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Hasbro Videonow XP Blue Player

Product description

The VideoNow XP brings even more action to the handheld unit with simply the flip of a screen. These pint-sized players not only play color PVDs (Personal Video Discs), but now you can get great interactive gaming action, too! VideoNow Players have traditionally only played video discs, but the XP ups the ante with a directional-pad for gaming and a sleek flip screen design. Longer playing time and a larger screen makes for an entertainment experience that packs a big punch!


  • Larger screen than the original VideoNow Players - a whopping three inches
  • Flip screen design
  • D-pad allows for interactive game play
  • Play VideoNow Color discs (sold separately) that feature the hottest names in youth entertainment
  • Backward compatible with all VideoNow discs
  • Contrast and volume controls and a backlit display
  • Speaker to deliver crystal clear sound
  • DC power jack and headphone jack (headphones and DC power adapter not included)
  • VideoNow discs can only be played on VideoNow players; VideoNow players can only play VideoNow discs
  • Play VideoNow discs for eight to ten hours at a time - requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included)
  • Regular DVDs cannot be played on this system
  • Measures 2" x 6" x 6"

Sure, you can let your child use your laptop to watch movies or play games on a long car ride or airplane trip. But do you really want risk losing valuable work data or have sticky hands touching the keys? Hasbro’s VideoNow XP is a durable 8-1/2-by-5-1/2-inch handheld video system on a smaller scale for a smaller audience. The system only plays personal video discs (PVDs) specifically designed for this player, which limits the viewing choices and gets a bit pricey as they are not rentable like DVDs. Among the viewing choices are cartoons, young adult shows and movies, and music videos. This XP model also offers interactive gaming PVDs.

This mini-laptop opens up to reveal a 3-inch backlit screen, which is just big enough to follow what is happening in the show. A 180-degree rotating hinge adjusts the screen to a comfortable angle for watching on the go. Video controls are along the front of the keypad area and feature play, stop, forward, and back buttons. A four-way directional pad for gaming is located on the upper left side of the keypad. Just as with an adult laptop, the VideoNow XP has a high-quality speaker, volume and contrast controls, and DC power and headphone jacks. This system runs on three "AA" batteries. The previous incarnation of this toy was awarded the Best Toy of 2004 at the Ultimate Toy Awards Show. --Cristina Vaamonde


Hasbro Videonow Jr. Personal Video Disc: Clifford #2

Product description

Item is in stock and ready to ship.

VIDEONOW Jr. is the first full-color, personal video player designed specifically for preschoolers. And while the player itself is very impressive, with oversized buttons that make it easy for little hands to operate and rubberized bumpers designed to withstand the day-to-day bumps and rough handling that only preschoolers can dish out, the best thing about this portable media player is the wide variety of high-quality programming you can purchase for the player in the form of the VIDEONOW Jr. personal video discs. Featuring some of the most highly regarded early learning programming on TV, including Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, The Wiggles, Barney, and Sesame Street, all of the personal video discs for the VIDEONOW Jr. player are designed to educate while they entertain. This personal disc contains scenes from the popular TV show "i"Clifford the Big Red Dog. Designed exclusively for VIDEONOW JR. or VIDEONOW COLOR Players, all VIDEONOW Jr. personal video discs are interchangeable.

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UK discount online sale Hasbro VideoNow Color Personal Video Player 15 discs, spongebob jimmy neutron + cheap outlet wholesale

laila ali

UK discount online sale Hasbro VideoNow Color Personal Video Player 15 discs, spongebob jimmy neutron + cheap outlet wholesale

laila ali is taking a stand for those who do not want to take the covid-19 vaccine.

in a post on her instagram story, the daughter of the late muhammad ali, shared her feelings about those choosing not receive the covid-19 vaccine. in her post, laila ali said,

“people don’t seem to understand that just because some folks don’t wear mask, don’t want the shot, don’t listen to the media or live in fear, it doesn’t mean they don’t “believe” the virus is real or think they can’t get it! they know it was created to har humanity.” 

she continued,

“they simply choose to build up and trust their own immune system like they have been doing all their life. if they get it, they will deal with it!!! it’s a god given choice. i know, this kind of faith is impossible for some to comprehend. but lean not on your own understanding.”

the retired boxing champ went on to say in her post,

“before you claim they are “putting others in danger,” you should do your own research to learn if that’s actually true. you can’t change anyone but yourself, so you do you!” 

with the rising casing of covid-19 across the country, many celebrities have taken the opposite stance of laila ali, including cbs this morning host gayle king, who has plans to ban unvaccinated family members from thanksgiving, and

UK discount online sale Hasbro VideoNow Color Personal Video Player 15 discs, spongebob jimmy neutron + cheap outlet wholesale

charles barkley who feels sports leagues should make the vaccine mandatory.

charles barkley

should the covid-19 vaccine be a choice or mandatory? let us know in the comments.

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