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Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. (Sansui Denki Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese manufacturer of audio and video equipment. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is part of Grande Holdings, a Chinese Hong Kong-based conglomerate, which also owns Japanese brands Akai and Nakamichi.

Founded in Tokyo in 1947, Sansui initially manufactured transformers, but by the 1960s had developed a reputation for making serious audio components. They were sold in foreign markets through that and the next decade. Sansui's amplifiers and tuners from the 1960s and 1970s remain in demand by audio enthusiasts.

In 1971, Sansui introduced the Quadphonic Synthesizer QS-1, which could make simulated four channel stereo from two channel sources. Sansui developed the QS Regular Matrix system, which made it possible to transmit four channel Quadraphonic sound from a standard LP. The channel separation was only 3 dB, but because of the human way of hearing it sounded relatively good. In 1973, Sansui introduced the more advanced QS Vario Matrix decoder with 20 dB separation. Unfortunately the SQ system developed by Columbia/CBS was the most popular matrix system. But later QS decoders could also play SQ records. Some Sansui receivers could also play the most advanced four channel system - CD-4 (or Quadradisc) by Japanese JVC and American RCA. Most big record companies used either SQ or CD-4, but Decca used the Sansui QS system.

During the late 1970s, the iconic matte-black-faced AU-series amplifiers were released. The first-generation '07' models included the dual-mono power supply AU-517 and AU-717, and the second generation featured the updated AU-719, 819 and 919. The separate pre-amp/power-amp CA-F1/BA-F1 topped the model range along with the AU-X1 integrated amplifier.

In the UK around 1982, the Sansui AU-D101 amplifier and its more powerful sibling the AU-D33, were highly acclaimed by audiophiles[citation needed] and were so well matched to a pair of KEF Coda III speakers that they could be bought as a set from some outlets. These amplifiers used a complex feed-forward servo system which resulted in very low 2nd order harmonic distortion. Despite this success, Sansui completely failed to follow up with further mass market audiophile components.

As the mid-1980s arrived, sales were lost to competitors (Sony, Pioneer, Matsushita's Technics).[citation needed] Sansui began to lose visibility in the United States around 1988, and then focused on manufacturing high-end components in Japan. The company began to manufacture high-end television sets and other video equipment, but ceased exportation. In the late 1990s, the company's brand was used on video equipment manufactured by other companies. The current manufacturer of the rebranded sets is Orion Electric, based in Osaka and Fukui, Japan. Its U.S. subsidiary markets products under the Sansui brand, among others. Sansui is thus a mere umbrella brand at present. This radical change in Sansui's corporate identity has resulted in a notable change in its product quality as consumers now tend to consider Sansui a mass-market brand rather than a maker of high-end electronics.

Sansui had developed the patented a-x balanced circuit, that used in its high power amplifier along with the so-called double diamond differential, another patent for balanced driver stage.

Its latest amplifiers included the a-u alpha series like the 707 907, b-2105 mos vintage, au-x1111, b 2302, c 2302 and others. Sansui ended its Japanese production of high end amplifiers some time between 2002 and 2005.

Many Sansui devices, particularly vintage items, have a large following in the audio community to date, with online forums dedicated to the Sansui brand.


Sansui C-2301

Parallel to the market-dependent sinking into low-fi and a few years before the gradual but finally complete withdrawal from all markets except Japan.

Fully balanced layout, select parts, 140µ PCBs, dual transformers, ditto for the phono stage (two real phono MC transformers), non-magnetic parts, special Hitacon caps (from Hitachi), pure-copper chassis plates, gold-plated terminals and switches, regulated power supplies, and - very elegant looks encased in wood and hidden behind a glossy front which is made of real glass.

Mostly, the C-2301 is balanced from input to output, with a floating ground and all blocks isolated from each other.

A nowadays curious label was chosen for the tape terminals : "tape/pcm". hadn't yet engulfed everything and PCM on tape, being older on the market (PCM-1), still seemed like a viable alternative.

The volume pot is a gold-plated metal-film resistor wiped by 200 multiple-alloy brushes.
Hardware-wise, I have the strange feeling we have been regressing since the late 1980s as none of the fairly affordable high-end I can see today sports anything like this - it seems all we can get is either cheap tricks with a thin front or mega-buck esoterica. And nothing in between.

Glorious Sansui-black that is still sought after, if a little less than the companion power amp (B-2301) and its two other versions : B-2301L and the ultimate B-2302 Vintage.

All three from the "Basic Audio LegacyVINTAGE" series, a somewhat misleading tag as neither are either basic or were, then, vintage... They are now, vintage, and they are also part of the GREAT legacy of music-making japanese high-end audio.

Until the original japanese catalog is scanned, you can see a real life C-2301 at the indispensable :
for the ps section and for everything else.

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Sansui C-2301

Manual Library / Sansui

Stereo Pre Amplifier (1986-90)

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Sansui C-2301


Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Input sensitivity: 0.7mV (MC), 2mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB (MC), 90dB (MM), 110dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 1.2V (Pre out)

Dimensions: 474 x 160 x 422mm

Weight: 20.9kg


service manual   English - Ivy Caudieus

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Sansui C-2301 Vintage

- translated from Japanese -

High-class preamplifier sold in 1984 which matches power amplifiers B-2301 and B-2201 sold in the preceding year.

First feature of C-2301 cuts off the interference between the circuit, and the influence of the flux vibrating measure is the luxurious making which goes securely, increase it is. To adopt 1 and 2 mm thick pure copperplates to the chassis, the circuit of L and R, through this pure copper chassis, to be arranged in the top and bottom, perfection it was designed to be L/R independent structure. In addition, to use the pure copperplate for also the panel of the sabot and the input/output terminal, the nonmagnetic embody chassis and the shear impedance of itself had been decreased.

Furthermore, the electrostatic shielding it did each amplifier block, with the aluminum extrusive material, we are designed to be structure, influence of the flux and the vibration was removed. As for suspension of amplifier itself vibration of baseplate itself it made the kind of structure which you hold down, it had made difficult to receive the influence of the imported vibration with interview touching bonding method. Weight of whole amplifier even in 21kg
And, influence of the vibration was removed even at the weight itself.

C-2301 had exhausted the x to also the part which as for resistance uses the RM - A resistance of new development extensively, raises vibration-proof characteristic with structure, those which administer the gold-plating to the brass were used in the joint. As for condensers, great pure four in each case such as electrolytic condenser, N lambda condenser, copper foil Mylar condenser and styrol condenser new development yhe top of the line it was. 2 it loads power transformer, as a L/R exclusive use, the core of the new structure where the leakage flux is small you had adopted.

Master volume adopts first class Detent type, the resistor evaporates in the glass epoxy baseplate, it is to administer the gold-plating to the metal membrane, also the moving contact had made 200 these multi alloy brushes. Short story with respect to luxurious glass front panel all metal it started shaving the roll knob, was. In the panel of the pure copperplate firmly the screw the pin jack which is stopped the truth of all. It started shaving from the x and with in regard to copper plating something which administers the gold-plating it was and it did.

As for balance output terminal, professional of the Swiss no chair trick corporation the worldwide top of the line of business was used. As for the circuit baseplate with the glass epoxy baseplate whose aged deterioration is little, thickness of the copper foil, normally 140-micron, there is 4-micron thickness.

As for circuit constitution of C-2301, equalizer-amplifier, line amplifier and balance amplifier pure A class cascode attaching push pull constitution with luxurious ones which you say, high S/N, the wide dynamic range was actualized. To increase the contact point, even in occurrence source of itself magnetostriction it becomes, "relay" was removed, the signal Change-over Switch had made that uses the nonmagnetic material which administers the gold-plating.

As for power source lance Pure A class operation is supported in L/R independence fully to use large-sized ones, the rectification circuit, until the regulator everything L/R Germany it had become the luxurious constitution that stand it can point.

Because it corresponds to all MC cartridges, to load real MC boosting trance, furthermore, Low exclusive use/High private each one L/R as an independence 2 trance constitution, it had become the luxurious constitution which uses total 4 trances. It is low in the core material with distortion factor and wide band, linear in order adopts the super permalloy which has magnetic property, to prevent the unnecessary vibration, making use of the special filler, trance itself flow you had received to the case with structure.

As for basic constitution of the amplifier of C-2301, in the proud "balance amplifier", not only + side - even on side having the amplifier circuit separating signal system and the ground line completely, it eliminated the problems which originate in the ground where the ringing circuit is complete. Because it becomes, it meant that also the influence the diving and the like of the flux with the disturbance is held down to extremely little. Power amplifier of the same company Balance drive could actualize with the combination with 2301, completely from the line to the speaker with balance connection.

C-2301, as the control amplifier been identified, had abundant control function as an amplifier. Phono 2 with the abundant connected terminal of system, tape 3 system and 4 system of the line, furthermore, the graphic equalizer and the like the adapter edge which can be connected also the child had. Output with the output terminal of 3 system of the total of normal output 2 system and balance output 1 system, the audio cis of 3 sets could be driven. The line level amplifier to jump, furthermore with with level control source direct it loaded also function and at center position the center through balance volume etc. which does not pass for balance.

Like above, C-2301 VINTAGE was the first class control amplifier which exhausts the x to the various parts. As for the sound whose freshness is strong high, the x you think that it was the name machine.

−  Established 1973  −
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Sansui C-2301 Vintage

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