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VAI offers a complete line of wipers, using various clean substrates and packaging to meet the needs of our diverse types of customers.  Our wipers come in multiple chemical saturations, sizes, absorbency, and material.

Our wipers are sterile or non-sterile and either saturated or dry.  The sterile versions are sterility assured through gamma irradiation at a 10-6 SAL or through aseptic filling.  All materials are quality assurance tested and released to specifications defined by IEST and ASTM test methods.  Individual lots are sterility tested according to the USP compendium with lot specific Certificates of Analysis, Certificates of Sterility, and Certificates of Conformance available upon delivery.

Our wipers can be used in both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, stainless steel, Lexan, polycarbonate, glass, and any critical surface that requires cleaning.  Our wipers are available in HYPO-CHLOR® Sodium Hypochlorite with Water For Injection to either 0.25%, 0.52%, or 5.25% solutions, STERI-PEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide with Water For Injection to either 3% or 6% solution, DEC-CLEAN® residue remover, ALCOH-GLOVE® and ALCOH-WIPE® USP Isopropyl Alcohol with Water For Injection formulated at either 70% or 91%, STER-AHOL® Denatured Ethanol with Water For Injection at 70%, Process2Wipe® USP Isopropyl Alcohol with Water For Injection at 70%, STEEL-BRIGHT® Stainless Steel cleaner, DAS-WIPE 100® lubricant and Stainless Steel cleaner, THIO-WIPE® 2% Sodium Thiosulfate and Water for Injection, and finally our three dry wipers, WipeDown®, WipeDown® High Sorb, and WipeDown® HC.

In addition to our complete line of saturated and dry wipers, VAI offers WipeDown 1-2-3, a sterile 3 step applicator kit for use in compounding pharmacies and the healthcare industry. WipeDown 1-2-3 is for specific use in ensuring USP <800> and USP <797> compliance. 


Available Saturations:

Product Types:

  • Saturated Wipers
  • Dry Wipers
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Welcome to the premier industrial Cleanroom Wipers resource. A wide variety of manufacturers, distributors and service companies are featured in our extensive vertical directory to allow ease sourcing and research for Cleanroom Wipers.


Distributor of cleanroom wipers including anti-static wipes, lint free wipes, alcohol wipes, stencil flat wipes, fiber optic wipes and flux remover wipes. Some features include waffled textures, absorbent and tear resistance, non-corrosive and shred-proof. Suitable for use with cleaning solutions and solvents to clean equipment and machinery displays. Custom formulation, labeling and documentation, packaging and electronic overmolding services also offered. Inventory management programs available. REACH and RoHS compliant. ITAR registered. On-time delivery.


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Supplier of cleanroom wipers. Available in 9 in. x 9 in. and 12 in. x 12 in. sizes. Stock items available. Same day shipping.


Bausch & Lomb, Brighton Professional, Clear Reflections, Clorox, Gojo, Green Works, Kleenex, Purell, Scrubs, Wypall

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Manufacturer and distributor of cleaning wipes for labs, plants, shops, cleanrooms, gas cleaning and general maintenance. Made from cellulose and polyester blend, polypropylene and cellulose with nylon scrim or adhesive binder material compositions. Available in flat sheet, pop-up wipers and folded styles. Features include absorbent to remove smudges or smears from sensitive surfaces, anti-static and harsh solvents, acid bases and other corrosive chemical resistant.

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Virtually Lint-Free Nonwoven Polyester / Cellulose Blend | ISO 5 Class 100 – ISO 6 Class 1000 Blue Cleanroom Wipe

NOVA-TECH™ Blue Cleanroom Wipes offer the same features as NOVA-TECH 1000 Wipersin a distinctive blue color – perfect for color coding wipers! They are made from a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose that is hydroentangled into a uniform and super-tough fabric. This combination of materials makes them virtually lint-free while proving a high level of absorbency. The wipes are converted in a class 100 cleanroom (ISO 5) and double-bagged in a controlled environment. NT1B-99 wipes can also be used as non-linting surface mats or for lining trays. This wipe is also autoclavable.

Features and Benefits

  • Sizes available: 4″ x 4″, 9″ x 9″, 12″ x 12″
  • Blue wipe color is perfect for applications where a white cleanroom wipe is not ideal
  • Polyester-cellulose blended substrate offers tough, absorbent and abrasion resistant characteristics
  • Production process guarantees extremely low particle generation and chemical extractables
  • Compatible with virtually any solvent or solution for cleaning and wiping
  • Double bagged packaging for added cleanliness
  • Meets USP <797> and USP <800> wipe requirements
  • Provide lot-to-lot traceability


  • Wiping and cleaning all aspects of cleanroom
  • Non-linting surface mat
  • Cleaning with a variety of solvents including isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • Controlling spills
  • Application and removal of solutions such as disinfectants, adhesives, residues, etc.
  • Tray lining
  • Cleaning notebooks, phones, and any other equipment/supplies within the cleanroom


NT1B-444” x 4”
NT1B-999” x 9”
NT1B-121212” x 12”

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Cleanroom Wipes

Additionally, our selection of virtually lint-free wipes include options compatible with a variety of ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standards. Browse by>

Class 1 (ISO Class 3) wipes | Class 10 (ISO Class 4) wipes | Class 100 (ISO Class 5) wipes | Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) wipes

Cleanroom Wipe Materials

Polyester – Polyester knitted fabric provides strength and extraordinary cleanliness. Wipes made from this material can have sealed-Edges (heat sealed) to prevent loose ends and linting. Additional measures such as cleanroom processing and packaging future enhance the cleanliness of polyester wipes. (Common for ISO 3-4+)

Polyester/Cellulose blends – Another virtually lint-free material, nonwoven poly-cellulose wipes are popular because they can be engineered to meet unique requirements. Polyester/Cellulose blends are clean, absorbent and an economic choice. (Common for ISO 5 -7+)

Polypropylene – Polypropylene wipes are soft, non-abrasive and resistant to variety of solvents. They are suitable for wiping sensitive surfaces and components. (Common for ISO 6, in some cases ISO 5)

Cotton – Key attributes of cotton wipes include: Economical, durable and environmentally friendly. Wipes in this category are considered low-linting. (Common for ISO 6-7+)

Foam – Non-abrasive and solvent resistant. Suitable for wiping sensitive surfaces and components such as printheads. (Common for ISO 6+, some variations suitable for ISO 4-5)

Microfiber (Nylon) – Soft ultra-fine surface, abrasion resistant, durable for multiple use applications. (Common for ISO 5-7+, some variations suitable for ISO 4)

Custom & Private Label Cleanroom Wipes

In addition to our stocked wiping options, we offer contract manufacturing, nonwoven convertingprivate label clean room wipersdrop shipping services and other wiping solutions customized to meet your specific requirements.

Over 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience + Expertise

As a leading manufacturer of cleanroom wipes with over 20 years of experience, we know the importance of quality and efficiency. Quality and innovation has always been a primary focus. Quality products save time and money in the long run – especially when used in ultra-critical cleanrooms. Innovative product make day to day tasks easier and therefore reduce costs. Efficient manufacturing (or lean manufacturing) allows us to offer products at incredible value so you can pass the savings along to your customers.

Have a question?

Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team can assist you with product selection, technical details, and custom pricing. Interested in obtaining a sample? We offer product samples for qualified opportunities and prospects to test our clean room products before placing a wholesale order.



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