Vowel digraph game

Vowel digraph game DEFAULT

Digraph /ea/, Phonics game to practice the vowel digraph /ea/

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Sours: https://www.kizphonics.com/phonics/ea-vowel-digraph-long-e-phonics-game/

Vowel Digraph Games | Vowel Sound Games for Kids

Vowel digraph games include:vowel sound games which practice long and short vowel sounds such as ae, ea, ay, ee, ie, oe, ue, oo, oa, ew, ai, ei, ey, igh, ind, ol, oll, old, ow, ou and ui. These interactive phonics games can be played at home or in the classroom. Vowel digraphs blend vowels and expose children to orthography in English. Play these free online phonics activities for first grade, second grade and all EFL learners at ESL Phonics World.


Long Vowel Balloon Pop Game
Practice long vowel /a/ with this balloon pop game.

Click here to play

Short Vowel Bowling Game
Short vowel digraph quiz. Bowl and learn short vowel sounds.

Click here to play

Long Vowel E Cheese Game
Long vowel /e/ words. Beat the cat and study long vowel sounds.

Click here to play

Short Vowel Darts Game
Throw darts and learn short vowel digraphs such as a,e,i,o,u.

Click here to play




Long Vowel I Silent E Bowling Quiz
Practice long vowel i silent e phonics. Bowl the ball and read long vowel digraph sounds.

Click here to play

Long Vowel O Silent E Cheese Quest Quiz
Practice long vowel o silent e words. Take the cheese and learn long vowel oe.

Click here to play

Long Vowel U Silent E Darts Quiz
Long vowel u silent e phonics at ESL Phonics World. Throw darts, pop the balloon and learn ue.

Click here to play

Long Vowel Oo Mountain Climb Quiz
Long vowel oo digraph sounds. Play climb the summit and reach your goal.

Click here to play



Long Vowel Oa Pizza Quiz
Long vowel o using a words. Eat pizza to win this game.

Click here to play

Long Vowel Sound Ew Wheel of Fortune Quiz
Long vowel ew. Spin the wheel.

Click here to play

Long Ai Balloon Pop Quiz
Long vowel ai words. Pop balloons and practice your phonetics!

Click here to play

Long Ei Bowling Quiz
Long ei digraph sounds. Bowl and hit the pins to win.

Click here to play



Long Ey Cheese Quest Quiz
Long ey words. Snatch cheese and learn ey sounds.

Click here to play

Long Vowel E and Ie Darts Quiz
Long vowel ie. Throw darts and learn long vowel digraph sounds.

Click here to play

Long Igh Mountain Climb Quiz
Igh words such as high, night, light... Long vowel sound game.

Click here to play

Long Ind Pizza Quiz
Ind word game for grade 1 kids. Eat pizza and play!

Click here to play



Long Vowel Ol Wheel of Fortune Quiz
Ol words and sounds game. Spin, play and win this ol game.

Click here to play

Long Vowel Old Balloon Pop Quiz
Old sound words. Pop the balloons and score high.

Click here to play

Long Oll Bowling Quiz
Oll bowling game for young learners. Free phonics play for grade 1 and 2.

Click here to play

Long Ou Cheese Quest Quiz
Ou digraph game for kids. Ou word game for grade 1 and preschool kids.

Click here to play



Long Ou Mountain Climb Quiz
Ou long vowel game. Climb and win this free video game.

Click here to play

Long Ui Pizza Quiz
Long ui pizza game for primary kids. Play this vowel ui game.

Click here to play

Long Ie Wheel of Fortune Quiz
Long vowel ie word game. Spin the wheel and practice long ie.

Click here to play



Short Oo Balloon Pop Quiz
Short vowel oo words. Pop the balloons and fire more arrows.

Click here to play

Long Ui Bowling Quiz
Long vowel ui sounds. Smash the pins and play for free.

Click here to play

Long Ue Cheese Quest Quiz
Ue words and sounds. Play this free long vowel game.

Click here to play

Long Oe Darts Quiz
Oe digraph game. Improve your hand-eye coordination with darts.

Click here to play


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Say and Spell Vowel Digraph Board Game by Chris Gunn



Vowel digraphs are combinations of letters that make a single sound (like in the words toad, rain, and sheep). This game lets teachers review spelling for words with vowel digraphs. The game should be self explanatory just be looking at the board. At any rate, teachers can decide the mechanics of each board square.

Game Board*

Game Cards


In this game kids role the dice and land on pictures of words that have vowel digraphs. They have to say the word then spell it or go back. All of the words come from the vowel digraph card game: bee, leaf, boat, food, rain, boot, eel, goal, train, tea, roof, sheep, soap, tail, zoo, teeth, team, toad, sail, tooth, pail, road, seed, read, loaf, queen, tool, teach, mail, goat, jeep, pool, peach, moon, chain, beach, brain, coat, and feet.


There are also 'word skill' card squares that emphasize word skills such as rhyme, beginning sounds, and ending sounds. When students land on these squares they have to answer a question or go back.


Finally, there are instruction squares where students have to follow the instructions written in the squares. The first one to the finish is the winner.


*Note: I usually have to print the board at 97% to fit it onto A4 paper. You should be able to do this if you hit options and paper layout when you print. Also, some teachers don't like the Free Candy square. If this is the case, just cut and paste one of the Word Skills squares into the spots occupied by Free Candy.








Vowel Digraph Board Game



Other Vowel Digraph

Word Resources:

Vowel Digraph Activities and Worksheets


Sours: https://bogglesworldesl.com/voweldigraphgame.htm
Phase 3 Phonics Game - Sounding Out with Speed Splat - ai Digraph

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Digraph game vowel

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Split Vowel Digraph, Phonics Play

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