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Excellently cut for healing purpose vogel cut powerful wands specially handcrafted from natural Rock quartz crystal and other natural stones. These vogel wands vary in sizes and facets.These are special wands made and high quality rock crystals are used with maximum clarity to give the best effect. Vogel cut multiplies the healing power of the crystals and make it more powerful and effective. The Double Terminated quartz crystal wands have double terminated pints which send as well as receive energy. So they are used in healing were the energy needs to flow in both the directions. We have collection of Double Terminated quartz crystal, Quartz Crystal, Healing Quartz crystal, Natural Quartz Crystal and Vogel type crystals. These wands are perfectly designed and cut to increase the healing power.

 Double Terminated vogel

Double Terminated vogel

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12 facetsApproximate size 5.5 Cm in length.



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12 Facets Vogel wand

12 Facets Vogel wand

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Length 6 cm to 6.3 cm, AA Quality, Approximate clarity 98 to 99 % and above



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Vogel Wand Quartz Crystal is a faceted shaped crystal created by Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), a research Scientist who studied the energies and positive healing effects of Quartz Crystals. Vogel-cut crystals are crystal instruments that serve to store, amplify, convert and charge subtle energies alike. Marcel Vogel cut the wand to reflect the alchemical transmutation of “as above, so below”.  The Quartz Crystal was cut to the frequency of water molecules to resonate with the liquid found in the body cells, with conscious caring and intent that enabled crystals to find its true and optimum ability to transmit and amplify energy. Marcel Vogel believed the real origin of illness is in the Etheric body that holds the memory of physical or emotional injury and may become stagnant, distorted or stuck, resulting in illness.  Vogel discovered that Quartz Crystals are the common thread in healing that ties together energy, illness, and the problems in the Etheric body.  When light from the higher realms comes into a person’s body, it can get refracted when Etheric body is not stable, resulting to illness.  It is believed that Vogel cut crystals give immediate access to the Etheric body, stabilizes it and brings it back to optimum condition, even when there is physical or emotional trauma. 

Vogel Wands are considered master healing tools that embody sacred geometry with the power and consciousness of Clear Quartz. They draw the Divine into the body from both above and below, clearing the chakra column, dispelling and cutting away negativity, aligning energy bodies. They are amplifiers of our intention as well as Light and bring profound healing to body, mind and spirit. Quartz is one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifiers in the natural world. See crystal meaning for Clear Quartz.  (Long write up website)


In healing Vogel Wands can be used for any condition. It is believed that they stimulate immune system, soothe burns, ease issues associated with spine, circulation, veins and arteries, stroke and balancing polarities. Vogel Wands are also thought to inspire multi-dimensional healing and act like a laser that will cut out discord, blocks or negative energy, opening new energy channels for chi and light to flow.  

Reference: ( https://www.luminarystudios.com/products/vogel-crystals

Sours: https://prismsscape.com/vogel-wands/
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Vogel Healing Wands

Vogel Cut Healing Wands

A unique cut of quartz originally developed by Marcel Vogel, founder of Psychic Research, Inc., and IBM's leading research scientist for 27 years. These magnificent tools are distinguished by their precise faceting. The large end of the crystal is cut with an interior angel of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds, the pyramid angle. The female (receptive) end draws in prana which spirals down the length of the crystal, being amplified every time it hits a facet. This highly amplified prana flows through the male end of the crystal (which is cut at a larger interior angle than the female end), where it is focused into a coherent, laser-like energy.

The first of these wands was cut by Marcel Vogel in the early 1980's. As an IBM research scientist, Vogel worked a great deal with natural quartz, liquid quartz crystals, and specifically fashioned quartz of electronic applications. One of the unique properties of quartz is that it will amplify, cohere and transmit frequencies. Vogel found that natural quartz crystals did not sufficiently cohere the energy fields of the healer. In contemplating the ideal faceting for a healing tool fashioned from quartz, he received a vision which revealed the shape that should be used. The vision revealed the Kabalistic Tree of Life. This become the template for the Kabbalistic Cut. It took Vogel one year to fashion the first 4-sided healing wands. After working exclusively with these 4-sided wands for some time, he developed wands with more facets, which have the ability to greatly amplify the healing energy transmitted.

"The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When it's cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user's mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will." -Marcel Vogel

Vogel knew that quartz could amplify and cohere any vibrational frequency: thought, emotion, light, color, sound, and more. In his work at Psychic Research, Inc., he focused almost exclusively on healing applications, the power of human love.

Please note that there are no longer any Real Genuine Vogel Wands being cut anywhere. NONE! The use of the Vogel name has been used to describe any wand that is cut with the symmetry of the Vogel inspirited cuts. Do not fall for the hype and pricing of the so called "True Vogel Wands".

Sours: https://www.exquisitecrystals.com/shapes/wands/vogel-healing-wands
Smokey Amethyst Vogel Wand

Vogel crystal wand

The Vogel crystal wand is based on the idea that if a Vogel crystal is cut into two pieces, and those are connected with a brass rod, the rod will conduct the two crystals’ energy in an amplified way by its nature. When the Vogel crystal wand is held in your hands, the female crystal half picks up the energy from your palms, which passes through the brass rod where it is amplified and then this energy exits the wand through the male crystal half, polished in a 60-degree angle.

vogel crystal wand

amethyst wand

The world’s most sophisticated crystal wand, named after the Vogel crystal, was built on the basis of this principle. The wand is designed to enhance, amplify and transfer your energy in order to help you in your spiritual activities.  Thanks to its largely beneficial effect, it will become one of your most important tools that you will not do without in the future. 

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The unique Vogel Crystal

The unique Vogel Crystal

Vogel crystals are precise sensors, which are charged from the emitter body, and then recharge living organisms and regulate the flow of energy in them...

The healing power of crystals!

The healing power of crystals!

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Vogel Crystal Wand

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