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The Spectrum Secure Delivery Application provides secure messaging and paging services on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The app also allows secure access to your Spectrum answering service or call center messages. The Spectrum Secure Delivery messaging app enables hospitals, large organizations and small groups meet HIPAA and HITECH security guidelines for sending protected health information (PHI).

Spectrum Secure Delivery secures PHI by protecting access with a configurable passcode, encrypting the transmission of data and not storing data on the phone or tablet. When a messages is received the user can Reply, Forward, mark In-Process, or Completed. The inbox can be filtered to display all messages, new, new or in process, complete and notes with the message filter. The message history is displayed below the message for all message recipients.

Manage the application settings from the Options tab for a custom secure messaging experience. Create a library of Pre-Set custom replies and notes to speed up the messaging process. Reduce load times by setting an expiration for completed messages and adjust the auto-logoff settings to increase security.

The Spectrum Secure Delivery Application works on both 3G/4G and WIFI networks to ensure communication is never lost. With the secure, quick and reliable interface Spectrum Secure Delivery will provide your business with the right communication tool to help your business to grow.

Sours: https://play.google.com/
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Spectrum’s MoneyGuard solution allows interactive message generation from your fraud system, your transaction switch, your core banking system, or any other transactional asset you may use.

Spectrum’s MoneyGuard card control option allows your cardholders to set alert thresholds as well as transactional limits, which are enforced by either your host or your fraud system. 

Spectrum’s DOTPOS solution provides a range of mobile payment options directly from the mobile channel using QR codes, Host Card Emulation or any other form of transaction initiation.

Spectrum’s revolutionary SNAP environment allows easy creation of web responsive mobile and desktop front-end as well as client and server side logic including the connection to back-end hosts.

Sours: https://spectrummessage.com.au/
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Toast position differs depending on platform scale. By default, a toast is placed at the bottom end for desktop scale and at the bottom center for mobile scale, to avoid disrupting the user experience.

For desktop applications, a toast should be placed 16 px away from the bottom and to the right of the viewport. For mobile applications, a toast should be placed at the bottom center, 16 px above the bottom toolbar. In smaller viewports, a toast is never larger than the viewport width (with 8 px left and right margins).

If a toast isn’t noticeable or doesn't disrupt the user experience, its placement can be changed to bottom center, bottom end, top end, or top center.

4 examples of proper toast placement. First example, placement: bottom center. Toast is placed at the bottom center of the UI. Second example, placement: bottom end. Toast is placed at the bottom right of the UI. Third example, placement: top end. Toast is placed at the top right of the UI. Fourth example, placement: top end. Toast is placed at the top center of the UI.
Sours: https://spectrum.adobe.com/page/toast/
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