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The most beautiful flower pots for indoors

At Pottery Pots you will find the most beautiful planters and flower pots for indoors. Our wide range offers pots for indoor use in the most diverse types, sizes, and materials. Thanks to our large stocks, the products are always readily available, so that you are set for the new sales season. Find out more about our indoor flower pots and discover why you absolutely must have our beautiful indoor flower pots and planters in your array!

Why a flower pot inside?

Flowers and plants give life and color to a room. In combination with the right flower pot or planter, a plant can even become a real eye-catcher. No wonder that special flower pots have become indispensable in living rooms, offices and public spaces these days. Because of the large choice of types and styles - from natural to industrial and from modern to rural - there is a suitable flower pot or planter for every indoor space. Plants and flowers in a pot with soil are also a sustainable alternative to cut flowers that have to be replaced weekly.

Indoor flower pots in all types and sizes

Pottery Pots offers indoor pots in all sizes. Recently, the large indoor flower pot and the large indoor planter are an absolute interior trend. A large flower pot or plant pot is a statement and gives your room character. Of course, larger pots also come into their own in offices and other large spaces. In addition to the larger sizes, popular indoor flower pot sizes are 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm and 40 cm. The centimeters mentioned indicate the diameter of the pot.

In addition to different sizes, we have different types of indoor flower pots. From containers with a natural or rural look to pots for indoor use with an industrial or design look. The pots are made of innovative materials such as fiberclay, fiberstone and ficonstone. Fiberglass has been used in the production of these pots, resulting in a lower weight and greater ease of use. The planters are available in various colors. For example, think of green, rosé and orange, but also more basic shades such as white, black, gray and anthracite. In addition to regular standing pots, use of hanging flower pots for indoors has been on the rise recently.

Advantages of our outdoor flower pots

  • Strong and light materials
  • Trendy colors and designs
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Large offer
  • Directly available
  • Indoor flower pots at Pottery Pots

    Pottery Pots has a wide range of flower pots for indoor use. This means that every customer can find a suitable indoor flower pot or planter in our collection. Our half-timbered pots are also of exceptional quality, so that they can easily last for years. This makes our indoor planters and flower pots popular among a wide audience. So quickly add Pottery Pots' most beautiful indoor pots to your collection!

    26 Chic Pots and Planters to Instantly Upgrade Your Greenery

    Characterized by clean lines and modern silhouettes, these stylish planters will give the entire room a boost—just in time for spring.

    KROFT Plant Stand


    Our new Plant Stand is designed to provide a modern and well built home for your favorite house plants.


    Heads up: this planter from KROFT is on sale for Dwell readers. Take 15% off with code PLANTSTAND through March 31, 2021.

    Light + Ladder Hex Spora Planters (Set of 3)


    Small wonder.  Add a nod to the natural world in any space. Grouped together or spread out, these teensy porcelain pots have a hexagonal wood base to keep them down-to-earth.


    Hip Haven Bullet Planter

    Design Within Reach

    Originally manufactured by several companies in the 1950s, the Bullet Planter (2011) was never trademarked, and its designer never identified. One version of the story attributes its creation to a resourceful man who worked for a company that produced satellite dishes.


    Eva Solo Self-Watering Hanging Pot


    The Eva Solo Nordic self-watering hanging flower pots is made from matte stoneware with a leather cord for hanging. The organic design features a self-watering system that provides optimum growing conditions for herbs and flowers.


    Atuto Studio Planter, Whitewash


    Designed by Bloomist with slightly elongated proportions inspired by vintage British Long Tom pots. These are taller and narrower than usual pots and are most suitable for deep-rooted plants.


    Afteroom Story Planter

    Design Within Reach

    Fascinated by how spaces transform over time, Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei invented the word Afteroom to name their Stockholm studio. “We simply want to create things people won’t get rid of,” says Chen-Yen.


    The Citizenry Paseo Tabletop Planter

    The Citizenry

    Modern, yet classic. A sculptural planter handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico.   A clean, minimal planter brought to life by a unique blend of clay that has a textured, almost marbled, effect up close. Glazed on the inside, you can style with or without soil and water.


    Umbra Ora Illuminated Planter


    Inspired by the ambience of outdoor landscape lighting, Ora brings the same soft lighting to the inside of the home. Ora's cozy LED light gently illuminates plants to showcase them in low-light while setting a relaxing mood. Drop-in existing plant pots or replant new greenery with ease.


    NewMade LA Triangle Wall Planter

    A minimalist, triangular wire planter lets you showcase a small pot of greenery with midcentury-inspired flair.


    Serralunga Cup Planter

    Design Within Reach

    Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to design is based on careful observation of people’s actions and feelings, which enables him to create products that fit into people’s lives so naturally that they’re “Without Thought,” a concept he teaches at two universities and to clients worldwide.


    Rejuvenation Brice Extra Large Planter


    The ceramic Brice Planter offers an elegant option for displaying your favorite plants. It's available in four styles to fit your space, and can also be paired with or without a sleek black metal stand.


    Iittala Nappula Plantpot

    Design Within Reach

    Connecting with nature enhances wellbeing and having plants and flowers at home has multiple benefits. Iittala’s Nappula Plant Pots are meant to inspire planting, gardening and taking care of our green family members. The pots have a strong design character and look pleasing even when not in use.


    Areaware Stacking Planter


    The Stacking Planter discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer. The circular stoneware form takes its inspiration from high voltage ceramic insulators found on power lines.


    Light + Ladder Eleva Planter & Plinth


    A little table greenery.  Switch up your plant display with this organic porcelain planter that’s ready to live its best life on your table as a centerpiece for all occasions. With a sturdy and sculptural plinth to perch on, it’ll take any plant you wanna show off to new and novel heights.


    Fire Road Base Planter

    Design Within Reach

    Created by a small design firm in San Francisco, the Base Planter (2017) consists of a slip-cast ceramic planter that conforms to a handmade walnut stand, presenting a fluid and interesting mix of materials to help elevate any space. This planter does not have drainage holes.


    Light + Ladder Archromo Planter


    Perch a plant.  The Archromo planter puts your green thumb on a pedestal—the stoneware basin is elevated on intersecting slabs to create a t-shaped stand that sits in a removable drainage tray. The planter has a glossy finish and is available in a blue-tinted ash.


    Ferm Living Hexagon Pot


    The Ferm Living Hexagon Pot is a modern take on the wide world of planters. Perfect for starting your own little indoor garden, or use for storage for keys, jewelry or change at the end of the day.


    Rejuvenation Brice Medium Planter


    The ceramic Brice Planter offers an elegant option for displaying your favorite plants.


    Menu Wire Planter

    Design Within Reach

    Mix and match Wire Planter (2015) heights and contents to create an arrangement that's unique to you. All sizes include a removable plug for drainage, making them suitable for use indoors and out. Made in China.


    Ferm Living Standing Plant Box


    The Ferm Living Standing Plant Box has an elegant and timeless aesthetic that is fit for both modern and traditional interiors. Slender and sleek, the powder coated metal boasts appealing colors that will add a splash of eye catching hue anywhere.


    Most Modest Tess Planter

    Design Within Reach

    In 2012, industrial designer Justin Champaign established Most Modest – named after a chapter on being a modest host in Emily Post’s Etiquette – with the goal of creating items that celebrate the intersection between craft and technology to better support modern lifestyles.


    Loll Designs Mondo Planter

    Design Within Reach

    With no liner needed, Mondo Collection planters are made of durable, recyclable plastic derived from discarded milk jugs.


    Flyte Lyfe Planter

    Generate Design

    A planter that creates the effect of zero-gravity - through a powerful magnet pushing against an electromagnetic base.  ...


    Monstruosus Planter With Stand

    Design Within Reach

    The Monstruosus Planter with Stand (2019) consists of the Monstruosus Model One Planter set atop a minimal stand with slender posts. The planter sits in a discreet tray located within the nexus of the stand’s cross-bracing. Can be used indoors and out. Available in two heights. Made in Mexico.


    Hawkins New York Copper and Brass Louise Planters


    Sunshine for sunshine. The brass, copper, and enamel vase line is a favorite in the Shop, and now there’s a planter version, all polished to perfection in gleaming brass or copper.


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    15 stylish indoor planters for every budget and style

    From improving air quality to boosting your mood, there are plenty of benefits to having plants in the home. Not only are they good for your well being, but a little greenery in a chic pot can also really spruce up the overall aesthetic in your home. Here's a selection of a few of our favourite indoor pots and planters, with one for every budget and style.

    Porcelain & Leather Hanging Planter

    This beautiful handcrafted porcelain planter attaches to any wall, making it easy to display your favourite plants in a prime location.

    $67 at Etsy.

    Roz Small Pink Planter

    Add a retro wink to your space with this lovely hi-gloss pink planter.

    $26.95 at CB2.

    Mid Century Turned Leg Standing Planter

    We love the clean lines on this Mid Century Modern planter from West Elm — the solid wood legs and ceramic bowl create a sophisticated and fresh aesthetic.

    $267 at West Elm.

    Gem Facets Planter

    These gorgeous iron gem facet planters are available in three shapes (hexagon, wide triangle, narrow triangle) and three shades (copper, oxford, honey), making it hard to choose just one.

    $18 at Anthropologie.

    Mod Metal Planter

    This luxe gold metal planter would add the perfect pop of glam to a dull desk or windowsill.

    $25 at Urban Outfitters.

    Palazzo Small Marbleized Planter

    Add a little style to your favourite plant with this white marble and metallic planter.

    $18.95 at CB2.

    Ridged Terracotta Pot in Pink

    Available in three sizes, this pretty pink pot would look lovely in any room of the house.

    $12-$34 at Anthropologie.

    Sinnerlig Plant Pot

    Leave it to Ikea to create an interesting yet affordable option. These cute pots would look great on their own, or mixed in with a bunch of different planters.

    $12.99 at Ikea.

    Roar + Rabbit Freeform Terrariums

    These antiqued brass-finished, open, glass terrariums make displaying your greens simple and stunning at the same time.

    $77.55 at West Elm.

    Page Hanging Planter

    Add a pop of mint and copper to your home with this suspended planter from CB2.

    $21.95 at CB2.

    Set of 3 Hex Spora

    Display smaller plants in style with this set of three ceramic pots, which sit pretty on top of a solid maple hexagonal stand.

    $121 on Etsy.

    Wood Hanging Planters

    This beautiful tiered hanging planter is a striking way to show off your favourite plants, herbs, succulents or flowers.

    $89.42 on Etsy.

    Textured Plant Pot

    We love this white pot from H&M - the clean white keeps it simple and chic, and texture adds a bit of interest.

    $19.99 at H&M.

    Moda Cement Planter

    This industrial chic cement floor planter rests on top of a gold tray (for catching water), creating a lovely mix of interesting textures and materials.

    $149 at CB2.

    M.F.E.O Jungalow Hanging Planter

    Each batch of these planters are "cut from a sheet of sustainably harvested maple europly wood and affixed to a brass ceiling chain", creating a very whimsical and pretty effect.

    $118.70 at West Elm.

    How to Hack an Outdoor Planter For Indoor Decor!

    Indoor hanging plant pots are a great way to bring the outside in and display houseplants in every room, even where space is limited. Hanging planters are perfect for small, compact spaces, as it taps into the vertical planting trend; using the wall and ceiling to save on floor space.

    Hanging plant pots are ideal for dried flowers, and for real plants too (especially trailing plants), just ensure you use an inner plant pot to catch the water. If the planter has a solid bottom, the plant needs to be in a plastic pot with drainage holes first, then placed on top of a dish/saucer inside of the main pot. This is of course dependent on the plant and the size of your hanging pot.

    Decorating your home with hanging plants will add instant greenery to your abode, improve your overall health and wellbeing, and add a sense of height to your space. With an array of styles, designs and colours to choose from, you'll have no difficulty in choosing a hanging pot to suit your plant and room scheme.

    Here we take a look at two types of planters: hanging plant pots (which can suspend from a ceiling, pole, rack or similar, or against a wall using a hook) and wall hanging planters (which are often mounted and fixed on a wall to appear as if it's floating).

    Take your pick from a selection below.


    This chic rope hanging planter will look perfect in a contemporary or modern rustic space. We recommend buying three of these for a cohesive look.

    La Redoute

    Macramaté Woven Rope Hanging Planter



    2. Sleek and contemporary

    With a curved metal in a brass finish, this ceramic hanging pot is ticking all the style boxes. Easy to mount on the wall or ceiling, it's perfect for ferns, succulents and other greenery.

    John Lewis & Partners

    Umbra Bolo Hanging Planter, Black/Brass



    Stay on trend with a brass plant hanger. To create a calming oasis, group a few of these together and add in some colourful foliage to create a contemporary look.


    Dutchbone Oasis Plant Hanger



    There's no better way to bring colour to your space than with these hand-painted, splattered hanging plant pots. You can choose the pot colour and splatter colour to personalise it. The pot hangs on a leather cord, which is also available in a range of three colours.

    Hand Painted Round Splatter Hanging Planter



    Keep things natural with this beautiful jute hanging basket from Garden Trading. It's perfect to bring some colour to the corner of your kitchen.

    Garden Trading

    Hanging Plant Pot



    This simple and stylish hanging frame can transition from being two to three-dimensional in a single movement. It's available in white, orange, green, yellow and blue.

    Lime Lace

    Italian Designer Swinging Plant Pot Holder


    Create an eye-catching display for your succulents, cacti and other smaller houseplants with this trio of hanging planters. These hand-finished pots boast a dimpled texture and a dipped glaze in three shades: grey, aqua and blue.

    John Lewis & Partners

    Burgon & Ball Baby Dotty Hanging Plant Pot Trio, Set of 3, Blue/Grey

    Burgon &



    Isn't this planter gorgeous? Fill the copper bowl with your favourite plants for a luxurious look.

    Brass Orbit Hanging Planter

    London Garden


    This super stylish and minimalist iron hanging plant pot is perfect for succulents and trailing plants. It's available in three colours: Antique Gold, Dusty Pink and Jade Green.

    Art Deco Style Hanging Plant Pot



    Oliver Bonas' terracotta hanging plant pot in eye-catching cobalt blue, is finished with metallic gold foiling at the base which creates an unique artisanal feel. It's complete with a chunky rope.

    Oliver Bonas

    Tierra Blue & Gold Foiled Base Terracotta Hanging Plant Pot



    Boasting an eye-catching chevron pattern that has been etched by hand, this striking planter is the perfect backdrop for luscious green plants.


    Kavari Ceramic Hanging Planter


    The brass trend is here to stay. This indoor hanging planter is perfect for bringing some warmth to your living space.

    Beaumont Hanging Plant Pot, Brushed Brass




    We're obsessed with this handmade geometric wall planter. Perfect for displaying succulents and cacti, these wall hung antique brass planters provide a unique and stylish backdrop. The frames are hand forged with solder marks evident on the joints and corners, making it all the more charming.


    Api Wall Hung Planter - Round


    Bring a subtle pop of colour into your space with this cute, block metal wall mounted planter.

    La Redoute

    Uyova Colour Block Metal Wall Planter



    Sleek and minimalist, this ceramic vessel in a diamond shape wire frame makes for the perfect wall planter.

    John Lewis & Partners

    Umbra Trigg Large Wall Planter, White



    This unique concrete circular wall planter is ideal for herbs, trailing plants and succulents. It comes in a range of sizes.


    Concrete round wall planter


    Perfect for a monochrome room scheme, these metal wall planters are both contemporary and stylish.

    La Redoute

    PAVO Metal Wall Planters (Set of 3)




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