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Premixed Popcorn Ceiling Texture, 2.2L


Important: Puncture hole and keep unclogged. A Blocked hole could result in injury.

  1. Clean surface thoroughly. Prime new drywall. Seal water stains.
  2. Apply in temp. above 55°F.
  3. Shake well, puncture bottle under breather cap (use Phillips screwdriver).
  4. Read texture gun manual for setting and application instructions.
  5. If necessary, thin sparingly with water.
  6. Allow chips to build up for best coverage.
  7. Clean up with warm water.
  8. Let dry 24 hrs. if painting. Dries white.


Contains Calcium Carbonate, Mica, Perlite, Titanium Dioxide and Quartz. Use with adequate ventilation during spray application. Do not breathe dust or spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear safety glasses or goggles and gloves. If properly used, a respirator may offer additional protection. Follow respirator manufacturer’s directions for proper use. Wash hands after using.

FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention. If on skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If swallowed, get medical attention immediately. In case of respiratory difficulty, move to fresh air and get medical attention.


 WARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Sours: https://www.homaxproducts.com/wall-ceiling-textures/texture/premixed-popcorn-ceiling-texture-2-2l

Interior Texture Sprayers

High-quality and reliable Graco interior texture sprayers have set the standard for professional contractors for 25 years. Whether you're spraying skim coat, drywall mud in an orange peel, splatter or knockdown finish or other heavy coatings, we have a sprayer designed to produce any finish needed.


Why Use a Texture Sprayer?

If you’re currently using manual application texture tools like a hopper gun, hawk and trowel or roller, switching to a Graco texture sprayer will double your productivity and you will deliver the highest quality finish on every job. With a Graco interior texture sprayer, one system can do it all. You’ll have more flexibility to apply everything from skim coats to drywall mud, and orange peel, level 5—all the way up to heavy coatings. There’s a system for the residential and remodel contractor to the large commercial contractor, and every contractor business in between. With long-lasting Graco parts and better build quality, you’ll spend more time “on the wall” and finish jobs faster.

Browse Interior Texture Sprayers


Mark HD

Graco Mark HD Electric Airless Sprayers are ideal for contractors who need versatility, reliability and performance. The Mark HD Series delivers time after time and gives contractors the flexibility to accomplish jobs with varying levels of coatings and finishes, including Level 5 finishes.

Learn More


TexSpray RTX

Graco’s family of TexSpray RTX Texture Sprayers is ideal for contractors who specialize in anything from residential and remodel contracting to large-scale commercial contracting. Built with a broad feature set for both interior and exterior work, these sprayers perform.

Learn More


TexSpray FastFinish

Graco’s FastFinish Texture Sprayers are engineered to deliver exceptional professional texture finishes 6X faster than typical gravity hopper guns, drastically reducing job time while still providing a high quality spray.

Learn More


DutyMax HD

Graco's gas powered, hydraulic DutyMax HD Sprayers are ideal for contractors requiring versatility and flexibility. Achieve the results you are looking for on interior and exterior jobs with the ability to spray many different materials as well as a full range of paints and primers.

Learn More


TexSpray T-MAX

Graco T-MAX texture sprayers are ideal for contractors looking to increase productivity in their wall finishing applications. These sprayers have the capability and performance in a smaller size for easy transport and maneuverability on the job.

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Graco’s family of GMAX II HD Gas Airless Sprayers is ideal for contractors who demand reliability and durability. They handle the widest range of tip sizes, longer hose lengths, and heavier coatings with ease. Optimized for heavy coatings as well as the full range of paints and primers.

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Graco’s President 10:1 is ideal for truck, trailer, or in-plant locations. It is able to pump directly from the drum and is equipped to handle a variety of materials.

Learn More


TexSpray HTX

Specially equipped with features and technologies to spray nearly everything, Graco’s family of TexSpray HTX Texture Sprayers is ideal for the job. Whether your job requires smooth and aggregate coatings or drywall mud finishes, the TexSpray HTX Texture Sprayer gets the job done.

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TexSpray GTX

Graco’s TexSpray GTX 2000EX is ideal for contractors who require a portable texture system for both indoor and outdoor jobs with a variety of features and unmatched versatility and performance.

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Sours: https://www.graco.com/us/en/contractor/products/drywall-finishing-interior-texture/interior-texture-sprayers.html
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Texture Sprayer Trouble Shooting Guide




Sprayer will not runPower switch not onTurn switch on.No power at wall outletCheck outlet by plugging in another appliance. If appliance does not work, try another outlet.Breaker trippedReset breakerPump won’t pump materialMix too thickAdd water to thin material. Use Material
Thickness Gauge.Selector switch in wrong positionMove selector switch to correct position
for application.Loose fittingsCheck and retighten all fittings.Pump hose worn outReplace hose. Recommended hose
replacement - once every year.Plugged gunRelieve Pressure,Pump coldMove pump to warm room and allow it to warm up or run hot water through sprayerAir lockOpen air valve on gun.Material runs out of bottom of sprayerPump hose worn outReplace hose.Loose fittingsCheck and retighten all fittings.No air from compressorGun air valve closedOpen gun air valve.Low voltageCheck extension cord length and gauge. Replace if different than recommended. Refer to Grounding and Electrical RequirementsGun needle pluggedClean needle and retryWorn compressorReplace compressor. Contact a qualified Graco Service Center.Damaged hoseReplace hose.Lines not connectedCheck all quick disconnect connections to gun and hoses.Speed of application slow or slowerMaterial too thickThin material.Thin material. Nozzle too smallChange nozzles to a larger size.Pump hose wornReplace hose.Plugged or dirty gunRelieve Pressure, Clean gun.Gun adjustment set too lowIncrease flow adjustment with flow adjustment nut.Extension cord too long or wrong gaugeUse a different extension cord. Refer to Grounding and Electric RequirementsToo much air being used.Partially close gun air valve to reduce air flow.Intermittent flow/sputteringHopper connection not tightCheck gasket. Tighten connectionDebris in systemClean system.Quick disconnect does not stay connected.Dirty or corroded fittingClean thoroughly. Soak in oil. Apply a few drops of light oil.Tip is partially clogged.Clear TipFluid supply is low or empty.Refill fluid supply. Prime pump. Check fluid supply often to prevent running pump dry.Gun will not shut offWorn nozzle or needle.Relieve Pressure. Replace worn partsDebris in needle passageRelieve Pressure, cleanPump output is lowIntake valve ball and piston ball are not seating properlyRemove intake valve and clean. Check balls and seats for nicks; replace if necessary. Strain paint before using to remove particles that could clog pumpFluid filter, tip filter, or tip is clogged or dirty.Clean filterPrime valve leakingRelieve pressure. Repair prime valve.Verify pump does not continue to stroke when gun trigger is released.Service pumpLeaking around throat packing nut which may indicate worn or damaged packings.Replace packings; see pump manual. Also check piston valve seat for hardened paint or nicks and replace if necessary. Tighten packing nut/wet-cup.Low stall pressureTurn pressure knob fully clockwise. Make sure pressure control knob is properly installed to allow full clockwise position. If problem persists, replace pressure transducer.Large pressure drop in hose with heavy materialsUse larger diameter hose and/or reduce overall length of hose.Small irregularities of new clutch surfaces grind together and cause noiseClutch surfaces need to wear into each other. Noise will dissipate after a day of run time.Pump stops pumpingStalled pumpShut down system. Relieve pressure,Pulsing or surging materialTriggering too fastSlowly squeeze trigger to fully open position while moving gun quickly in a circular motion.Pattern too fine or too much oversprayMaterial too thinThicken material. Material must be mixed thoroughly to a consistency that immediately folds back in as you draw your finger through the surface of the material.Air pressure at gun too highDecrease air to gun at gun fitting and/or regulator.Fluid delivery too lowIncrease nozzle size. Increase air pressure to pump, or decrease air to gun at gun fitting and/or regulator Turn fluid knob out on gun.Pattern too coarseMaterial too thickThin material. Material must be mixed thoroughly to a consistency that immediately folds back in as you draw your finger through the surface of the material.Air pressure at gun too lowIncrease air to gun at gun fitting and/or regulator.Fluid delivery too highDecrease nozzle size. Decrease air pressure to pump, or increase air to gun at gun fitting and/or regulator. Turn fluid knob in on gun.Soft start won’t work/pump, always loadedSensor is badChange sensorAir leak due to bad seal keeps valve openReplace sealNormal soft start system delayRelease trigger for 10-15 seconds. Retry.Switch is not operating properlyReplace switchDamaged solenoid valve on cylinderCheck gun supply, hose and sprayer for leaksAir leakCheck gun supply, hose and sprayer for leaksNeedle adjustment won’t adjustDirty threadsClean threadsNozzle not on gunPut nozzle on gunFlow nut set to maximum adjustmentTurn flow nut adjustment the other
Sours: https://www.portlandcompressor.com/texture-sprayers/trouble-shooting
How to texture a ceiling with a hopper

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Hopper gun popcorn

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USG Surfaces: How to Texture Drywall with a Hopper Gun

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