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We’ve been sharing lots of superhero activities lately, and we’ve got one more fun craft to show you. Make some superhero painted rocks! We patterned our painted rocks after our favorite Marvel and DC superheroes.

Rock painting is definitely one of our favorite crafts because it’s fun and relaxing for both kids and adults. There are so many ways to decorate painted rocks! You can find our other painted rocks projects in this collection of 50+ Rock Painting Ideas.

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superhero painted rocks

Painted Rock Tips:

You might need to purchase good painting rocks. Where we live (North Texas), nice smooth rocks are nearly impossible to find. We have a lot of sandstone and limestone in irregular shapes. No smooth beach pebbles here!

I ordered the rocks used in this post from Amazon, and they are so nice and smooth! Such a nice color, too. These are the ones I ordered: Rock Painting Stones.

We have also purchased rocks from Home Depot in the garden center. You can get a huge bag of river rock for a good price.

We use acrylic paint for our painted rocks. We also love to use Sharpie paint pens for the small details.

You’ll probably want to spray your rocks with a coat of polyurethane to keep the paint from chipping. It will still chip eventually if the rocks are heavily played with, but unless they are being used as toys, they should be reasonably durable if you spray them.

One more tip… paint the lighter areas before painting the darker areas. If you accidentally go over the line with the darker color, it won’t look bad. But a lighter color on top of a darker color won’t look great. For example, paint Spiderman’s white eyes before painting the red mask.

And now, on to the superhero painted rocks!

Spiderman might just be my favorite. It’s very easy to do! Draw the web lines with a paint pen.


The rock wasn’t a perfect shape, but I think it turned out well!

It would also be fun to paint Batman’s head/mask.

Wonder Woman

If you’ve got the skills to paint a detailed face, then go for it. If not, use the LEGO Wonder Woman face as a model. That’s what I did! Works for any character…

Iron Man

For the lines on the mask, I used gold paint mixed with a brown to make it dark enough to stand out.

Captain America

My 13 year old painted Captain America. He turned out really well!

Captain America Shield and Superman Symbol

Draw these designs with a pencil first. They are very do-able with paint markers!

The Hulk

Here’s another one that my 13 year old painted. The inside of the mouth is just the natural rock color.

superhero painted rocks

The Flash Symbol

This design is a great starting point for beginners! Use a paint marker for the black outlining. I painted the red first, then the white circle in the center.

superhero painted rocks

Need more superhero craft ideas?

Head over here to see the rest of our painted rock ideas (all kinds of ideas, not just superheroes).

Make some Pipe Cleaner Superheroes – one of the best crafts ever!

Make some Craft Stick Superheroes. So many possibilities with these!

LEGO Superhero Building Cards – these are so much fun! There are 8 building cards to print. They will work with Perler Beads as well as LEGO.

Have fun crafting!

superhero painted rocks

The kiddo asked, so we made these fun Marvel Avengers painted rocks over the holiday break, bringing a favorite movie to life with just a few paint brush swipes!

photo collage of easy marvel rock painting craft for kids

Marvel Avengers Painted Rocks

Here at Ruffles and Rain Boots, we adore making painted rocks with the kiddo. Whether she’s making a handful for her friends, we’re making story rocks, or we’re just crafting together, that’s a time I really enjoy. Plus, painting rocks is fun. So, when she asked for a set of Marvel Avengers painted rocks to go with one of her favorite movies, we had to do it.


We got all of her favorites in before we found something else to occupy us (lunch) and I would say we did a pretty good job making these easy super hero painted rocks in just a few minutes. If you’re ready to learn how to paint Avengers painted rocks, let’s get started.

rock painting instructions for super heroes
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Tips to Make Super Hero Painted Rocks

  • Of course you can find rocks outside but, be sure not to take any from protected natural areas – look to your own yard, where you know the owner won’t get peeved. If you run into trouble finding the best rocks, you can always grab some awesome rocks ready for painting here, a local hardware store’s garden center, or even at a local landscaping company. Sometimes you can even get them by the bucket-full.  However, I do not recommend getting your rocks from your typical craft stores because they often have a coating on them that will keep the paint from sticking. 
  • Before you start, make sure your rocks are nice and clean and also dry. You need them to be bone-dry before the paint will stick in most situations. While you’re waiting for your rock to dry completely, you can lightly sketch your design onto the rock with a pencil. It helps me a lot to guide my drawings on rocks.
  • Acrylic paint works best for me, but you can also use paint pens/markers like these here, artist pens, gelly roll pens, markers, highlighters, etc. Some of these methods will require a second coat to get a nice, bright color, but all of them will work.
  • Take a few minutes to seal your rocks after painting them. Whether it’s a spray sealant or a craft sealant like Mod Podge, sealing them is going to have the fantastic effect of keeping your rock art from washing off in the rain or fading in your kitchen, depending on what you plan to do with your painted rocks.
rock painting instructions for superheroes

How Do I Make this Marvel Avengers Painted Rocks?

I’m so glad you asked. Below is our written tutorial.

Prep Time10 minutes

Active Time15 minutes

Additional Time10 minutes

Total Time35 minutes


Estimated Cost$3


  • Rocks
  • Acrylic Paint in Red, Blue, Black, Green and Purple
  • Sealant


  • Pencil with eraser]
  • Paint Pens or Paint brushes


  1. To Make the Captain America painted rock: Draw a star in the center of your rock, surrounded by raw a circle around the star, just outside the points of the star. Draw three more circles around the center circle, about 1/4-inch apart and evenly spaced from each other.
  2. In the space outside of the final circle, fill the area in with black paint. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  3. Fill in the final circle with red paint, leave the next circle un-painted (for right now, we'll take care of this in a minute). Paint the next circle, red, just outside the circle surrounding the star. 
  4. Paint the star white. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  5. Paint the space between the star and the circle surrounding it blue. Paint the ring between the two red circles with white paint. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  6. Outline each of the circles and the star with black paint, if desired. Allow this paint to dry completely, then seal the rock with sealant and allow that to dry completely.
  7. To make the Hawkeye painted rock, draw a large circle around the perimeter of your rock, then draw a smaller circle about 1/4-inch inside of the first circle. In the middle of your two circles, draw the Hawkeye chevron symbol (the kind of two parallelograms mashed together to form a point at one end and an inverted point at the other). 
  8. In the space outside of the final circle, fill the area in with black paint. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  9. Paint the space between the two sketched circles with purple paint. Then paint the Hawkeye symbol with purple paint as well. Allow this paint to dry completely. 
  10. Paint the space surrounding the Hawkeye symbol inside the purple circle with black paint. Allow the paint to dry completely, then seal the rock with sealant and allow that to dry completely.

    To make the Spiderman painted rock, draw a general outline of a spider - very rough, we'll prefect the legs when we paint.
  11. Outline the spider shape in black paint. Allow that paint to dry completely.
  12. Paint the area around the spider shape with red paint, then allow that paint to dry completely.
  13. Paint in the body of the spider with black paint then add little antenna, detail the legs and adding any hairs on the legs, as desired. Allow this coat of paint to dry completely, then seal the rock with sealant and allow that to dry completely.
  14. To make the Hulk painted rock, draw a large circle around the perimeter of your rock, then draw a smaller circle about 1/8-inch inside of the first circle.
  15. Inside the middle of the circle, draw the a large clenched fist. I broke it down for myself like this: an oval in the center of the larger outlined circle, adding bumps on the right side for 4 fingers. Then adjusting the bottom into a wavy line on the left side of the hand to show the join of the hand and wrist. Over the top of the pointer finger (the one on top of the hand), I draw a perpendicular line across it to be the top of the thumb, then made another line just to the left of that with a curve to be the other side of the thumb. This just needs to be rough - painting it is going to help with the roughness.
  16. In the space outside of the outer circle, fill the area in with black paint. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  17. Fill in the circle with green paint, then paint the clenched fist green, leaving spaces for the join of the wrist and hand, knuckles and other features so they're easy to outline in black later. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  18. Paint space around the fist black. Allow this paint to dry completely.
  19. Outline each of the other features (the knuckles, join of the fist and wrist, etc.) with black paint. Allow this paint to dry completely, then seal the rock with sealant and allow that to dry completely. photo collage of how to make marvel painted rocks


For more great rock painting tutorials, visit Ruffles and Rain Boots!

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Superhero Rock Painting Ideas

Spiderman Craft - Superhero rock painting

Hulk Rock Painting:

After you've prepped your rock, draw a big circle with a pencil, and inside of it, draw a rough outline of a clenched fist. The easiest way to do this is by breaking down each section. 

First, draw an oval-shape in the center of the outlined circle and then manipulate the oval shape to look more like a fist with fingers on one side.

Using your pencil, draw a wavy line at the hand's base to mark the start of the wrist. 

On the pointer finger,  draw a straight line across it to differentiate the thumb on top of it. Then, draw a downward swooping line to create the thumb's underside.

 Use the picture below as a reference!

Hulk Craft - Superhero rock painting

Fill with black paint or a black paint pen any space outside of the central circle. Then paint a green line around the outside of the logo.

Superhero rock painting -  Hulk

Fill the clenched fist with the same green paint and leave it to dry. Remember to leave the spaces you want to outline after empty and come back to outline them with black paint or a black paint pen later. 

Fill in space around the hand with black paint and if you wish add more details around the knuckles. 

Finish your Hulk rock by giving it a layer of sealant. 

Superhero rock painting ideas -  Hulk

And there you have it! Aren't these superhero rocks adorable? Kids will have a field day doing a spot of superhero rock painting. It is the perfect superhero craft for little superhero fans. Enjoy!

Superhero rock painting ideas. Superhero craft for kids.
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