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Keefer Scraper – Luxury Kief Scraper Tool


How many times have you been forced to sacrifice kief that you can’t dislodge from tight corners of your grinder, rolling tray, or stash box? It can be so frustrating cleaning around the spokes of a grinder, especially when the only tools available to you are woefully inadequate. Generic plastic tools just don’t make the grade when it comes to preserving that precious kief.

What is Kief?

Commonly referred to as pollen, kief is comprised of the resin-producing trichomes that coat the outside of cannabis flowers. These trichomes contain all of the cannabinoids and terpenes that make cannabis such a versatile plant. Unfortunately, kief easily falls off of your buds when disturbed, leaving all of that good stuff stuck to your grinder and storage containers.

Kief can be used in several creative ways to enhance your cannabis experience, including:

  • Preparing edibles: With a relatively small amount of kief, you can make cannabis-infused butter or oil to add to edibles.
  • Incorporate kief into a joint or bowl: Sprinkling a little kief in with your dry herb will add flavor and potency to your vape or smoking session. You can even coat chunks of the herb in kief powder to make tasty moonrocks.
  • Making hash: You can press larger amounts of kief by using a kief or pollen press to make your own hash.
  • Conserving cannabis: Reincorporating lost kief into your sessions means you will need to use less herb. This can save you from making too many trips to your favorite dispensary and spending your hard-earned cash.

Check out our awesome blog for more guides on what to do with kief!

Metal Pollen Scraper vs. Standard Plastic Tools

Thick and clumsy, standard plastic scrapers fail to reach tight corners. Because plastic is a semi-porous material, kief tends to stick to plastic tools. This leaves you with the added step of having to scrape the kief from your scraper.

In contrast, the stainless steel Keefer Scraper multi-tool has advanced kief & herb saver features, such as:

  • Durable stainless steel construction: Kief slides right off of the steel sides of the Keefer scraper.
  • Kief scoop: The kief scoop fits right along the inside edges of a standard herb grinder. The scoop comes in handy for loading piles of kief without spilling. The scoop end fits right in your palm and makes a great handle for scraping tough areas.
  • Pointed scraper with flat sides: The triangular scraper has flat edges so that you can get into those grinder spokes to brush and scrape every last bit into your kief container. Can also be used as a tamp & poke tool.

With an effective multi-tool like the Keefer Scraper, there’s no need for a lego shovel. You can quickly clean out your grinder after every few sessions, leaving it impressively cleaner. Also helping assist with your kief pollen sifter screen box & tumbler. Best of all, it goes along perfectly with your kief box & kief press. After a couple of scoops, you’ll be left with a pile of fresh kief, saving a fortune on questionable quality marijuana & cannabis smoking accessories products.

Best Kief Tool & Metal Pollen Scraper

This luxury pollen kief scraper tool is made from premium stainless steel metal. The Keefer Scraper is equipped with a keef collector shovel, allowing you to gather more efficiently. Most importantly it’s designed to load, pack and collect efficiently. It can be used multiple ways, for your cannabis grinder, rolling tray, herb jar, weed bowl, and container. Therefore making it your go-to stoner tool to get the job done.


Keefer Scraper – Luxury Kief Scraper Tool – Mini Scoop Edition


Opening the kief catcher of any grinder should be an experience every smoker looks forward to. After patiently waiting day after day for the bottom chamber of the grinder to fill, it should be a momentous occasion to finally get to use the beloved pollen left behind. Unfortunately, the process of transferring the delicate and sticky kief to the smoking device can be an arduous affair. How many stories have you heard of spilled keif catches or lost and broken kief spoons? Too many to count. That’s where the team that brought you the Original Keefer Scraper and the incredible Luxury Dabber Tool come in. We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to their line of luxury smoking tools, The Mini Scoop Multi-Tool!

The Mini Scoop Multi-Tool is made from premium stainless steel. Say goodbye to those flimsy plastic tools that seem to get a blunted edge or bend after only a few uses. It was designed for the type of smoker who doesn’t need the gigantic shovel that the Original Keefer Scraper offers. If the bowls you pack tend to be on the smaller size, then this is the size for you. Its small size is also perfect for filling the tip of a joint or blunt easily. Finally, on its reverse side the Mini Scoop Multi-Tool has a nicely pointed edge that works as an excellent poker or packing device. It is an all-in-one stoner gadget!

The Mini Scoop Multi-Tool is the simplest and most price effective way to bring your stoner toolbox to the next level. Using a grinder and the contents inside it is fundamental part of the smoking process. Adding this multi-tool seems like a no-brainer. 

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Keefer Scraper – Luxury Kief Scraper Tool – Mini Scoop Edition

Keefer Scraper - Luxury Kief Scraper Tool - Mini Scoop Edition


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The Keefer Scraper

Most modern-day grinders feature a chamber to catch and contain a mound of kief for future use, but it can be a massive pain to remove the marijuana by-product when you’re ready to utilize it. We’ve all gotten desperate enough to pinch a bit between our fingers and sprinkle it on top of the bowl, but is it really necessary to go this messy and wasteful route just to add the powerful punch that kief packs? Absolutely not! Introducing The Keefer Scraper, the new go-to stoner tool that you need to add to your toolbox.

The Keefer Scraper is designed with high-quality, durable stainless steel. The scraper portion of this multi-purpose tool is significantly larger than your tiny, run-of-the-mill plastic scrapers. This means you can gather as much kief as you want within one scoop, instead of having to double back over and over again for your desired amount. In addition to this, the other end of the scraper is fashioned into a point, making it the perfect poker or packing tool for your bowls and joints.

The Keefer Scraper is a weed gadget that every stoner should have for efficiency and effectiveness. Not only is this dual-use tool designed to improve your smoking experience, but it’s also very affordable. This is a purchase that will keep on giving, so what are you waiting for? Go grab your Keefer Scraper today!

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Keefer Scraper - Luxury Kief Scraper Tool - More Than A Scraper

Keefer Scraper

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Buds?

Cannabis is one of nature’s most extraordinary gifts to humanity. You can smoke it, vape it or even cook with it. But are you sure you are harnessing the full potential out of your cannabis buds, using the right stoner tools?

If you look a marijuana flower up close, you will notice that it is coated with inconspicuous resin glands. These tiny crystals are what makes your buds sticky to touch. But that’s not all there is to it: Kief -also called pollen or dry sift- is where the cannabis plant produces most of its THC!

Even though they might not look like much, these particles are where all the magic happens. It is what puts the “dank” into “dank buds.” Due to its high potency, kief is very popular with experienced stoner’s & marijuana connoisseurs, who use it for hash making, smoking and vaping.

Even though there are hundreds of smoking accessories on the market, many people still use makeshift kief tools to scrape the pollen out of their grinder compartment.

Keefer Scraper is a metal kief pollen scraper and your go-to stoner tools that can help you sweep and collect kief efficiently. Save all the resin that falls off your buds and breathe new life into your cannabis experience!


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Keefer Scraper Luxury Kief Scraper - Grinder Scoop Tool

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