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150 Gallon Smart Pot 45"x 22"

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  • 150 Gallon Smart Pot 45"x 22"


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The Smart Pot® is a soft-sided aeration container that air root prunes your plants. Air root pruning is a key component to a healthy fibrous root ball. Unlike plastic containers, roots do not circle. Instead, air root pruning creates a more fibrous root structure with more root tips. More roots means quicker growth. No circling roots mean better growth.

  • Soft-sided fabric aeration container that has the rigidity to hold its shape
  • Provides aeration, enhancing root structure, resulting in a vigorous plant with more flowers and fruits and increased insect and disease resistance
  • Allows excess heat to escape
  • Developed for, and used by commercial tree growers


Sours: https://www.thegrowshow.org/growing-media/pots-containers/150-gallon-smart-pot-45x-22.html

This system is designed to automatically water pots up to 250 gallons (also ideal for small raised beds). This deluxe system offers precise moisture control compared to less-expensive systems. We recommend this system for those with very valuable crops with intention of maximizing their plants' yields. Our systems allow your plants to utilize a larger percentage of potting mixture by keeping most of the soil at a desired moisture level. With just a pair of scissors, you can customize this system to fit many different kinds of plants and layouts.

This Kit Includes:

  • 2 Blumat sensor (5")
  • 1 Blumat sensor Maxi (9")
  • 4 distribution drippers
  • 1 distribution dripper end-piece
  • 5 support stakes for drippers
  • 15 feet BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape
  • 3 feet of 3mm drip tube
  • 2 BluSoak to 3mm adapter


See related products for a 5-Gallon Water Reservoir and optional Pressure Reducer, which are not included in this kit, but may be required to set up a complete and functioning system.

Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients- and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.

Reservoirs should be at least 3' above ground-level. An optional Pressure Regulator attached to garden hose or faucet can provide enough water for up to 500 Blumat Carrots (See Related Products). If your reservoir does not have a thru-hull installed, you will have to drill a hole into your reservoir bucket and install a thru-hull piece. For our customers' convenience, we also sell 5-gallon reservoirs with thru-hulls already installed.

The Tropf Blumat system is great for watering balcony boxes, planters, hanging baskets, and row crops. It fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis, regardless of their location, light levels, or plant type. Our systems save your plants from excessive and improper watering. The Tropf Blumat system remain suitable for plant groupings that require consistent moisture, such as vegetable gardens, bushes, flower beds, grow bags and greenhouse containers. Not only do your plants receive the right amount of water, but slow and consistent dripping ensures that your plants receive warmed water, avoiding shock.

This Deck and Planter Kit is a great way to start your customized irrigation system. The flexible system can be expanded to include up to 500 drippers. See Blumat Accessories to expand your system to your specific needs.

How it works

The Tropf Blumat self-watering system functions automatically. As the soil dries, a vacuum and hydro-static pressure, coupled with a spring-loaded gating mechanism, pulls water from the main line. When the soil is sufficiently moist, pressures equalize, and the Tropf Blumat automatically stops taking in water.

Each Blumat Outdoor Sensor in the Deck and Planter Set covers an area 12 inches in diameter. To expand and customize your own system, add additional Supply Hoses, Outdoor Sensors, and Distributor Drippers.

*Note: If ordering more than a quantity of two, we will pack together a sample kit with the contents of the kit, but the rest will come in bulk packaging (we do this in order to ship items out in time, rather than to delay shipments). You may special request for all items to be packaged independently, but extra costs may apply.

Sours: https://www.sustainablevillage.com/blumat-system-for-150-250-gallon-fabric-pots
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Smart Pot 150 Gallon


Smart Pot 150 Gallon Measurements: 45 inch diameter x 22 inch height

Smart Pots are soft, fabric aeration containers that allow more air to reach the growing medium and roots. This improves drainage and keeps the root system from overheating on hot days. Smart Pots are perfect for your roots because roots have a natural tendency to grow into soft surfaces like the fabric sides of a Smart Pot where they become thick and healthy instead of becoming root bound. A plants roots are considered root bound when they circle the inside of a pot. This is not the best way for your roots to grow. Smart Pots are aeration containers that allow the air to prune the plant root structure.

Smart Pot 150 Gallon Transplanting Instructions
Remove the containers before transplanting or allow the plant to live out its life in the Smart Pot. Smart Pots will help plants become established more quickly after transplanting.

Many additional sizes available and options available, like Smart Pots with Handles!

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Sours: https://www.webhydroponics.com/shop/smart-pot-150-gallon/
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150 Gallon

150 Gallon Fabric Pots from Smart Pot, Gro Pro, Root Pot and Dirt Pot

Smart Pots are eco-friendly and effective fabric pots.  These soft growing containers are more productive than plastic pots because they allow air to reach the soil and roots, improving drainage and keeping the root system from overheating on hot days. Smart Pot's design also allows the air to prune the plant root structure and prevents plants from becoming root-bound! These pots are available in black and tan. The dimensions of these 150 Gallon containers are 42” W x 22” Tall. Therefore, these pots will hold approximately 17.6 cubic feet of soil. 

Gro Pro Fabric Pots deliver better airflow to plant roots, provide structure without trapping water and increase plant growth. Gro Pro 45 Gallon pots are available in black and tan and will hold approximately 20.7 cubic feet of soil. Under normal growing conditions, these pots are expected to last for 5 – 7 years.

Root pots are made of a biodegradable material that helps facilitate airflow and promote healthy root growth. These pots will break down after multiple seasons of use, approximately three to five years. However, they are strong enough to withstand winds, work great with drip lines and within hydroponic systems. The dimensions of this 150 Gallon container is 45”W x 22”H.  This size pot will hold approximately 20.2 cubic feet of soil. 

Sours: http://www.growbagsdepot.com/-150-Gallon-_c_229.html

Pots 150 gallon

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