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Treat everyone with respect. Please do not get into arguments and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. Comment 'admin' or 'mod' to get our attention on posts if need be. If you get into an argument, don't dirty delete your comments or it's an automatic mute. Do not block admins. Do not sale swoop/ shop on other people's posts/comments

This is a space for all LGBTQIA+ people as well as BIPOC, furries, age regressors, disabilities, mental health etc. If you don't like this, don't join. This group is a safe space~ This also includes no tone policing, and to refrain from correcting people as these are racist, classist and ableist~ (also no appropriation or gatekeeping). Use correct pronouns, and be mindful 😊


Controversy, NSFW, TW and Spam

If you're selling multiple items and commenting on an ISO post, make 1 comment and then the rest must be replies to your own comment. Keep it all in one comment to reduce spam. No NSFW allowed, this group is SFW, children friendly. Add Trigger warnings where necessary, and keep controversial topics and politics out of the group.


Sales and Trades- Posts must include time stamps

It must be handwritten and have your name and date and must be included physically in all of your photos. They have to be with 2 days of the posting date. PayPal G&S ONLY


Sales and Trades- Items must be on hand

No selling or trading items you don’t have on hand. Pre-orders do not apply to this rule, but you must contact an admin before doing pre-order sales otherwise your posts and comments will be deleted.


Sales and Trades- ISO comments

Must follow selling rules when commenting on ISO posts. If you are commenting on an ISO post to get a quick sale but don't have a timestamped picture, you can show a picture and add "If anyone is interested I will show timestamped picture below" or "Will provide timestamps when I get home" and then you must later show the pictures in the replies. If you do not either have a timestamped photo or add this into your comment, your comment will be removed and you may recieve a warning.


Sales and Trades- Bootlegs/Unofficial merch

If you are selling/trading any bootleg items you must state so on your sales post. This also applies for items you are unsure of authenticity. Do not link sites to buy bootleg items.


Sales- Posting times and Shelf Clearing

You are allowed 2 sales posts every 7 days. Please add your Location when selling or ISO. We support sales of items at any price, however we do not support shelf clearing since it takes away others opportunities to get the plush they want, including children and those who need emotional support. So, if you are proven to have shelf cleared, your sales posts will be taken down and may recieve a warning or a ban. Don't shelf clear.


Commissions and proxy services

Plushie commissions/proxies are allowed in the group but if you wish to be added to the seller pin please contact a admin. Do not argue with anyone's choice of prices.


Announcements and Warnings

Please check announcements for further rules in regards to toreba related content, review/ranking system and other! if you can't find the recent announcement posts, please search "Lillian Jenkins" in the search bar in the group to find them. If you have been warned 3 times about breaking our rules and if you break the same rule again within 2 weeks, you will be removed from the group. Please understand the rules exist for a reason.

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#Shorts LARGEST Kawaii Plush from Goodlifebean #Kawaii #gifts #fyp #fy #tiktok

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#Shorts LARGEST Kawaii Plush from Goodlifebean #Kawaii #gifts #fyp #fy #tiktok

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