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I'm assuming that the unit is on and running in the inside and outside of the condo and it's blowing air out of the vents. If not, call an AC contractor right away.

If my assumption is correct, we can troubleshoot it.

First, get something like this. You need to know what the actual temperature is in your rooms away from the vents and, since it's Florida, the humidity.

AC is a closed system, meaning that it's circulating and cooling air from inside your house, because bringing in outside air would be incredibly inefficient. If everything's working right, you should be able to hold almost whatever temp you want and you should show 60% humidity or less.

  1. Make sure that the temperature the thermostat thinks it is is accurate. I've seen some that are off by up to 3 degrees, so you think you're setting it for 75 and it's really set for 78 and you're wondering why you're too warm...

  2. If your new thermometer/hygrometer says humidity is high (>60%), then outside air is getting into the system. That means there's a leak, probably in a cold air return duct.

  3. If humidity is a little high but the room temperature is also high, you need to measure the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. It should be 13+ degrees cooler than the rest of the room, IIRC. The correct way to do this is right at the air handler inside the ducts, but we're not looking for a precise diagnosis. If the air coming out of the vents isn't cool enough, there's either a problem with the unit (insufficient refrigerant, bad TXP valve, a leak, etc.) or hot attic air is leaking into the ducts on the way back from the air handler.

    Since it's your condo, can you have the power company do a home energy audit? If there are duct problems, they will find them, and if they do, they will contribute toward the cost of repair. They're paying for more than half of my duct repair later this month.

    Also, call a local AC contractor. It's around $80 to get a maintenance call where they just inspect and check everything. Remember, the power company/duct guys do not care about the air conditioner hardware and the AC contractor does not care about the duct work. They may say otherwise, but in my experience, they each work on their own thing.

Home Weather Monitoring Clocks Wireless Weather Station with Pre


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"p"Colour: Black"p"Unit size:171*123*50mm"p"LCD size:124*78mm"p"Main unit : 2 x 1.5 V AA Batteries (Batteries not included)"p"Remote sensor : 2 x 1.5 V AAA Batteries (Batteries not included)"p"Main station: 291g"p"Sensor: 54g"p"Indoor temperature : 0°C~ 50°C detecting interval : 30 seconds"p"Outdoor temperature : -20 ~ 60 °C"p"Indoor/ Outdoor humidity : 20% ~ 95% R.H."p"Radio signal range: up to 50 m in open area"p"Note:"p"1.This main unit is intended to be used only indoors."p"2.The battery is not included."p"3.The sensor can be mounted on the wall or placed on desktop, but the station should be placed on desktop."p"4.Only one sensor is included in set."p"5. Pls kindly know this clock receive signal of DCF77 from Germany, if the distance is out of 1000KM diameter from Germany, the signal will be weak.
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Digital Weather Station / Weather Clock with Color Display

Digital Weather Station / Weather Clock with Color Display


The AcuRite Digital Weather Station / Weather Clock with Color Display provides all the useful weather data you need, at a glance. It also uses patented Self-Calibrating Technology to provide your personal forecast of 12 to 24-hour weather conditions. Self-Calibrating Forecasting is generated from weather data measured by a sensor in your yard - giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location.

The bold, easy-to-read LCD screen includes indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity with trend arrows, daily high/low readings, an intuitive forecast icon, barometric pressure, moon phase, plus time and date. The weather station's illuminated color display also offers programmable weather alarms and auto-dimming brightness for nighttime use. It also stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable. The outdoor temperature and humidity sensor feature powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design, and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. 

Digital Weather Station Features

    • Full-featured personal weather station/weather clock provides vital data to plan your daily activities
    • Readings include indoor/outdoor thermometer and humidity sensor with trend arrows, plus daily high and low records
    • Delivers a reliable 12 to 24 hour weather forecast for your exact location
    • Programmable weather alarms let you know if conditions require your attention
    • Other features include moon phase, barometric pressure, plus a digital clock with time and date 



Digital Weather Station Display Specifications
Indoor Temperature Range32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit
Indoor Humidity Range1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 5% from 0% to 10% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Data Reporting60 second updates on indoor readings
Power5V power adapter (included), 3 AA alkaline (optional; not included)
Dimensions5.5-inch Height x 7.6-inch Width x 0.6-inch Depth


Customer Q&A's

Top 10 Weather Monitoring Clocks to buy in USA 2021 - Price \u0026 Review


AcuRite Intelli-Time Alarm Clock with USB Charger, Indoor Temperature and Humidity (13040CA), 0.8, White


AcuRite 75152M Oversized Blue LED Clock with Indoor Temperature, Date and Fold-Out Stand, 14.5-Inch


AcuRite 14.5" Large Digital LED Oversized Wall Clock with Date and Temperature, Perfect for Home or Office (75127M), Inch, Red

$19.9950% OFF

Oregon Scientific Wireless Weather Station Featuring Temperature Forecast Atomic Clock Ice Alert Calendar Humidity (Black) - Remote Sensor Included


La Crosse Technology WS-8115U-S-INT Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Silver, 9.00 x 0.75 x 7.25 inches

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La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

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La Crosse Technology WS-8157U-CH-IT Atomic Clock with Outdoor Temperature and Weather Forecast


La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Clock with Outdoor Temperature, Oak, 0


AcuRite Large 18” Digital LED Oversized Wall Clock with Date, Temperature and Fold-Out Stand, Inch, Red

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Grey Tester New Digital Lcd Display Indoor Temperaturer Humidity Gauge


AcuRite 76102M Oversized LED Clock with Indoor Temperature, Date and Fold-Out Stand, 18" , White

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Springfield 12" Sandals Poly Resin Thermometer with Clock


KADAMS Large Digital Wall Clock, Calendar Month Date Day, Indoor Temperature Humidity, Moon Phase, Alarm Snooze Function, Fold-Out Table Stand, Battery Operated (Silver)


La Crosse Technology 617-1614 USB Charging Station with Alarms & Nap Timer, Silver

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Audew Light sensor Digital Alarm Clock Smart Travel Morning Clock with Time/Date/Temperature Display and Controlable Backlight blue blue

$19.9910% OFF

AcuRite 02470 Rustic Green Outdoor Clock with Thermometer, 8.5"

Out of stock

La Crosse Technology WT-8112U Solar Atomic Digital Clock with Indoor Temperature, Humidity

$59.997% OFF

AcuRite 75159M 14.5" Large White LED Digital Clock Inch


Kalawen Weather Station and Projection Alarm Clock Color Multifunctional Time Date Weekday Temperature Humidity LCD Display (Projection Clock)


Taylor Precision Products RA36213 Taylor Atomic Wall Clock with Thermometer, White


Monitoring clocks weather

Best Weather Monitoring Clocks

What is the best atomic wall clock?

  • The Best Overall. AcuRite Atomic Dual Alarm Clock. Amazon. $35. ...
  • The Best With A Wall Mount. Sharp Atomic Desktop Clock. Amazon. $20. ...
  • The Best For Travel. Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock. Amazon. ...
  • The Best With Indoor & Outdoor Temperature Readings. La Crosse Technology Atomic Digital Clock. Amazon.

Similarly, how does a weather clock work?

The clock has a barometric air pressure sensor at its core that continually measures the atmospheric air pressure throughout the day. ... Very simply, if the clock notices the air pressure is rising then it will forecast sunnier weather. Conversely, if air pressure falls then the clock will forecast rain.

Thereof, what is a weather station clock?

Full-featured personal weather station/weather clock provides vital data to plan your daily activities. Readings include indoor/outdoor thermometer and humidity sensor with trend arrows, plus daily high and low records. Delivers a reliable 12 to 24 hour weather forecast for your exact location.

Beside this, what is the best weather clock?

For those who require precise readings, the Vantage Pro2 will be the best weather station for you. The Pro2 is one of the very few weather stations on the market where the anemometer is separate from the temp, humidity, and rain sensors so you can mount it on a roof or a tower for the most accurate wind readings.

3 Best Weather Monitoring Clocks You Can Find Online


Shop all clocks from AcuRite’s online selection, ideal for placing anywhere from a bedroom to the kitchen to the patio. We offer a wide variety of analog clocks and digital clocks, including alarm clocks, outdoor clocks, indoor clocks, decorative clocks and more.

Looking for a multifunctional clock? Choose a versatile digital alarm clock with easy to ready numbers for your office, bedroom or classroom – great for kids learning to tell time or elderly members of the family with poor eyesight. Or upgrade to an alarm clock with weather forecast features, time and date, indoor & outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, ideal for any room in your home. Projection clocks that display the time or temperature on the wall or ceiling can be used indoors or outdoors. Other features include an alarm clock, smartphone USB charging port, calendar and moon phase tracking, and automatically adjust for daylight saving time (DST). Choose one of our high-precision atomic clocks that are radio-controlled to consistently maintain the correct time.

Bring style and function to your home with one of our wooden or wrought iron metal decorative clocks, such as mantel clocks, wall mounted clocks or pendulum clocks, available in modern or classic style designs. Looking for or a multi-purpose home device? Browse our indoor and weatherproof outdoor clocks that include helpful features such thermometers and hygrometers as well as LED illumination for easy readability at night. Plus, browse our clock parts to easily find replacement clock parts for your products.

AcuRite provides you with the leading weather stations and home monitoring devices to ensure your home is equipped with the home technology it needs to run efficiently inside and outdoors. Shop our weather stations for everything from basic weather stations to high-tech 5-in-1 weather stations, and supplement your home monitoring environment with other devices such as hygrometers, rain gauges, lightning detectors, thermometers, and more. Not looking for a weather station? We also specialize in indoor clocks and outdoor clocks, kitchen devices, gardening tools such a soil meters, and other home monitoring technology. Browse our wide range of home technology products or shop our weekly deals to find the perfect device for your smart home.


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