can drink from them, to clearing brush, to slicing up a roast, and will even be the ideal tool for cutting up a watermelon.

I carry another ESEE knife to help me make food. The dinky little CR2.5 rides handily in a leather belt sheath and wears a comfortable, slip-free linen Micarta handle, but its tiny proportions (the blade is just 2.5 inches long and 1/10th of an inch thick) make it ideal for cleaning trout or breasting out a dove. Easy to carry, easy to sharpen, and capable of holding a wicked edge, the CR2.5 works just as well on the side of a stream as it does on the tailgate of my Land Rover or in my kitchen back at home.

Elsewhere, Colorado-based Spyderco, which has long made traditional chef’s knives in addition to its popular range of folding and fixed-blade outdoor knives, has started packing kitchen-knife blades into its folding pocketknives. The advantage? They offer food-slicing performance in a package that easily rides in your pocket.

This year’s Blade Show, the knife industry’s biggest trade show, was dominated by new chef’s knife designs made by traditional survival-knife brands and craftsmen.

Why Do I Want One?

Dig the cleaver style but want it in a more easily carried folding knife? Check out the Spyderco Roc.

“I see guys and girls pick up the cleaver, and something primal comes over them,” says Expat. “You see it in their eyes and in a mischievous smile. It makes them want to chop something!”

There’s just something empowering in the feel of a big, hefty survival knife. I know carrying one makes me feel more confident in the outdoors, even if I don’t always use it for everything it’s intended for.

And I think that empowering feel combined with the versatile not-just-food-prep purpose are what make this new type of survival-chef’s knife so appealing. They’re all the fun of an outdoor blade in a package you can use more often and for more things, even if you’re not going camping as much as you’d like. Put one to use in your kitchen at home, and it might make cooking dinner feel a little more dangerous than usual.

The man behind DPx Gear knives and noted adventurer Robert Young Pelton doesn’t mince words: “The knife companies have maxed out every length, color, and style [of survival knife], so why not make stuff that people can actually use?”

Even White River Knife and Tool is getting in on the cleaver game (as well as other chef's knives). Want one? The company can make you a custom model just like this one.

Buyer’s Guide: Kitchen Knives


From lightweight, basic must-have knives for the outdoor kit to fancy yet functional chef-worthy cutlery that adorns the stylish kitchen, the kitchen knives we use to prepare our meals come in every shape and size. Having a good selection of knives and keeping them sharp is critical for any kitchen.

And in this instance, “kitchen” can mean that well-appointed focal point of the home where family and friends congregate to share a meal and good company.

Or it can mean a folding table outside your tent or a frying pan on a wood fire with a nearby log on which to sit.

No matter what type of kitchen you’re in, makeshift or marvelous, good kitchen knives are an important part of it.

Spyderco Murray Carter Collection

The complete Itamae series in the Spyderco Murray Carter Collection can handle most any kitchen task and be elegant doing it.

On family camping trips, I am the chief cook and bottle washer. No, I’m not a great cook. But early in my marriage it was my concession that if we were to go on these camping trips, I would cook the meals and do the dishes.

I keep a bin of frequently used camping equipment for family trips. Much of it is related to the camp kitchen: old pots and pans, utensils, potholders, can opener, cutting board, and such.

In this bin I keep several sharp, lightweight knives that are relatively inexpensive. If they can’t do the job, I replace them.

Sometimes, knives are pressed into service for kitchen chores that their designers might never have envisioned, yet they perform admirably.

I recall a fishing trip in Canada a few years ago when our group gathered in one of the rented cabins for the evening meal. We were having steak, which shows you how well we were doing with the fishing.

The kitchens of the cabins were stocked with utensils, but the knives, like many of my own kitchen knives, were very dull from neglect. I carried a Buck Woodsman fixed blade hunting knife on my belt that trip.

It was a knife that could handle most any task, yet it wasn’t expensive or hard to replace if I lost it or dropped it overboard. I took out that Buck knife and began using it to cut my steak.

Everyone noticed, and that knife soon made the rounds as everyone asked for a turn with it to cut their own steaks. The Buck Woodsman as a kitchen knife? Why not?

Here are some other knives that pull KP duty from companies you might not expect:


Spyderco offers much more than its popular folding knives with the famous Trademark Thumb Hole. The company’s Murray Carter Collection includes both the Itamae and Wakiita series of kitchen knives.

These are excellent, well-crafted knives that are very attractive as well. Mike Searson in the previous article has been working with the Wakiita Funayuki, while I’ve been putting the Itamae Funayuki through an extended test.

Its size and shape make this a go-to knife for so many kitchen tasks. Also in each series is a Nakiri, Gyuto, Petty, and Bunka Bocho.

“… ‘kitchen’ can mean that well-appointed focal point of the home … or it can mean a folding table outside your tent or a frying pan on a wood fire …”

The difference between the two series is that the Itamae features a laminated steel—a Aogami Super Blue core sandwiched between layers of SUS410 stainless steel, while the Wakiita knives are made of CTS BD1N stainless steel.

I have a Wakiita Nakiri too, and it’s proving to be exceptional for processing veggies.

Spyderco Z-Cut knives

The Spyderco Z-Cut knives are among the author’s favorites for his camp kitchen. They’re inexpensive and perform very well.

While I would probably keep the Murray Carter Collection knives in the home kitchen, Spyderco makes several budget friendly, lightweight knives that I’m adding to my family camping kit.

I find the Z-Cut knives to have excellent handling qualities. The handle is offset and above the blade, making this safe and easy on the knuckles. They come in either blunt-tipped or pointed with your choice of plain or serrated edge.

Bencmade Table Knife Set

Benchmade has introduced its first entry in its new kitchen knife line. The Table Knife Set consists of four knives and can be ordered with custom handle and blade options.

Likewise, the Counter Puppy comes with either a plain or serrated edge. This little knife has little stylized “puppy feet” on the handle, allowing it to stand upright to keep the blade clean and safe.

Spyderco’s 4.5-inch Utility Knife is one I know I’ll be reaching for regularly in preparing my camp meals.

While I have both plain and serrated blades in my kit, with one of multipurpose kitchen knives such as this, I find myself reaching for the serrated knife more often. And no one does a serrated edge better than Spyderco.

Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Piece Kitchen Set

The Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Piece Kitchen Set is a good start in establishing the food prep tools you need.

If I’m backpacking or otherwise traveling light, I might not be able to take dedicated kitchen knives along. In those cases, an EDC blade that can also handle meal prep is ideal.

The Spyderco Siren is such a knife. Its 3.6-inch blade is made of LC200N steel that’s one of the most corrosion-resistant steels out there.

So, it won’t mind being washed repeatedly. The grip has a very coarse, aggressive texturing. That stands to reason as the knife was originally designed with kayak fishermen in mind.

But that texturing works well when the knife is pressed into service handling messy kitchen chores.


Yes, Benchmade now has a kitchen cutlery line. The company’s first offering is the Table Knife Set and it would be a perfect addition to either you home kitchen or the counter at your cabin getaway.

These are configured as heavy-duty steak knives, but you’ll find yourself using them for food prep and not just for the place settings at the table.

 Benchmade table knives

The new Benchmade table knives are sure to see lots of use in the kitchen as well as at the table.

The 4001 Table Knife Set consists of four American-made, 5.13-inch blades of CPM154 stainless steel with clip points and Benchmade’s proprietary 14-degree SelectEdge that includes some forward serrations for versatile performance.

Each set comes in a handcrafted red birch box excellent for storing the knives and attractive enough to display on your countertop.

The knives feature black G10 handles, but you can change that as this set will be available through the Benchmade Custom Knife Builder Program, which allows you to customize your knives with several blade finishes and handle options.


Victorinox, of Swiss Army Knife fame, has extensive kitchen knife offerings for the beginner to the professional. A good place to start outfitting your camp or kitchen is with the Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Piece Kitchen Set.

This set includes multipurpose kitchen shears, universal peeler, tomato and table knife, and a Santoku.

The Victorinox Fibrox series of kitchen knives

The Victorinox Fibrox series of kitchen knives aren’t fancy, but they get the job done.

There are wood-handled carving sets great for everyday kitchen use or you can step up to the company’s Grand Maitre line of cutlery.

For the camp kitchen, Victorinox recently introduced the Swiss Classic Foldable Paring Knife. It features a 4.3-inch folding blade that locks open. It’s available with either a plain or serrated edge.

An alternative is any of the knives in the company’s plastic handled Fibrox series.

Victorinox offers a good selection of utensils and flatware too. And every camp or kitchen needs a good cutting board.

Victorinox sells the Allrounder Cutting Board in medium and large sizes. They’re made of eco-friendly wood fiber that won’t damage your knife blades.


TOPS Knives is renowned for its large and small rugged fixed blades. But the company offers some kitchen-appropriate knives too.

So not only can you fend off that hungry bear, but you can skin it, butcher it, and turn it into a hearty stew or casserole.

The TOPS Dicer set of knives are as attractive as they are ruggedly built. What more could you ask?

Knives in the company’s Dicer series include paring, steak, slicer, chef, and bread knives. They feature CPM S35Vn steel and contoured blue and black handles of laminated micarta and G10.

While not part of the Dicer series, the TOPS XXX Dicer should be part of your kitchen. It’s a cleaver-like blade that can chop, dice, slice, and make do as a spatula if necessary. It has a red and black G10 handle and is made of 440C steel.


Rarely am I without a Case knife. So, why should it be any different in the kitchen? Of special note is the company’s Household Cutlery line that includes the 9-Piece Block Set.

This set includes wooden block holder, steel, chef’s knife, slicer, bread knife, boning knife, clip-point paring knife, Santoku, and tomato slicer.

The handles are solid walnut, and the blade steel is the company’s Tru-Sharp stainless steel.

 Case kitchen knives

This selection of Case kitchen knives features solid walnut handles and comes in a butcher block holder.

For meals on the go, Case has the Hobo, a folding knife with spoon, knife, fork, and bottle opener.


The Cold Steel Western Hunter

The Cold Steel Western Hunter with its available sheath would make a good all-around camp knife.

Cold Steel Cleaver

This Cold Steel Cleaver is part of the company’s affordable Commercial Series of knives.

Cold Steel built its reputation on knives for martial artists. The company’s Commercial Series of affordable, hard-use knives would serve well in any camp or kitchen.

Offerings include boning, butcher, skinning, chef’s, and filet knives as well as a cleaver. The steel is German 4116 stainless steel. The handle is synthetic Kray-Ex for a sure-handed grip.

If limited to just one in this line, I’d choose the Western Hunter with 6-inch blade and its available plastic sheath for all-around use.


Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear & Son Cutlery offers sets of steak knives with either rosewood (shown) or India stag bone handles.

Always known for its affordable U.S.-made traditional pocketknives, Bear & Son Cutlery is gaining ground in the industry with its tactical folders and butterfly knives too.

I’ve had one of the company’s Bowie knives for years. It offers steak knife sets too. Four knives come in a set. They’re made of 440 stainless steel, and you can get them with either rosewood or India stag bone handles.


The ESEE JG5 is reminiscent of the Nessmuk knife and would make a great all-around camp knife.

ESEE Expat Cleaver

This ESEE Expat Cleaver would be a good addition to any camp or kitchen.

“Sometimes, knives are pressed into service for kitchen chores that their designers might never have envisioned, yet they perform admirably.”

ESEE is geared toward bushcraft, survival, and rescue. Many of those knives by virtue of their versatile designs can handle kitchen tasks as well. The ESEE CR2.5 is a wonderful little knife for small game and kitchen duties.

The ESEE JG5 is based on the historic Nessmuk knife with its 4.9-inch oblong skinning type blade and sculpted Micarta handle.

The Expat CL1 Cleaver is a beast of a blade for kitchen and camp work. All feature 1095 high carbon steel, so they’d demand a bit of attention, but that’s no problem.


The Gerber Flatiron knife

The Gerber Flatiron is a folding knife with a cleaver-like blade.

The Gerber Flatiron is unusual in that it’s a folding knife with a 3.6-inch cleaver-shaped blade. It built with 7Cr17MoV steel and has a frame lock.

This is another blade that seems destined to be put into action on the camp kitchen cutting board.


I’m sorry if I missed one of your favorites. There are so many knives out there that are either designed for kitchen work or, like my Buck Woodsman, could serve well in that capacity when needed.

The idea is to make good meals an integral part of your life’s adventure. So, get cookin’.



Bear & Son:



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ESEE Knives

Excellent. That’s the top word to describe ESEE knives. Started 20 years back by the creators of Randall’s Adventure & Training and very first developed for Peruvian unique forces, ESEE knives surpass the hype surrounding a lot of brands of survival items and concentrate on what works.

From the jungles of Peru, to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan, ESEE knives perform better when it counts. If the objective depends upon the quality and the style of your gear, then you want the tools that are trusted across the board by law enforcement, military, and unique forces neighborhoods.

With numerous flexible and situational knives to pick from, our collection of ESEE products includes the tools you need to satisfy your specifications, whether it’s bush craft or straight self-defense. You can take to the wild with blades like the ESEE Izula, thought about by lots of to be among the finest full tang survival and rescue blades worldwide, or always come prepared with accessories like industry-leading sheathing options. ESEE-manufactured sheaths can be easily utilized with a high-tech tactical rig or used merely on your belt.

What does ESEE Knives Stand for?

ESEE takes its name from “Escuela De Supervivencia, Escapar, Evasión(The School of Survival, Escape, Evasion), an elite course begun by the Peruvian air force, who partnered with survival trainers Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin in the late 1990s.

From supreme tools like the LTMACH Machete to the military survival school-inspired ESEE 5, ESEE blades are designed to get the job done. If you want pretty, then you’ll probably desire to look someplace else.

Esee Knives Brand products line

ESEE is a company formed by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin to build knives – it stands for Escuela de Supervivencia (named after the Peruvian Air Force’s ESSEL jungle survival course) Escape and Evasion. This can be well seen by Esee products line as well as Esee Knives are now made in USA, China, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Haiti and Finland with S35VN stainless steel, AUG-8 and many other high carbon steel types which is as under:

ESEE Advanced Survival Gear

ESEE Knives Advanced Survival Gear Series makes up distinctively created advanced survival packages that are ideal for pilots, vehicle drivers, outdoorsmen and world tourists. This Advanced Line includes easy-to-use survival gears, varying from fire sets to survival fishing sets.

ESEE Arrow Heads

The Line of Arrow heads by ESEE is one of the creative varieties of the brand. Lightweight and compact, these arrowheads are necessary outdoor devices when it comes to travelling, rock climbing or outdoor camping. Finest suited for survivalists, hunters, and outdoorsmen, the practical arrowheads can be lashed to a branch, utilized as an arrow, or can be connected to a stick to use as a knife or spear.

ESEE Avispa Folding Pocket Knives

Avispa Series by ESEE Knives consists of a variety of frame lock folding swiss army knife that are light-weight and easy to run.

ESEE Camp Lore Knives

Developed to satisfy the demands for standard, fundamental, bush craft knives, the Camp-Lore Series was developed by ESEE Knives The series has a range of easy, conventional, set blade designs that have actually been field-proven for many years. These fixed blade knives are geared up with carbon steel blade– durable adequate to be utilized for multiple purposes like cutting, slicing, and splitting.

ESEE Candiru Knives

The line consists of fixed blade knives with skeletonized handle, carbon steel blade, belt sheath, survival card, lashing holes, and other important functions. The resilient and protective sheaths molded Kydex or nylon construction, lashing hole, and belt loop not just offer security to the blade but also provide the convenience of bring.

ESEE CM6 Combat Tactical Knives

The signing up with of Tactical and Practical making this knife at home in the American forests or the battlefields around the world. The Knife whose 5 7/8″ blade is black powder covered made from 1095 carbon steel blade engraved with Chestnut Mountain Proving Grounds, NC, Marion. These blades offer sharpened upper swedge which enhances penetration.

ESEE Imacasa Machetes

The Imacasa Series of ESEE Knives consists of a choice of machetes that are developed to be utilized for a variety of functions like gardening, farming, self-protection, high-force slicing, and more. These machetes appropriate for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists who may experience unforeseeable difficulties during their journey.

ESEE Izula Knives

Izula Series is one of the popular collections of ESEE. These full tang blade knives are 6.25 inches in general.

ESEE Junglas Knives

The Junglas Fixed blade is the biggest of the fixed blade knives manufactured by ESEE. The Junglas Series by ESEE Knives serves the outdoor enthusiasts with a selection of fixed blade knives, Molle panels, and knife sheaths.

ESEE Laser Strike Knives

At 10 inches total with a 4.875-inch blade the Laser Strike Line includes an assortment of fixed blade knives with a range of designs. These knives are designed to use improved sturdiness to be used in various outdoor activities like outdoor camping, hammering, and travelling. These multi-purpose set blade knives feature carbon steel blade, using uncomplicated performance in cutting and chopping jobs.

ESEE Model 3

At 8.25 inches general with a 3.875-inch blade. Design 3 Line includes an assortment of easy-to-use set blade knives, created with appealing colors. These outdoor lifestyle devices are perfect for a large series of outside activities like camping, trekking, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing. These fixed blade knives have a carbon steel blade construction, sharp top edge, full prolonged tang, canvas micarta grips, lanyard hole, glass breaker pommel, clip plate and a thumb ridge.

ESEE Model 4

At 9 inches total with a 4.5-inch blade the ESEE Model 4 is the next measure from the Model 3. With all the very same functions as the 3 the 4 is simply larger in scale. Call this the medium version we as the model 3 is the little.

ESEE Model 5

At 10.875 inches total with a 5.25-inch blade these Model 5’s are thought about the “Large” version in the Model series. These knives include carbon steel blades, complete tang construction for added strength, glass breaker extended pommel and micarta grips.

ESEE Model 6

At 11.75 inches total with 5.75-inch blades. These Model 6’s are additional large version. ESEE Knives Model 6 Series comprises the most practical and completely manufactured fixed blade knives and sheaths. Using a high-durability, the ESEE knives’ tools include remarkable construction, light-weight style and precise outputs. The majority of the ESEE knives are made in USA and consist carbon steel basic edge blade, providing high-resistance to abrasion and edge holding capability. These ESEE outdoor knives mainly consist of powder coat surface, complete or extended tang, canvas micarta handles with a divot, suitable sheath, cable lock, boot clip and clip plate.

ESEE Passports

ESEE Knives Passport Series covers distinctively developed passport cases that appropriate for any traveler or adventure lover.

ESEE Tertiary Push Dagger Knives

ESEE Knives Tertiary Line includes a variety of push dagger full tang knives that are commonly used for hammering, fishing, trekking, searching or outdoor camping functions. Offered in a compact design, these push dagger knives are created to conveniently suit hand. Geared up with powder layered T-shaped handles, the tertiary knives offer a company grip for simple handling.

ESEE Venom Knives

Another popular line by ESEE is the Venom collection. Started with the Venom Green Izula, the brand expanded their line of venom green knives. The fixed blade knives have high carbon steel construction with powdered coat surface, making them resistant to corrosion, therefore adding to long-lasting performance.

ESEE Zancudo Folding Pocket Knives

4 inches closed. ESEE Knives Zancudo line includes a series of frame lock folding pocket knives that are equipped with a safe and secure locking system. These knives are created and manufactured in Taiwan and China. The line consists of swiss army knife with D2 steel that uses moderate corrosion resistance. The majority of these frame-lock folding swiss army knife include lanyard hole, thumb ridge, standard edge blade and thumb stud.

ESEE Knives Warranty Policy.

In addition to combat-ready knives, ESEE is one of the leading companies of expert gear for severe survivalists and back nation course trainees. The individuals who create ESEE knives are the same people who have actually depended on them in the field, and all ESEE products are backed by an incredible no questions asked service warranty.

Where to buy ESEE Knives for Sale?

Shop Esee Knives for Sale with lowest discounted prices online with us. As we Chicago Knife Works is one of the most trustworthy dealers in the knife and outside tool market. Having actually a thrived stock, that includes more than 30,000 models of swiss army knife, fixed blade knives, searching knives, butterfly knives, machetes, flashlights and knife sharpeners;

An exceptional megastore with a broadening line of product, you can constantly rely on Chicago Knife Works for quality and variety! Get unique discounts on ESEE Knives for Sale

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Chicago Knife Works is platform which is indeed a haven for especially for Esee fans, knife collectors, adventure enthusiasts, knife enthusiasts, not only in USA but across the globe with our fastest shipping policy and lowest prices. Having collaboration with more than 500 + knife manufactures across the globe with 800+ brands having inventory of more than 30,000 products including survival knives, butterfly knives, throwing knives, Bowies, flashlights, Optics, and Range Finders specifically bought directly from brands or through their distributers after proper quality check, we have them on our store with 30 days return policy to provide you best online purchasing experience.

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ESEE-5 VS Ka-Bar Becker BK2! - The American Beasts

ESEE Knives



With a vision to reform the survival and wilderness industry, Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall started their journey in 1997. Working under contract with the Peruvian Air Force’s “Escuela De Supervivencia En La Selva” also known as ESSEL, they introduced various clients to the art of survival in the jungle. After an operation in South Africa that lasted years, they opened a sister company known as ESEE Knives. Built with only quality materials, an ESSE Knife survives in every condition from the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan. Thus, these cutting tools are trusted by professionals in law enforcement, military, and special forces communities. This knife manufacturing brand offers an array of versatile and situational knives. Their first design was the RTAK made by Wicked Knife Company in Arkansas. ESEE’s clientele ranges from rescue technicians, film crews, special operations personnel, hunters, outdoorsman, border security, and professional adventurers.


Even after 20 years, ESEE continuously deliverS quality courses and gear. Thus, they have been featured on the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and in various books, movies, trade publications, and outdoor magazines. With the finest products, ESEE product end-users know they have been backed with the industry’s best warranty and customer service. Apart from razor-sharp knives, ESEE manufactures sheaths that can be used with high-tech tactical rigs or worn easily on your belt. Today, the company has a huge inventory of hardware, handles, sheaths/clip plates, logo gear, and different miscellaneous items. They have further set great standards for numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement officers when it’s to high-performance, compact sheath knives with multiple carry options. ESEE is now a household name in the knife industry. Their tools are thus best for survival prowess and the ability for hard use.


More About ESEE Knives

All the knives featuring the ESEE logo are manufactured in the United States by Rowen Manufacturing in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Over the years, ESEE Knives has also branched out into producing folding knives as well. Now, the company is headquartered in Gallant, Alabama. All of their knives are no-frills and extremely durable and functional. Typically the knives are made of 1095 high carbon steel, feature a micarta handle scale, and durable powder-coated finish. However, depending upon the intended use, various other materials are used in the knife construction. With 3D handle machinery, contoured, amazing-looking handles are created. With field-proven, simple, and elegant designs their knives have left an indelible mark on the knife world. The rigorous quality checks performed at each manufacturing stage ensure each product that goes out of the workshop is of premium grade.


The experienced team of this flourishing brand is always looking out for what works in the real world. Knife designers of this brand personally live through with the knife under challenging situations for which it is being made. Whether you are going to war or in the wild, an ESEE Knife will be your true companion. You can also easily sharpen and maintain these knives without worrying about their strength. The durable coating protects the knife against rust. In addition, the heat treatment of the steel is the key to final properties. Thus, the steel does not break easily. Furthermore, the knives are designed, tested, and proven in their expeditions, and survival training courses in the Amazon Jungles of Peru and throughout the United States. Moreover, the team of ESEE Knives is very confident about what they make. Thus, regardless of origin, every knife is backed by the best no-questions-asked warranty in the industry.


Browse Through ESEE Knives Collection

ESEE Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives by ESEE are perfect for use in hard-duty cutting tasks or as a weapon during tactical situations. Built with high carbon steel for strength and durability. These knives feature different micarta scales and a smooth cutting edge blade. The micarta handles feel comfortable in your hand, while the rounded pommel in some of the models offers a hole for lanyard attachment. Carbon steel knives are made from 1095 steel for toughness and resistance to corrosion. Thus, the ESEE Fixed Blade Knives are suitable for tough use, and rust or stain only if proper care is not done. The included molded polymer sheath with clip plate attachment keeps the knives safe. While the jimping on the blade’s spine increases the thumb grip.


ESEE Folding Pocket Knives: ESEE Folding Pocket Knives Series includes collections of Framelock Pocket Knives, Avispa Knives, and Zancudo Knives. These folding pocket knives are lightweight and easy to operate in tough outdoor conditions. Widely loved by campers, hikers, fishers, hunters, survival experts, mountaineers, and outdoor aficionados, these knife folders deliver efficient performance. Most of these knives have AUS-8 or D2 stainless steel blades which are corrosion resistant to ensure long life. The drop point blades from this collection are commonly used for slicing, cutting, spitting, and other everyday chores. The blade handles are available in different powder-coated finishes to choose the desired color. These knives have a four-way reversible satin finish stainless pocket clip that helps in easy handling and secure storage. Most of these knives come equipped with lanyard holes, dual thumb studs, and the brand logo to enhance the functionality range and to ensure that you have a trusted gear.


ESEE Axes: ESEE Axes offers a series of axes that can be used for a variety of purposes including hard-duty cutting tasks or for use during tactical situations. The blade of these axes has stonewashed finished 1095HC steel construction that hardens the steel and reduces the amount of wear that a blade will experience over time. The axes have black textured G-10 handles that have high mechanical strength, are difficult to break, and are relatively lightweight which allows for less carry weight. The axes feature full or extended tang that is the strongest tang construction and can also be used as a striking device for things like hammering in tent stakes. The availability of a lanyard hole in the axe provides an added feature that helps is comfortable storage. The ESSE Axes also have a cut out of Idaho in its blade for hanging up to dry or simply store. These axes come along with a black leather belt sheath that provides added protection while carrying the axe. ESEE Axes are known for their innovative features and skilled craftsmanship. One can explore them all through Knife Country’s online portal.


ESEE Clothing: The series features T-shirts made by ESEE that are available in different colors and in different sizes. These are used by various training students and the employees of the firm. These are available in different sizes ranging from small, large, XXL, and XXXL. These T-shirts have cotton construction that provides the ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and remain durable. These T-shirts come in green and brown colors. The ESEE logo is printed on these T-shirts, ensuring authenticity and distinguishing it from others. Made in the Dominican Republic, the ESEE T-shirts are loved by the ESEE family as well as by the people who buy ESSE products. One can wear these T-shirts in all kinds of weather conditions either as a simple T-shirt or under a jacket. ESEE products are known for their innovative craftsmanship and the longevity that they have. One can explore these products through various series that are featured on Knife Country USA’s website.


ESEE Fire Starters - Ferro Rods: ESEE Fire Starters is an assortment of premium quality Ferro rods. Manufactured specially for hunting, survival, self-defense, and life-threatening situations, this Ferro rod collection delivers reliable performance. Magnesium fire starters are a must-have for outdoor survival kits, survival capsules, camping gear, and hunting gear. Made to spark brightly, these Ferro rods can be used to scare away wild animals during trekking, camping, and hunting in the wild terrains. Often used as a signal in emergencies, these Ferro rods help in tracking the location of hunters and travelers lost in oceans, forests, deserts, or mountains. It quickly lights a fire and comes with all the instructions for ease of the user. The high-performance outdoor gear by ESEE Knives maintains the quality standards, offers value for money, and delivers efficient performance in the field.


ESEE Knife Accessories: This series by ESEE presents a wide range of knife and tool accessories that can provide security and enhance the functionality of your tool. The series features a wide collection of products ranging from knife sheaths, fire steel, survival card set, pocket navigation cards, survival information cards, knife handles, Everyday Carry Billfold, and more. These accessories can make your outdoor recreational activities comfortable and convenient. The products are widely loved by travel enthusiasts because of the superior quality material and the added features of these products. The products like the sheaths and the billfold have heavy black nylon construction that is known for its strength, durability, high pressure-bearing capacity, and corrosion resistance. The knife handles featured under this series have micarta or Zytel construction that provides strength, abrasion, and impact resistance. The survival card set has four white cards with survival tips, signaling tips, Morse code, trap and snare diagrams, fire building tips, navigation tips, escape and evasion tips, and much more. The intricacies with which these accessories are constructed make them the best survival gears that can help you during crucial moments of your outdoor adventures.


ESEE Machetes: The ergonomic Micarta handles on these Machetes allow for ultimate convenience all day by allowing a firm and comfortable grip while using the knife. Made from 1075 carbon, the 54-56 Rc. ESEE Darien Machete comes standard with a rugged canvas sheath. The sheath further protects these knives and keeps them safe. Whether in the Amazon or the jungle in your backyard, machetes act as chopping machines. The knives from this series are further designed with utmost attention to detail using high-grade raw materials and care during the manufacturing process. ESEE stands behind its knife with a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty. Further, these machetes are powerful tools designed for making clearing brush simpler. It will thus be a reliable tool for your adventures in the jungles.


ESEE Sheaths: An assortment of sheaths are designed for ESEE Knives. These are replacement sheaths. They further allow the knife to smoothly fit in and to be slid out. This product series also features clip plates for sheaths. Created with professional-grade materials, the sheaths are durable, reliable, and ambidextrous. All of the sheaths have an unobtrusive design until it is pulled over the knife. ESEE Sheaths features a belt loop, jump-proof MOLLE backplate with drop-leg extended ring, tie-down holes, and heavy-duty MOLLE strap. Explore this series to prevent knife damage and to carry knives conveniently anywhere.


ESEE Survival kits & Tins: To ensure comfort and safety on adventure tours, ESEE has created survival kits. Each of them contains all the tools or equipment that will be required in tactical situations. The most common feature in such kits are the key components including fire, water, signaling, food gathering, and navigation. Made for ultimate survival, the kits are typically small enough to stow in a daypack and carried every day. The components of each kit are further included as per the final use only. You just need to put ESEE Survival Kit in your backpack to take on any challenge or tactical situations. The fire kit from this series can further be clipped to a belt or vest carried in your pack or put in the glove box of your vehicle. For emergencies, these kits are capable of providing most survival requirements.


Explore ESEE Knife Series

ESEE Advanced Knife Series: ESEE Knives Advanced Series comprises uniquely designed advanced survival kits that are ideal for pilots, motorists, outdoorsmen, and world travelers. This Advanced Series includes easy-to-use survival gear, ranging from fire kits to survival fishing kits. For emergency uses, the survival bags have everything to serve most survival requirements. You can either add individual tools to your toolbox or get a whole new comprehensive kit. Most of these outdoor kits are assorted with A Grade A compass, waterproof capsule, advanced fire kit capsule, tinder tabs, disposable handcuff key, water treatment tablets, ranger fire-starting flint, rapid rescue orange whistle, 30' small cordage, H bandage, ranger bands, ESEE 4P special edition knife and more. Explore the ESEE Advanced Series for a range of survival gears that will assist you with navigation, shelter fire, self-rescue, water gathering, and more!


ESEE Arrowhead Series: The Series of Arrowheads by ESEE is one of the creative assortments of the brand. Lightweight and compact, these arrowheads are essential outdoor accessories when it comes to trekking, rock climbing, or camping. Best suited for hunters, survivalists, and outdoorsmen, the functional arrowheads can be lashed to a branch, used as an arrow, or can be attached to a stick to use as a knife or spear. Featuring a sharpened double edge head, tactical gray finish, hole-cutout, protective casing, and a survival card, the arrowheads come assorted with all valuable features.  Precisely made in the USA, the ESEE Arrowheads are known to deliver superior performance in all weather conditions. Use these unique outdoor gears in other possible ways, as per the situation and requirement!


ESEE Ashley Emerson Knife Series: Designed by Ashley Emerson, these game knives were created specifically for hunters. Being a guide and hunter from Alaska to Africa allowed Emerson to have the experience of dealing with hundreds of deer, wild hogs, and other animals from squirrels to buffalo. The knives from this series have been modified to fit what works, and the knives deliver optimal performance always, as they were born from Ashley’s vast experience handling game in the field. These cutting tools are perfect for splitting a sternum as the length of both the blade and handle has been optimized for leverage for jobs. Moreover, the full tang handle features a guard, an excellent grip shape, and a large lanyard hole that incorporates a 550 cord. The solid Canvas Micarta handles of ESEE Ashley Emerson Knives do not slip even when they are wet. There is no sharpening notch at the choil, thus you need not worry about knife catching on hides.


ESEE Avispa Knife Series: Avispa Series by ESEE Knives includes a variety of framelock folding pocket knives that are lightweight and easy to operate. Unlike linerlock knives, framelock pocket knives use the entire portion of the frame to lock the blade. The pocket knives help the user carry out the cutting tasks with complete accuracy. Most of the knives in this range feature stainless drop point blades, satin handles, stainless pocket clips, dual thumb studs, lanyard holes, Randall's Adventure & Training logo, and a thumb ridge. Suitable for long-term usage, these framelock pocket knives are apt for various tasks involved in mountain-climbing, self-defense, hunting, fishing, trekking, and camping.


ESEE Camp Lore Camp Knife Series: Designed to meet the demands for traditional, basic, bushcraft knives, the Camp-Lore Series was invented by ESEE Knives. The series has a variety of simple, traditional, fixed blade designs that have been field-proven for years. These fixed blade knives are equipped with carbon steel blades—durable enough to be used for multiple purposes like cutting, chopping, and splitting. Made in the USA, most of these camp lore knives have stonewash and micarta handles that ensure a comfortable grip for hours of usage without hand fatigue. These easily removable handles allow the users to polish the blade whenever needed. Leather belt sheath makes them convenient to carry. These lightweight knives can be reliably used as survival tools in critical situations. Glance through the expanding series of Camp-Lore fixed blade knives and choose the ideal tool for your camping, trekking, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor expeditions.


ESEE Candiru Knife Series: The Candiru Series by ESEE covers a wide variety of fixed blade knives, knife handles, sheaths, and outdoor accessories, available in impressive color choices. These camping tools are manufactured to suit the basic needs of people indulged in outdoor activities like camping, mountaineering, trekking, fishing, and hunting. The series includes fixed blade knives with skeletonized handles, carbon steel blades, belt sheath, survival cards, lashing holes, and other valuable features. The durable and protective sheaths are comprised of molded Kydex or nylon construction, lashing hole, and belt loop not only provide security to the blade but also offer the convenience of carrying. The classic collection of Candiru Series is designed and manufactured in the USA and China. Also, explore the Candirus with optional kits including a paracord, cord lock, large split ring, small split ring, Ferro fire starting rod, emergency whistle, and a plastic snap hook.


ESEE CM6 Knife Series: ESEE Knives CM6 Series offers a range of fixed blade knives, knife sheaths, and other camping accessories. The outdoor tools in this series are manufactured from durable materials like carbon steel. Meant for long-term use, the knives of this series can be reliably employed for multiple jobs involved in outdoor activities like trekking, fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. These fixed blade knives are usually equipped with canvas micarta handles and feature lashing holes, clip plates, paracord, cord lock, and powder-coated textured blade. The blade of CM6 knives is sized to complete the hardest task without adding excessive weight to your gear load. The series also includes sturdy and protective knife sheaths with adjustable lashing holes and tensioners. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these camping tools are easily accessible and maintainable.


ESEE Imlay Rescue Knife Series: The Imlay Rescue Knives are designed in accordance with the legendary Izula pattern. It can be attached to a PFD, harness, or belt easily. These are further named from a technical slot canyon in Zion National Park. An ESEE Imlay Rescue features a dull, blunted tip for secure use around tensioned ropes, serrations to get through tough materials, double spine jimping, and a skeletonized design that reduces size and weight. You can use it in wet environments as premium-grade 440C stainless steel is used in the construction. For knife deployment, remove the secondary retention strap from the sheath post, then thumb the blade out of the sheath. Featuring a retention strap that stays on the knife during use and has a long tail for simple manipulation with gloved hands. ESEE Imlay system includes the knife, clip plate, sheath, paracord, and secondary retention device.


ESEE Izula Knife Series: Izula Series is one of the popular collections of ESEE. The name of the series has come from the meanest and nastiest ant of Peru jungles. You may explore a variety of navigation cards, fixed blade knives, knife handles, survival cards, and other camping essentials under this series. The Izula knives offer a reliable fixed blade strength and durability, yet are compact and lightweight for travelers’ needs. The easy-to-use and carry fixed blade knives can be easily kept in any survival kit or use in a concealed carry situation. These knives are durable enough to be used for multiple performance-driven applications like chopping and cutting. The navigation cards included in this series can assist you with signaling tips, navigation tips, morse code, etc. Explore the expanding collection of Izula for a range of outdoor Essentials for your adventurous expeditions. 


ESEE Junglas Knife Series: The Junglas Series by ESEE Knives serves the outdoor enthusiasts with an assortment of fixed blade knives, Molle panels, and knife sheaths. The outdoor lifestyle accessories are sturdily manufactured to perform well even in challenging situations. The series is inclusive of fixed blade knives that feature carbon steel blades, lanyard holes, extended or full tangs, and more. Additionally, the series includes a variety of Molle panels that allow you to attach Molle compatible gear to the knife or sheath. The Kydex sheaths are provided to secure the knives and to offer the convenience of carrying them. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these outdoor tools are apt for camping, hunting, traveling, mountain-climbing and more.


ESEE Laser Strike Knife Series: Laser Strike Series includes an assortment of fixed blade knives with a variety of designs. These knives are designed to offer enhanced durability to be used in various outdoor activities like camping, hammering, and trekking. These multi-purpose fixed blade knives come with carbon steel blades, offering effortless performance in cutting and chopping tasks. Made in the USA, these fixed blade knives can help you to tackle many tactical situations. The laser strike knives are ideal for bushcraft and many types of outdoor chores. Most of these outdoor tools are available with canvas micarta handles, divot, black cord lanyard, OD green nylon lanyard, and boot clip, and other practical features. The generous-sized handle with the front finger groove provides for a choke-up hold position making it easier for close-up work and better blade control. Position your hand rearwards on the handle when more leverage is required.


ESEE Model 3 Knife Series: ESEE Knives Model 3 Series includes an assortment of easy-to-use fixed blade knives, designed with attractive colors. These outdoor lifestyle accessories are ideal for a vast range of outdoor activities like camping, trekking, rock climbing, hunting, and fishing. These fixed blade knives have a carbon steel blade construction, sharp top edge, full extended tang, canvas micarta handles, lanyard hole, glass breaker pommel, clip plate, and a thumb ridge. The molded knife sheath is supplied to give protective covering to the blade. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these fixed blade knives are widely used by law enforcement and military teams due to their lightweight, thin profile, and various sheath options.


ESEE Model 4 Knife Series: Model 4 Knives are one of the most popular knife models by ESEE. With great thickness, these are a perfect blend of toughness and cutting efficiency all in one small package. Built with 1095 carbon steel, the knife delivers optimal performance, is highly durable, and tough. It is available in different handle designs and colors. The contoured 3D handles stand out and also fit standard ESEE-4 sheathing. The textured powder coat finish gives it a complete appearance. With the molded sheath along with a clip plate, the knife can be carried anywhere easily.


ESEE Model 5 Knife Series: The Model 5 Series is a collection of fixed blade knives that can be used for a variety of purposes while you are on your outdoor excursions. The knives are coated with black powder coating that provides durability to the blade. The blades have 1095 carbon steel construction which makes the knives corrosion resistant and helps in delivering outstanding performance. The knives feature micarta handles that help in comfortable grip during deployment. Few of these also feature orange-colored G-10 handles that not just provide efficiency but also give a colorful look to the knives. The knives also have lanyard holes that help in efficient storage and glass breaker end that helps in various tactical situations. The knives feature a black molded Kydex sheath with a clip plate, lashing holes, and a black cord lanyard. These knives feature a full and extended tang that provides perfect grip during usage. Some of the knives also include a survival card and clip plate with screws, rubber washers, and barrel nuts. These added features are what make the entire series a unique one and are undoubtedly loved by knife lovers across the world.


ESEE Model 6 Knife Series: ESEE Knives Model 6 Series comprises the most practical and perfectly manufactured fixed blade knives and sheaths. Offering high durability, the ESEE knives’ tools feature superior construction, lightweight design, and accurate outputs. Most of the ESEE knives are made in the USA and consist of carbon steel standard edge blades, offering high resistance to abrasion and edge holding capability. These ESEE outdoor knives mainly include powder coat finish, full or extended tang, canvas micarta handles with a divot, compatible sheath, cord lock, boot clip, and clip plate. The high-quality molded black Zytel sheaths offer great space and protection to the fixed blade knives.


ESEE Passport Holder Series: ESEE Knives Passport Series covers uniquely designed passport cases that are suitable for any traveler or adventure enthusiast. These passport cases are designed to add great convenience. Most of these ESEE passport cases are designed from sturdy nylon material, providing multiple pockets to keep all the cards secured and well-organized. These outdoor lifestyle accessories mainly include shielding material that prevents the chances of exposing confidential information via RFID.  The multi-pocket passport cases are made in the USA and available with an external pocket to offer handy space for keeping other accessories. Available in a variety of colors, these cases are supplied with two 6-MIL storage bags to protect the case and travel survival cards in wet weather.


ESEE Tertiary Knife Series: ESEE Knives Tertiary Series features a variety of push dagger fixed blade knives that are commonly used for hammering, fishing, trekking, hunting, or camping purposes. Available in a compact design, these push dagger knives are designed to comfortably fit in hand. Equipped with powder-coated T-shaped handles, the tertiary knives offer a firm grip for easy handling.  Additionally, these push knives are provided with standard edge carbon steel blades, offering strength to tackle any performance-driven cutting jobs. The blade projects from the front of your fist, mainly between your index and middle finger for easy deployment. These push daggers are supplied with a molded sheath that provides safety to the blade. The clip plate, and lanyard hole, make these knives convenient to carry. Manufactured in the USA, these outdoor tools are ideal for survivalists, travelers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


ESEE Venom Knife Series: Another popular series by ESEE is the Venom collection. Started with the Venom Green Izula, the brand expanded its line of venom green knives. The fixed blade knives have high carbon steel construction with powdered coat finish, making them resistant to corrosion, thus contributing to long-lasting performance. These accurately designed ESEE Knives are offered with a skeletonized handle and ring pommel, offering a firm grip and comfortable handling. These tactical tools can be used for multiple purposes like fishing, food preparation, rope cutting, camping, and more. A large variety of fixed blade knives that are designed and manufactured in the USA.


ESEE WRAT Wrench Series: WRAT Wrenches are crafted to fit popular SAE-sized climber anchor bolts and quick links often found while practicing single rope techniques. With less weight and size, it can be easily clipped to a climbing or rescue harness seamlessly until the need to check a bolt or tighten/loosen a quick link. However, note that these wrenches do not fit metric-sized bolts or quick links. Made from quality materials, WRAT Wrench performs tasks for which it is designed. ESEE WRAT Wrench titanium models are made in China, while the stainless steel models are made in the USA. However, you must check the gear’s hex size before picking your wrench.


ESEE Xancudo Knife Series: Xancudo has been patterned as per the popular ESEE Zancudo. Whether you are climbing or going for a day-hike through the woods, this knife will prove to be a true outdoor companion. Features like lightweight, excellent corrosion resistance, and outstanding cutting efficiency make it perfect for wilderness search, and rescue teams that require compact edge capable of cleanly slicing cordage and rope, and as light fire building chores. Made from S35VN steel, the ESEE Xancudo is built to perform well even under the toughest conditions. It features a molded sheath and two 3D handle options: with the carabiner hole or without. These knives are proudly made in the USA.


ESEE Zancudo Knife Series: ESEE Knives Zancudo series includes a range of frame lock folding pocket knives that are equipped with a secure locking mechanism. These knives are designed and manufactured in Taiwan and China. The series includes pocket knives with D2 steel construction that offers mild corrosion resistance. Most of these frame-lock folding pocket knives feature lanyard holes, thumb ridge, standard edge blade,s and thumb stud. Available in different powder-coated hues, these knives are ideal for various adventurous activities like trekking, hammering, mountaineering, trekking, hunting, and camping. The pocket clips are added to these knives for offering ease of carrying.


Read Through ESEE Knives Warranty Details

Every ESEE Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. ESEE Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any product that is defective. Since ESEE Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, ESEE Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.


Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

ESEE Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your ESEE Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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