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CVA® Optima™ Replacement Buttstock - Black - SV23158

If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery. We accept returns on all products that have not been used or registered, no questions asked. All returns are subject to a 5% Re-Stocking Fee. To make returning an item easy, contact our friendly customer service representatives toll free 1-855-236-5000.


Most items ship within 1 business day! We ship orders from our warehouse Monday through Friday. If an in-stock order is placed on Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday, it may not ship out until the following Monday.

We rush-ship directly to customer's doors throughout the United States. Depending on the shipping method and area of the country, orders can arrive in 1-5 business days. Our policy as an organization is to successfully deliver on all orders, regardless of the chosen shipment method.


Standard Ground$20.004-7 Business Days
Three-Day$40.003 Business Days
Two-Day$60.002 Business Days
Overnight$90.001 Business Day


Standard Ground$6 to $123-5 Business Days
Three-Day$25.003 Business Days
Two-Day$30.002 Business Days
Overnight$50.001 Business Day



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Boyds for CVA Scout/Hunter/Optima V2

I’d just be a little cautious as I just had an email concerning my stock issues. This was the email I recieved.
We will place a new order due to the screw hole being off in the buttstock. As you were not happy with the colors of the stock and forend, we will put a new order in for both items. This will be the last color replacement we can do for you as it will be the second color replacement and there was no issue with the colors.
This was my reply.

I’m thinking your wrong on the previous message you sent. The original stock was replaced because it had a split. I asked if it would match the forearm and was told yes which it didn’t. I never had an issue with the first butt stock and forearm color.It was Damaged then replaced. The color match was your fault. Just make it right as I’m tired of this back and forth. And I do have all the email correspondence saved if you’d like to see.
Bottom line someone has to be blind to see the colors don’t match.
Once this is settled I’m not dealing with them again. I’ve heard they went down hill.


Boyds Gunstocks (Best \


Richards Microfit Stocks, Inc.
Semi-Custom Gunstocks Since 1948
Gunstocks for Over 100 Bolt Actions, Air Rifles, & Muzzleloaders in 25 Different Sporter, Standard & Target Stock Designs!
20 Laminated Colors & 8 Grades of 7 Different Species of Hardwoods! 
Our Gunstocks are Custom Made.... You Choose the Style, Wood Type & Action Inlet
FREERosewood Tip & Cap Installed on Sporter Stock Styles

Click here for Available Action Inlets

Dual Grip LH Side Color 75dpi.JPG (24582 bytes)Old Classic Style 72dpi.JPG (13336 bytes)Rollover LH Side Color 75dpi.JPG (24776 bytes)
BenchRestThumbholeRHSide10inch72dpi.JPG (35177 bytes)Tactical_with_wood_drop_forearm_72dpi.JPG (15158 bytes)ThumbholeTargetTigerwoodLHSide10inch72dpi.JPG (34560 bytes)

 Brown/Brown, Camo, or  Black/Grey Laminate Only $154
Other Color Laminate's Only $189

Comes with a Standard or a 2-1/4" Wide Short Varmint Forearm and Finger Grooves!


Comes with a Standard or a 2-1/4" Wide Short Varmint Forearm,
Finger Grooves and a Thumbhole!

ON SALE! Starting at Only $154
in Brown/Brown, Camo, or  Black/Grey Laminate
Other Color Laminate's Only $189

Pistol-Grip Riflestock Style
ON SALE! Only $199

Choose any 2" through 2-1/2" forearm widths, only $199 in any color

Click Here For Details & Pricing Information on our Pistol-Grip Style

Sharpshooter Thumbhole Style

Click Here For Details & Pricing Information on our Sharpshooter Thumhbole Style

"Tac-Driver" Silhouette Style Gunstocks!

SPECIAL OFFER! 90 DAY SALE:  For 10/22 inlets only--$169 Any Color Laminate!
Brown/Brown or  Black/Grey Laminate Only $174

Click Here For Details & Pricing On Other Laminated Colors
*No Dealer Discount*

Apache Gold Laminate - Ruger 10/22 & .920" Clark Barrel, 99% inlet  for a "Press-Fit"
Click Here For Details & Pricing *No Dealer Discount*

Laminated Sporter Style Gunstocks
8 Different Sporter Style Designs!
23 Different Laminated Colors!
Includes FREE Rosewood Tip & Cap!
Brown/Brown, Grey/Black, or Camouflage Only $159
Thumbholes add $19 -- *No Dealer Discount*

Laminated Target Style Gunstocks
12 Different Target Style Designs!
23 Different Laminated Colors!
Grey/Black & Brown/Brown Prices Starting at Just $185
Marksman_Brown_Lam_RHSide10inch72dpi.JPG (9197 bytes)Tactical_Black_Laminate_LHSide10inch72dpi.JPG (33550 bytes)

Oversupply SALE on Claro Walnut
Available For All Sporter Style Gunstocks!   Includes FREE Rosewood Tip & Cap!
Grade Semi-Fancy Claro Walnut  REDUCED!
Only $133
Exhibition Grade Claro Walnut - 100% FULL FIGURE! SALE! 
Only $436
Rollover_Varmint_RH_Side_Semifancy_75dpi.JPG (25314 bytes)
Semi-Fancy Grade Claro Walnut 
Dual_Grip_Mdfd_RHSide_A_Grade_75dpi.JPG (27125 bytes)
Grade A Claro Walnut

NewCascade & Sierra Style Gunstocks
4 Different Standard Hunting Style Designs & 23 Laminated Colors!
99% "Press-Fit" Inlet
Brown/Brown, or CamoLaminate Only $99
All other Laminated ColorsOnly $119

Sierra Monte Carlo

Cascade Classic

Click Here For All Style Variations!

NEW! Six New Laminate Colors!
Available For All Sporter & Target Stock Styles

Black Widow Laminate -- Vivid Red & Black Colors!

Purple Sapphire Laminate -- Rich Purple Hues & Black Accents

Blue Coral Laminate -- Purple, Rosewood, Royal Blue & Black

Autumn Leaves Laminate

Yellow-Jacket Laminate

ALL of our gunstocks are UNFINISHED, completely shaped and ready for sanding & finishing.
They come with either a 99% "Press-Fit" Inlet which means that the action will bolt to the stock with mininimal fitting, or a  96% "Semi" Inlet which will require additional handwork to fit the action and barrel.
Please see"Available Actions"&"Common Questions"sections for details. 

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 Richards Microfit Stocks, Inc.
PO Box 1066, 8331 San Fernando Rd., Sun Valley, CA  91352
Tel:1-800-895-7420,  FAX:(818)767-0108
Email:  [email protected]


Aftermarket stocks cva

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How to Sand a Rifle Stock Presented by Larry Potterfield - MidwayUSA Gunsmithing

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