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The 20 Coolest Undercut Pixie Cuts Found for 2021

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Instagram @luxethecolourlounge

A cut as short as a pixie could really enliven your face, revealing your sharp features. The undercut is the statement of this cut which makes the disproportionate look more of an asset.

Undercut Pixie Bob

Undercut Pixie Bob

Instagram @hair.by.tish

I’m sure any hair length would be gorgeous on you right now. But there’s something about a short pixie bob with an undercut that will certainly pull out your wild side.

Perfect Thin Hair Pixie Cut

Undercut pixie for fine hair

Instagram @bleachedandblown

The dainty girl’s guide to looking like a doll: gorgeous bangs, purple hair, and a super short pixie haircut for thin hair!

Curly Pixie Undercut

Curly Pixie Undercut

Instagram @this_is_carrie_

Try a curly pixie cut undercut if you are tired of dealing with your curly hair. The super-short undercut gets rid of so much hair, and styling becomes a breeze. Air dry with some gel and rock this curly pixie chop. Cutting this style every three weeks will keep it looking fresh.

Edgy Pixie Undercut Style

edgy pixie undercut style

Instagram @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

A short hairstyle often spells confidence. With an undercut and a wild hair color too, a pixie definitely exudes a specific level of extra and glam all in one.

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Asymmetrical Pixie Undercut

Instagram @emma.scissor.handz

With this kind of short pixie cut with lines, I say go big or go home, am I right?

Platinum Pixie

Platinum pixie undercut

Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

Enrich your already immaculate facial features with a stylish undercut pixie with side-swept bangs.

Pixie with Long Bangs

orange pixie with long bangs

Instagram @stil_lage

Layers on top combed over the face make for long bangs. Pixie cuts usually use bangs to create a wonderful balance of lengths. Ask for a bright orange shade to really show off your edginess!

Layered Cut with Shaved Sides

Shaved undercut pixie

Instagram @allydayne

This is a great pixie for easy maintenance and also gives a new look. Lessen the fuss of styling by lessening your hair to style!

Undercut Pixie Haircut With Cute Bangs

Q&A with style creator, Rory Sevajian
Master Barber @ Faded Dream Studios in Sterling, VA

How would you describe this look?

This is a bald faded pixie cut that is very textured and shattered in the top hair but very soft in the faded sides and nape. It will grow out nice because there are no harsh necklines. The color is a rose gold tone on the highlighted top hair.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you are looking for a bold yet soft look for a short hairstyle, avoid harsh lines and curve the weight line within the fade. As far as styling products, I would use clay for a dry textured, lived-in look.

Blonde Pixie Undercut Fade

Q&A with style creator, Chachi Becker
Short Hair & Cutting Specialist @ Northwest Barber Association in Portland, OR

How would you describe this look?

The look is considered a disconnected pixie undercut. What sets this particular undercut apart is the skin fade. I love showing clients that skin fades are not just for men. Fades can be used to express strong and confident femininity by the person wearing the cut, especially when the fade is coupled with a dramatic style.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Fades this tight are typically not done in a salon, but in a barbershop. However, creating clean sections, using proper hand position for elevation and distribution, and adding texture to personalize the top of the cut with shears are just as important as knowing how to fade. My advise to anyone looking to replicate this cut would be to see a barber who has a salon/stylist background.

Remember, there is no such thing as men’s or women’s haircut. A haircut is defined by the person who wears it. Stay fierce!

Texture Cut for Thin Hair

Undercut pixie for thin hair

Instagram @hairgod_zito

With this pixie, work your way around those light locks and create layers and layers for texture. Mix in some color variations for depth and added attitude.

Trendy Grey Colored Pixie

Grey undercut pixie

Instagram @joeltorresstyle

A pixie this cool doesn’t need any statement because this says it all! The cool-toned ashy color surprisingly works for a lot of skin tones, great for trying out an edgy style.

Pixie Cut with Bangs

Undercut pixie with bangs

Instagram @fernthebarber

Go all out with that short chop! Curl it up top while keeping it avant-garde with a pixie cut with fringe and undercut around.

Ideal Undercut for a Round Face

Q&A with style creator, Sonia Mascarenhas
Student / Makeup Blogger @ in India

How would you describe this look?

The pixie undercut is buzzed and faded throughout the entire area below the crown with one side being buzzed with a longer guard at the side of the crown. The “shorter” side is exposed completely. The other side features a cheek length fringe which is blended into the shorter hair at the back of the head. The cut is shaped with a shaved-in hard part, dividing the faded, exposed side and the longer fringe.

Despite the fact that one side is constantly exposed, my favorite thing about this cut is the versatility. When the fringe is about cheek-length, it allows for it to be worn down and across the face, up in a quiff off the face, and/or behind the ear or pushed back. Each style can provide a different look and reflect a different sort of edginess or softness. Another perk, when it comes to this cut, is that it can work with any hair color from natural tones to bright colors. If one is comfortable with the faded side showing off the natural color, the fringe can be dyed a more fun color.

Any advice for someone considering it?

I would say that styling products are essential to carrying this haircut. My personal preference is a frizz control serum right after washing and conditioning the hair. When it comes down to styling it, be it the downward fringe or quiff, I choose a hair wax to shape the style and hairspray to finish.

The versatility of this cut makes it a joy to style. It offers plenty of styling options. I would base the style on ones face shape and personal needs. Styling this cut needs a fair amount of time and effort. I wouldn’t call it a low maintenance pixie. Styling and upkeep require frequent trims. It’s a learning curve when it comes to playing with it and setting it to suit you, but it’s definitely worth the work!

In my personal experience, I find this cut to suit thick hair given that the majority of the hair is buzzed off. For this cut, thin hair might look a little scarce. With thick hair, the fringe still looks full and textured. It would work on both curly and straight hair, though.

I believe that you can pull off any haircut with any face shape if you have the confidence to work it! This haircut can help elongate your face shape, so if you have a long face, you might prefer to keep some length on the sides to balance the look.

It’s given that this cut is not for the faint of heart. You would definitely have to be emotionally prepared to carry this look. It can help boost your confidence too. Despite how short it is, it isn’t a wash-and-go haircut. The wearer would need to be able to allocate time to style it for the day.

Overall, if you’re thinking of getting this cut, it can be scary, but I would recommend taking the plunge. It garners more attention and compliments than you’d think and can be very flattering.

Super Short Undercut Pixie

Q&A with style creator, Edouard Martin
Senior Hairstylist @ Industria in Montreal, QC

How would you describe this look?

This pixie is a feminine version of the trendy crop haircut with more length around the crown to build some mass that would create a bit more roundness instead of keeping it too straight as you would do on a man. I also added a lot of texture on the top, so she would be able to style it in different ways. It’s important to educate your clients on how to style their hair. Never assume that they already know.

What I love the most about it is how she pulls it off. Not every woman would dare to rock a skin fade with super short bangs and yet women with delicate and soft features seem to be the best candidates for that!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Consider the direction of your hair growth. Make sure to pay attention to that, since the bangs are styled forward and not to the side. It’s a very low maintenance style that will require you to have it refreshed every 3/4 weeks.

As for products, I like to use a matte paste on damp hair then dry it with a blowdryer and mess it up a bit with my fingers. That will create texture and a natural finish with just enough hold. My favorite is Poker Paste from L’Oréal Professional.

Undercut with a Back View

undercut with a back view

Instagram @helmiturku

Opt for a pixie undercut with a scissor over comb throughout the sides and back, taken high up. The top is left quite heavy but with texture added into the ends as well as with the color. It has been pre-lightened then toned.

It’s very flexible in terms of how it can be styled. There are far more variable styles than perhaps people may think. Here, some soft bends were added using a wand and lifted the front into a quiff. It can also be styled flatter and straighter for a smooth chic finish or messed up for a tousled look.

Cool Undercut with Design

Q&A with style creator, Katrina Velte
Barber / Stylist @ Allora Salon and Spa in Victor, NY

How would you describe this look?

Undercut pixies can be a versatile look. It can be for those who want to reflect their inner unique personality and to those who are looking to just control underlying styling issues like cowlicks that were restricting a previous style.

My favorite part about undercuts is that each undercut is unique! It can stand out for that client who wants to “whisper, speak, or shout” for about 2 weeks before it grows out. You can’t see the design, so you can change it up faster than a person who wants just a dusting every 6-12 weeks.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Even though an undercut is pretty cool, consider the stylist who has the artistry to cut it! Remember to have the skill, one must pay for that specific cut since not everyone can draw! Do your research and make sure you have the budget for it. Also, if you have longer hair (past the shoulder length etc.), consider a consultation with your stylist!

Some folks are completely married to their length and for whatever reason just wants to have a drastic change just for a moment! That’s a red flag for a lot of us stylists! In most cases, consultations are complimentary, and the discussion can be about your experience with the amount being taken off, product choice to achieve the style, whether or not the cut will fit your overall profile, and to what you had in mind with lots and lots of pictures to reference by! Remember, it will take a year and a half to three years for you to grow back what you lost to the length you have!

Upkeep is sometimes an issue since an undercut design is a high maintenance cut as well as a high dollar one! Can you afford to keep your design every 2-3 weeks with the proper products at hand? Or do you mind stretching it out to 5 weeks like a man’s haircut and just touch back into it? Either way, you know your hair will eventually grow back, and in order for you to keep the “coolness” in there, you have to maintain it!

Long Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides

Q&A with style creator, Alice Kim
Hair Stylist / Colorist @ Hair by Alice Kim in Happy Valley, OR

How would you describe this look?

This cut is a combination of a long pixie undercut that first started off using clippers – with a number two guard and working my way down to a zero for her fade. To give the angled look for the top portion, I pulled everything back, so that the pieces around her face gradually got longer. Cutting the back right above her occipital bone gives a beautiful shape (side profile) and volume. I layered the top and added a bunch of texture so that when styled, it doesn’t fall flat.

The undercut pixie haircut added with the platinum blonde highlights adds another layer of wow, especially when you’re trying to go for an updated and easier way to transition from full color to highlights in order to blend the grey. I sliced out sections of her hair to get the maximum amount of blonde I could get in to blend her grey but still left room for her natural color at the roots, so that the grows out look intentional (shadow rooted).

This look is so liberating since most people don’t have the guts to cut off half ahead of their hair. I love that this look gave my friend so much confidence. My favorite part is that it turns heads! Not only is it fun as a stylist to create this look but I love hearing about how many compliments she gets.

Any advice for someone considering it?

My client and friend is a mother of three but can rock this edgy, modern look. Because she is only dealing with half a head of hair, it is an easy hairstyle to have when you have a busy lifestyle! All you have to do is use a toning shampoo to maintain the blonde, throw in some uplifting foam, and blow dry for volume. You can use a small round brush to get the maximum amount of lift and my favorite thing to do is to finish off with a light transforming paste by Aquage to piece out and define the strands of hair.

This finishing touch makes a huge difference in the look! I would recommend this haircut to anyone because it is truly customizable to you. Although my client has an oval-shaped face, someone with a rounder face can pull it off by leaving the fringe a little longer to balance out the look. You can leave your hair uncolored but the blonde really adds texture to my client’s naturally fine-textured hair. From curly hair, straight, fine to thick, if you’re looking to be liberated, I would highly suggest asking your stylist for this long/pixie undercut!

Nice Punk Rock Cut for Thick Hair

Q&A with style creator, Chelsey Colón
Hairstylist @ The Black Cat Salon in Kailua, HI

How would you describe this look?

I love this sleek undercut pixie haircut because it’s creative – a twist on an already edgy look. This is a double undercut pixie because there’s a clipper cut undercut, and on top of that is a layered undercut with a disconnected top section that falls over both. The whole thing is shattered with a razor, so it’s extra piecey and punk rock. She can wear it flipped to either side, messy as a wash and wear, or hit it with a hot tool to soften the look.

Any advice for someone considering it?

If you’re down to try something a little different, this is a super fun cut to rock. Minimal product use and quick styling time make it super fun and versatile. The upkeep to maintain the shape is a pretty standard 6-week haircut appointment.

The fun part about the clippered layer is that you can come in between cuts and have that shaved up, so you get the most wear out of it as the rest of the shape gets longer.

Straight, wavy, or curly haired ladies (or guys) can wear it with a different look for each texture. If you have a lot of hair, the razoring helps to collapse the shape, so that it looks lived in.

I might advise against this cut on someone with an extreme amount of hair or on someone who’s not sure if they like short hair with their face shape because depending on the personal expectations, it might not match up with what they’re envisioning. But for the most part, I think if you want to wear something, you should just go for it. At the end of the day, it’s your hair and you should rock it how you want it.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/short/undercut-pixie.html

While the name of undercut pixie haircut implies a brave combination of two famous cuts, its versatility can tell you something that will explain its spread of popularity.

Besides a bold and edgy appearance, which is actually can be customized, this type of pixie cut comes as a low-maintenance idea while giving girls a lot of styling freedom and flexibility. Simple and eye-catching, what can be better?

Today you are going to explore the new sides of undercut and see pixies in the new light. If you want to make a bold move, stealing one of today’s ideas will be the right decision.

Long Pixie With Undercut

While classic long pixie gives a lot of additional volume to the crown, this pixie undercut gives a brand new definition for the volume. Neatly shaved sides of the haircut accentuate the fullness which we can’t have too much of.

Source: sandra_sinh via Instagram

Short Pixie With Undercut

Short pixies always catch people’s eyes. Do you want to enhance this effect? The short pixie undercut that features a cute play of textures is the key.

Source: sandra_sinh via Instagram

Short Pixie With Shaved Temple

Your undercut pixie hair can be customized, remember? If you’re not into rough contrasts, a slight shave at the temple that gradually evens out the back is enough to spice up your pixie.

Source: inmadelope via Instagram

Asymmetrical Pixie With Undercut

If the charm of the imbalanced body is not enough for your bright personality, you can go for asymmetrical pixie undercut. Let the shaved portion take place at the shorter side, and all eyes will be on you.

Source: lenna_kf via Instagram

Faded Pixie

A fade haircut is a stunning complement to undercuts that make them smooth and well-balanced. Just look at this undercut pixie back view: everything is so clean and immaculate while giving a strong visual impact.

Source: isaac4mayor via Instagram

The best thing about pixie cut ideas is that you can create any silhouette and body your imagination pleases. And this cleanly shaved side is only the beginning.

Source: topmerve via Instagram

Layered Pixie Cut

For ladies who are afraid of losing the sense of fullness and volume in their hair after getting a pixie cut undercut should go for layers. They will not only make the look alive but also give a gorgeous lift on top.

Source: roma_rozhkov/Instagram

Edgy Textured Pixie

When combining pixie with undercut, don’t forget to be creative in terms of texture. A touch of choppy layers on top will awesomely enhance the neatness of the sides.

Source: hairbyfranco via Instagram

Pixie Cut With Long Bang

This pixie undercut with long bangs is another example of a unique cut. The smooth and even sides that transform into a super long pixie form a really attractive face-framing body.

Source: apostoldiana via Instagram

Long Shag Pixie With Undercut

Why not add some messiness to your look? Turn your pixie into a lively shag and see the duo of tight sides and sticking out locks steal the show.

Source: carmenjayelove via Instagram

Undercut Pixie-Bob

How about you to take the feminine pixie bob to the next, contemporary level? Though this pixie bob changes its common image, it still brings a lot of girly vibes.

Source: amberdodzweit via Instagram

Pixie Hawk

Long pixie undercut is nothing but a canvas to styling imagination. With the outlined long top, your pixie can play so many different roles, and the punky Mohawk style isn’t an exemption.

Source: instagram.com/cutyourhair

Wavy Pixie Cut

The everyone’s favorite wavy styling will also show up from a new perspective once you get the pixie undercut. Soft, simple waves that gently fall on sassy and clean ends are an easy, yet absolutely gorgeous hairstyle.

Source: jejojejo87 via Instagram

Straight Pixie Haircut

Whether you have thin and weak hair or you rock a thick and coarse mane, the undercut pixie haircut will get the most out of it anyway. Just look at how ravishing the shaved back and sides complement the good-old straight styling!

Source: mademoisellehenriette via Instagram

Curly Undercut Pixie

When it comes to showing off a distinctive texture, some ladies prefer to make it big. Isn’t this rockabilly-inspired curly mane with a dramatic lift worth a try?

Source: franbonaa via Instagram

Long Pixie With Undercut Design

Shaved sides aren’t the only things your can get with the help of a razor. Whatever design you like can take place right under your top. And your task is to be bold enough!

Source: fernthebarber via Instagram

Short Pixie With Undercut Design

Simplicity never fails, especially when it’s about short haircuts. Short textured top, two shaved stripes, and a lot of individuality are the characteristics that make this look outstanding.

Source: alineh_a via Instagram

Slicked Back Pixie With Shaved Stripes

Many celebrities have proved that wearing masculine hairstyles is the best way to reveal true femininity. Such a polished and immaculate slicked back pixie looks unbelievably impressive with these two little stripes.

Source: clare.es via Instagram

Now you know how many stunning duos pixie cut with undercut can create! If you feel the need for changes, don’t look any further than a distinctive haircut with great styling flexibility. Shaved designs, dramatic bangs, sexy textures: they are here to make you look different!

FAQ: Undercut Pixie

Undercut pixie over 50. Is it ok?

Despite widespread belief, pixie haircuts for women over 50 may look really stylish and attractive. All you have to do is to find the pixie hairstyle that suits you perfectly, and do your hair with the right item. What is important, if you want to look younger, your new haircut should be chosen in accordance with your facial shape.

Is a pixie cut feminine?

A pixie is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle, ideal for women who are pressed for time but still want a unique, original look. Pixie cuts are adaptable to almost any face shape and can be charming or sophisticated, sexy-feminine or androgynous.

How do you hide a bad pixie cut?

Caps, scarves, bandanas, and turbans are just a few of the ways to cover a badly done pixie cut. Furthermore, each of these options is available in an endless number of colors and patterns.

How can I make my pixie cut grow thicker?

Cleverly placed hair clips or bobby pins is what will help you with growing out your pixie. For a 90s vibe, try to layer a few snap clips or use bobby pins for an elegant, sleek style. By the way, texturizing spray will make the bobby pins hold to your hair better.

Sours: https://lovehairstyles.com/undercut-pixie/
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50 Ideas How to Nail Pixie Haircut in 2021

Originally rocked by iconic Audrey Hepburn and further popularized by Twiggy and Mia Farrow, 65 years later the pixie haircut has been still starring on both red carpets and streets. Featuring shorter tresses on the sides and nape, this ‘do opens the facial contours and neckline, bringing into sharp focus the beautiful bone structure of female faces. Gamine and feminine, fun and elegant, pixie cut styles are versatile and low-maintenance, with the potential to flatter any woman.

Short, Medium and Long Haircut Variations

From bold fades to pixie-bobs, there are different types of this exciting hairstyle to fit every taste. Longer versions come with more styling options, while tight crops offer our favorite wash-and-go style, not to mention a bunch of in-between hairdos. However, your lifestyle and styling abilities are not the only things to consider prior to taking the plunge.

Long Pixie Cuts for Versatility

The long pixie leaves more length either throughout the cut or only on the top, thus granting plenty of space to play with styling, as well as a kind of security blanket to balance some downsides. “Keeping it longer on top gives you that versatility to sweep it to the side, part it in the middle, pull it back, or create waves. It’s also flattering for almost everyone. You can play down a square jaw or round face,” says Anh Co Tran, hair wizard behind Coco Rocha’s cut, to Allure. Besides, it’s a go-to option for those who grow out their crops and fringes with the next stop at the pixie bob haircut.

Choppy Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

via @nikolay_soghomonyan

This pixie arrests the eye with its strongly wedge-shaped back, leaving much space for thick hair to show its lush body.

Short Pixie For A Round Face

via @_hairbysilvana

Added volume at the crown is always great for a round face, since this gives it the required height. Here, shorter choppy layers on top truly succeed.

Choppy Blonde Pixie Bob

via @quecolour

While fine hair tends to fall flat, this pixie sparks with texture and movement due to choppy tresses styled in different directions.

Sleek Blonde Balayage Pixie For Thin Hair

via @lynzeecorbett

However, you can also go sleek with your thin hair, letting the color transition bring some depth into your hairstyle.

Tapered Piecey Pixie

via @hirohair

Piece-y bangs in the front coupled with tapered strands at the crown – drum-roll, and your super-duper pixie is all ready!

Blonde Sliced Pixie With Undercut

via @hairbyklavre

This hair is heavily sliced and layered to radiate a shaggy texture, with an undercut serving to elevate the longer tresses.

Flirty Curly Pixie Hairstyle

via @maygovintage

The short cut at the back works to set off this amazing bush of curly hair, carved for a more defined feel. And look at that flirty ear lock!

Shaggy Brown Pixie Cut

via @lisaturleysalon

Don’t hesitate to blend shaggy and polished styling within one look. The contrasting textures are eye-catching, and you’ll get a more airy feel.

Long Pixie With Natural Highlights

via @hairlover603

This thick hair shines through a very long pixie cut. It allows for displaying soft and natural highlights, brightening the tapered pieces.

Asymmetrical Black Pixie

via @hairbyblancajanet

Here, the jet-black color and clean shape are combined together to please us with a sassy asymmetrical pixie adorned by a fun little detail just below the ear.

Medium Pixie to Flatter Hair Texture

Straight, thick hair, which is dense or coarse, can look too poofy when packed into a long pixie cut. If that’s your case, it makes sense to keep your style on the shorter side by choosing a medium length and adding texturizing products to tame your mane. On the other side, girls having natural curls should also consider this option, since a mid-length is better suited for showing the beauty of ringlets than short hairdos. And we bet medium pixie hairstyles are on a par with longer versions in their diversity, featuring stacked, shaved, polished, tousled, wavy and other alternatives.

Gray Pixie Faux Mohawk

via @hairdesignbybrittney

A medium length is just the thing for nailing a faux Mohawk, softened with rounded bangs and delicate shades of gray.

Feathered Pixie With Highlights

via @nelsonstylist

This pixie stands out for its vibrant feathered styling, creating a constant hair flow from the bangs and up to the back. Bookmark the highlights!

Cute Ice Blonde Pixie With Nape Undercut

via @crystallgarmann

This back view shows a cute undercut of a contrasting color that works to give a lift to back tresses and to emphasize the ice blonde.

Tapered Pixie For Straight Hair

via @hairbyy_kayla

Sport your dark hair with this clearly shaped straight pixie. It’s just amazing for showcasing your cool highlights.

Feathered Razored Pixie Cut

via @kimberlymorganhair

This haircut boasts movement with its feathered side tresses, wavy back and razored crown, pulled frontward.

Short Pixie to Open the Face

Short pixie cuts can be really jaw-dropping for their expressiveness and rejuvenation. It’s not only about a bold length, but about a strong personality, since with your locks, you are also loosing the comforting camouflage long hair offers. But if you don’t mind to reveal the shape of your head and every sculptured angle of your face, then you’ll get a hot, cute and low-maintenance hairstyle to kill. Do you need to have flawless features to rock a short pixie? No whit! “It’s less about the shape of your face and more about your attitude and confidence — anyone can pull it off if they own it,” Chase Kusero, celeb hairstylist and co-founder of IGK hair care line, told Allure.

Short Lavender Fade Haircut

via @mista.willis

For girls daring enough to show their scalp, a super short pixie with an undercut is a nice chance to play with unique colors. This bold lavender fade is really wowie.

Extra Short Curly Twa Hairstyle

via @styledbyreece

Having rebellious curly hair may be pain in the ass, but not with this perfectly outlined and skillfully carved hairstyle. Don’t miss to style baby hair!

Short White Undercut Hairstyle

via @latelier_e.r_

An undercut teamed up with dense textured tresses at the crown add drama to this white blonde hairstyle.

Edgy Black Pixie For Straight Hair

via @jrossbeauty_

We can’t but fall in love with this edgy pixie for its sculptured bangs that accentuate the texture of black hair beautifully.

Spiky Pixie With Long Bangs

via @heatheratbloom

When you want to have something to play with, opt for long bangs like this stylish pixie girl did. Wear them straight or wavy, side-swept or slicked back, while giving a new twist to your routine cut.

Find Pixie Hairstyles by Hair Type

While different types of texture require customized approaches in pixie haircuts, the cut is doable for any hair texture, when shears are in the right hands. “It’s all in the cutting technique. The right cut will give structure and volume to fine hair and looseness and movement to thick hair, while the point cutting technique offers enough space to see the texture of coilier strands,” Nick Arrojo, renowned celebrity stylist, told to Allure. However, you need to factor in your natural texture when deciding on the length, bangs, layers, styling and even color of your future cut, since this is where the line between success and failure goes.

Perky Curly Pixie Cut

via @mahrithemaven

It would be a shame to clap this wild curly hair into a shorter cut! The perky pixie leaves enough texture on the sides and back, letting the longer locks flow freely on the top.

Blonde And Black Pixie For Thick Hair

via @riahmai

Look at these awesome chunky pieces radiating their brassy blonde on the background of dark roots! This is definitely a cut for thick hair to show its mighty texture.

Tousled Undercut Pixie For Thin Hair

via @hayleystyles_

This thin hair gains volume at the expense of the undercut, hidden under the longer top pieces. To get even more vibe and dimension, they are styled tousled and side parted.

Tapered Messy Pixie For Wavy Hair

via @ashleywhitestudio

Instead of fighting with your wavy hair, embrace its natural texture in a charmingly messy pixie cut with stylish tapered tips.

Undercut Pixie For Straight Hair

via @rok.klemencic

Steal this elegant look for straight hair packed into a clean shape and juiced up with piece-y tresses and a bold undercut.

Select Pixie Haircuts According to Your Face Shape

Sure, you have seen plenty of pixie cuts that have a stunning back view, yet they may be not so much flattering to the face. To avoid such an effect, take into account your bone structure prior to making a big chop. Don’t stick only to the length of your haircut, since many other factors can influence the look you’ll get, including bangs, face-framing tresses, texture, the width and height of the haircut, and more. If your facial features are too angular, go for a softening effect with waves, rounded shapes and all kinds of curves. Add asymmetrical lines or tapered layers to sharpen a round face, and remove any width or height from where they are in abundance.

Sleek Pixie For Round Chubby Faces

via @courtneyxcentrichair

No width-adding locks on the sides, but a lifted top, an off-center parting and side bangs – that’s what works fine for round chubby faces.

Choppy Pixie For Oval Faces

via @strctmachine

Her oval face is perfectly balanced with an abundance of angled layers and a choppy fringe, which come with this neat pixie, also boasting a stunning color transition.

Short Side-Swept Silver Blonde Cut

via @hair_god_burrito

Want to deflect attention away from your square jaw-line? Shift it to the top with this silver crop. The tresses come close to the scalp for a rounded shape enhanced with side-swept styling.

Choppy Pixie Bob For Long Faces

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Multiple layers of varied lengths and chaotic styling can keep long faces away from straight elongating lines.

Long Tousled Pixie For Heart Shaped Faces

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A narrow chin is not the best part of heart shaped faces. Bring your cheekbone into focus through the long fashion-forward pixie.

Wear Your Pixie with Bangs

Most of modern pixie cut styles come with some kind of bangs, cut and styled in dozens of ways. From long layered fringes falling down to cover at least the upper half of the face to dramatic micro bangs barely reaching the top half of the forehead, you are encouraged to choose your signature option.”Bringing your bangs down typically helps to soften your look. Pushing them back tends to bring out your facial features, bone structure, and allows your face to take center stage,” Kristin Ess, celeb hairstylist and self-named brand founder, explains in her blog. So, go for a side-swept, asymmetrical or even backcombed fringe to get the effect you like.

Gray Pixie With Long Bangs

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This gorgeous hairdo features extremely long bangs with a deep side part, adding a rounded shape to this almost bob pixie.

Spiky Blonde Pixie With Short Sides

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Very short sides and spiky bangs work to open the face of this daring girl, who knows how to rock a sassy blonde chop.

Multi-Layered Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

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Incorporate side swept bangs into your cut to strengthen its multilayered effect and get both dimension and movement.

Tapered Metallic Blue Grey Pixie

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This hairstyle is eye-popping for its metallic blue grey color solution, but it won’t be so graphic, if not for the smooth and tapered straight bangs.

Choppy Layered Pixie With Short Bangs

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Short well-structured bangs can be a cool adornment to a layered pixie, making the look far more sophisticated.

Blonde Pixie Rules!

Since the pixie is such a drastic look to make a statement, it encourages going bold with colors, including bright and pastel hues or even a rainbow palette. But if you have been mulling over bleaching your hair blond for a while, it’s just the right time to venture upon having them both – a cute pixie and a sharp blonde. Actually, short hair makes the process much easier, faster and (truth be told) cheaper, provided you have the chop first. Besides, it’s a nice chance to get rid of damaged ends for a more uniform texture of your hair, which ensures the best look at the end of the process.

Sleek Layered Platinum Pixie

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This glossy platinum pixie is drop dead gorgeous, showing both color and texture to the advantage, through subtle layering.

Short Feathered Pixie With Highlights

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Short, jagged pieces are what you need to accentuate beautiful highlights and to create a unique pixie cut.

Undercut Ash Blonde Pixie

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An ash blonde can glow, if you permit it to. Add long textured tresses on top to make the color glow and go bold with a side-to-side undercut.

Long White Pixie With Shadow Roots

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This look is sleek and feminine with shadow roots highlighting white hair and blended layers for a crisp feel.

Blonde Weave Pixie Hairstyle

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The sky is the limit for weave hairstyles, and this killer pixie looks all natural thanks to its artistic color transition.

10 Best Pixie Haircut Ideas for Easy Styling

With so much discussion about how to choose your pixie depending on various factors, don’t miss a styling issue you should also bear in mind. Even short crops leave some space for experimenting, and wearing longer versions you can refresh your look with a new twist every week. Waxes and pomades are great for adding a piece-y feel, gels and frizz fighters provide sleekness, and flat irons serve to create effortless waves.

However, you can take the easy route, since less is more for hot pixie cut styles.”Use a moisturizing oil to add some shine, then comb your hair in the direction you want it to go and let it dry naturally without touching it. Don’t overthink it,” Marcus Francis, Suave celeb hairstylist, told to Teen Vogue. Let’s browse through the best laid-back looks we have found.

Messy Pixie For Fine Hair

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This messy pixie cut has a voluminous effect, bumped up with a lovely balayage – this is a go-to hairstyle for girls with fine hair.

Women's Short Cut With Shaved Sides

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Having a thick mane, opt for a disheveled hairdo with shaved sides to create a striking contrast.

Edgy Pixie Bob With Nape Undercut

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It is really easy to turn your mundane cut into an edgy hairstyle by adding a provocative undercut and blinks of color.

Shaggy Pixie For Coarse Hair

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If your hair is coarse, let it stick out in piece-y layers to deliver a modern shaggy look. Shadow roots and an asymmetrical fringe double the effect.

Asian Half Shaved Undercut Hairstyle

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Look up to this Asian girl, who coupled her thick waves on top with a customized undercut.

Choppy Red Pixie

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This hot red screams for a dramatic ‘do, and it gets a fabulous choppy pixie with tons of texture and body.

Feathered Blonde Pixie For Older Women

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Older women may find softer looks in pixie hairstyles, like this long feathered cut complimented with airy side-swept bangs.

Soft Layered Blonde Pixie Bob

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A delicate blonde will blend in perfectly with a soft shape, achieved through the longer top locks of this cute layered pixie.

Choppy Pixie With Faded Undercut

via @notanothercutter

Chunky tapered pieces bring much dimension into this rebel hairdo, while the faded undercut on the sides places a greater focus on the face.

Textured Pixie With Sleek Bangs

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Sleek bangs and a textured crown can work together to create a chic look that features plenty of volume with no mess.

Now you are totally ready to rock a pixie cut, and it’s only a matter of your courage how fast we’ll see you starring on the Web. Start with a longer version to overcome your fear or go to extremes with bold fades, but don’t hesitate to make your statement, since it’s really fun.

Sours: https://www.hairstylery.com/pixie-haircuts/
Undercut Pixie Tutorial ~ Rocker Style😎

50 Pixie Cuts You’ll Love Rocking in 2021

Did you know the super chic pixie cut got its name from the mythological Pixie? Think Tinkerbell. Is there anything cuter? If you’re looking for a versatile style, pixie cuts are the best option, especially if you have short hair and want something different or think of going for the big chop.

Check out the 50 best pixie haircuts for 2021 sure to make you shine throughout the year!

1. Gray Shaggy Pixie.Short pixie haircuts are showstoppers when black roots blend with gray highlights.

2. Disheveled Pixie Bob. Looking for a sophisticated pixie you can wear to the office? An outgrown pixie cut with bangs can be easily styled for a beautiful modern look.

3. Balayage Pixie. If you search modern pixie haircuts for older women, consider one with longer bangs and a neat undercut for easy maintenance.

4. Spiky Pixie. If you like the idea of a textured crown, spikiness is easy to create and, paired with an undercut, it makes for an ultra edgy hairstyle.

5. Piece-y Blonde Pixie. The blonde pixie cut is a perfect way to show the world you’re ready for summer. Yes, all year round.

6. Choppy Tapered Pixie. With the right amount of layers and texturizing creme, pixie cuts for thick hair look gorgeous.

7. Elongated Textured Pixie. The gorgeous long pixie haircut packs luscious volume on the crown with lots of teasing.

8. Shaved Nape Pixie Cut. One of the coolest short pixie haircuts that never goes out of style! It shows off your nape and is great to wear during warmer months. Include some highlights to accentuate your eye color!

9. Platinum Short Pixie Cut. Turn heads with stunning platinum-colored hair! This color is best for those with a cool skin tone. Match it with an edgy short pixie, and you’re always runway-ready.

10. Black Jagged Pixie. Pixie short hairstyles go with any aesthetics, even if it’s a solid hair color! So, if you tend to change the style or if your wardrobe is filled with many experimental outfits —this hairstyle is perfect for you!

11. Undercut Pixie Cut. Clean and exciting, undercut pixies are great for any fashion style you’re into. It’s best for athletes, adventurers, or anyone who’s always on the go because it doesn’t require much styling.

12. Short Pixie Cut. Tired of soft, girlish looks? Spiky pixies were made to spice things up! They accentuate your cheekbones, nose, and eyes. Plus, they take off the weight of too much hair!

13. Long Bangs Pixie Haircut. Not ready for the shortest versions of the pixie yet? Then you can keep your bangs long —either to balance your face shape or add flare to your style. Feel free to cut it short any time you’re ready!

14. Undercut Pixie Cut for Women. Want to be bold and make a statement? This rockstar hairstyle only gets better with some loud color! Curl the top of your hair for a bit of additional bounce.

15. Pixie Cut for Thin Hair. Pixie cut hairstyles usually give an illusion of volume for thin hair, especially if you style them with voluminous bangs. It’s low-maintenance and will get you a free pass to join the cool crowd!

16. Pixie Undercut with Side-Swept Bangs. This haircut plays with the sharp edges of the undercut and the soft, long strands of the side-swept bangs. It blends toughness and femininity in the best way possible.

17. Long Shaggy Pixie. Be glam with fun, shaggy pixie hairstyles like this one! Add some highlights for more dazzle to match your character or throw in some color accents.

18. Elegant Blonde Pixie Cut. Pixie haircuts for women with the right styling are perfect for any formal event that calls for your charm and allure. This hairstyle is also great for a relaxing day because it can match any style you lean towards.

19. Edgy Piece-y Pixie Cut. If you want an edgy hairstyle while adding volume, choose a piece-y pixie. The uneven lengths create the desired dimension you can play with. Color and highlight it for a more outstanding look!

20. Spiky Undercut Pixie. Highlight your sharp features by playing with lines and angles in one of the best short pixie haircuts. You’ll never worry about uneven hair layers anymore as this style embraces disproportion.

21. Pixie with V-Cut Nape. Our gallery has cuts for any taste. Never worry about your best angle. With this pixie variation, you have eye-catching front, back, and side views.

22. Undercut Pixie Bob. Pixies are popular in 2021 as they are fairly low-maintenance and easy to style. For instance, this mix of a short pixie bob and an undercut can match any clothing style you might want to try.

23. Pixie with Tousled Waves. Soft and luscious — these wavy locks matched with a pixie cut give you an angelic vibe. It’s also easy to maintain! Just tousle it with your fingers, and you’re ready to go!

24. Salt-and-Pepper Undercut Pixie. Blending short and long strands is what makes this choppy hairstyle a cut above the rest. Get creative, embrace your grays, and go for this cut!

25. Tapered Pixie Cut. A cute pixie cut that utilizes gradient and texture — the tapered pixie is great to give your hair more dimension and volume.

26. Short Pixie Bob. Having a hard time picking between bob and pixie? Then do both! Add some girly vibes with a bit of pink or other colors you prefer.

27. Disheveled Pixie Cut. Going for a messy and edgy look? This disheveled pixie cut will give you a casual, laid-back vibe but it can also work for formal occasions. Get the best of both worlds!

28. Layered Pixie Hairstyle. A popular pixie cut 2021 for a cool and stylish look. Feel like a superstar with a layered pixie and go for the blonde and platinum blend to be stage-ready.

29. Sleek Polished Pixie. Get this feminine pixie cut with soft strands and a solid black color. Look stunning with a simple modern take on the classic short hairstyle.

30. Uneven Undercut Pixie. Thinking of showing off your texture in a short cut? Then try this feminine undercut pixie. It also reveals your face shape perfectly, highlighting your cheekbones.

31. Two-Tone Undercut Pixie. Who said your color scheme is limited when you get a pixie? You can even go for a two-tone or multi-tone hair color! It all depends on your creativity.

32. Wavy Salt-and-Pepper Pixie. The pixie cut for wavy hair stuns with its salt and pepper color and long flowy bangs.

33. Outgrown Pixie with Short Layers.A long pixie with bangs looks gorgeous with highlights that complement your skin tone.

34. Curly Pixie. If you love a lot of texture in your hair, the curly pixie cut with waves for days is your hairstyle.

35. Messy Shaggy Pixie. If you like the way the messy pixie cut looks, get a razored pixie bob and a customized hair color.

36. Feathered Brown Pixie. Another way to get a messy pixie is with lots of layers that can be easily adjusted for the style you want.

37. Asymmetrical Tapered Pixie. Ashlee Simpson would be glad to know you’re considering a platinum asymmetrical pixie.

38. Textured Red Pixie. If you love fierce colors, pair a textured pixie with rich red set off by dark roots.

39. Cute Pixie with Undercut. In case low-maintenance is your thing, you’ll love a pixie with long bangs and an undercut.

40. Pixie with Short Straight Layers. The straight pixie with short layers keeps it feminine with highlights.

41. Wavy Pixie. Pixie cuts for women with fine hair are perfect for those who want a soft style.

42. Graduated Pixie Cut. If you don’t know how to style a pixie cut and prefer low-maintenance hairstyles, try a graduated crop with face-framing layers flattering for any face shape.

43. Highlighted Pixie Undercut. A pixie undercut paired with medium layers and long bangs will help you be a trendsetter in 2021.

44. Messy Outgrown Pixie. The bright long pixie cut will bring out the colorful side of your personality.

45. Fine Feathered Pixie. For fine hair, a pixie with feathered layers and an undercut is a great choice because you don’t need to do much to make it look perfect.

46. Cropped Silver Pixie. White blonde is the ultimate hair color choice for a short pixie cut. Dare to be bold!

47. Shiny Blonde Pixie. Blonde pixie haircuts for women look their best with bright highlights and a darker underlayer.

48. Teased Pixie Cut. Enhance the volume of your textured pixie cut with teased roots. The maximum height on top is nicely contrasted by the clean short nape.

49. Brunette Razored Pixie. For brunette hair, razor the ends and put in babylights to refresh the look of dark hair.

50. Funky Undercut Pixie. Play with your favorite colors on the longer pieces of your pixie. This style is all about edge and fun.

When it comes to your next short hairstyle, choose the pixie cut that makes you feel most comfortable! We hope you have found your new style here. Let us know in the comments below!

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/pixie-cut/

Pixie women undercut

25 Awe-Inspiring Undercut Pixie Hairstyles

From the catwalks to Pinterest and Instagram, undercut pixie continues to be a favorite amongst style-savvy women. Brave, bold and full of fun, it’s the epitome of low-maintenance and cool hair.

At its core, an undercut pixie haircut enhances pixie cuts with a fearless shave. This makes hair very easy to style and still gives you plenty of versatility, from tousled coifs to buzz-cut designs and flirty bangs. Check out the best pixie undercut hairstyles and select a trendy look to try in 2021.

Best Pixie Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

Hate having to dedicate extra time to styling your hair early in the morning? Enter the undercut pixie. It’s beloved by the time-poor and perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hairstyle! Browse our inspiration for a style to suit you.

#1: Pastel Pixie Hairstyle with Undercut

Pinterest-worthy pastel shades look amazing on an undercut pixie haircut. Just be ready to commit to regular coloring as these on-trend tones tend to fade fast!

#2: Asymmetrical Pixie with Pops of Color

If you prefer sleek hair, an asymmetrical pixie has it all: style, attitude and class. More than that, the asymmetry works great for balancing a round face shape. We love that this style suits both thick and thin hair, with pops of color keeping it fun and playful.

#3: Gray Short Pixie Cut

Beautiful in its simplicity, a super-short pixie undercut with fade can do no wrong. This style suits those with naturally straight hair, helping it effortlessly fall into place every time it’s washed.

#4: Pixie with Sleek Undercut

A sleek, androgynous pixie style is ideal when time is of the essence on those busy mornings. Just run a little styling product through the lengths as you rush out the door!

#5: Short Hair with Blue Highlights and Undercut

Tap into the rainbow color trend and transform your short hair with hues of icy blue. So stylish, it’ll have you seriously re-considering your current color!

#6: Feminine Pixie with Asymmetrical Undercut

Tempted to wave goodbye to your lengths? A long pixie cut looks feminine and gives you more styling options, while an undercut on one side is the perfect introduction to super-short hair.

#7: Disconnected Pixie

Random razor-cut strands that fall over the disconnected undercut and long wispy fringe are real show-stoppers. Spice it up with highlights for short hair to add dimension to your natural color.

#8: Sleek Coif with Double Sided Undercut

Crave a style with an effortlessly cool back view? A modern rockabilly meets pixie cut is the way to go. Forgo a parting and style the longer hair back into a sleek coif with a root lift, setting in place with a lightweight hairspray. Have you noticed how blonde highlights flatter the style?

#9: Razor Cut Pink Pixie with Edgy Undercut

Kaleidoscope colors can transform your hair. Shades of baby pink and light purple will last well on blonde hair, while razor cut ends and a side undercut will bow to the modern female mullet trend.

#10: Classic Undercut Pixie Haircut

If the thought of an extreme undercut scares you, start small. Have your hairdresser shave just a small section into one side and keep your longer layers intact so you can disguise your buzzcut beneath whenever you wish so.

#11: Shaved Sides Pixie

This blonde and curly undercut hairstyle is a real head-turner. Messy ringlets balance the bold buzz cut perfectly, so that the haircut brings out your femininity and beautiful facial features.

#13: Spiky Short Hairstyle with Undercut

Pixie with longer hair on top allows much variety in styling, from neat side fringe to slicked back and spiky hairstyles. At the same time, the closely cut sides and back are so touchable.

#14: Edgy Undercut Pixie Cut with Side Fringe

If you already have a pixie undercut, go one step further by trying long side swept bangs and an edgy design feature! Ask your hairdresser to add a shaved stripe or play with length by keeping one section of the undercut slightly longer and fading the other.

#15: Gray Faux Hawk Hair

Achieve ultimate cool-girl vibes and highlight your facial features with a faux hawk. Longer wavy lengths look great teased up into a mohawk style, revealing the shorter hair below. Be sure to work plenty of product into the roots to maintain your faux hawk through the day.

#16: Short and Choppy Graduated Pixie Haircut

A choppy pixie with undercut looks cool, bold and fun. Keeping more length at the top of your head and pairing it with a bold hair color, you’ll have a hairstyle that’s minimum effort, maximum effect.

#17: Long Pixie with Skin Fade

Long pixie can hide a liberating skin fade, perfect for hot summer months. But who told it needs to hide it, after all? Use a strong hold styling product to bring your hair to the top for days when you want to be in the spotlight. Dyeing tips with a temporary hair color will perfectly complement the look.

#18: Curly Pixie with Segmented Undercut

Take your style to the extreme with a full, curly pixie and segmented undercut. A skin-close shave can include an interesting design element to customize your pixie undercut. The only rule? Stay on top of your salon appointments to keep it looking sharp.

#19: Contrasting Undercut with Textured Coif

If you’ve got plenty of hair to play with, a pixie undercut is for you! Choose shaved sides and back and longer hair around the crown, having hair tousled and full on top. Be sure to style with a texturizing spray for added oomph.

#20: Pixie Undercut for Curly Hair

A curly pixie cut with voluminous bangs and neat undercut elongates the face and adds a flirty flair to the hairstyle. Use gel or cream to reduce frizz and define the curly pattern of your locks.

#21: Coral Mohawk with Undercut Design

Reveal your edgy side with a modern Mohawk. Thin hair is perfect for pulling off this edgy shape as it’s light enough to defy gravity all day long! What’s more, it will show off your expertly designed undercut beneath.

#22: Two-Tone Undercut for Natural Hair

Thick black hair is perfect for pulling off a confident undercut with bangs – you’ll have great coverage on the cropped section below. If you’re feeling bold, experiment with shades of blonde, blue and even pink on top!

#23: Platinum Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs

Contrasting a short undercut with bangs enhances the femininity of your look. Plus, you’ll have enough hair to play with if you decide to style pixie in a different way for a special occasion.

#23: Tapered Pixie with Extreme Undercut

Go bold with the half-shaved head, an extreme undercut that starts at the neckline and works its way up to the side part. With minimal need for styling, this tapered look lets your cheekbones take centre stage!

#24: Tousled Pixie with Super Short Undercut

Who says an undercut can’t be glam? This daring undercut pixie with long tousled bangs keeps a feminine edge. A small curling iron will help you achieve the look, and regular hair appointments will maintain that jaw-dropping extra-close shave!

#25: Undercut Pixie with Hair Tattoo

One of the best things about the pixie with undercut is that as it grows, you can experiment with different designs! Thick hair works particularly well with undercut designs, and you get a defined shape every time it’s trimmed.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to those lengths for a showy and easy-to-style hairstyle? If so, an undercut pixie haircut is a beautiful way to give your hair a new lease of life!

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/pixie-undercuts/
AWESOME UNDERCUT PIXIE, and how-to do it!!

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