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Hey there! I'm Ffcyndrome, or Cynn for short. I'm a part-time free-lance artist and voice actor and I'm ready to learn how to express more emotion and create my own versions of characters!

Some of my previous roles:

Cure Felice & Aroma - Pretty Cure Dream Stars Movie Fandub {CureDubs}

Himiko Yumeno - Danganronpa V3 Chapter 6 Trial {Seannybravo}

Misaki Kamiigusa - Fandub of Sakurasou Ep 1 {Seannybravo}

Gumi - Tokyo Cyber Detective Brigade {soulresonancegirl}

Antique/Mei Crawford - Steel Snow, Kare Kano {VelCroweVA}

Brown Liar/ Carrie - Ib Project {VelCrowVA}

Projects I'm currently working on:

Pretty Cure Dream Stars Movie Fandub  -  VA for Cure Felice & Aroma

Project Broken (Studio Code Blank) - Concept Artist

Please Pm for any contact details, whether it be for auditions for projects or art work! I'm open to details! [Please note that I won't accept every request.]

Sours: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/mr-music-vocaloid-chorus

Awesome Music / Vocaloid Nico Nico Chorus

Nico Nico Douga is a video sharing website very popular in Japan.

But for this page in particular, this is what happens if someone unrelated finds multiple covers of the same song on said website, and splices them together in such a way it sounds like a chorus is actually singing the same song, thus the "Nico Nico Chorus" was created. And boy, is it awesome to listen to!

A subpage for the Vocaloidawesome music page.

  • Matryoshka is pure awesome the singers give you the image insanity, especially when when 朱色 (Shuiro) starts regurgitating. And this piece of quantified awesomeness. Yoppei does not actually sing the song AT ALL. That's "Meltdown" you're hearing.
  • This 50 people version of "Toeto" is absolutely angelic sounding. Especially when Luka gets her solo.
  • The NicoNico Chorus's ReEdited and Mastered version of Dear is an Eargasm.
  • Melancholic. It's not just one, but FOUR versions of an already catchy song.
  • Halyosy wrote Smiling, got a large group of Nico singers together, and made one of the most uplifting, inspiring, and catchy choruses ever during Japan's troubles.
  • Jinsei Game which mixes chorus, creepy music and awesomeness into one.
  • "Spice!" You're welcome. Bonus points for Len joining in at the end!
Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/AwesomeMusic/VocaloidNicoNicoChorus
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Top 10 Vocaloid Chorus songs

I'm really sorry this took so long... School happened. But I still managed to make this list and didn't drop it so it's not a complete fail! >_<The songs eligible for this list are Vocaloid original songs (sorry no covers this time, although I might make the best vocaloid/utau/youtaite cover list in the future) featuring at least 5 vocaloids singing. Okay, let's start! :D


10. If It's Making a Song Let's Get Started! - Lamaze-P

This cute song is about making a song (obviously) and using the power of your voice to make someone fall in love with you! This songs is also really silly and jokey which makes this a perfect song to listen to when you're sad or depressed to cheer you up!

Also I know this song contains only 4 Vocaloids (and even Zunko barely has proper singing parts) and 2 Utau's (CeVio and Voiceroid) but it counts 'cause I say so! ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙ Anyway here's the English subbed video!

Lamaze-P - "If It's Making A Song, Let's Get Started!" (English Subtitles)

9. cLick cRack -Giga-P(music) and Reol (lyrics)

Join Kagamine Rin and Len on a journey to a fantasy land beyond their wildest dreams! Along the way they meet Gumi, the green pierrot, Luka, the evil queen and Miku the land's caretaker (at least that's the idea I got from the song)! This song again is really fun and upbeat and the Giga-P part is just icing on top of the cake (I love Giga-P :3)!

Unfortunately I don't think the subs can be seen on the phone for this song so I linked two version, the original one with no subs and the one with subs but utaites sing it

cLick cRack (English Subtitles) (Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, GUMI, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku)
[Eng Sub] cLick cRack [NORISHIO Aji]

8. Hello Laughter - Last Note. (lyrics, music) non (art)

Just a cute song about happiness and being happy. (Sorry I'm getting lazy with these descriptions)

Vocaloids - Hello Laughter (ハローラフター)

7. Blessed Messiah and the Tower of Ai - Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ (music, lyrics)Suzunosuke (illustrations)

This song went crazy popular this year with many youtaites covering it and I have to say most of the covers are amazing! So basically the story is: One day a villager receives a letter from the Oracle that she is the one destined to receive the nine blessings from the tower. Nine of her friends join her on this journey, however when they get into the tower things turn for the worst as betrayals and trecheries happen.

【VOCALOID 10】Blessed Messiah and the Tower of AI【English Subs + Subtitle File】

6. Connecting - halyosy (lyrics, music) and Tama (art)

Oh hey a song about singing again...(¬_¬ ) This song is really meta, essentially a Vocaloid song about... well... Vocaloids and how they sing and make friends together. The main thing which makes me love this song so much is the melody. It's really fluent and catchy and the bridge part is amazing! :ok_hand:

5. Seven Crimes and Punishments - Akuno-P

Well... I'm sorry to be so basic but Mothy and his goddamn franchise had to make it on this list somehow... This is a relatively new song and in my opinion it's amazing. I'm a sucker for

fast-paced kind of rock/electronic songs so this one is perfect. It's basically a retelling of the whole evil franchise and what each charecter's sins were. Unfortunately the only official video that I could find had no English subtitles so you'll just have to find them on google. I also really like Rachiedan's English version (although I REALLY hate Miku's voice singer in it) so I wanted to link it too :3

Seven Crimes and Punishments English dub (9+ Chorus)

4. Witch Hunt - Suzuki-P & Ryotai (music/lyrics) , Hiyokomanjuu-P (illustrations)

This song has a really long history with me, one of the first Vocaloid songs I've ever heard. This is a story about a young witch who falls in love with a boy and wants him to love her back. Unfortunately the priest finds out that she's a witch and tells the guy that she has possessed him to love her with her magic. She gets put on the stake and asked to repent for her sins. This song is really dramatic and awesome.

Megurine Luka - Witch (English Subbed)

3. Party x Party - Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ (music, lyrics)Suzunosuke (illustrations)

This song is also one of the first Vocaloid songs I've heard. It's another fun song similar to something like a video game in which the characters try to make it to the castle where a party is promised and avoid the traps and defeat all monsters on the way there.

Vocaloid Six -Party x Party (English Sub)

2. Phantom Theif's Scenario - Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△ (music, lyrics)Suzunosuke (illustrations)

Wow another one. One right after the other huh XD . Anyway this is a really fun interactive song where the viewer gets to play the detective. There is an auction for a diamond on a ship and our dear Vocaloid buyers have arrived. Who is the thief who stole the diamond and who are the innocent ones? It's up to you to decide! ( I personally think it might be Mayu)

Vocaloid Ten - Phantom Thief F's Scenario ~Mystery of the Missing Diamond~ (怪盗Fの台本〜消えたダイヤの謎〜)

1. Blessings - halyosy (song composition) & sobomen (music video)

This song. This song is soooo good that I play it on my every birthday! :D It makes me happy and warm inside each time I hear it and isn't that what all Vocaloid songs are supposed to do? This is one of my main go-to happy cheer-up songs. I think you'll like this one too!

Alright I hope you enjoyed this song and you agree with some of my picks! :3

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The artist of the last picture:

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Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/vocaloid/page/blog/top-10-vocaloid-chorus-songs/N4nH_MuaZ03krG3qoo3YKEzBY6bZnpE
The Lost One's Weeping [Vocaloid Chorus]【VOCALOID x 26】【UTAU x 7】

A trickle of semen reached my throat. Vovka planted me the last couple of times and left me. -That's unsealed.

Chorus vocaloid

Now the leader, grabbing her by the waist, thrust the girl's body onto his penis. Another moment and Karina was covered with a wave of amazing orgasm. She no longer understood where she was. But then inside her penis shot one after another charges of hot sperm, and at that moment the girl fainted. The natives shouted loudly and screamed.

【Nico Nico Chorus】Meltdown【20 people's Chorus + 1】

Daisy was no longer heard. The curtains on the windows of my father's study were drawn. Aunt Jane told me not to look there. My dear, your dad is working - get inside, while the other toes gently massaged his wife's ass. Orgasm covered Alenka with such force that she came to herself only when Tolik sprayed her with water.

Now discussing:

And we, in fact, were her saviors. Had we not appeared in Zhukovka, Timokha's grandfather would have probably fled to Lokot for the police. And Nina and Olya, the policemen would have killed. Well, now the war is over for you.

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