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Stockade bed frame DEFAULT

Back during earlier days at my apartment I decided that perhaps it was time to finally have a bed that reflected my age as opposed to a college style futon setup. Since I was wanting to make my bedroom a mini dungeon anyway, it seemed going fancy with a BDSM capable bed was the way to go and the Depot Bed did not disappoint.

For starters my apartment was overall small so I couldn't just have all kinds of bondage furniture around, therefore a nice bed seemed to be great bang for the buck when it came to functionality, price, and space. Additionally, I planned to sleep on the bed as my main bed to add to the uses pile. Fortunately I was able to see some Dungeon Bed examples in person at MR-S leather however I did the usual intensive internet research on BDSM beds. Even after seeing many other variants I still really liked the Dungeon Bed overall look and functionality. It was certainly a perk where depending on version and presentation it could pass as just a nice bed and not a super obvious sex dungeon bed. Coming from janky futon beds the Dungeon Bed is a bit of a price jump, yet is actually pretty reasonable compared to nice vanilla beds.

Dungeon Beds offers several different bed designs so they generally have a little something for everyone. Each bed is custom made so the additional options can further tweak the overall look. For my tastes the Depot Bed fit best for a modern / minimal look I wanted. The Dore Alley Bed was also a consideration, but I liked how the Depot Bed was just a little bit more simple. Back to space considerations I decided queen would be a good size to have plenty to play on while not totally taking over the room like a king size would and not feel a bit cramped as full size might. Another big plus was I was able to get the bed as a platform version. The space saved by not having a box spring mattress allows for a good deal of storage options under the bed. Since the height can even be customized as well, this gives an opportunity to decide on the overall height one wants the bed. At first many may not care that much, but I knew final bed height would be important for comfortably bending subs over the bed. Notably there is even the fun option to make the whole under-bed portion a cage; however this would be a bit too overt for what I had in mind and make accessibility of storage more difficult.

Other interesting options include: finish, votive/candle holders, top crossbars, additional restraint hoops, removable curtain rods, and to have the footboard top rail closed off or not. I went with a black finish, no votive holders, the crossbar package including top rail hoops, and no footboard top rail. Although the top hoops project a bit more "hey this is a bdsm bed" I wanted the functionality of the top cross bars. They are quite handy as modular connection points and I think when attached, actually make the upper hoops look more vanilla normal. It has been so long that I forget the exact reason why I didn't get the footboard top rail, but I think likely with the thought of easier to walk in and out of the bed. I also knew I could use one of the modular top cross bars to function similar to a footboard top rail. Another notable accessory is that they offer sling extender bars for attaching slings and a ST Andrews cross specifically made to connect to the bed.

Communication was overall great with Dungeon Beds; luckily they didn't mind answering all kinds of questions as I decided on the final configuration of the big purchase. A note worthy detail was that they declared the beds no longer had the large rings attached to the main hoops as shown on some of their older pictures. Although they did indeed look cool which is which I first requested, they were able to talk me out of them as the reason they were no longer used is that they made a crap load of noise. I was certainly happy I took this advice as I still ended up wrapping most of my hoops with 550 cord or gripper material to tame metal on metal noises. The top rails in particular weren't too hard to get moving while the bed was a rockn' with use and then I went ahead and did others where I was connecting carabiners to frequently. That said, I don't want to infer the bed is rickety, overall when all put together tight the bed is very sturdy and feels solid.

Upon receiving, the bed was well packaged with each part being well wrapped in foam or bubble padding. Unfortunately the stairwell to my apartment was quite a tight fit so the corner of the headboard took a pretty good ding at some point by the delivery crew. I didn't see it till after unwrapping and at first was pretty upset about it since a lot of money to me. Fortunately the place that got dented is covered by the upper side rail so I felt would be more hassle than needed for everyone if I requested a return. Nonetheless I let Dungeon Beds know about it while I thought about it and they were totally ready to send me a fix if I wanted one. Finish wise the bed generally looks nice, but fair to say it isn't perfect. There are going to be some small places that look a little rusty, have worn marks, or extra material from welding. I was able to make my peace that with use I was going to make marks similar to these anyway and that thus no need to obsess with it looking perfect forever. As hopefully proven on the pictures, one has to really look for these small issues and are not glaring problems that can be seen from a distance. If it's a big issue for someone I recommend the distressed finish and then it would all just look rustic on purpose.

Besides the pieces being pretty heavy, being metal and all, the bed construction is overall simple. Two people at least to build is recommended, but if a weirdo like me, with some support straps one person can do it too if you want it bad enough. Core pieces are the headboard, footboard, and then upper sides and lower sides. The headboard and footboard have upper projections to mount the side pieces over to then lock it all together. Most of the fastening is down low where each corner uses 3 bolts, then the upper corners just use small hex screws to add a little tension and prevent rattle. I was surprised the main bolts were fairly exposed by default and seemed to generally be a scratch hazard when it comes to play or just changing the sheets. Luckily a cheap fix was to buy some screw cap ends, I went ahead and painted them black to keep the silver minimal on the bed. Considering how cheap they are, I recommend Dungeon Beds includes screw cap ends with each bed in the future.

Since a platform version of the bed it comes with 7 slats, 3 being wide and 4 slim. To be a little nicer to the mattress I was pretty sure a more flat platform would be a good idea. I looked into support slats / bunkie boards, but decided for the price I'd just make my own. With a bit of planning, trip to Home Depot, and vinyl material from the fabric store I was pretty happy with what I ended up with. This way I was able to get the added support while still matching the black appearance. Design wise I made the platform 2 pieces to make handling generally easier and lucked out the vinyl is fairly non-slip so don't have shifting issues. Between the bed, metal slats, and platform there can be a bit of height play however, so usually there are a couple places I'll sneak in some thick cardboard wedges on top of the slats to make a little tension and prevent unwanted noise.

A recent addition I snuck in was to add some sort of headboard pad. Kate was doing a lot more accidental head banging on the headboard than we were using it for tying to, so after some research I decided a cheap way to add one on was to get one made for typical platform beds. The internet was not very good about giving stats for little things like distance between mount bars, but to be on the safe side I got a "full" size headboard addition instead of a queen size so that I could slide it in front of the existing metal headboard (LexMod Emily Queen Vinyl Headboard). The extra mount legs are somewhat of a visual con, but a decent compromise since I didn't want to drill or generally modify the metal parts. To add tension stabilization for the padded headboard I also used some flex cuffs (with key opening) which seemed to work ok. For the latest test I replaced them up with leather cord to get a tighter look.

Although Dungeon Beds makes a nice Bedside Hanging Self for holding extra things on the bed, it is a bit pricey. It doesn't look near as nice, but to save a little I found a that a good fit was to hang a garden rack from the top bar with webbing straps. It works out great for hanging all kinds of toys and I'd be curious to see Dungon Bed's take on the idea as it is still a bit different than the hanging shelf. While talking about add-ons, if curious about the boxes under the bed they are a Husky toolbox and an IKEA MALM storage unit (doesn't look like they make it anymore)

As hoped my imagination is pretty much the only limit when it comes to play options on the Depot Bed. Connection points are everywhere I'd ever want them, the only exception being not on the lower legs. I totally could have had some added there, but felt it would overly BDSM the look or get in the way when I could just tie rope around the legs anyway. I'd say the only position problem I ran into was I couldn't really make the bed work as a pole with sub in a kneeling position. To clarify the specific version of that BDSM furniture would be a platform with a pole in the middle to connect to. Even with that in mind, it is more of a result of the Depot Bed design and being in a platform style, yet other versions like the Naked Bed could work better for that position. I was happy I splurged for the top cross bars as they end up as a great way to try out horizontal suspension. This let me experiment and learn, but if anything were to go wrong, the sub would just fall on a nice soft bed. Dungeon Beds recommends spreading out the load when suspending from the cross bars, but since I'm a mere 130lbs I can totally do pullups on a single cross bar without issue.

For an overall summary I think Dungeon Beds does a great job offering attractive bed designs with a full set of feature options to make even the most particular BDSM enthusiast quite pleased. The core bed options they offer is a great starting point and then each is custom so one can further tweak any design to their specific needs. It is nice to have so many good options available that can be mixed and matched rather than having to pay extra to super customize everything from scratch. Hell, for the price some of the more simplistic beds totally would be a good option even for pure vanilla people. I've been plenty pleased with the functionality and durability, but it's worth noting since made for those in the Gay community, you can count on Dungeon Bed's products to be made to withstand heavy and rough use as them boys play hard! If you only had to have one piece of BDSM furniture I think the Depot Bed worked out great for that theory as well. One can add on more features and parts to the bed or can just get totally separate furniture later, but the variety of play options the bed offers is really hard to beat as a strong starting point.


Click for —>  Metalbound

bondage-bed-1I arrived home just like every night and enter the kitchen where the wife is fixing dinner.  I lean over to kiss her on the forehead and smell how wonderful the food smells.  My wife says to me,

“I went ahead and bought the bed I told you about.”  “Of course hunny, anything you need.”  We finished dinner and I went to set down in the living room when my wife stopped me and said, “don’t you want to go see the new bed?”  “Yes, let’s go,”  I walk up stairs and into the bedroom to find this hugh beautiful bed.  But as I walked closer to the bed I noticed something a little differet than a normal bed.  Looking at the foot board, I noticed it had a built in stockade!  The wife opens it up and says to me, “ready to try it out?”  “Yep!” I said as I tried to rip my clothes off.

Once again Metalbound does it again!  They have the best in what is needed for the BDSM lifestyle we live in.  Listen to what they say about this bed:

Bondage-bedA composition of modern design and linear dimension, our Window Pain Collection is the epitome of strength and sophistication. With pronounced clean lines and satin finish, the Window Pain Bed is ideal in any environment from your Master Bedroom to the fiercest Dungeon space. The open canopy layout is superb for suspension and restraint play and optional dish candle holders can be welded to the headboard for added ambiance. Enhance your Window Pain Bed with a removable stockade or Saint Andrew’s Cross. At Metalbound it is our pleasure to fully customize any piece to serve you.

You need to go check out their site!  hundreds of great stuff.  Take care and remember safety, safety, safety.  Until next time

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39 Best Bondage Furniture – BDSM Beds, Cages, and More

Which of these is the best bondage furniture for you?

bondage furniture

Best Bondage Furniture For You? 35+ BDSM Furniture Exposed!

What Is BDSM Furniture and What Is Right for Me?

From mild to wild, there are plenty of different types of furniture in this article.

We take a look at Liberators – beginner friendly BDSM toys for beginners and unique pieces of furniture that allow you to experiment with different positions while offering areas for tethers and ties if you are looking to experiment with bondage, too.

We will examine sex swings and slings, which can be great fun for beginners and advanced users alike, offering new positions and the ability to achieve deeper penetration with or without bondage.

We also look at dungeon beds that feature plenty of rings for hanging swings, slings, chains, tethers, and more.  Dungeon furniture is reviewed for advanced users, including a variety of different cages and oral sex seats.

Last, we will take a look at sex machines- automated sex devices that provide plenty of play for beginners to advanced users and that are ideal for both solo players and couples/groups alike.

Knowing what might be the best bondage furniture for your interests and experience level is great, but you want to know more, right?  Well, worry not!

We’ve put together 39 reviews so that you can learn more about every piece of bondage furniture on our chart. We review it all so that you can find that piece of dungeon furniture that will start or fulfill your collection!

A - The LiberatorThe Liberator – Great for All Experience Levels:

If you haven’t heard of the Liberator, it is time you did!  Living up to its name, the Liberator is a unique piece of bondage furniture that makes it easy to try new positions and enjoy your favorites in more comfort than ever before.

Great for beginners to BDSM yet sturdy and versatile enough for seasoned vets, the Liberator is a perfect addition to any S&M collection.

Where to BuyLow Price: $125
Amazonfrom $179see-it
Adamevefrom $125see-it

1.  The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo:

One of the best bondage furniture pieces for beginners, this combination wedge and ramp lets you try virtually any position you can imagine.

Designed for all sorts of play and equipped with numerous handles for the included cuffs and tethers, you and your partner will find all sorts of exciting ways to play with this toy, which also includes  position guide to help you and your partner find even more ways to use your new Liberator.

liberator ramp wedge combo

2.  Liberator Obeir Spanking Bench:

Well suited to couples looking to explore new heights, the Obeir Spanking Bench can easily be set up on the floor or on the bed, allowing for elevation and new positions.  Easy to straddle and easy to clean, there are countless ways to play with this bondage furniture.

Whether you long to be tied up or want to be the one doing the cuffing and spanking, the included tethers and cuffs as well as the included position guide will help ensure that this bench makes it easy to achieve the positions, intimacy, and bondage you so desire.

liberator obeir spanking bench

3.  Liberator Esse:

The Esse is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to Liberator position furniture, but that doesn’t mean it is “experts only”..  With 28 different places to attach the included tethers or to use your cuffs or tie-downs, the Liberator Esse makes virtually any position fun.

Take your partner from behind or experiment with any of the Esse-unique positions that come with the Esse position guide.  Comes with a plush blindfold for extra sensory play.

liberator esse

B - Swings and SlingsSex Swings and Slings :


Where to BuyLow Price: $29
Stockroomfrom $61see-it
Amazonfrom $29see-it
Adamevefrom $47see-it

4.  Leather Sling – Web Style:

This trapezoidal sling is made of three inch leather strips and definitely has an intimidating, dungeon look to it.  It is a great focal point for any sex room and puts away easily for discretion.  Great for bondage beds or sling stands and a perfect toy for those more comfortable with BDSM.

Leather Sling Web Style

5.  Door Jam Sex Sling:

Looking for the ultimate in portability and erotica when it comes to bondage furniture?  The Door Jam Sex Sling may be just what you are looking for.  Designed to fit over almost any door and suited to hold up to 235 pounds, this sling makes it simple to experiment with new positions safely and easily.

The seat is ideally positioned to angle the hips for easy G-spot stimulation as well as to allow for deeper penetration.  Great for beginners seeking BDSM fun as well as for couples seeking a portable way to have great sex anywhere there is a door!

door jam sex sling

6.  Pig Sling with Stirrups:

Vegan made, the Pig Sling is a fantastic way to try all of those positions that a traditional bed simply won’t allow.  Stirrups allow for deeper penetration, while sturdy construction ensures that you are able to play as rough as you want without worrying about safety.

Great for those already experienced in BDSM, this is one sling that definitely encourages rough, messy, and hot position play.

Pig Sling With Stirrups

7.  Women’s Travel Sling/Stirrup Combo:

Want to try new positions without a literal pain in the neck?  This sling is definitely one worth considering.  With a supporting neck strap, this sling ensures comfort, while the ankle and thigh cuffs keep the legs up in the air to help allow for deeper penetration.

Find yourself in a tantalizingly compromising and comfortable position with this hands-free sling and you may never go back to traditional sex again!

Travel Sling Stirrup

8.  Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh Sling:

This leather sling is ideal for beginners and for those unable to utilize suspension and full slings.  With a padded neck brace and thigh loops, this sling puts the legs in ideal position for deep, G-spot stimulating sex.

There are also attached D-rings on the neck pad for couples looking to add wrist restraint to the mix.  This piece is incredibly versatile, yet less intimidating for beginners to sling and restraint position play.

Leather Thigh Sling

9. Leather Sling:

This sturdy leather sex sling is definitely great for seasoned BDSM’ers as well as beginners.  The sling is designed to be suspended from a sling stand by ropes or chains and can be used with or without restraints.

For those seeking new positions, the sling is ready to use as soon as it is installed, while those seeking more restrained play will find no shortage of D-rings for attaching chains, tethers, cuffs, and more.

Leather Sling

10. Steel Bondage Frame:

This bondage frame has three solidly welded hooks for attaching bondage swings and other equipment.  It is ideal for a number of BDSM activities, including position play and slings, suspension, and humiliation and flogging play.

Better still, it can be easily set up and disassembled, making it great for use in the privacy of your own home or for taking to events and parties.

This piece can be used for beginners or for those who are well-versed in BDSM, as it can be used with many different slings and attachments depending on your level of play and comfort.

steel bondage frame

11. 4-Point Sling Stand:

With this sling stand, you can easily attach virtually any of the bondage furniture in this category without having to worry about creating ceiling suspension.  Made from heavy duty metal and designed to fold down quickly, this piece is very sturdy and versatile.

It is great for beginners and swing/sling enthusiasts alike and works with virtually all four point swings and slings. A definite must-have for anyone looking to explore or go deeper into swing play without buying a dungeon bed or installing ceiling suspension points.

4 point sling stand

C - Dungeon BedsDungeon Beds and Bedding – For the Complete Dungeon Look:

Looking to turn your bedroom into a bonafide sex room?  These dungeon beds and bedding make it easy.  Dungeon beds are made for erotic sex while still offering style and elegance when desired.

For those looking for lighter or more removable dungeon equipment, you will find that dungeon bedding is perfect for when you want to play while allowing you to replace it with traditional sheets when playtime is over.

Where to BuyLow Price: $419
Stockroomfrom $419see-it

12. Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheet:

Want sheets for easy bondage that can be removed quickly when guests are coming over?  Then this is the perfect set for you!

Designed to fit a king or queen sized mattress using a drawstring for tightening, the Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheet is outfitted with four different cuffs that attach to built-in anchor pads that allow for a number of exciting and tantalizing positions designed for any couple.

This set is the best sex toy for couples into light bondage and those who are newer to BDSM, and the anchor pads can be easily removed by pulling them up, ensuring that newcomers don’t feel quite so intimidated.

sportsheets bondage bedsheet

13. Fitted Leather Sheets:

These easily removable sheets give an air of sex appeal to any dungeon or sex room.  This leather fitted sheet is designed to fit snugly on any mattress and can be ordered for any size from double to king.

Flat seams and elastic at each end ensure a great fit, while the sexy leather will certainly give your next encounter a much more erotic feel.  Great for those seeking sexual ambiance and for newcomers who are just getting into the BDSM lifestyle.

Fitted Leather Sheets

14. Bonk’er Classic Set:

This unique bed set provides suspension above the bed for better positioning or even for use with a sex machine.  The arms of the Bonk’er include straps for just about any appendage, while the top quality leather and steel ensures comfort and allows the set to hold up to 350 pounds.

Easily installed in minutes, this set is great for those seeking new positions and is ideal for those seeking a slightly more advanced BDSM toy.  Ideally suited for anal or vaginal sex.

black square with captions

15. The Silverlake Bed:

The Silverlake Bed is the ultimate in both sex appeal and style.  With an arched headboard for a sleek look, the bed is a great fit in any room, yet the welded restraint hoops on all corners as well as the rails ensures that the bed can transform from stylish to devilishly sexy in a moment’s notice.

Sturdy construction makes this bed perfect for use with chains, and this piece is definitely not for beginners!

The Silverlake Bed

16. The Loading Dock Bed:

This bed is designed for those looking for serious BDSM play.  With a frame made of steel tubing, the bed is sturdy enough for any play you can come up with, while offering a look of simple elegance when chains and other accoutrements are removed.

There are restraint hoops on both the rails and the corners, making this bed perfect for experimenting with positions using tethers, ties, chains, and anything else you can come up with!

The Loading Dock Bed

17. The Folsom Bed:

The Folsom Bed is designed with a rustic look and can quickly turn from bed to dungeon in a matter of minutes.  Like other beds on this list, the Folsom includes restraint hoops on both the corners and the rails as well as a reinforced frame.

Ideally suited for anything from a sling to your favorite chains, the Folsom is a great dungeon bed for experienced users and can be used for any position and any type of sex.

The Folsom Bed

18. The Dore Alley Bed:

With restraint hoops on both the bed rails and in every corner, this stylish and visually appealing bed quickly converts into a dungeon for all types of play.

The bed assembles easily and is sturdy enough for any chains and other accoutrements that you may wish to attach for more exciting BDSM play.  Great for anal or vaginal sex as well  as any position you can think of, the Dore Alley is one of the best beds available for easy and fun dungeon play.

Dora Alley Bed

D - Dungeon FurnitureDungeon Furniture – For Serious BDSM Enthusiasts Only:

Dungeon furniture is a great addition for the seasoned BDSM enthusiast and can really add new dimensions to play.  From cages and humiliation devices to toilet play seating and more, the right furniture can allow you to amp up the play to your desired level.

Here, we will examine a number of different types of dungeon equipment, which are definitely not recommended for beginners for the faint of heart.

Where to BuyLow Price: $214
Stockroomfrom $214see-it

19. Sex and Metal Birdcage:

This sexy hanging birdcage can be great for humiliation and torture play.  It includes a vinyl seat for the comfort of your partner, while offering overhead wrist restraints to ensure that he or she stays in just the position you demand.

There are also a total of 31 different clamps to hold steel stakes that will humiliate and punish your captive as much or as little as you like.  For those really looking for torture play, there is also the option of buying forked tip stakes for added pain and teasing.

Definitely not for beginners, this is one cage designed purely for master’s pleasure.

Sex and Metal BirdCage

20. Puppy Cage:

Are you into puppy play?  Has your beloved puppy been naughty and found him or herself in need of punishment?  If so, this steel puppy crate offers just what you are looking for.

Ideal for humiliation play and for putting your pet on display for your friends, this cage is great for those new to puppy and humiliation play as well as for those who are well experienced in the field.

Puppy Cage

21. Stockroom Stockade:

Definitely recommended only for hardcore users, this is a full body restraint system.  Featuring a leg spreader, a set of stockades, fiddles, impalers, and more, this device is meant for those who know what they are doing.

The device includes a sex rod for restraint or penetration use and can hold a dildo up to 2″ in diameter.  With removable sections and numerous accessories, this is certainly the ultimate restraint device!

Stockroom Stockade

22. Jail Cell Stand Up Cage:

Are you looking for the ultimate way to display your captive in the bedroom or at a party or special event?  The Jail Cell Stand Up Cage is the perfect dungeon equipment for keeping your captive exactly where you want them.

With 3 locks, escape is definitely not an option, making this piece perfect for humiliation play as well as for teaching a naughty slave exactly what happens when they misbehave.

blank image

23. The Joyrider Combo Chair:

This unique sex chair is great for toilet play or for oral and rimming play.  Designed to seat one, with another partner underneath, the seat is mounted on springs to allow for bouncing and riding during play.

Definitely for use by those who are more seasoned in S&M, this chair can add new elements to an already exciting sex life and can be a perfect tool for oral sex or humiliation play.


24. Latex Vac-Bed:

This device is only for experienced users and is not recommended for beginner play.  The Latex Vac Bed is designed to attach to your household vacuum cleaner, which will suck all of the air from the bed for the most intense and sensational bondage experience possible.

The bed, when the air is removed, is fully restrictive and includes only a breathing hole and a hole for the vacuum cleaner.  Intended for those seeking the ultimate in restriction and bondage.

Latex Vac Bed

25. The Oral Sex Seat:

Invite your sub to a raunchy meal with the Oral Sex Seat.  Designed with a toilet seat, this inventive device is perfectly suited to scat and urine play as well as for traditional oral and rimming play.

The seat is designed to allow the sitter to relax comfortably while the sub performs oral sex or receives a naughty surprise.  Definitely not for beginners or the faint of heart.

Oral Sex Seat

E - Sex MachinesSex Machines – Mechanical Sex:


Where to BuyLow Price: $169
Stockroomfrom $169see-it
Amazonfrom $489see-it

26. Fuck Saw:

This hand held machine is great for those looking for a hard pounding.  The stroke of this machine is 7/8 of an inch, with speeds up to 2500 strokes per minute.

There is a vac-u-lock attachment that can hold a variety of dildos and it is well suited to either anal or vaginal sex. This machine includes a 7 1/4 inch dildo and is definitely designed for advanced users.

F Saw

27. The Slave Driver Sex Machine:

Designed for training your slave, this machine is perfect for doggy-style sex and discipline.  Stroke depth can be easily adjusted to be as shallow or as deep as desired, up to six inches, and the machine can be adjusted without the need for tools.

With stockades included, you can be sure that your sub  will stay in place while you give him or her the Sex they deserve.  Best of all, this machine is easily disassembled, making it easy to take to parties or to put away for storage.  Designed for experienced users.

blank image

28. The Pleasure Box Sex Machine:

This machine is great for solo or partner play and is designed to be quiet as well as gentle on your furniture or floors. Designed with adjusting stroke depth up to 6 inches as well as a Vac-U-Loc dildo attachment, this toy is suited for hours of anal or vaginal play.

Both the dong and the optional stand are sold separately, but this machine is well worth both.  Well suited for first time Sex Machine users as well as experienced users.

The Pleasure Box

29. The Pleasure Box Stand:

Designed for use with the Pleasure Box, this stand allows you to place the machine at a wide variety of angles.  It can be installed without the use of tools and adds countless positions to an already fantastic machine.

If you are looking to make the most of your Pleasure Box, this stand is definitely a must-have.

The Pleasure Box Stand

30. Dual Motion Handheld Sex Machine:

This machine hooks up to your favorite cordless drill for hours of endless sexual pleasure.  The machine easily connects to any Vac-U-Loc dildo or to a Fleshlight male masturbator and is both quiet and safe.

It both rotates and thrusts for twice the pleasure and can easily be used for solo or partner play.  A good fit for beginners and vets alike, this machine is easily one of the most versatile Sex Machines available.

Dual Motion Handheld Sex Machine

31. The Full Throttle Deluxe Sex Machine:

If you are looking for a smooth riding, quiet sex machine, the Full Throttle Deluxe may be just what you seek.  Ideally suited for anal sex as well as vaginal sex, the machine offers stroke depths of up to 7 inches with a simple twist of a knob.

It is designed for use with Vac-U-Loc dongs, which are sold separately and come in a wide range of sizes, types, and shapes.  For even more fun with the Full Throttle, consider the optional stand.

The Full Throttle Deluxe Sex Machine

32. Full Throttle Deluxe Stand:

The Full Throttle Deluxe Stand is designed for use with the Full Throttle Deluxe Sex Machine and adds nearly infinite positions and possibilities.

By providing varied height and angle adjustments, the stand ensures that you are able to reach any angle you desire to help you reach the ultimate orgasm.  A great addition to an already fantastic sex machine.

Full Throttle Deluxe Stand

33. The Shockspot Sex Machine:

Designed specifically for experienced users, the Shockspot sex machine is controlled by your laptop and packed with options.  With stroke lengths ranging from .2 inches to 4 inches and a maximum speed of 1060 strokes per minute, this is definitely not a machine for beginners.

Designed for maximum pleasure and created with portability in mind, this toy is great for parties, home use, or even bringing on your next vacation with your partner!

The Shockspot Sex Machine

34. The Stealth Sex Machine:

This sex machine is small and versatile and requires no tools.  Like most other sex machines, it is compatible with Vac-U-Loc dildos and can be used for anal or vaginal penetration.  Speed varies up to 160 strokes per minute, making it a good fit for beginners and the stroke adjusts from 1 to 5 inches.

A great machine for beginners as well as those seeking something a bit smaller, this machine is definitely a great way to reach the perfect orgasm!

The Stealth Sex Machine

35. Blue-Bot Robo Lover Sex Machine:

This navy blue machine is designed to be user-friendly and is well suited to beginner sex machine users.  It has a remote control for easy adjustments and has a stroke depth of up to 6 inches.

The height and angle are designed to adjust easily, ensuring that this machine is as versatile as it is easy to use.  It is designed for use with Vac-U-Loc attachments and is fun for males or females of any experience level.

Blue Bot Robo Lover Machine

36. Dick Dexterous Sex Machine:

If you are looking for a sex machine that can achieve angles that virtually no other machine can reach, then Dick Dexterous is right up your alley.  This machine is very easily adjusted and offers numerous heights and angles.

It works with Vac-U-Loc dongs and can break down easily for convenient transport to parties, events, and more!  A great machine for moderately advanced users and able to achieve up to 130 strokes per minute.

Dick Dexterous Sex Machine

37. Vick Versatile Sex Machine:

The Vick Versatile is designed to be as versatile as its name implies.  Whether you want to attach it to the coffee table, the bed, or even the back seat of your SUV, you will find that it has safety locks that make it easy.

Vick Versatile is designed to be quiet while offering supreme anal or vaginal penetration.  A great machine for those with a little experience, it is compatible with all Vac-U-Loc attachments.

Vick Versatile Sex Machine

38. Red Devil Double Penetrating Sex Machine:

Definitely not for first-time users, the Red Devil Double Penetration sex machine offers simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration or even double penetration within the same hole.

With a simple adjustment, it can be used for only single penetration and the stroke reach is up to six inches.  The strokes go up to 130 per minute for rougher sex, making this Red Devil a definite addition to many wish lists!

Red Devil Double Penetrating Sex Machine

39. The Sharpshooter Sex Machine:

Ideal for anal or vaginal penetration, the Sharpshooter is a machine built for pure pleasure.  It can be adjusted up to 40″ in height and has many adjustable angles for that perfect position.  It can be used in bed, on the couch, or even on your favorite table, offering the ultimate in versatility.

If you are looking for a machine that offers multiple options for stroke and depth as well as numerous angles and positions, the lethal-sounding Sharpshooter may just be your ticket to paradise.  Great for solo or couples play.

The Sharpshooter Sex Machine

Quick Recap:

Best BDSM FurnitureFor You IfMore Info
1) The Liberator Wedge/Ramp ComboYou are looking for new positions or are new to BDSM

Read review

2) Liberator Esse StageYou are looking to take sex to new heights- literally

Read review

3) Liberator EsseYou're looking for maximum tie-down positions

Read review

4) Leather Sling Web StyleYou want a sling to fit your dungeon bed's sex appeal

Read review

5) Door Jam Sex SlingYou're looking for quick bondage almost anywhere

Read review

6) Pig Sling with StirrupsYou want rougher, deeper penetration

Read review

7) Women's Travel Sling/Stirrup ComboYou don't want a traditional stand-supported sling

Read review

8) Deluxe Portable Leather Thigh SlingYou are a beginner or looking for stand-free play

Read review

9) Leather SlingYou want plenty of D-rings for multiple tie-down options

Read review

10) Steel Bondage FrameYou want a sturdy frame with easy disassembly

Read review

11) 4-Point Sling StandYou want to avoid ceiling suspension

Read review

12) Sportsheets Bondage SetYou want the room to look normal when Mom comes to visit

Read review

13) Fitted Leather SheetsYou want the look of a dungeon without buying a dungeon bed

Read review

14) Bonk'er Classic SetYou want a more advanced toy or suspension that works with a sex machine

Read review

15) The Silverlake BedYou're serious about BDSM

Read review

16) The Loading Dock BedYou want to turn your room into a bonafide dungeon

Read review

17) The Folsom BedYou want plenty of places for chains, tethers, or even a sling

Read review

18) The Dore Alley BedYou want that total dungeon look

Read review

19) Sex and Metal BirdcageYou want your slave on torturous display

Read review

20) Puppy CageYou enjoy puppy play

Read review

21) Stockroom StockadeYou want to torture your sub

Read review

22) Jail Cell Stand Up CageYou want your sub on full display

Read review

23) The Joyrider Combo ChairYou want the perfect oral sex chair

Read review

24) Latex Vac BedYou are into total kink (recommended for experts only)

Read review

25) The Oral Sex SeatYou're into toilet play

Read review

26) F* SawYou like it rough

Read review

27) The Slave Driver Sex MachineYour slave needs to be trained properly

Read review

28) The Pleasure Box Sex MachineYou want a quiet, but powerful sex machine

Read review

29) The Pleasure Box StandYou want to reach new angles with your Pleasure Box

Read review

30) Dual Motion Handheld Sex MachineBeginners and exciting partner play

Read review

31) The Full Throttle Sex MachineYou want a deep-stroking sex machine

Read review

32) Full Throttle Deluxe StandYou want to use your Full Throttle at different heights and angles

Read review

33) The Shockspot Sex MachineYou are looking for an advanced sex machine

Read review

34) The Stealth Sex MachineYou want a beginner-friendly sex machine

Read review

35) Blue-Bot Robo Lover Sex MachineYou want a remote-controlled sex machine that is great for beginners

Read review

36) Dick Dextrous Sex MachineYou are looking for maximum angles and positions

Read review

37) Vick Versatile Sex MachineYou want a machine you can set up anywhere

Read review

38) Red Devil Sex MachineYou're a seasoned user looking for DP action

Read review

39) The Sharpshooter Sex MachineYou want a machine built for anal or vaginal penetration

Read review

Best Bondage Furniture for Beginners:

  1. The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo: Easy to set up and use, the Liberator is the best bondage furniture for the beginner to experiment with position play and light tether play.
  2. Fitted Leather Sheets: Giving the look of a dungeon without the intimidation of serious dungeon furniture can be ideal for those just getting started.
  3. Dual Motion Handheld Sex Machine: This handheld machine packs plenty of punch without being as overwhelming as other sex machines.
  4. The Stealth Sex Machine: This sex machine requires no tools and is easy to set up almost anywhere while including adjustable stroke speeds and depths.

Best Bondage Furniture for Advanced Users:

  1. Liberator Esse: The Esse is packed with tether tie-downs and rings for tying up your partner into an array of positions for maximum fun.
  2. Leather Sling: Whether you are using a stand or a traditional dungeon bed, this sling is ideal for advanced users.  There are plenty of places to attach tethers, cuffs, and more, and it offers plenty of position play without use of tethers, too.
  3. Bonk’er Classic Set: For seasoned BDSM enthusiasts seeking rougher sex and better positioning, the Bonk’er is a great option that is great for anal or vaginal penetration.
  4. Jail Cell Stand Up Cage: While a little on the kinkier side, the Jail Cell stand up cage offers humiliation play without adding the element of pain, making it the ideal piece of bondage furniture for new subs or those looking to take their play to the next level.

Best Bondage Furniture for Those Truly Into Kink:

  1. Sex and Metal Birdcage: Sex and Metal is more than just a humiliation device or a way of displaying your sub.  With your choice of traditional or forked prongs, it can also be quite the torture device for a sub who isn’t behaving.
  2. The Latex Vac Bed: This bed sucks all the air out of an encased sleeve, leaving only a small hole for breathing and providing the ultimate in restraint.  Only for experts, this piece of bondage furniture is definitely aimed at those who love kink.
  3. The Oral Sex Seat: While usable for traditional seated oral sex, the added toilet seat on this device signifies its main intent- toilet play.  While not for everyone, those who enjoy this fetish will certainly find this item ideally suited for humiliating and feeding their sub.
  4. The Shockspot Sex Machine: Easily the most powerful sex machine on our list, this bad boy is controlled via a laptop and reaches an incredible number of strokes per minute.  Definitely not for the timid and ideally suited for those looking to combine the ultimate in pleasure and torture.

Best Bondage Furniture for People on the Go:

  1. Door Jam Sex Sling: If your location has a door then you are all set to use this sling.  Fitting nicely over any door jam, you will find this piece a great one to take on your next vacation or even to a friend’s house!
  2. Sportsheets Bondage Set: Going to a sex party or staying in a hotel?  This sheet set comes in a variety of sizes and turns any bed into the perfect spot to tie down your lover within minutes!

Where to Buy Bondage Furniture:

visit online sex shop 7

visit online sex shop 1

We wrote a detailed BDSM guide if you are ready to get started, and below are some additional resources you might find interesting.

Wooden Side Rail Bed Replacement Set-Up with Acme Metal Products

Can a Headboard Be Attached to Any Bed Frame?

If you’ve just scoped out the perfect headboard to refresh your space and add some style to your bedroom, you’re now left with just one question: will this amazing find actually fit on the bed frame I already have at home? Beyond that, can a headboard be attached to any bed frame? 

This might come as a surprise, but the answer is yes to both. 

A standard bed frame is able to hold practically any type of headboard. That means you can spend more time picking out the perfect headboard and less time worrying about whether or not it will even work. 

Before you go out and make your purchase, we’ll discuss how you can ensure your new headboard will fit your existing bed frame, plus the different headboard options, and how you can attach a headboard to a bed frame once you’ve got it.

From upholstered to platform, our bed frames are timeless and comfortable.

Deciding Which Headboard To Buy

As a prospective buyer, you have a lot of options. You can search for headboards based on material, installation options, design, size, and intended use. 

The headboard material and design are all about personal preference; however, the installation method might depend on the type of bed frame you have and where you want to place your bed. From a practical standpoint, we’ll focus on the installation options and how they fit together with various bed frames and room configurations.

Which Bed Frames Can Be Attached to Headboards?

For the sake of convenience, the vast majority of headboards and bed frames are compatible. Frame-mounted headboards create a cohesive aesthetic and are an affordable and simple option for renters and homeowners alike. 2The installation process is straightforward and requires very few tools.

To see if your bed frame is compatible, examine near the head of the bed for headboard brackets. Most bed frames have four horizontally oblong bolt holes or slots arranged one above the other. These pre drilled holes accommodate multiple types of headboard designs and allow you to adjust the height of the headboard.

If your bed frame can’t accommodate a headboard for whatever reason, you can still enjoy the aesthetic and functionality of a headboard with two other popular installation options:

  • Free-standing – These floor standing headboards are a convenient option that require no installation. Floor standing headboards are designed to stand on their own, usually in between your bed and the wall. This installation method is a perfect option for renters or anyone that shies away from a power tool.
  • Wall-mounted – Homeowners and handypeople may choose to attach their headboard to the wall for a more permanent installation method. A floating headboard only works for certain bedroom arrangements where the head of the bed is pressed up against the wall. You won’t be able to rearrange your furniture on a whim, but this wall mounted headboard option does provide a clean and modern aesthetic that many people love.

Compared to a free standing headboard and wall mounted headboard, frame-mounted headboards are often preferable because they leave you with unlimited configuration options. You can place the bed at an angle, against a window, or in the middle of the room—the choice is yours! 

As long as you have a standard bed frame, you should have no problem attaching your headboard to it. Also, don’t forget to make sure your headboard is the same bed size as your bed frame.

How Do You Attach a Headboard to a Bed Frame?

The actual process is relatively straightforward: you’re connecting headboard to bed frame, like adding two and two. After you’ve identified the appropriate headboard brackets to support a frame-mounted headboard, follow these twelve simple steps, and you’ll have your headboard up in no time:3 

  1. Shift your bed away from the wall so you have room for the next steps.
  1. Position the headboard against the bed frame with the finished side facing the bed.  
  1. Center the headboard legs in line with the bed frame’s brackets so the pre drilled holes on the legs align with at least two of the bolt holes in each of the brackets. 
  1. Lift the headboard to the correct height, either by enlisting the help of a friend or by using a stack of books as makeshift support. 
  1. If you don’t have an assistant on hand, use another piece of furniture to hold the headboard upright against the bed frame.
  1. Find a washer and bolt, which should be included with the fasteners for your headboard. 
  1. Insert the bolt through the bracket and the aligned headboard leg hole. 
  1. Slip a washer onto the bolt if it extends beyond the other side of the leg. 
  1. Screw a nut onto the bolt until it’s nice and snug. 
  1. Repeat this process with the remaining headboard bolts. 
  1. Periodically examine that the headboard is still centered with the bed base as you use the remaining bolts. 
  1. Tighten the headboard bolts using a wrench or pliers as a final safety measure.


  1. Hunker. How to Attach A Headboard to a Bed Frame.
  2. Mattress Nut. How to Attach a Headboard – Step-by-Step Guide.  

Bed frame stockade

15 Pieces Of BDSM Furniture 
That Your Sex Dungeon Setup Needs

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: March 10th, 2020

BDSM occupies a very special place for me since it adds a lot more spice to my sex life.

At it's core BDSM is simply exploiting how power dynamics fit in with regards to getting aroused and staying aroused.

Instead of the typical light touch expected from your average sex session, a lot more charge is taken by one partner (or both in an ever-changing way) to drive a sexual encounter a specific way. 

In BDSM one should expect a lot more hair pulling, butt slapping, as well as overall losing one's self in the moment.

My Top Rated Sex Stooldctblv2-table__imageThe Bondage Boutique Sex Chair
  • Comes with few metal bars with an elastic sitting platform with a hole in the middle
  • Value for money
View Latest Price →
MY TOP RATED SEX CHAISEdctblv2-table__imageThe Liberator Esse
  • Modern and sleek
  • Easy to invent new positions
  • Soft & plush
View Latest Price →
MY TOP RATED BDSM/BONDAGE CHAIRdctblv2-table__imageTachigaeru Bondage Chair
  • Allows you to tie up your slave by both wrists and ankles
  • Includes ankle and wrist cuffs
View Latest Price →
A Must-Have For BDSM Playdctblv2-table__imageSheets Of San Francisco Fluid Proof Sheets
  • Made from polyurethane fabric
  • High quality fluid proof sheet
View Latest Price →
My Top Rated Headboard For BDSM Playdctblv2-table__imageLiberator Grid Bondage Headboard
  • First-ever floating headboard
  • Great design on attachment points
  • Available in Premium Faux Leather in decor-friendly 3 colors
View Latest Price →
The Only BDSM Bed I Can Vouch Fordctblv2-table__imageDore Alley Dungeon Bed
  • Bondage friendly bed
  • Has restraint hoops on all bed rails
  • Available in Full, Queen, King, and California King Size
View Latest Price →
My Top Rated Sex Benchdctblv2-table__imagePrelude Bench
  • It's available in Prince, Queen, and King sizes
  • Underneath are a series of hidden reinforced clips for securing your restraints to
View Latest Price →
A Great Buy For Spanking Fetishesdctblv2-table__imagePadded Spanking Bench
  • Made from vinyl
  • It's 32'' wide, 32'' tall, and 40'' long
View Latest Price →
Awesome For Obedience Trainingdctblv2-table__imageMaster Series Sex Bench
  • Adjustable leg, arm, and head rests
  • Sturdy enough to support up to 400 lbs. of weight
View Latest Price →
A Great Product For Spanking & Restraintsdctblv2-table__imageBondage Padded Barrel Horse
  • Requires a lot less physical strength to stay attached
  • Can be strapped in to any of the 22 attachment points
  • Overall diameter of two feet
View Latest Price →
My Favorite BDSM Tabledctblv2-table__imageLiberator Black Label Central Stage
  • Extremely functional
  • Durable made from a memory-foam like material
  • Has six different places to attach your bondage restraints
View Latest Price →
A Fantastic Sex Crossdctblv2-table__imageTriangle St. Andrew's Cross
  • Unique hourglass shape
  • There's 14 different steel hooks to attach to
  • Sturdy & stable
View Latest Price →
Our Favorite Bondage Stockadedctblv2-table__imageMedieval Dungeon Wood Stockade
  • It comes in a handmade wooden case
  • Once you're in the position, you can stand, bend, kneel, or lie down
  • The stocks come with three pairs of leather inlays to pad the holes
View Latest Price →
Our Favorite Leg Bindsdctblv2-table__imageMedieval Dungeon Ankle Stockades
  • Great for squatting BDSM
  • It comes with high quality wood
View Latest Price →
Our Favorite BDSM Slingdctblv2-table__imageLeather Web Style Sling
  • Build for rough use
  • It's made from tough leather that feels visceral on the skin
View Latest Price →

BDSM Chairs

This BDSM furniture option is the most accessible to any newcomers to the scene. They're just purpose built chairs meant to make pleasurable play a whole lot easier while also giving you more control over your partner. Typically they come with places for you to secure straps/harnesses and a few design choices that makes sexual activity a lot more dynamic. Some chairs are best suited for the submissive while others serve as a throne from which the dominant can call the shots. There's a lot of variance between any individual chair, let me show you some of the best options in BDSM chairs right here and now.

The Bondage Boutique Sex Chair (My Top Rated Sex Stool)

Simplicity is the name of the game with this BDSM chair from Bondage Boutique, it's just a few metal bars with an elastic sitting platform complete with a hole in the middle. The elastic sitting area is surprisingly strong, to the point where I had to get Don help me assemble it because I couldn't stretch it all the way myself.

I'd like to this that means the toy has some serious longevity to it. No matter how wildly either of us bounce around, it keeps on kicking.

Using the momentum of the elastic for some supreme thrusting action is how I best enjoy this chair. Sometimes we'll include restraints or handcuffs attached to the body itself, although I wish at times it had dedicated attachment points.

Through it all, it provided a great amount of added pleasure without taking too much out of our total BDSM budget. Best value, no doubt.

  • Inexpensive
  • Minimalist
  • Lots of possibility available
  • Requires strength to set up
  • No attachment points

The Liberator Esse (My Top Rated Sex Chaise)

The Esse isn't necessarily BDSM specific since just about any flavor of sexual encounter can be augmented by using it. The sheer range of BDSM friendliness of this chaise makes it impossible not to include on this list though.

It's a body length lounge chair with a very specific shape meant to allow for just about any kind of bending over and manhandling to be possible. Laying down directly on the chair is perhaps what my husband and I do the least on this toy, for us it's all about using the different edges and angles to let us have sex in some pretty wild positions without getting leg cramps while doing it.

I never thought having having my legs behind my ears could be so easy.

  • Soft & plush
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Smartly angled
  • No attachment points
  • Not necessarily BDSM specific

Tachigaeru Bondage Chair(My Top Rated BDSM/Bondage Chair)

Now if you're committed to having a dungeon worthy of envy that'll you'll be thinking about all the time just to get you through the day, the Tachigaeru bondage chair is all but essential. It comes with a platforms for both the ankles as well as the wrists for sinfully devilish restraining ability. Once you're locked into this chair you aren't going anywhere any time soon.

I consider it an end level product for people who know for a fact they're going to use it, this isn't an impulse buy.

At least they were kind enough to include straps for the feet and arms, without them it would be very difficult to justify the purchase. I'm a sucker for exotic names, how do you even pronounce Tachigaeru?

This is a classic example of when something is worth doing it should be done right. Just make sure that you consider BDSM something worth doing.

  • Fully loaded bondage chair
  • Well padded for long term comfort
  • BDSM friendly design of holes & poles
  • Takes up some space
  • High price tag

BDSM Beds & Bedding

BDSM doesn't necessarily need a dedicated dungeon. You can absolutely enjoy BDSM fun from the comfort of your own bedroom. Bondage within the confines of a bedroom is often how most people get introduced to the hobby, it's rare to find people going straight from vanilla sex right to hard core bondage style play. That's why I've decided to make this section early on in the article since they're the easiest items to nonchalantly integrate into your life without thinking you've went full domme-sub overnight. So, let's get to a few items great for bringing bondage to the bedroom:

Sheets Of San Francisco Fluid Proof Sheets (A Must-Have For BDSM Play)

Bondage play often involves a lot more extreme enjoyment of physical sensation, so temperature play as well as wax play are front and center. Nobody wants to risk ruining their 1000 thread count sheets for one night of roughhousing, that's exactly where these fluid proof sheets come into play.

It feels slightly rubbery because it's made from a polyurethane fabric. I wouldn't expect to sleep comfortably on it, just use it when you need it to cover your bed then change back to the usual regime.

There's this quality to the fabric that makes it seem more than just plain old waterproof. Whether it be lube, bodily fluids, oil, candle wax, everything just lays on top without soaking in for easy pickup later.

There really isn't a whole lot to say about items like this, they serve a valuable purpose yet are ludicrously simple in form.

  • Allows for unhinged BDSM play
  • Comes in a variety of sizes

Liberator Grid Bondage Headboard (My Top Rated Headboard For BDSM Play)

Headboards and bondage go together like peanut butter and jelly. How can you feasibly expect to strap someone down to a bed and have your way with them if you can't tie them down to a headboard? This is for people who search for BDSM pleasure but like their current style of bedding or just don't want to get a raised bedframe to begin with.

Simply attach the wooden brace to the wall and slip the headboard on, no settings to fiddle with and no attachment points to search for fruitlessly. There's a handful of attachment points on the back frame that allow for a wide range of different restraints to be added onto.

So if it is a worthwhile bedroom bondage experience you seek, this headboard is a very simple solution.

  • Makes any bedroom BDSM friendly
  • Great design on attachment points

Dore Alley Dungeon Bed (The Only BDSM Bed I Can Vouch For)

I know what you're thinking: do I actually own this thing? I'll be honest and say that it took a long time before my husband and I felt like we really needed this in our dungeon, since it is a purpose built bed for bondage play that costs a pretty penny.

What makes it worth it to us is that it's actually a half decent bed as is that also comes with everything you'd ever need for full spectrum BDSM play. 

If you're on the search for a bondage friendly bed that has all of the bells and whistles you'll ever need then this is less of an impulse buy and more of a serious investment into the hobby.

Most consumer level beds aren't up for the amount of heavy usage BDSM entails, it's very useful for someone who wants to make sure they have a bed that can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.

  • One item, full spectrum of BDSM possibility
  • Can be slept on comfortable
  • Made of sturdy steel
  • Only for those very committed to the hobby

BDSM/Bondage Benches

The bondage bench serves as a valuable tool when it comes to restraining someone for nefarious purposes. They also go by the name of fuck benches, spanking benches, and sex benches, I really wish we could all just decide on one name. Ultimately they all refer to the same thing. Even a bondage table usually heavily resembles a bondage bench. A standard bondage bench is a long raised bench with many attachment points perfect for tying someone down. They help secure someone in place and leave them completely vulnerable to exploitation. Someone can be strapped in easily in a doggystyle position or kept laying down while still giving standing access to the other partner. What's not to love about that?

Prelude Bench (My Top Rated Sex Bench)

Liberator makes a whole lot of different sex furniture but their Prelude series does well at ticking some very pertinent BSDM boxes. First off, it's available in Prince, Queen, and King sizes, they're as long as their mattress equivalents are wide making for the perfect space saving disguise.

For reference sake, the Prince is 3' long with the Queen being 5' long and the King being 6'. Underneath are a series of hidden reinforced clips for securing your restraints to. The weight distribution has also been kept uniform to avoid awkwardness.

 All of these combined show it's an otherwise normal looking bench that's secretly been optimized for BDSM play. I really like that the maple feet are unfinished, we put a custom stain on ours to really sell the finish the piece as an average, well-chosen piece of furniture.

  • Great variety in attachment points
  • Made with BDSM in mind
  • Foam core might not be everyone's thing
  • Height isn't adjustable

Padded Spanking Bench (A Great Buy For Spanking Fetishes)

Nobody is mistaking this piece of bondage furniture for anything other than what it is, my mind practically fills in the blanks of someone strapped to it all by itself. It's made from vinyl that can be easily removed come wash time while there's enough padding and clever angling to that makes it the right possible for long term comfort.

It's 32'' wide, 32'' tall, and 40'' long so there's a lot to work with here. It brings out a wonderfully devilish feeling of helplessness without any cramping or unwanted soreness.

I really like how many individual placements there are when it comes to strapping yourself in, it seems like no matter what you're only a few inches away from the right kind of tied up.

Perfect for getting comfortable on the platform itself or being tied to it in a standing position, this thing gets a lot of use to the point where I'm worried I'll have to explain the leather cover whenever I have it removed for washing.

  • Dozens of attachment points
  • Rated to 300lbs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Price tag
  • Made-To-Order shipping times

Master Series Sex Bench (Awesome For Obedience Training)

Here's a bench that just made for obedience training, it's beauty is matched only by its comfort. Besides the bench itself there are adjustable leg, arm, and head rests so that anyone strapped in won't want to leave prematurely.

It's extremely sturdy to the point where its small stature can be somewhat deceiving, it can support up to 400lbs of weight!

Assembly is pretty straightforward plus restraints are included, you can have a BDSM experience right out of the box with this one which makes it perfect for anyone just getting started on their dungeon furniture collection.

I like the stainless steel construction a lot, while the adjust-ability pretty much sold me on the idea I didn't just waste a whole bunch of money.

  • Extremely adjustable
  • High quality build
  • Great price
  • 6'+ individuals might have comfort issues
  • Body could be slightly wider

Bondage Padded Barrel Horse (A Great Product For Spanking & Restraints)

Compared to the other types of benches on this list, this one requires a lot less physical strength to stay attached. The smooth and cylindrical design means that once you've been strapped in to any of the 22 attachment points you just need to tighten up the restraints and you'll be stuck like white on rice.

Something that stands out to me most about this is just how sturdy it is when in use, no matter what position we've tried it doesn't ever feel like it can do anything to jostle around the aluminum frame.

I'd say this is a good choice for people who want a bench as part of their bondage furniture collection but don't want to worry about how long they'll be able to comfortably use it. The cylindrical design makes it all too easy to relax when necessary without falling off.

When it comes to overall diameter it's two feet wide, more than enough to satisfy anyone who wants to put the pleasure into their pleasure dungeon.

  • Comfortably padded
  • More attachment points than you'll need
  • Unmatched sturdiness
  • Long shipping
  • Height can't be customized

BDSM Tables

As opposed to a chair or a bench, a table serves to add a useful & large platform for you to incorporate any amount of your favorite bondage accessories. If it's flat, long, and you can be tied down to it then it's probably a bondage table. They're fun for both genders as many give unrestricted access to the genitals from many different angles while maintaining an overall comfortable environment. Like all things bondage you can expect a lot of variance between tables, some have some very specific kinks in mind while others try their best to be as generalized as possible.

Liberator Black Label Central Stage (My Favorite BDSM Table)

I'm happy to say that for this category my favorite item is inexpensive, extremely functional, and also quite versatile. It's a table that's very durable made from a memory-foam like material covered with a machine washable cover.

There are six different places to attach your bondage restraints to to keep your body secure to the comfy bottom.

Those who are fans of jury-rigging their own gear will be a fan of the Central Stage since if you don't want to use it on the ground it works great placed on top of a suitably sturdy piece of otherwise innocent furniture. Since it isn't made from wood or metal it's one of the lightest items on the list.

Build a bed with strong joinery like this ● extremely strong and easy
  • BDSM bed


    Customizable Steel Bed with Cage

    $4,400.00Read more

  • BDSM bed


    Window Pain Bed with Removable Stockade

    $3,740.00Read more

  • Asian Pain Beds

    AsianPain Bed with Removable Cross

    $4,180.00Read more

  • Beds

    WindowPain Bed – Spanish Gold

    $3,960.00Read more

  • Beds

    Custom Scroll Bondage Bed with Removable Red Cross & Stockade

    $4,620.00Read more

  • Beds

    Customizable Bondage Bed w/Upholstered Head & Footboard

    $3,850.00Read more

  • Beds

    White Powdercoat BDSM Window Pain Bed w/Stockade

    $3,740.00Read more

  • Beds

    King Size Alex Bed w/Cage

    $4,950.00Read more

  • Scroll bed


    Scroll Bed

    $2,420.00Read more

  • Deluxe Window "Pain" Bed w/Stockade


    Deluxe Window “Pain” Bed w/Stockade

    $4,290.00Read more

  • King Size Window Pain Bed ( Powder Coat finish )


    King Size Window Pain Bed ( Powder Coat finish )

    $3,740.00Read more

  • Asian Pain Bed

    Asian Pain Beds

    Asian Pain Bed

    $3,300.00Read more

  • Scroll Canopy bed w/Full Scroll Cage/Removable Stockade


    Scroll Canopy bed w/Full Scroll Cage/Removable Stockade

    $6,160.00Read more

  • Asian Pain Bed W/Low Profile Cage

    Asian Pain Beds

    Asian Pain Bed W/Low Profile Cage

    $5,280.00Read more

  • Beds

    Customizable Bed with Cage

    $4,400.00Read more

  • Beds

    Powdercoat BDSM Window Pain Bed

    $3,190.00Read more

  • King Size Window Pain Bed ( Powder Coat finish ) w/Stockade


    King Size Window Pain Bed ( Powder Coat finish ) w/Stockade

    $4,290.00Read more

  • Asian Pain bed

    Asian Pain Beds

    Asian Pain Bed ( King Shown )

    $4,730.00Read more

  • cell block bed


    Cell Block Bed

    $4,290.00Read more

  • steel crossbound Bed


    Steel Crossbound Bed

    $3,410.00Read more

  • Scroll Canopy Bed


    Scroll Canopy Bed

    $3,520.00Read more

  • King Size Scroll Crossbound Bed


    King Size Scroll Crossbound Bed

    $4,400.00Read more

  • Low Profile Bed


    Low Profile Bed

    $3,080.00Read more

  • Multifunction Bondage Bed w/Upholstered Headboard


    Multifunction Bondage Bed w/Upholstered Headboard

    $3,300.00Read more

  • Scroll Bunk Bed


    Scroll Bunk Bed

    $3,850.00Read more

  • Aluminum Crossbound Bed w/ Cross & Stockade


    Aluminum Crossbound Bed w/ Cross & Stockade

    $5,390.00Read more

  • Customizable Steel Bondage Bed


    Customizable Steel Bondage Bed

    $3,300.00Read more

  • Aluminum Bed w/Stock


    Aluminum Bed w/Stock

    Read more

  • Beds

    Queen Size Alex Bed w/Cage

    $4,400.00Read more

  • Twisted Metal Bed - Grey Weasel


    Twisted Metal Bed – Grey Weasel

    $2,530.00Read more

  • Twisted Metal – Gerson Bed


    Twisted Metal – Gerson Bed

    $2,585.00Read more

  • Bdsm Bed - Alex Bed


    Bdsm Bed – Alex Bed

    $3,850.00Read more

  • Bdsm Bed – Brushed Canopy


    Bdsm Bed – Brushed Canopy

    $3,190.00Read more

  • The Low-rider Bed


    The Low-rider Bed

    $2,585.00Read more

  • Bdsm Bed - Padded Headboard


    Bdsm Bed/Padded Headboard

    $2,860.00Read more

  • Beds

    Alex Bed/Cage – Twin Size

    Read more

  • Aluminum platform bed w/Button Tuck Queen Headboard


    Aluminum platform bed w/Button Tuck Queen Headboard

    $3,080.00Read more

  • Branch Bed


    Branch Bed

    $2,475.00Read more

  • Bdsm Bed - Anthony


    Bdsm Bed – Anthony

    $2,062.50Read more

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