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Some of the most important slides for an early stage startup, that often get overlooked are the Sales and Marketing Pipeline slides. And I get it, as a founder, you’re under a lot of pressure. In the short time you have with an investor, you need to position the opportunity in the market, define the problem your product solves, talk about the current state of the business, and build conviction that you are the team to “win” in the market. It’s not easy. But still, I can’t stress how important it is for an early stage investor to understand what’s happening with, what I call, “The Growth Machine.”

The Growth Machine

The moment your startup begins generating cash, focusing on the levers that cause your growth machine to purr and the levers that cause the machine to choke and sputter are key. The better acquainted you are with these levers, the greater conviction a Venture Investor will have that you’re ready to accelerate growth.

So how do you show that the machine is ready for gas? Here are the slides you need.

Pipeline Slide #1 — Big picture

While you certainly don’t have to get as granular as the graphic above suggests, I do tend to like to see an understanding of New Opportunities→ Pilot/in Negotiation → Closure. Having the conversion percentages is great, but I also like to see the raw numbers moving through.

Now every company has their own stages, and many early stage companies put extreme focus on different sales stages. I think that’s great, but the problem is that it becomes quite difficult for investors to actually understand what your stages actually mean. So always include the definitions of what the different stages mean to you.

Pipeline Slide #2 — Quarterly Breakdown

Here, I like to see a list of companies in the Sales Pipeline broken out by current stage. In most cases, you’ll want to anonymize the company name — that’s completely fine! Most investors will understand. But having an understanding of how the pipeline is evolving is really important in understanding the general health of the pipeline.

Note: The only thing that’s missing from the picture above is days in the pipeline.

If you want to access the template for the above pipeline, you can find it for free here.

Weighted Forecasts

You’ll notice in the Sales pipeline that there’s a column that reads “Weighted Forecast.” Essentially this is what you get when you multiply the expected deal size by the probability the deal will close. It tells you how large your pipeline is. One thing to note here is that in the real world, you don’t actually close a % of a given deal, it’s actually binary. Being transparent about these percentages is extremely important, and in-fact many early stage investors will assume a more conservative (i.e. lower percentages) to hedge against some of the risk.

And that’s it! Adding these two slides will 1) Show that you understand the nuances and the levers of the growth engine and 2) make your time with investors much more efficient!

You’ve now beefed up your pitch deck. Congrats! But what do you do once an investor is interested and wants to dig into the pipeline. Given the number of different definitions that exist out in the world for stages, we keep it simple. We look at new opportunities that enter the pipeline, what’s being won and what’s being lost on quarterly bases. This gives us a sense of “how good” the pipeline is, how long it takes deals to close, and whether or not the company is getting better at closing deals over time.

Here’s how the analysis ends up looking (With random numbers):

Lastly, as investors, we look into whether or not the pipeline is large enough. For that we use something called “the pipeline conversion ratio.” Tae Hea Nahm has a great post on this which you can find below.

And now you’ve got what it takes to present your sales and marketing pipeline, to dig into what’s going on with it over time and a way to decide whether or not the pipeline is healthy!


3 Step Sales Pipeline Diagram for PowerPoint

3 Step Sales Pipeline Diagram for PowerPoint is an easy-to-understand sales pipeline visual format. This PowerPoint shows how to analyze any workflow or process against established goals. Furthermore, the pipeline creates a hierarchical view of the key steps in a sales process. It directly shows the steps versus the target.

The Pipeline diagrams are useful to analyze bottleneck situations in a business process. Other useful applications of the pipeline diagrams include sales management, sales analysis, continuous flow, and product oriented analysis.

For example, the three critical measures of the sales pipeline are as follows:

  • Win Rate: The percentage of potential customers that pass from one stage to the next stage.
  • Sales Cycle Time: The rate to measure cycle time for each stage to get a sense for the overall cycle time from beginning to end.
  • Sales Plan: How many sales lead to be pushed into the front end pipeline in order to get the targeted sales or quota.

Meanwhile, users can customize this Pipeline PowerPoint. Show unique sales process. Or edit the steps to highlight a step within the diagram. Moreover, each slide design is editable. So, users can change the presentation title and steps title.

Download 3 Step Sales Pipeline Diagram for PowerPoint. Customize the diagrams to analyze lead generation pipeline. See more diagrams for PowerPoint.

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Effective Sales Pipeline PowerPoint Slide

Effective Sales Pipeline PowerPoint Slide

Would you like to present your sales report innovatively to your audience? Our Sales Pipeline Powerpoint Slide will assist you in achieving your goal. Using this template, you can instantly analyze your sales report and present it in Pipeline. Then, using a well-planned sales strategy, You can draw more new customers and earn more profit. This template is utilized in a business meeting or company sales meeting.  It is a versatile template so that you can use it for any event.

About this template:

This Sales Pipeline Powerpoint template contains three captions in which users can add their text. In addition, these captions are used to show the direction of sales to your audience and keep their focus steady. Finally, at the bottom, there is room for adding your text by edit. Our template is a multicolored slide with white background. Our users can choose any slide from the Sales Pipeline PowerPoint slides. Then, download and add your information.

What is the benefit you get from this template?

  • This template is fully editable. So users can customize the background colors, text formats, size, etc.
  • It is a pre-built slide with all the essential elements you need to design the best presentation.
  • There is no limitation in adjusting the icon colors in this template.
Features of this template:
  • 100 % customizable slides and easy to download.
  • Slides are available in different nodes & colors.
  • This slide supports 16:9 and 4:3 format.
  • Easy to change the slide colors quickly.
  • Easily readable and acceptable template.
How to manage Sales Pipeline using free Sales Pipeline Tracker Excel template?

Managing and presenting your sales process clearly can be complicated and make clutter on a slide if you’ll use mostly text. Here we show a few sales funnel graphics ideas on how you can present this process with creative diagrams.

To ensure the whole team works consistently on your marketing and sales goals, it is important to explain well all stages of the marketing and customer journey process. You should be laconic and creative enough. The sales funnel is a simple way to visualize all steps which your customers make – from realizing they have a need for your product to the final purchase making. The pipeline is the key to measuring, managing, and forecasting your sales quotas. Thanks to the funnel you can easily illustrate the conversion from a lead to the client.

Remark: You can get all presented slide templates from the Sales Funnel PowerPoint collection.

Why Sales Funnel Visualization Does Matter

Sales funnel diagram was created for separating customers into groups and finding a specific manner to work with each of them. Thanks to this layout your team will see the complex sale process that can help to avoid time-wasting or extra work. Adding visual sales pipeline diagrams to your presentation will help you put the point across the topic while making it look professional.

5 Common Sales Funnel Types

In this blog, we present the following Sales Funnel types we experienced frequently in various presentations: from Business to Business (B2B) sales funnel – representation of the customer journey, creative scribbled marketing funnel visualization idea, to lead nurturing in e-commerce conversion optimization funnel.

Of course, your choice of picking the particular pipeline depends on your company’s sales model. Below we present a few variations of the funnel that can be adapted for your business specifics.

1. Illustrating Vertically Stages of B2B Sales Funnel

Above you can see the example of the B2B sales funnel illustrated in 5 basic stages. This diagram can be useful to formalize a B2B sales process and complete your sales activity.

Adding this modern flat design vertical layout to the presentation will help to list the channels you work with or should focus on.

2. Creating Three Level Funnel with Scribble Icons

Here we presented a similar example of three levels sales funnel diagram. Adding a simplified sales pipeline can help to make slides not too crowded with excess content.

Thanks to hand-drawn arrows and scribble icons the presentation slide will focus the reader’s attention on the flow and stages. Plus it will make your slide more personal and originally-looking.

3. Visualizing Hand-drawn Scribbled Funnel

We also created four levels vertical sales funnel diagram with scribble filling. This hand-drawn style layout helps to explain each stage of the sales process: prospecting, lead nurturing, sales, and client retention in an informal way. Thanks to visual accentuated sales steps your presentation will stand out from other formal slides. That can be especially handy at conferences if you want to differ from others.

4. Presenting E-commerce Conversion Optimization Sales Funnel

This example of horizontal sales funnel illustrating e-commerce conversion optimization is the next creative layout. You can use it to show the online customer journey and your products:

  • from the lead magnet (an e-book or freebie report maybe)
  • tripwire – a low-cost product $1 to $10 to get the first paying customers
  • core value product – the main mass seller product generating you biggest number of sales. The product cost can vary depending on your business but it can be anything from $10 to $500
  • premium product – the most expensive product for your best fan customers who can afford. The pricing starts at $1000 and is not for every pocket.

These simple flat source infographics will help you to create a specific sales process slide. Using it you can visualize target prospects and show financial data associated with each sales stage.

5. Illustrating Lead Evolution Funnel as Falling Balls

Above you can find other graphics of the vertical lead evolution sales funnel. This drawing uses a metaphor of falling balls into the funnel.

The presented schema will help you to show the transformation from a new lead to purchasing product. This layout is intended to make your presentation more visually, avoid extra text and sterility on a slide.

Get inspired and consider using one of those examples of sales pipeline diagrams: vertical B2B sales funnels, hand-drawn scribble pipelines, vertical e-commerce conversion optimization or falling balls lead evolution sales to funnel.

Resources for Sales Funnels Presentation Diagrams

To help you impress the audience we designed a PowerPoint template you can reuse to manage the sales process.

Why use pre-designed diagrams for the sales funnel? The infoDiagram Sales Funnel Graphics PPT collection will help you to transform a difficult to understand presentation into a creative and effective one. The diagram helps to illustrate leads progress linearly from the top to the bottom of the funnel. Thanks to vivid graphics you can easily show your team the sales process and complete all steps to the best of your ability.

You can easily copy the particular layout and use it straight away in your presentation.

What’s Inside Sales Funnel PPT Collection

The deck consists of predesigned infographics shapes for showing various sales processes on a slide. Sales funnel collection is suitable especially for marketing and business development presentations.

We also prepared the set of flat icons for infographics: businessman, man, factory, book, diamond, thumbs up, market, shopping. The diagram is also included a set of scribble symbols. All shapes intended to show sales process and sales participants: globe, target, development, man, shopping, retain, user, meeting, the buyer.

Sales Funnel Graphics Set contains:

  • Three level funnel with scribble icons
  • Four levels scribble funnel with scribble illustration
  • E-commerce conversion optimization sales funnel
  • Sales persona and funnel. Sales persona profile
  • Lead evolution funnel
  • Selling pipeline of prospects, leads, customers
  • Digital marketing funnel with a lead magnet, tripwire, up-sell

All examples above you can download them directly here:

Sales Funnel Diagrams

If you want to get more infographics slides, check this diagrams graphics PPT bundle with over 200 slides.

To see sales funnel diagrams in action, check out these simple steps to design an engaging sales presentation (follow our YouTube channel to get more creative ideas 🙂 ).


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How to manage Sales Pipeline using free Sales Pipeline Tracker Excel template?

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