Aluminum square truss

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290mm Aluminum Square Lighting truss

290 Aluminum Square Lighting truss:

ITSC-CS29 aluminum square tube truss is configurated with main tube 50x3mm and bracing 25x2mm. It offers an optimum lifting capacity and indicates the practical versatile in all kinds Ground Support Truss Systems for concerts stages, exhibitions, tents, events, and other complex structures like displays or booths. 

Lighting truss system


  1. 4- point nodding 
  2. TUV and SGS approved
  3. Free design and technology support
  4. OEM and ODM acceptable
  5. Powder coating and anodizing to any color without any peeling

Colour lighting trusss


Material Aluminum Alloy 6061-T 6/ 6082-T 6
Types Square
Main tubes 50 x 3 mm
Sub-Main tube 30 x 2 mm
Braces 25 x 2 mm
Connection type Conical couple system

Trusses for sale UK

Length and Weight:

Length Weight
50 cm 5.25 kg
100 cm 8.25 kg
150 cm 11.25 kg
200 cm 14.25 kg
250 cm 17.25 kg
300 cm 20.6 kg

Other length can be custom on request.

12 box trusses for sale ft

All the Aluminium Stage Lighting Truss Systems are tested in factory before delivery by ITSCtruss company.

aluminium truss stage light frame

All the conical couplers, pins and R clips are included for free.

Box Truss Pin


The Quad Truss Equipment is equivalent to Global Truss and it is widely used forconcert stagehire, decorations, car shows, exhibitions booths, churches, world cup events, ect.  Below is our square box truss system set up in Ghana, Africa.

box truss stand


10″ Wide Aluminum Truss

Click here to see all of our displays made with 10″ wide mini aluminum truss. Exhibit and Display Truss can custom create any standard display booth, truss part , aluminum truss arch, or product display booth if you can’t find what you are looking for out of our standard products.  Exhibit and Display Truss offers a wide variety of truss parts and accessories. Exhibit and Display Truss stocks standard parts and exhibit booths and also has the ability to build custom parts and booths if your project requires unique configurations. 2″ tube connection inserts (and hardware) come standard with each truss part, allowing for a quick and easy assembly.  Truss components are constructed of square, triangular or flat pieces.. All of our truss structures are designed for ease of assembly and available in a number of designs and sizes. Our truss systems are constructed of durable, high-strength aluminum and steel for supporting LCD or plasma screens, graphics, lights and other accessories.

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Aluminium Trusses

We are leading manufacturer of this Steel Trusses. This Trusses used for Sound, Light, Event, Wedding Equipment, Exhibition etc. We are also Supplier of this Trusses. We Providing Wide Range Production in Aluminium Trusses. Aluminium Is a Light Weight Material and Rush Free But Its Load Capacity is Equivalent to iron Material. Aluminium Trusses Made Up of Special Grade Aluminium and Its call Aluminium Alloy so that the material Strength is very High. Aluminium Trusses Fitting Assembly is very easy. We are using Spigot fitting in Aluminium Trusses so that the fitting of This Trusses very Easy and Quick. Because of Spigot Joint the Truss Strength is Equal one Piece of Structure. 

We are supplying Aluminium Trussing in following Locations:-


Bhalswa Jahangirpur, Burari, Chilla Saroda Bangar, Dallo Pura, Delhi, Deoli, Dilli Cantonment, Gharoli, Gokalpur, Hastsal, Jaffrabad, Karawal Nagar, Khajuri Khas, Kirari Suleman Nagar, Mandoli, Mithe Pur, Molarband, Mundka, Mustafabad, Nangloi Jat, Ni Dilli, Pul Pehlad, Puth Kalan, Roshan Pura, Sadat Pur Gujran, Sultanpur Majra, Tajpul, Tigri.

TourGo Aluminum Square Truss Moving Head Totem Truss

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Square truss aluminum

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Aluminium square truss system for shopping mall Decoration

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