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42in Wide Ortho I Runner Solid 42in x 13ft

Hardworking people on their feet need a soft, comfortable mat that makes a difference. ORTHO I reduces the strains and pains caused by prolonged standing. Doctor and chiropractor endorsed, this mat reduces spinal compression and increases circulation for a healthier workplace.

A comfortable worker is a happy one. Less discomfort, fewer workers compensation claims, higher morale and increased productivity are often the results of ORTHO I mats in the workplace.

Made of superior, closed-cell, virgin Nitrile rubber treated with an antimicrobial compound, this mat resists mold, mildew and bacteria. The common allergens silicone and latex are not found in ORTHO I.

Safe for areas prone to water, animal fats and petroleum or grease, the closed-cell construction is non-absorbent, which makes cleanup easier. Its superior slip resistance ranks 40% higher than any other sponge mat on the market, according to the National Flooring Institute.

ORTHO I mats are customizable with options that include with or without holes, 3 colors, a textured or smooth top and 6 bevel configurations. Lightweight and easy to clean, these mats stand up to ammonia, chlorine bleach, acid-based cleaners and steam cleaning up to degrees.

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Large Red Carpet Hollywood Party Decor Wedding Aisle Floor Runner Rug - Many Sizes to Choose From

The floor runner is for indoor or outdoor needs. It helps to guide crowds, create happy & luxury atmosphere while protect the floor. Good polyester(surface) and soft TPR(back), anti-slide and easy to clean with water or vacuum for reuse.

Color: Red
Surface Material:Polyester
Bottom Material: TPR
Carpet Thickness: 6mm / "

Several Sizes to Choose From:
Size: 1 x 3 Meter / 3 x 10 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: 1 x 4 Meter / 3 x 13 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: 1 x 5 Meter / 3 x 16 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: 1 x 6 Meter / 3 x 20 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: x 3 Meter / 4 x 10 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: x 4 Meter / 4 x 13 Feet; Weight: LBS
Size: x 5 Meter / 4 x Feet; Weight: LBS

Machine weaved loop texture with % polyester, not easy to be scratched or snagging, longer using time.

Soft & Protection
Real " thickness runner, with good sound-absorption, very comfortable to walk on it and protect the floor.

Premium Back
Adopt TPR material as rug back, have better advantages in wear-resistant, anti-slide, shock-absorption than rubber.

Color Sustain
Bright red colored carpet, with advanced making craft, it is not easy to fade colors, thus not to look old but reuse for more occasions.

Each carpet is well edge stitched, whole four sided are line bound to prevent deformation after use.

1 x Red Carpet

Sours: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Happybuy-Carpet-Hollywood-Non-Slip-Wedding/dp/B07MR9DH5T
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EH Linen 13ft Terracotta Chiffon Table Runner, 29x inches Romantic and Rustic Boho Wedding Table Runner, Top Table Sheer Bridal Party Decorations

EH Linen 13ft Terracotta Chiffon Table Runner, 29x inches Romantic and Rustic Boho Wedding Table Runner, Top Table Sheer Bridal Party Decorations

EH Linen

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Product Details

  • Package - 1 piece generous chiffon wedding table runner and 2 pieces 60cm ivory ribbons.
  • Large size - 29" W x "/13Ft L. This romantic wedding table runner is soft to touch and 13Ft is a perfect length for ft either round or rectangle table if you want the effect of hanging to the floor.
  • Material - This Semi-sheer table runner is produced from % true silky feeling Chiffon.
  • Widely Use - This Rustic table linen with gorgeous finished edges is delicate, unique and elegant for your wedding table or arch, chair sashes, baby shower, birthday party, window curtain or any occasion.
  • Instruction - Machine-washable in laundry bag or hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Hanging dry, do not twist.
Package Dimensions x x inches (19 x 18 x cm)
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
ManufacturerEH Linen



You can place candles and flower centerpieces on top of the chiffon runners, add twinkle lights in front of it. Drape it from ceilings or poles, hang it from the trees. Our Romantic and Rustic Sheer Table Runner Decoration is delicate, unique and elegant for your wedding table or arch, chair sashes, baby shower, birthday party, window curtain or any occasion, and will bring unexpected surprises to you.

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Super rare unused 13ft Runner Rug Hand Knotted Vintage 3X13 Floral Oriental Kitchen Hallway Carpet 20 piece set

Super rare unused 13ft Runner Rug Hand Knotted Vintage 3X13 Floral Oriental Kitchen Hallway Carpet 20 piece set

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Sours: https://globalwealths.org/info.php?13ft-Runner-Rug-Hand-Knotted-Vintage-3XFloral-Oriental-Kitchen-Hallway-Carpethtml

Runner 13ft

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