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Resin PlanterWhen buying outdoor planters it’s important to consider the materials used in the manufacturing process. Outdoor planters have to battle off the sun, snow, dogs lifting their legs, and birds dropping off splattered white packages, not to mention the constant fluctuation between hot and cold temperatures. With so much going against your outdoor landscaping products, it’s no wonder people end up replacing planters so often.

The thing is, you don’t have to replace your planters anytime soon. There’s a certain kind of planter material available that allows you a worry-free, maintenance-free solution to long lasting planters. It’s called resin, and no, not the same plastic-based resin you’ll find at your local gardening center. Here we explain the difference between genuine resin planters, and how they can benefit your landscaping in 7 fundamental ways.

But For Starters, What Is Resin?

Is resin plastic? No! This is a common misconception due to many products advertised as resin that are actually just plastic. Real resin is made using a special composite blend that is not plastic at all. Resin is incredibly lightweight and can be made to look like many different materials for a fraction of the cost.

True resin is made of a low-density polyethylene; it originates as a powder and is made into a liquid before being baked into molds at just the right temperature. The composite of true resin includes 3 parts:

  • The strong inner core
  • The center protective layer, which is a thick chunk of polyurethane
  • An outer shell made of indestructible resin

By combining these parts into one planter, the results are good-looking, resistant to wear, tear, weather, and even impact damage.  Here we detail the 7 greatest reasons true resin products are the most value for your dollar, year after year.

(Learn more about our manufacturing process here)

1. Resin Planters Withstand The Elements

When temperatures fluctuate between hot and cold, the actual planter materials swell and contract. When properly crafted, resin planters are made with the flexibility to withstand these changes without cracking. On the other hand, most materials are going to eventually break down due to a build up of small cracks caused by fluctuating temperatures.

2. Resin Can Look Like Anything You Want It To  

Commercial property, private residence, or Public Park, depending on where you are planning to utilize resin planters, the look and style you need differs. That’s the great thing about resin products; they can be made to match any style or material you want.

Picturing a granite, stone, or brick planter? Regardless of what you want your planter to look like, resin can deliver the perfect replica. Time and time again people are shocked how much resin can be made to look like something else, while remaining more durable and lighter weight.

3. Resin Is Incredibly Light Weight

The great thing about resin is that it is lightweight, but still heavy enough to withstand a good wind gust without blowing away. Heavy planters are only going to get heavier once you add soil, water, and a growing plant to the pot. In fact sometimes planters get stuck places because they have grown too heavy to physically move. Lightweight planters make it easy to redecorate or rearrange landscaping each season.  Because resin planters are lightweight they are also less expensive to ship, which works especially great for those looking to buy in bulk.

4. Eco Friendly To Manufacture & Recycle  

Resin can be made using almost entirely recycled materials; this is big for the environment. Plus, since resin products are made with recyclable materials, they can also be recycled, keeping the green cycle continuing onwards.

5. Resin Is Resistant To Graffiti

Planning to place your planter in an area with high traffic? If so, graffiti is always a possibility. An awesome benefit to genuine resin products that often goes unknown is they are actually resistant to graffiti. All stains, including paint, can be removed with some scrubbing and a store-bought cleaner.

6. Resin Retains Its Color

By verdict of being outside, planters may end up in the direct line of the sun. Over time the sun’s rays can fade the color, leaving you with a washed out planter that looks less than appealing. That is unless you have a genuine TerraCast resin planter, in which case the added UV Inhibitors help planters maintain their original color no matter how much sun they get. Kind of like magic!

7. Resin Does Not Corrode  

Resin cannot corrode, which is really something of a blessing. It doesn’t take much to erode most outdoor products, a regular flow of dog pee, knocks during lawn mowing or weed whacking, and even a nearby sprinkler head can be the corroded demise of many planters. Your resin planter can handle it all, without the risk of unsightly and damaging rust.

Resin Varieties, Not All Resin Is The Same

As mentioned before, not all resin is created equal. The garden planters at your local nursery are made of ‘resin’ but this type of resin originates from a high-density polyethylene, meaning it’s really just plastic. The only similarity between high-quality resin and this type of resin is that they are both lightweight. Other than that, the similarities are non-existent. True resin, such as the resin we use to craft our products, is made from a linear low-density polyethylene, which is not plastic at all.

Once you see the differences between genuine resin products and other outdoor product materials, the clear choice is resin. If you don’t want to deal with replacing your outdoor planters anytime soon, resin is the best material to go with.

Terra Cast Products has been providing the very best in resin planters for over 30 years, serving corporate, government and residential needs. Check out our vast selection of long lasting, 100% guaranteed products today!


Resin Planters & Flower Pots

Synthetic Materials that Mimic Stone and Clay Pots

Hooks & Lattice has all your bases covered when it comes to stylish plastic plant containers that last. Choosing synthetic containers that look like natural stone or clay flower pots, yet stand up to extreme frost as well as the blazing sun, is a smart choice no matter where you live. Plastic planter boxes have become synonymous with convenience and design value in today's commercial and residential gardens as they are designed to look like other hefty materials but without the weight. It's no wonder so many people are choosing this enduring material. It is resistant to cracking, rotting, or warping and is also easy to move around any landscape, unlike clunky stone or concrete containers that require a moving crew.

Make Moving Easy with Rolling Plant Caddies and Casters

No matter what shape and style planter you choose, accessories like caster wheels make moving planters easy, regardless of weight. For moveable and custom fiberglass planters with wheels added, please call to work with a product designer. For a non-custom solution that rolls, consider a rolling plant stand or caddy from our collection of Plant Stands and Holders»

Add Curb Appeal and Color to Your Yard

Some of the most exuberantly colorful flower pots featured in this category are excellent container options for plants, shrubs, and small trees. We have many size and color choices from which to select, from terra cotta styles, stone look-alikes, as well as diverse textural additions for an authentic look and feel. Color options include creams to bold greens to black, white, brick, brown, gray and more. They are highly weather resistant, UV-protected, and anti-shock, making them one tough planter series.

Don't Forget the Self-Watering Reservoirs

Perfect for patio, landscaping, and balcony gardening, some of these containers feature included self-watering systems or water minders that help mind planters, even while you're away. We also offer a wide range of self-watering inserts that hold more water, irrigating your containers for weeks at a time, depending on your climate and seasonal temperatures.

Whether your project is large or small, or if you just want a group of colorful flower pots to add to your d?cor, explore our resin planter pots collection for distinctive planters that don't break the bank.

For questions on products seen in our Resin Outdoor Planters category, please call 1-800-896-0978, 7am to 5pm, M - F, PT.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Resin, Fiberglass, and Stone

Fiberglass and resin planters, which are created using a patented process of combining natural materials into a lightweight container, require minimal upkeep and are durable through the years. Composed of water-resistant materials, these plant containers are also built to withstand harsh UV rays. Instead, the pots will age naturally, resulting in a lovely patina. Modeled after typical stone or clay pots, resin planters are practically indistinguishable from the heavier versions. You see, fiberglass planters can mimic many other materials, including concrete, wood and terracotta, but without the excess weight or added maintenance. Some of the self watering planters and the ones without drainage holes can be used as indoor planters as well. For the most realistic composite stone planters, be sure to check out our line of Eloquence outdoor planters in this section. Available in rectangular, square, round, and trough designs, the Eloquence is Made in USA and can be used indoors or out (drainage plug included).

Small-Space Gardening Yields Big Benefits

If you live in an apartment or other location with a small yard and have minimal space to garden, these lightweight resin planters will make a wonderful home for growing vegetables, plants and flowers. They fit easily onto a patio or porch and, as an added bonus, you won't have to worry about exceeding a weight limit on an upstairs balcony. Browse our selection of fiberglass pots and planters to find your perfect match. There are square planters, tall planters and rounded pots available in sets with various sizes. All of these containers will add to the beauty and elegance of your outdoor living area. It's up to you to decide which one of our patio planters best fits your needs. For more information, please call us toll-free at 888-427-3362.

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