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Use extra clamps when extra length is needed or to help hold your quilt top in place while securing the Red Snapper system If you have the Red Snapper quilting frame loading system, you may have already realized it would be nice to have some shorter “clamp” pieces to accommodate a variety of quilt sizes. For example: Your quilt top is 70″ wide and, (from your Red Snapper loading system), you have 44″ and 21″ clamps, which gives you 65″ of coverage. All you need is an extra 5″. That is where the Red Snapper Clamps come in handy. Use a clamp from either the 6″ set or the 12″ set to get that little extra length needed. Either the 6″ or 12″ clamps are great lengths to hold the center and both ends of your quilt top or back in place while you are installing the longer clamps from your loading system; simply remove the shorter ones at you get to them (or leave them there if the extra length is needed).

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Snapper Hose Clamps

HellermannTytons Snapper is a lightweight, corrosion resistant hose clamp manufactured from high performance,thermoplastic materials selected to work well in a variety of diverse environments. A quick, ratchet closure provides forreduced application time and allows for application after connection of the hose. Release is achieved by initiating opposedlateral movement of the ratchet ends. Heat stabilized materials are available for high temperature, motor and under-hoodapplications. Snappers are also stable in a wide variety of chemicals including salts, bases, alcohols, ethers, detergents, gasoline, lubricating oils, and greases.The Snapper is available in 32 standard sizes ranging from 1/4 Ң3 to 4-1/2 ″ ID. Snappers are manufactured in white polyacetal and blackpolyamide 6.6 glass filled impact modified heat stabilized material.Custom designed and different colored or shaped Snappers areavailable based upon applications and volume requirements. Snapper Clamp Features Will not rust or corrode֖ Installation and removal can be five times faster than conventional clamps Completely reusable ֖ Safety engineered No protruding band or cluster֖ Can be installed with hose in place Will not damage hose֖ One hand installation for tight places > 82 w w w . h e l l e r m a n n . t y t o n . c o m >

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Q: Is the 3/8 used for 1/4 fuel line?

The 05-00940 can be used on 1/4" I.D. fuel line with 3/8" O.D.. Not all fuel line is the same, so just verify the O.D. of the fuel line you are using.

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How to Install Renae's Red Snappers on a Longarm

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How to Install Renae's Red Snappers on a Longarm

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