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40 Hilarious Dog GIFs Guaranteed To Make Your Day

I've said it before and I'll say it again: We are not worthy of dogs. They're the ultimate best friends. You're sad? They'll comfort you. Sleepy? They'll nap with you. Excited? They'll celebrate with you. Dogs provide unconditional love and a whole lot of entertainment in exchange for a few treats and some belly rubs. Whether you're a a casual dog person or wholeheartedly dog-obsessed, these 40 hilarious GIFs of dogs are guaranteed to make your day.

Aside from the laughs they bring, owning a dog provides a whole host of other benefits. Turns out, children in families with dogs can experience many advantages. Kids with dogs generally show higher levels of compassion, self-esteem, cognitive development, and happiness, among other things, according to an article by the American Kennel Club. When children have a chance to help their parents care for their furry friend, they also get a chance to develop the responsibility, empathy, and competence that comes with owning a pet. Time Magazine also noted that dog owners are more active, on average, than people who do not own dogs. Most notably, dog owners were more active on cold, wet winter days than non-owners were even on sunny, warm days. If these benefits haven't sold you on dogs yet, these GIFs certainly will.


So Close, Buddy

Not every dog is gifted with mouth-eye coordination, but I love this guy for trying so hard.


Meal Time = Best Time.

I feel exactly like this when I see my food coming my way when I'm at a restaurant. You're my spirit animal, little guy.


So Close, Yet So Far

He's got short arms but big determination.


Is There Something On Me?

One smart kitty decided to hitch a ride on the family dog. When cats and dogs inhabit the same home, some funny interactions are bound to happen.


Sassy Birthday Girl

It's her birthday, she can bat her cake to the ground if she wants to! I guess her owners didn't get the flavor she likes.


What Did You Say?

"Did someone say treat? "


Treat Yourself

After a long day of eating and napping, it's always good to unwind. Now a little to the left...


He's A Vegan

I can honestly say I've never had this reaction around lettuce. Do you want some dressing, at least?


Swimming Laps

Swimming is incredible exercise, and this dog is feeling the burn. Look at that determination!



"Ha ha, humans. You underestimate my fluff."


Make Yourself At Home

This is pretty much the image that runs through my head when someone asks, "What are you doing this weekend?"


Don't Skip Leg Day

Finally, an enjoyable workout video. Disclaimer: Results vary.


Dog-Lovin' Dog

This is a dog truly living their best life.


Hello, Little One

"When the humans are gone, we can just pet each other."


Foot In Mouth

Well, if you don't have a thumb to suck....


Dinner For One

It looks like Lady's dinner date stood her up, but I don't think she minds.


Dog In Shoes

There is nothing funnier than a dog wearing booties. Nothing.



Dogs love sticking their heads out the window on car rides. When you're stuck inside, this is the next best way to feel the wind in your hair.


Winter Bellyboarding

When the ground is icy, this isn't too shabby of an idea. Who really needs sensation in their belly, anyways?


I Need Coffee

The white dog got an extra shot of espresso in his kibble this morning.


Sharing Is Caring

"Don't mind me, cat! I'll be fine right here."



This dog is that friend of yours who insists on doing party tricks every time you go out together.


Little Puppy, Big World

When you're this tiny, everything becomes an obstacle.


Did I Sit In Something?

Dogs have no concept of personal space. In my opinion, that's one of their best qualities.



When the dog park is at capacity but you won't go in without your BFF.


Dance Battle

Sometimes when the fight gets too heated, you've just got to dance it out.


Can't Be Tamed

The playpen seemed like a decent idea, but this dog is clearly an escape artist and genius.


All About The Chase

This dog doesn't need his human's attention. Until he doesn't have it anymore, of course.


Cake Cake Cake

You know he's been looking forward to this cake since last year. Who says getting older is a bad thing?


Jumping For Joy

It takes so little to make dogs happy. Food, snuggles, and, of course, walks.


Tricky Glass Door

If you've under run into a sliding glass door full-speed, you completely understand this dog's hesitation.


Eyebrow Game Strong

"Thanks, I just got them microbladed!"



Search "guilty dog" on YouTube and prepare to laugh. Apparently, dogs are incapable of hiding their own shame when they've misbehaved. Truthfully, who can punish them after seeing this face?


A Win-Win Situation

These boy and his beloved dog take the phrase, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours," very literally.


Now You See Me

You can't hear it, but "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell is playing in the background.


Dog In A Blanket

My dog can't even master rolling over, let alone this blanket maneuver. I'm impressed.


Staring Contest Winner

I think this is his way of saying, "Please get out of my face."


Just Hold Me

Clearly, the cuddling is over when the dog says it's over. Just relax and enjoy.


Dogs are hilarious creatures. They are either chill to the point of coming across as blasé about everything, or they get so excited they lose their damn minds. They are patient and kind, and they are silly and ridiculous. Whether your dog is tenacious or lazy, cuddly, obedient or a cold blooded killer, we have a slew of the best gifs representing them all.

1. When your dog just really, really wants a cuddle…always.

I Love Momma's Ear Blanket! - Imgurvia imgur

2. You have one of these two dogs: it’s either the most obedient… or it doesn’t give a damn about your rules, human.

Two kinds of dog - Imgur

via imgur

3. When your dog will do anything to be the only one getting your attention…

stone cold - Imgur

via imgur


4. When your dog refuses to let you get up because SNUGGLE TIME

Husky isn't ready for morning cuddles to end. - Imgur

via imgur

5. When your dog loves you so much that when it finds something it really enjoys it wants to bring it home to you, no matter what it is.

Gus loves his new pool so much he wants to take it in the house with him - Imgur

via imgur

6. When your dog will do anything to please you, even if it’s torturous.


via imgur

7. When your dog will not take no for an answer when he asks to go outside.

When your hooman won't open the door - Imgur

via imgur

8. When your dog has the patience of a saint.

Kitten thinks it's a real tough guy. - Imgur

via imgur

9. When your dog is just waaaaay too nice, and he lets everyone walk all over him. Especially the cat.

All the boxes in this house are mine! - Imgur

via imgur

10. When your dog is so lazy it gives the least amount of cares possible. Even when a bird is mining its fur for nest building.

via imgur

11. When your dog is a living food vacuum (i.e. always).

eatttt - Imgur

via imgur

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There seems to be some sort of misconception that dogs and cats don't get along, so we've rounded up nine of the most adorable GIFs showing they can be good pals. From kitties cuddling with big dogs to little pups just wanting to make friends, these adorable shorts prove that even unlikely duos can make great buddies.

Kitty Tap

Cuddle Up

Nap Time

Cat Doesn't Care

Let's Go!

Tag, You're It!

So Sweet

Sneak Attack

Cute Overload

Dog And Owner Snuggle Up Together

Sometimes we just need a nice, big hug to get us through the day. And our dogs know exactly how we feel. That's one of the reasons we love them so much, because they just LOVE to hug.


These ones especially. Check out 21 adorable photos (and gifs, obviously) of hugging dogs that will instantly make you feel all warm and fuzzy:


1. Just enjoying the view…

lottie-the-collieSource: @lottiethecollie


2. When in doubt, hug it out.



3. That feeling of having their head on your shoulder…

shoulder-hugSource: @greciappinto


4. "As long as we're together!"

bffs-1Source: @Giphy


5. Oh wow, French Bulldog puppies hugging.

french-bulldog-hugSource: @Onehugaday


6. Nothing beats a big dog jumping into your arms.

big-dog-hugSource: @thedoggiemagazine


7. "Nope – this hug ain't over yet, buddy."

 giphy-3Source: @Giphy


8. "Let's take a break from our walk and hug on the bench."

kid-hugSource: @DogExpress


9. Hugs on the sofa are the best. Especially with such a fluffy pup!

sofa-hugSource: @Giphy


10. Nothing can keep these two apart.

dog-fence-hugSource: @pinkbluelovescute


11. Companions for life.

head-hugSource: @GSP&co


12. Aww, look at him clinging onto his human.

clingSource: @andyfrank


13. Coming home to this…

coming-homeSource: @ARay


14. And that nap-time embrace.

nap-time-hugSource: @millie_smithh


15. Cause when times are tough, we all just want a hug.

memorial-hugSource: @Huffpost


16. "We're gonna be best friends for life!"

new-bffsSource: @Huffpost


17. When your dog literally thinks it's a baby. And you do too…

boodles-emnbraceSource: @boodles


18. Reunited at last.

soldier-embraceSource: @indulgy


19. Now these two really are locked in an embrace!

Source: @Pinterest


20. When the camera comes out so you grab your best friend.

dog-hug-10Source: @Patitapatita


21. Finally, if you're desperate for a hug – hold your arms out and hope for the best!

hug-me-pleaseSource: @TiffanyLonsdale


NB. Hugging increases feelings of safety, trust, love, self-worth, belonging, happiness and appreciation. Hugs increase the levels of oxytocin in the body and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So hugs = happiness 🙂


Get hugging today!


*      *      *



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