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Short Haircuts for Men

Men’s hairstyle trends change slowly until new trends emerge. Slick backed hair became matte and messy, tapers are taking on fades, and the European hair trends have brought textured styling to all kinds of looks. This year has seen quite a shift. There are the best new men’s hairstyles that we are seeing in the barbershops around the world.

We’ve gathered some of the most popular, original, and unexpected men’s hair of the year. It’s exciting to see all the new looks barbers are coming up. If you like any of these looks but they are for a different hair type or not quite right, show your barber a picture anyway. They can create a unique version for you.

Some of these hairstyles are on trend like short haircuts, spiky styles, textured crops, and messy looks. For some never before seen looks, we have new hairstyles for men, shaved lines all over, and modern mullets and mohawks.

All of these hairstyles need some type of product for hold. Of course, that product varies depending on hair type and hairstyle. Check out this product guide to find a recommendation for your needs.

1. Short Textured Haircut

top men's hairstyles

Tom Baxter Hair

This ultra-short textured haircut balances a clean-cut finish with on-trend style.

2. Textured Haircut with Fringe

New mens hairstyles textured fringe haircut
cool mens hairstyles

Kai’s Barbershop

A slightly longer crop haircut can have a forward fringe cut blunt across, on the diagonal, or in this case jagged fringe that comes to a point on the side.

3. Short Haircut with Shorter Sides

short hairstyles for men

Iisakki Nummi

The short textured crop can also be spiked up into a loose pomp.

4. Short Curly Haircut + Shaved Line

Short curly mens hairstyle

Victor Hugo

A textured crop lightens up thick hair while making the most of natural texture. This cool look highlights a drop fade with a shaved line.

Spikes are back. They take the texture trend to the next level, just add some volume. Spiky styles can make fine hair appear fuller or highlight thick hair. Here are 5 different ways to wear spiky hair for the new year.

5. Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff Mens Haircut

John Carmona

This spiky quiff is a cool look on its own but gets extra interest from a burst fade, horizontal neckline, and slash behind the ear.

6. Thick Spikes

Spiky Mens Hairstyle

Crihan Corneliu

Full spikes worn on the diagonal is a modern way to wear spiky hair.

7. Fine Spikes

Short Spiky Mens Haircut With Cool Hair Design

Seu Elias

More textured than spiky, this version beefs up the appearance of fine or thin hair with style. Get the look with a medium to strong hold pomade with a matte finish. Another fantastic hair product for fine hair is styling powder for hold without weight.

8. Short Fade Haircut

Short Fade Quiff Haircut

Zeke the Barber

This cropped haircut is worked up into vertical spikes at the hairline that lie flatter towards the back of the head.

These short haircuts with layering and texture are a huge trend that started in Europe and has hit the US in a big way. It can be customized for your hair type, face shape, and sense of style. Here are just a few ways to wear these textured haircuts for men.

9. Short Haircut + High Fade

Short Crop Haircut
Crop Haircut For Short Hair

Tom Baxter Hair

One of the shortest crop haircuts, this version has a high fade accented by a horizontal shaved line on one side.

10. Crop + Bangs

Crop Haircut With Wavy Bangs

Travis Hill

For guys with long faces or high foreheads, a touch of fringe is flattering. This jagged texture creates an interesting toothed line and makes the face appear shorter.

11. Layered Blunt Bangs

Layered Blunt Bangs Mens Hairstyle

Wes Staucet

This fresh style is more about layering than texture. The light fringe works really well for Asian men or anyone with thick hair.

12. Curly Crop Haircut

Crop Haircut For Men With Curly Hair

Chretien Gerada

Wavy or curly hair adds natural volume and texture to the textured crop haircut while a low fade cleans up the edges.

Barbers are using all their creativity and skill to take men’s hair to new places. Check out these unexpected new hairstyles for men.

13. Diagonal Bangs

Angled Fringe Hairstyle For Men

Braid Barbers

This boldly angled fringe works for guys to highlight a defined jaw or provide a contrasting angle to a round face. Mix it up by adding texture to bangs or spiking hair up.

14. Blunt Bangs + Teeth

Blunt Bangs With Teeth Like Hair Strands

Cal Newsome

Blunt or jagged bangs would be eye-catching on their own but are even more substantial worn together.

15. Side Part + Reverse Fade

Side Part Hairstyle For Men

Crihan Corneliu

This fresh version of a classic men’s style features 3 parallel angles in the side part, beard, and sideburn. It’s attention to detail that makes the magic happen.

16. Messy Crop + Temple Fade

Messy Crop Hairstyle And Temple Fade

JBS Lifestyle

This modern Caesar haircut features texture all over and a temple fade with a slash through it.

17. Jagged Bangs

Jagged Bangs Mens Hairstyle

Travis Hill

Use the forehead as a canvas for a creative fringe. Jagged bangs extend the textured hairstyle and add something extra with a subtle crossed over X.

Hair design and shaved lines are nothing new. They are, however, showing up in new ways and places. Add a short or long line anywhere on the head. For something extra, a line can continue from the hair into an eyebrow or facial hair.

18. Neckline Slash

Shaved Line Neckline Hair Design

Cal Newsome

Necklines are getting interesting this year. This fade with a slash combination is subtle but bold at the same time.

19. Taper Haircut with  a Slash

Tapered Hairstyle With Slash Line

Dylan Portner

This fresh look juxtaposes a taper haircut with shaggy edges with a shaved line behind the ear.

20. Eyebrow Cuts

Eyebrow Cuts And Short Buzzcut
Cool Buzzcut

Javi the Barber

For dramatic effect, continue one or two shaved lines in the eyebrow.

21. Beard Slash

Beard Slash Design

Seu Elias

For guys with robust facial hair, continue your slash in the beard.

Another extension of textured styling is messy looks. Whether hair is short, medium, or long, style hair with fingers to get a tousled finish. Products like clays, muds, and matte pomade also enhance texture, making them ideal to create these styles.

22. Short Hairstyles for Men

Short messy hairstyle for men

Andrew Does Hair

This slightly messy finish makes this cool look even cooler.

23. Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

Andrew Does Hair

Messy styling adds a modern finish to any hairstyle, especially the classic pomp.

24. Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Modern Mens Hairstyle For Thick Hair

Barber Barrass

For ultra thick locks like these, use fingers and a hair gel for this textured and tousled style.

25. Short Messy Spikes

Short messy spiky hairstyle for men

Cameron Tooyserkani

Spikes that twist up in every direction add a creative energy to short this hairstyle.

26. Medium Hairstyles for Men

Long Fringe Mens Hairstyle

Ruger Barber

A messy hairstyle for men looks great at every length, especially this surfer-inspired pomp. Try using a salt spray to add texture and a touch of hold to longer hairstyles for men.

The mullet haircut has been our most controversial post yet. Love it or hate it, the mullet makes a statement and gets you noticed. The mohawk is another bold look that never went out of style but is also gaining popularity. Sometimes they are combined into a super hairstyle.

27. Mullet Haircut + Temple Fade

Mullet Mens Haircut

Arielle Cuyuga

The thickness and texture of the mullet could be 80s but the fade and tattoos bring the look into the 21st century.

28. Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

The Burgh Barber

With a burst fade at the sides to create a mohawk, this is an ideal baseball or hockey hairstyle that fits under a helmet but has plenty of flow.

29. V-Shaped Neckline

V-Shaped Neckline Mullet

John Carmona

This modern mohawk has mullet vibes with V at the neckline.

30. Messy Mullet

Messy Mullet Hairstyle

Roger Garcia

It’s longer at the front than the back but this messy look still has a mullet feel to it.

31. Platinum Mullet Mohawk

Mullet Mohawk Mens Hairstyle

Juan Morales

A modern day Billy Idol with a wide mohawk and temple fade, platinum color only adds to this bold look.

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Short Haircuts for Men: 100 Ways to Style Your Hair

It’s easy to understand why short haircuts for men are arguably the most sought-after in the industry. Let’s be honest – they look remarkable and they complement masculine features well. So get inspiration from our pick of the crop below!

1. Basic Undercut

An undercut can work wonders for any hairstyle, no matter if the top part is short or long. In essence, it does an amazing job of outlining the entire haircut, shaping it to flatter your features. However, please note that you will have to frequently shave down the sides and back to maintain the look.

Basic short undercut hairstyle with scruff


2. Crew Cut

Not digging the idea of maintenance whatsoever? Then you should opt for one of the short haircuts for men that you won’t have to style at all. Military haircuts are your go-to category, with the crew cut as one of the top 3 low maintenance options you have at hand.

Crew Cuts


3. Basic Short e for Thick Hair

Thick hair may be a pain if you dream of rocking a longer hairstyle, but it’s just what you need for sporting a short cut. The fact that your locks are naturally thick will result in far less styling requirements. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a cool and effortless hairstyle.

Mens Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair


4. Flat Top

Another military cut that has been trending for decades is the flat top. From where we stand, it’s the best choice for men who want to play around with the silhouette of their appearance. You can tailor the design of the top sides until you get the angles you desire.



5. Faded Short Haircut for Thin Hair

Any kind of comb over hairstyle will be suitable for men battling thin hair. This cutting and styling technique will aid you in drawing attention away from the thinness of your strands and to the handsome hairstyle you’re presenting yourself with.

Mens Short Haircuts for Thin Hair


6. Very Short Forward Sweep

The shorter you go with your haircut, the easier it will be to maintain in the long run. Aside from periodical trips to the barber for trimming, you won’t have to style it at all at home. We recommend this alternative for men with hectic schedules.

Very Short Hairstyles for Men


7. Induction Cut

Traditionally, the induction cut is the very first haircut that a soldier gets when entering the armed forces. By definition, it’s the shortest haircut you can get without shaving your head entirely. This military hairstyle is still going strong for men with attitude.

Induction Cuts


8. Classic Ivy League Haircut

We’re already talking about Ivy League haircuts in a separate article, but we want to highlight that it’s one of the classiest short haircuts for men. Aside from the class, it’s a practical haircut that also makes the wearer look and feel great.

Ivy League Haircuts


9. Short Indian Men Style Hair

If you’re seeking a very specific haircut, it’s often best to find equally specific references to show your stylist. As far as short haircuts for Indian men are concerned, you can get inspired by Salman Khan’s look. The esteemed Indian actor handsomely sports a short swept back hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles for Indian Men


10. Buzz Cut

We have to admit that Zayn Malik pulls off a buzz cut quite like few others. If you’re considering short haircuts for men from this category, you should definitely look to this singer for inspiration. The 5 o’clock shadow is also a charming detail.

Buzz Cuts


11. Afro Short Tapered Fade

Afro hairstyles are some of the coolest options that African-American men have at hand for their new hairdos. Even though they do involve some maintenance, you can keep yours shorter for less stress. A drop fade haircut accompanies the texture admirably.

Afro Short Haircuts for Men


12. Caesar Cut

If you want to feel as prominent as the late Julius Caesar himself, you should think about getting a haircut inspired by his iconic look. There are numerous ways you can sport a Caesar cut, but it’s easiest to take care of one with shorter locks.

Caesar Cuts


13. Butch Cut

Like most buzz cuts, butch cuts are incredibly easy from a grooming point of view. This effortless haircut will follow the natural contour of your head, resulting in a manly and stately hairstyle. No hair products or combing are necessary with a butch cut.

Butch Cuts


14. Asymmetrical Short Haircut

Want to give your hairstyle a twist? Spice it up with an asymmetrical haircut. Although the name may have you thinking about Avant Garde haircuts you would usually see on runways, asymmetry can also be applied subtly. You can focus the detail on your bangs or another specific part.

Asymmetrical Short Haircuts for Men


15. Braided Short Taper Fade with Beard

Want some dope cornrows to complement your new look? You should know that there are braided alternatives that look astounding with short hair. For instance, you can get shorter cornrows that end at about mid-scalp, with a finely trimmed beard to go with them.

Braided Short Haircuts for Men


16. High and Tight Hairstyle

To continue our series of short haircuts for men that also double as military hairstyle staples, here is the high and tight. What makes it stand out is the crew cut or buzz cut top that blends into a skin fade haircut right after surpassing the upper sides.

High and Tight Hairstyles


17. Deep Wave Short Haircut

Deep waves, also known as 360 waves, represent a stunning hairstyle that is popular in the black hair community. The haircut recreates the effect of waves or ripples, starting from your hair whorl and spreading out towards your hairline.

Deep Wave Short Haircuts for Men


18. Short Mohawk Haircut

Mohawks have always served as a statement hairstyle, thanks to their punk origins. If you’re a rebel without a cause and you want to express your attitude through your haircut, think about getting one. You can fade the sides out to make it more wearable on a day to day basis.

Mohawk Haircuts


19. Pompadour Short Haircut with Part

Nothing says ‘dapper’ quite like a classic pompadour haircut. We honestly believe it is a timeless haircut that will be rocking the charts even decades from now. The modern version is just as polished as any vintage pompadour hairstyle.

Pompadour Short Haircuts for Men


20. Tapered Medium Haircut

A taper haircut is just what you need if you want to maintain a sleek contour for your hairstyle. It’s part of a professional grooming process that is appropriate for men of all ages, from boys to seniors. You can also choose the level of tapering for your look.

Taper Haircuts


21. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The faux hawk (or fohawk) is an exceptional way of getting an edgy hairstyle without resorting to extremes. In other words, you can get the rebellious look that a mohawk comes with, but without having to shave the sides of your head.

Faux Hawk Hairstyles


22. Short Tapered Haircut for Men with Dreadlocks

When you hear ‘dreadlocks’, you most likely associate them with hair that ranges from shoulder-length up to lower back length. Nonetheless, you can get a highly attractive hairstyle with short dreads too. The taper haircut also helps you accomplish this fine silhouette.

Short Haircuts for Men with Dreadlocks


23. Basic Quiff

Yet another way to get that gentleman vibe for your haircut is with a quiff hairstyle. It’s easily one of the top trending short haircuts for men of the year, and we ensure that it will still be hot a few years from now. It blends smart and smooth in a brilliant way.

Quiff Short Haircuts for Men


24. High Fade Haircut

Fade haircuts are being worn by more men than ever. In this article, we will be describing the two most popular versions, starting with the high fade. It’s one of the top short haircuts for men seeking an imposing appearance.

High Fade Haircuts


25. Low Fade

By contrast, the low fade haircut is ideal for those who want to accentuate only certain parts of their hairstyle. It won’t come off as eccentric or bad-boy-you-shouldn’t-mess-with as the high fade, and it’s also easier to grow out naturally.

Low Fade Haircuts


26. Brush Up Short Haircut

Like you can guess from the name, these short haircuts for men are defined by brushing up the hair. It helps if you have thick hair, but you can also get similar results by using a quality styling product. As always, the shorter, the easier!

Brush Up Short Haircuts for Men


27. Short Haircut with Shaved Sides

We have presented several short haircuts for men with shaved sides on our list, but we had to give this style an entry of its own. In recent years, shaved sides have become an essential part of any modern, edgy, and sharp haircut for men with all sorts of personalities.

Short Haircuts for Men with Shaved Sides


28. Short Sides, Heavy Curls

Guys with natural curls shouldn’t shy away from flaunting their cool hair texture. If this is the case for you, we recommend a haircut that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. It will be easy to maintain and stylish at the same time.

Short Cuts for Curly Hair


29. Afro-Textured Flat Top with Taper Fade

What makes the flat top such a widespread hairstyle is that it works for men of all origins. In other words, both Caucasians and African-Americans can look outstanding with this hairstyle. With an afro-textured flat top, you will get a funky fresh 90s vibe to your hairstyle.

Afro-textured Flattops


30. Comb Over Part

Any type of combed over hairstyles for men simply glow with refinement. Another neat part about this haircut is that it works for elegance and edginess, depending on how you style your outfit. Basically, you can never go wrong with a comb over.

Short Haircuts for Men with Comb Overs


31. Classic Short Haircut with Beard

Want to add some contrast to your look? Consider pairing a short haircut with a noticeable beard or mustache. You can push the contrast even more by adding an undercut between the two, but just remember to keep your beard well-groomed.

Beards with Short Haircuts


32. Spiky Short Haircut with Fade

Even though we have thankfully stayed away from the cringy, heavily gelled spikes of the 90s and 2000s, there are ways you can rock spiky hair these days and look cool. To get an impressive outcome, hold back on the hair product and work with textured layers.

Spiky Short Haircuts for Men


33. Hard Part Haircut

A hard part is a sure method to be the center of attention (in a positive way, of course). You can get your part shaven in a discrete or showy manner, depending on your tastes. In addition, feel free to experiment with the angle of your hard part.

Hard Part Haircuts


34. Classy Short Haircut with Hard Part

Quite a few classy cuts for men combine multiple ideas from our examples. For instance, this dashing hairstyle has a side part, faded sides, and a comb over combined. The moral of the story? Combine ideas and work with professionals for a picture-perfect look.

Classy Short Haircuts for Men


35. Forward Fringe with Short Sides

Although you have opted for short haircuts for men, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a fringe into your hairstyle. This is a smart move for men who have receding hairlines and want to cover them up, or just for those who want a hipster feel to their hairstyle.

Hairstyles with Bangs


36. Modern Bowl Cut

We all kind of resented the bowl cut back in the day, but modern adaptations look amazingly fresh. To boost the cool factor of yours, think about getting your bowl cut at an angle. It’s an artsy, hipsteresque approach that won’t disappoint.

Modern Bowl Cuts


37. Textured Short Haircut

For a dynamic hairstyle, you should totally look into textured haircuts. Aside from working for straight, wavy, and curly hair, textured short haircuts for men successfully mix athletic and fetching vibes for a dreamy hairstyle.

Textured Short Haircuts for Men


38. Creative Short Haircut with Decals

What better way to stand out from your peers than with a unique haircut? Shaved designs, also regarded as ‘hair tattoos’, can help you get an original look you won’t see on every other guy. Take some time to find the design that best represents you!

Creative Short Haircuts for Men


39. Angular Fringe Hairstyle

The angular fringe is projected to be one of the trendiest short haircuts for men for years to come. It’s been increasing in popularity for a few years, with an explosion from the beginning of this year until now. It’s sleek, good-looking, and everything else you could want from a haircut.

Angular Fringe Hairstyles


40. Short Haircut with Dyed Hair

Long gone are the days when men were fully pressured by society into wearing only their natural hair color. Nowadays, you can pick any color from the rainbow and beyond for your hairstyle. A popular choice is gray, or various tones of ash brown or blonde.

Short Haircuts for Men with Dyed Hair


41. Slicked Hairstyles

A slicked back hairstyle will always let the others know who’s boss, so to speak. Even though yours doesn’t necessarily have to come with the skin fade shown in this example, you can keep this detail in mind. The main idea is to comb back your hair with some product.

Slicked Hairstyles


42. Choppy Short Haircut for Men

Looking for a careless and messy hairstyle to bring out your cool attitude? Always consider choppy haircuts. The best way to obtain the look is by getting a lot of layers, usually in a textured fashion. This technique is excellent for all hair textures.

Choppy Short Haircuts for Men


43. Sponge Twist Hairstyles

Want your short curls to be popping? Don’t hesitate to try out a sponge twist hairstyle. The technique is widely embraced by African-Americans to get small and sleek curls. Make sure the rest of your hair is well-trimmed for that clean cut result.

Sponge Twist Hairstyles


44. Unconventional Short Haircuts for Men

No matter how much so-called experts try to enforce ‘rules’ in men’s style, in the end, it’s all about your personality. If you like thinking out of the box, opt for an unconventional approach to your short haircut. These eye-catching bangs with a French crop look are just an example.

Unconventional Short Haircuts for Men


45. Rock and Roll Haircuts

If The Fonz or Grease’s Danny are style icons in your book, you have to check this hairstyle out. Inspired by rock and roll fashion from the 50s, it’s an alluring haircut that is sure to get all the ladies turning their heads after you.

Rock and Roll Haircuts


46. Vintage Hairstyles

Feel like you have an old soul? It may mean that vintage haircuts are for you. You can go back in time with a polished retro haircut, like this subtle comb over. For the desired impact, we recommend that you wear vintage cuts with a clean shaven face.

Vintage Hairstyles


47. Short Haircut for Men Over 50

Few men call pull off a youthful allure like Pierce Brosnan. The prestigious actor seems to never age, although he is currently at the respectable age of 66. It goes to show that your attitude and the way you take care of your appearance can work miracles.

Short Haircuts for Men Over 50


48. Simple Short Haircut for Men with Round Faces

There’s nothing that a clever haircut and beard can’t solve for challenging face shapes. For example, men with round faces can go for larger beards to cover any undesired curves. The haircut can be maintained short for this appealing look.

Short Haircuts for Men with Round Faces


49. Widow’s Peak Hairstyle

If you have a widow’s peak, it’s best to work around it for your hairstyle, shaping along the way. Textured layering can play a major role in getting a flattering outcome, so don’t forget this detail when you go to your appointment.

Widow’s Peak Hairstyles


50. Casual Short Haircut

Here’s a hairstyle that can be worn by basically anybody. We’d like to call it a casual haircut, but others may refer to it as a regular one. Whatever name you choose, you should know that this haircut works for , the office, formal events, and more.

Casual Hairstyles


51. Wavy Short Hairstyles for Men

From time to time, men prefer to adopt a loose style when it comes to arranging their hair. The wavy short haircut gives movement and it requires a minimum to no styling products.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


52. Long Hair Undercut Hairstyle

This haircut has it all – medium length hair on top, a thin shaved part, and sides that finish in a groomed beard.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


53. Afro Curly Faded Short Hairstyle

Besides what makes an Afro man stand out due to remarkable features, there is also the perfect haircut. With faded short sides and a curly top, you get harmony from top to bottom.


54. Short Haircut with High Fade

For men that own robust forms the only way to obtain the befitting look is to choose a very short haircut with high fade accompanied by a full grown beard.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


55. Fade Taper Undercut

This hairstyle consists of close to the skin fade sides with a very short back that is tapered upwards. It is easy to achieve and as easier to maintain.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


56. Slicked Back Hairstyle

The slicked back hairstyle is brushed up from the front to the back of the head and is styled by using hair gel or creme. It blends well with sides connected with the beard.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


57. Ivy League Hairstyle

The Ivy League hairstyle is made of sides and back that are cut short and tapered across the top of the hair. Then it becomes longer and fuller toward the crown and front, making it easier to be arranged with styling products.

Short Hairstyle for Men


58. Short Sides with Comb Over

A very common haircut met in the short hairstyles for men sector is the short sides with comb over. Easy to maintain and it suits any face and any style.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


59. Spiky Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle is easy to obtain and you can wear it in various ways. The spikes are achieved by applying wax or hair gel while running your hand through it.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


60. High and Tight Hairstyle

The high and tight hairstyle requires shaved sides and back leaving short hair on the crown that you can comb over to balance the haircut.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


61. Cool Blonde Hairstyle

Any hairstyle can look cool on you but having blonde hair would make it even cooler. With short graduated sides and a wavy top, it is a remarkable style that will draw attention to you.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


62. Butch Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle consists of getting your hair cut at about 1/4 inch with a clipper and afterward use it to adjust the hair to the same length.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


63. Side Part Hairstyle

Side part refers to the division of the hair. It is the natural division of the hair, although sometimes the hair is helped by shaving the sides all the way near the top.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


64. Medium Taper Hairstyle

The short taper hairstyle is suitable for a square face, the sides balance the wavy slicked back hair arranged in a natural way, giving you a fresh yet serious look.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


65. Caesar Cut Hairstyle II

The Caesar cut hairstyle is created starting with the hair on top of the head or crown arranged in layers while back and sides are tapered. Short bangs are also combed forward.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


66. Side Part Pompadour

This is a modern alternative of the usual brushed up pompadour. On this style, pomade is applied to the hair, parted on one side and styled by combing it over to the sides.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


67. Mid Length Messy Hairstyle

The mid-length messy hairstyle combines two opposite techniques. With buzzed sides made with the hair clipper all the way to the crown on the head, the top is cut in a messy way so that it can be arranged as wanted.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


68. Messy Curls Hairstyle

The sides and back are cut at the same size while the crown has a longer length for styling.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


69. Short Haircut for Thin Hair II

This short haircut for thin hair is awkwardly fashionable because you have the same length on your sides as you have on the top, giving you a bit of an eave at the back.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


70. Natural Wavy Hairstyle

Having wavy hair makes you exempted from the sea of choices regarding your style. You can leave it as it is with just a few adjustments on the edges.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


71. Short Shaved Side Hairstyle

The short shaved side hairstyle is a major choice during the summer season. It gives you the balance between the cool neck and a bit of length on top to work with.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


72. Short Shaved Side Long Top with Messy Part Hairstyle

As can be seen, the short shaved sides with long top hairstyle is very common, mainly because it is easy to take care of and it also gives a fresh and elegant look.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


73. Dark Faded Hairstyle

The dark faded hairstyle fits very well with a full-grown beard. The top and sides blend perfectly giving the fading illusion.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


74. Classy Pompadour Parted Hairstyle with Handlebar Mustache & Beard

Having a classy pompadour style accompanied by a beard with a mustache is going to make you look even more classier. Keep it neat with styling products.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


75. Short Back and Sides Hairstyle with Hungarian Mustache

This hairstyle is best for all face shapes. The sides and back are cut and shaved leaving a longer crown for styling. To balance the hairstyle better, add a full beard or mustache.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


76. Brushed Up Hairstyle

For this particular hairstyle, it is recommended to apply gel or pomade to retain the look longer when brushing the hair up. Usually, the sides are buzzed.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


77. Short Comb Over Hairstyle

A short comb over hairstyle will never let you down. Accessible and suitable for everyone with easy maintenance, it brings out the best in you and it is very trendy.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


78. Natural Short Curly Hairstyle

In the long run, all you want to achieve is a natural look to go on with in your everyday life, without putting too much effort into it. In this case, curly hair wins again. Add short sides and that’s it!

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


79. Messy Hairstyle for Receding Hairline

This is a classic short hairstyle for men. It is cut short on the sides and back and it becomes shorter downwards. It has even blending all across the head.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


80. Layered Cut Hairstyle

The layered cut hairstyle gives you a chunky and messy look. You can style your hair in different ways with buzzed sides and small length on top.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


81. Short Quiff Hairstyle

The short quiff hairstyle became the number one choice for business men. Never getting out of date, the comb over top makes the difference between casual and office.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


82. Shaved Sides with Curly Top Hairstyle

Get your sides shaved and add a curly top to it, it will definitely create the bad boy look who grew up in the hood of good taste.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


83. Older Short Messy Hairstyle

Growing old in style requires an open mind and a set of choices to be made in the haircut area. Depending on your day to day life, you can adopt a natural look that can be easily switched to wild with the right products.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


84. Textured Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle is achieved by cutting the sides short while the top is point cut with shears or razor to create texture.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


85. Short Side Part Fade Hairstyle

The short side part hairstyle matches the shape of your head. Add a beard to your style to create an equal proportion between the top of your head and the bottom of your face.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


86. Blunt Cut Hairstyle

The haircut is shaved on the sides and the crown is left longer. It suits men with thin hair types because you can easily arrange it.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


87. Short Pompadour Hairstyle

Ultimately, if you are in trends with the latest tattoo designs, your hairstyle is as important. In the short hairstyles for men category, we have the short pompadour haircut.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


88. Short Haircut with Volume on Top

If you have a strong personality and a good taste in business outfits, this is the haircut for you. With volume on top and same length buzzed sides that connect with the beard, you get the perfect look.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


89. Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

This cut has saved sides that are connected to the beard and back while the hair on top is gelled and brushed to the back.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


90. Casual Short Haircuts for Men

If you add a smile once in a while, you can make any of the short hairstyles for men an everyday celebration. Arrange your hair in a casual messy way with soft hair powder.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


91. Easy Short Haircuts for Men

If mother nature gifted you with flawless features and above all, you want to make the best out of it, try the easy short haircuts for men. The name itself makes a point on how this hairstyle looks like and what are the demands of maintaining it.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


92. Casual Faded Hairstyle

With the casual faded hairstyle, you don’t have to worry too much about keeping it in place. Hair wax can help you to give texture and movement to the hair and with the help of a comb, you can arrange it as you please.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


93. Slight Forward Comb with Short Sides

This particular hairstyle allows you to let your hair in the natural state. Comb it over towards the front, fix your beard, get in your best office outfit and you are ready to start a new day.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


94. Burr Cut Hairstyle

The burr cut hairstyle is also an induction cut. The hairstyle is made by cutting the hair 1/8 inch which it gives the scalp a sandpaper-like texture and a vent feeling.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


95. Brit-Rock Indie Hairstyle

As you can read in the title, this hairstyle was popularized by British bands. This hairstyle looks gorgeous and you can achieve it by cutting the bangs long and sweep it towards the back.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


96. Short Preppy Hairstyle

In the top 5 short hairstyles for men is the short preppy, a mixture between a pompadour and wet look comb over with undercut buzzed sides.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


97. Cool Short Comb Over Hairstyle

This cool short comb over hairstyle from short hairstyles for men brings out the shape of your face by giving luminosity and balance. A medium-length beard continues to all of the above.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


98. Short Haircut for Older Men

An example of the slicked back side part hairstyle that looks good on middle-aged men. Hair products such as a water-based pomade are the best choice to achieve this look.

50 Marvelous Short Hairstyles for Men


99. Design Cut Hairstyle

This is a haircut where expert skills are used to create a balance between the sides and the top while the latter is left longer for styling.


100. Businessman’s Cut Hairstyle

This cut is not too short and yet not too long. You can wear it in an office setting. This is usually tapered on the back and sides while the crown is left long for brushing and parting by using styling products and the comb over technique.


How To Style Short Haircuts

Short hairstyles are also easy to maintain. However, if you want to achieve that glamorous look you need to follow 2 simple steps:


To keep a fresh short hair look you need a daily conditioner to help your scalp breath and to strengthen your hair.


If you want to go for a messy short hair look, we recommend using a professional high-grade pomade for a great finish attach. In case you want to achieve a clean neat comb over style or a dapper slick back you’ll need a clay pomade which works wonders on short hair.


In conclusion, short haircuts for men provide a broad range of possibilities for your new look. You can go for a sporty or dapper hairstyle, all with short and low-maintenance locks. However, before you start chopping think about all aspects regarding your haircut, think about the shape of your face and the texture of your hair.

With so many short haircuts to choose from, how do you know which one would look the best on you? Or what are your top 3 from our list?

This article was updated in August 2019.

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Every classic men’s cut or popular style works for wavy hair. Waves add volume, movement and flow that enhance any style.

Wavy hair is an asset for the short styles like the trendy textured crop but also brings something special to slick looks and the side part hairstyle.

Short wavy hairstyles just need a hint of product while some of the longer looks will benefit from some blow drying with a diffuser for added hold and minimal frizz.

Here are 21 of the best wavy hairstyles for men below.

1. Textured Crop For Wavy Hair

Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Whitney VerMeer

This year’s textured crop trend is all about creating the type of definition and texture that wavy hair already has. The layered crop will enhance natural wave will also thinning hair.

2. Wavy Hair Side Part Hairstyle + Low Fade

Anthony Giannotti

Wavy hair can be styled into any popular men’s hairstyle, including slick looks. The side part hairstyle gets some fantastic volume from long wavy hair while the sides are cut into a low bald fade.

3. Short Wavy Hair Hairstyle For Men + Drop Fade

Ross Mathieson

Here’s a shorter take on the textured crop. This trendy and attractive style is also easy to wear, work a touch of product through almost dry hair to enhance definition.

4. Slicked Back Medium Length Waves

Raggos Barbering

Here’s another classic men’s hairstyle that gets something extra from wavy hair. Waves add volume and texture up top while a mid fade ensures that this cut is easy to wear.

5. Thick Crop For Wavy Hair + Drop Fade

The Greek

A longer and heavier way to wear the textured crop, this one contrasts a bald drop fade over the ear with thick fringe that falls down over the forehead.

6. Long Wavy Hairstyle For Men + Undercut

Lou Scissors

A shaved undercut with long hair on top is a cool combination that makes longer men’s hair easier to wear. To get this look, work some product into hair at the forehead to keep hair out of the face.

7. High and Tight for Short Wavy Hair

Tommy Roth

The high and tight is no longer just a military hairstyle. With waves on top and high fade that goes down to the skin at the hairline, this short men’s haircut has the same profile but lots more style.

8. Men’s Undercut Hairstyle For Wavy Hair

Nick the Barber

This creative mohawk-inspired look does what a good men’s haircut is supposed to do – works with hair. The undercut leaves a wide swath of hair on top. Hair is left wavy but pinched up at the center like a faux hawk.

9. Medium Length Wavy Hair + Line Up

Lorenzo Diaz

The slick back undercut hairstyle is cool and easy to wear. A touch of product holds hair back and tames frizz. Faded edges add even more detail. One of the best wavy hairstyles for men.

10. Wavy Hair + Long Fringe + High Fade


The opposite of a slick back, this trendy style wears hair forward instead. Hair is long enough to wave and layered enough to enhance natural volume.

11. Short Men’s Haircut For Wavy Hair With A High Fade

Ross Parlane Barbershop

This cool short haircut has enough length for hair to wave while a high fade at the sides cuts hair down to the skin.

12. Side Part Comb Over Hairstyle For Wavy Hair


While the low bald fade keeps the sides short, wavy hair on top adds volume and texture to this classic comb over with a side part. One of the greatest looking wavy hairstyles for men with short hair.

13. Forward Fringe + Undercut + Wavy Hair


Another variation of the crop trend, this version is all about wavy hair in bangs over the forehead.

14. Classic Men’s Haircut For Wavy Hair

Raggos Barbering

With thick hair on top and faded sides, this classic short men’s haircut is just long enough for hair to wave.

15. Very Short Haircut For Wavy Hair Men + Skin Fade

Tote Barber

For guys with thick and wavy hair, this wash-and-wear style reveals natural texture while cutting hair short.

16. Scissor Cut Men’s Haircut With Tousled Waves

Travis Briggs

For something different, this men’s hairstyle coiffs tousled waves into a faux hawk at the front.

17. Wavy Surfer Hair For Cool Guys

Whitney VerMeer

To get this cool messy look, spritz salt spray onto damp, almost dry hair and ruffle it with fingers. The result is this surfer cool style that doesn’t need a beach.

18. Side Part Hairstyle For Thick Wavy Hair

Alvaro Vargas Roso

The part and fade create structure amidst thick, wavy hair.

19. Messy Waves + Longer Fringe + High Fade

Whitney VerMeer

Wavy hair looks real cool with a touch of tousle to enhance that natural wildness.

20. Long Wavy Hair For Men Styled Back

Sam Campagna

The key to this long men’s hairstyle is the blow dryer. Use the diffuser and fingers to almost completely dry hair while working hair into the desired position. The combination of heat and a touch product create much stronger hold than product alone.

So there you have it, 21 amazing new haircuts and wavy hairstyles for men.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

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